Moore sent back down and Avery speaks (Updated)


Update, 5:50 p.m.: is reporting the Rangers were fined $25,000 and the Maple Leafs $10,000 while Avery was fined the maximum $2,500 and Darcy Tucker $1,000. There were no suspensions.

Update, 7 p.m.: The official word from Colin Campbell: “The unprofessional conduct of Avery in initiating this altercation, less than a week after being involved in an incident in the pre-game warm-up against New Jersey, is the basis for this discipline.”

Still no word on Sean Avery, but in a telling move, the Rangers sent Greg Moore back down to Hartford. This suggests Avery will not be suspended. I’ll pass along what I know when I have it.

Meanwhile, a statement from Avery:

“I am extremely upset and hurt that false and damaging comments were attributed to me regarding Jason Blake. I made no such comments. I have lost two grandfathers to cancer and have been a consistent contributor to multiple cancer related charities, first and foremost, Hockey Fights Cancer. I am unable to comment further, as the matter is now being addressed by legal counsel.”

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  1. Given that Avery’s teammates, as well as Toronto players and their coach backed him up on this, I don’t understand why there was a hearing at all. Do you, Sam?

  2. The hearing was in regards to the skirmishes against the Devils and Leafs, not just the allegations about the cancer comments.

  3. This whole situation is totally out of hand. I’ve never seen such an attack on a player where nothing could be proven-when multiple witnesses deny ever hearing such a statement.

    I know Avery probably says stupid, hateful things every game. It’s part of his role as an agitator But I don’t think he’d stoop that low.

    And if it wasn’t said- he should sue. It definitely is defamation of charater. WHEN DID TRASH TALK BECOME ILLEGAL, COLIE?

  4. Still don’t get it. “Skirmishes” involve more than one player; why was Avery the only one called to the principal’s office?

  5. Yes, Jeff is correct. The hearing was not about what Avery said, which is almost impossible to legislate, but his involvement in pre-game scuffles.

  6. NYCEditor,
    It’s because they need a scapegoat, and it’s easy to choose a Ranger.

    The same reason why Hollweg is the target of the refs AFTER he was attacked by Simon.

    The principal hates the Rangers. ‘Nuf said.

  7. I don’t understand as others have said why he is being singled out and no one else was called up considering these “scuffles” are a two party ordeal. Very weird situation to say the least.

  8. Yeah, Greg Moore is probably making Enterprise Rent-A-Car rich.

    You know who had it tough? Remember in the 90-91 season when Richter had a groin injury and Beezer had to start like 15 straight games and they had this dude Boris Rouson just ride the bench and get sent back down like twice a week. Damn man, Binghamton to NY in the early 90s pre Mapquest and GPS and back when most cars still had only cassette decks= not a fun drive

  9. I’m sure the reason that it was just Avery is because he was the only one involved in both incidents. Doesn’t excuse Tucker, but the issue for Campbell is with Avery.

    Perhaps Tucker gets a call in a couple days?

  10. Also, let’s call a spade a spade here. Avery is obviously instigating these altercations. I mean I love the guy, but let’s not try to make him a victim here.

  11. I’m not quite sure why the teams were fined, or why Blake wasn’t fined. Besides that, I think the other two are justified, although no players actually came together against NJ like they did in Toronto. I really do think that this meeting was just about Toronto, despite what Campbell *officially* puts out.

  12. Avery gets fined more for name-calling, while Tucker gets less for swinging his stick?


  13. This is absolutely ludicrous. 25,000 for the Rangers and 10,000 for the leafs??? Two leaf players made contact with Avery, with Blake making the initial contact. Avery of course made contact back with both of them. No fine for Blake and Tucker gets less than half the fine Avery got? What in the ****? The league office is really being run by a bunch of corrupt, moronic idiots who don’t have to answer to anyone. First Hollweg gets attacked by Simon, yet Hollweg, and not Simon is on the NHL’s “watch-list.” Now we get fined double for a scrum that looked pretty damn even to any objective viewer. They don’t even give us a reason for the fines and the VAST difference in the Rangers fines from the Toronto fines. Colin Campbell is a jackass.

  14. My guess is that the “strangle” comment went more like “I would have wanted to strangle him myself” if that player was on another team. Maybe Berger just missed the “would have.” Also, if he actually did get this quotation from a real Ranger player, it could have well referred to a different situation regarding Avery, any one of many. Anyway, Berger didn’t even defend (on the Hockey Buzz website) that Avery yapped about lukemia; he only brought up the “strangle” part of the comment as if it was the first thing he heard.

    Don Cherry called Avery a midget, but I guess that’s par for the course for him. I think I also heard him say Tucker is the Leafs’ best player? They must really be in trouble.

    Although I haven’t seen the Sutton hit yet, it sounds pretty bad, and I wonder if the NHL will do anything about this. I shouldn’t be wondering, I should be contemplating how many games, but this is their flaw.

  15. Hot damn Soupy is still pissed about the way the Rangers treated him back when.

    You’d think the guy would recuse himself from anything involving the Rangers, as there is a major conflict of interest.

  16. This is the kind of ridiculous BS that will keep hockey behind Poker as a spectator sport in the U.S.

    I hope Avery sticks to his guns about bringing the defamation suit against Berger. If it’s tried in Canada, however, Avery would definitely lose though.

    Based on everything that has been said, Avery should have been exonerated, not fined.

    More Campbell-Bettman BS. It will never end until they are gone.

  17. Had to chime in with the rest of you…. Yes I think it’s total BS that this didn’t come out even. Yes, I see why Avery was the one called in (instigating pregame scrums twice in a week). And I’m totally relieved to know the verdict – even though it came out on their favor (if less of a fine is ‘favor’).

    But I’m most happy that we can put it behind us until 12/6 with the Make-be-Leaves come to MSG.

    Let’s get ready for a fun one tomorrow with Avery playing his pal Marty!!!

  18. Somewhat random, but I never really heard if anyone found out why Colin Campbell was at our opening game in section 40 holding an NHL rule book? Does anybody know or remember why? It just pisses me off to think about it now how he’s harassing the Rangers. And no, Campbell couldn’t have been there for his son on the Panthers because he wasn’t even cheering for any team.

  19. No surprise, this ruling is the same treatment the rangers have been receiving from the referees and there penalty calls against the rangers. It appears that bettman has it in for the rangers, probably bettman has it in for dolan.

  20. Speaking Tikkanese on

    Ugh. A fine for trash talking. TRASH TALKING!

    With all the problems the NHL has selling the game, having a distinct personality who gets the crowd fired up in one of the league’s biggest markets is the least of their problems.

    You want to penalize someone who can’t keep their yap shut in the pregame skate? I can understand that. Give anyone who disrupts the pregame skate an automatic game misconduct, and send ’em to the showers. But a fine?

    What’s next? Should everyone skate completely silently for the 60 minutes? Give me a freaking break.

  21. If he is given a game misconduct, I’m pretty sure it would cost him his game check, therefore costing him more. I would say a two-minute minor would suffice.

  22. I don’t agree. I’m not going to defend Avery here. Something set that whole episode off the other night.

    And where there is smoke there is fire. And when Avery is concerned there’s usually fire.

    Why would someone make up a comment like what Avery is being accused of? Belak, and now a “Rangers player” who wanted to “stangle him” for what Avery said.

    That’s two sources.

    What was exactly said is in question, and either way you approach it, neither Avery or the Rangers come out looking good here.

    I don’t see any reason why things have to go this far in sports. And nobody just makes these things up, at least I hope nobody is that disturbed where they would make this stuff up.

    I’m not happy with Avery over this… something was said. I just hope it wasn’t too hurtful.

  23. From Ny Post – “Avery – I was Libeled”

    Give me an effin break! Is this what this Ranger turn around has become? All about Sean Avery?

    Dawes, Cally, Pruchs, Toots, Girardi, Staal, Henrik and Jags and we’re distracted by this crap? We’re trying to go after a Cup and this is the crap we have to deal with?

    This is Avery’s fault, people don’t just pull this stuff out of thin air.

  24. I love Avery and the Rangers are not the same team without him. That being said he’s a loose cannon and needs to knock off his pre-game antics before he hurts the team when he gets suspended. You know that Colin Campbell is just itching for Avery to give him any reason to do so.
    Be smart Sean – we need you on the ice, not in the stands.

  25. I am annoyed for a few reasons.

    1) The whole thing stinks of a rat. Smells like Colin Campbell if you ask me.

    2) Too many people on this blog give these loud, ridiculous opinions and then chide me for calling BS and disagreeing with the opinions posted here. That dude Ninja said some ridiculously stupid $hit, I told him that he was a moron for believing the crap he read, and you guys gave me a hard time. Some of you told me to chill out. I was 100% right that the newspaper guys were all full of it and it was all a publicity stunt by the stupid Toronto Star.

    You guys like to say stupid stuff and spout off about your random opinions on things and then get mad when some takes issue with the crap you spew. You guys all have to grow up. I have been around a little bit. I have seen a thing or two in my life. I know when people are BSing. I know when someone is talking out of their a$$. You guys get all bent out of shape when I call BS and get loud about it. And then I end up being right.

    The entire thing was blown out of proportion by some media losers in Toronto. I said this from the outset.

    You punks need to be accountable for the lame a$$ blog entries you make here.

    I am not talking about all of you. But you clowns, who know who you are, make stupid statements, speak your assinine opinions, and then get mad or offended when someone disagrees with you, corrects you, and ends up being right.


  26. New Newman: Please spare us your holier than thou bullshit. If you take blogging that seriously, you should probably try to insert some type of excitement into your life or simply just have your head examined. No disrespect to Sam; covering the Rangers is his is job and one that I envy. But I find it so humorous when people get all bent out of shape because Yenner Mot, DumpJagrDope, or some other idiot with a funny handle told you that you know nothing, have definitely never played hockey, and should kill yourself immediately. It’s freakin anonymous blog for crying out loud!

  27. $2500? Bah, thats like a lap dance for Sean Avery.

    I don’t agree with the whole fine thing, but I don’t think Avery should start stuff up in pregame either.

  28. what ever happen to freedom of speech ?

    One player speaks and the other player puts his stick in

    someones face and the player who talks is fined more ????

    I dont’t get it….

    This he started it stuff is sating to sound like grade


  29. Let’s hope Avery remembers how much all the b.s. cost his play in the Buffalo series and tightens up just enough to not make himself a constant sideshow. I like what his edge does for the team, but he needs to control it, not have it control him. Or control the team’s mindset or locker room or press.

    And, again, F Canada.

  30. Its a blog…chill out…!!
    Or should we all want to start including home addresses so people can come around and bitch slap each other when there’s bad mouthing…..I know one thing for sure – it’ll cost you a fortune to get to my front door..!!

    As a general rule – if someone starts posting telling you your opinion isn’t worth cr8p just ignore them – and if someone wants to write an essay (mention no names newman…) then as a rule i skip to the next comment.

  31. Oh, and as for Avery – love him.
    I hate HNIC for one reason – Don Cherry and his opinions. I used to like Wade Belak also (he played for my local team Coventry Blaze during the lockout) but he can go suck Cherry’s….

  32. I am going to the game at the Prudential Center tonight. I can’t wait. Let’s go Rangers! Let’s get a nice win streak going on the road.

  33. Colin “Soupy” Campbell is wrong for summoning & fineing the Rangers and Avery, instead he should of investigated the Islanders/Flyers game and that son of a #@%*# Andy Sutton “king of the cheap shots” for his boarding hit, check out this video towards the very end of the game, why Colin Campbell did not fine this jerk amazes me

  34. My guess is the NHL commision was expecting a Canadian team(Toronto) to beat a NHL Hall of Fame Weekend and unfortunate for Canada that did not happen on NHL Hall of Fame Weekend.

  35. New Newman – It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. If you’re always trying to insult people and appear superior and more intelligent, no one is going to listen to you.

    I don’t doubt that you make some good points, but once people read your inflammatory remarks, they tune out the content.

    Basically, if you act like an ass, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. No one is listening.

  36. Sam –
    Next weekend(23rd) marks 4 weeks since Callahan’s knee injury. Is the staff optomistic that he’ll return in the predicted time period? What about Straka? I know they’re skating without equipment, but how close are they?

  37. I can be nasty at times, but I think everyone should have a voice on here, as long as they do it intelligently.

  38. But at least me with you know what you are getting. Hell, look at my name. I know I can be a jerk sometimes, but I definitely think everyone has the right to his or her opinion. That is why I always say “In my opinion.”

  39. Everyone should and can have a voice. But you don’t make or enforce a valid point by insulting others.

  40. I don’t insult others. The only time I ever have is when they jump on me or when they take one of my opinions and and try and challenge it unintelligently. I think you know what I mean?

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