Avery to Toronto for hearing


Now we know why Greg Moore was called up from Hartford:

Sean Avery has been summoned to Toronto by NHL VP Colin Campbell because of his pre-game scrum with Darcy Tucker. Reports out of Toronto include allegations that Avery referred to Jason Blake’s leukemia in the incident.

Avery has “already denied”:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/2007/11/13/2007-11-13_sean_avery_denies_cancer_remark.html “the allegations in several reports”:http://www.nypost.com/seven/11132007/sports/rangers/avery__i_was_libeled_821477.htm.

But the allegations alone make the previous post either particularly poignant or rather ridiculous .

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  1. Ridiculous. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the NHL will always been a niche sport. Soupy is going to request Aves presence to talk about WORDS, meanwhile players continue to use their sticks as weapons and hit players from behind with minimal punishment.

    What a joke.

  2. Sam so why aren’t the guys from both games being summoned to Toronto? Answer, because colon soup is clueless . In his small mind Avery is guilty until proven innocent, and hearsay is admissable. He can’t even get video replays right. Welcome to buttman’s NHL ! What’s next, all the players have to be mic’d?

  3. “Berger cited an unnamed Rangers player as the original source of the report”

    Wow, this guy has crossed a line here with this allegation. If this indeed did happen, names should be named. This Radio guy Berger should be made to put up or shut up.

    If there is any truth to this, the Rangers have real problems, regardless of what Avery allegedly said to Blake or Tucker.

    If it is untrue, Berger needs to castigated in public and lose some serious “loonies” to Avery in punitive damages.

    Of course, this will never go to court because Campbell and Bettman won’t allow it. Too bad, because they seem to have no qualm about letting Avery be libeled and defamed by the media in Canada because their precious little Maple Leafs lost a game.

  4. Hurley – you’re exactly right in at least one respect. Dare anyone mention a wrong-doing of the Maple Leafs, or for that matter any of the Canadian teams. Its antisemetic to them to hear a nay-sayer of the Leafs. I happen to love the city of Toronto, and the Leafs organization has always been one associated with class. Now I know this bozo on the radio is not an employee of the team, but he is an absolute disgrace to Canada and the Maple Leafs.
    But before I leave I will say this. If this guy is actually telling the truth…Avery and whoever spilled the beans – meet Ken Gernander – he’s your new coach.

  5. I meant to imply there – whoever tipped off the reporter….NOT aves to htfd.


  6. It does seem like this is being brought up because the Leafs lost the hall of fame game to a team who has not won an away game this year against a goalie who has not played since March, and has only a handful of NHL wins in his 10 year pro career. Revenge must be had, and it is being had in the form of Sean Avery bashing.

  7. Peter,

    Explain what any of this has to do with the coaching? Right there, your statement about Gernander proves you are not playing with a full deck, eh?

    I actually went over to the FAN590 website and listened to the Berger interview. He did indeed say on the radio that it was a Ranger player, whom he would not name, that told him that Avery made a comment about Blake’s cancer. Berger also said the when asked, Blake had no comment but with a facial expression tactitly admitted it was true.

    I don’t know about where you live but according to the US Justice system, a person is innocent until proven guilty.
    Hearsay is inadmissable. Allegations need to be backed up with evidence. If an accuser or their source fails to back up the accusation, then the alleged wrongdoer should be exonerated for lack of evidence. The accusers should retract their statements. But then the accusers have already achieved their objective and the libel and defamation is done.

    Unless an “ear” witness comes foreward, I will give Avery the benefit of the doubt.

  8. While it’s immoral and could certainly back up the “lack of class” comment Tucker made about Avery… how are words illegal?

    I saw the pre-game antics the other night… I’m sure whatever Avery said was pretty bad… but it clearly looked like Tucker went after him first… at least in the physical sense. Without hearing the conversation… it still looked like Tucker sohuld be the one with a suspension… first for taking a swing at Avery and second for using his stick as a weapon.

    No need to jump on me about how I’d like it if someone said something about my family, etc.

    I was just pointing out how there’s video proof of Tucker that could be used to hand out a suspension.

  9. I’m all for Avery trash talking but if he did say something to Blake about his cancer then he crossed the line. He shouldn’t be suspended or even fined for it but it is a classless act.

  10. Toronto is horrible this year. They won’t make the playoffs. It is like if the Yankees don’t make the playoffs or start off horrible in a season. There has to be something from the media to keep them on the front page of the newspapers in Toronto without them talking about a loss or trade. This reporter is a joke and has been for a while. Avery may not be correct in whatever he did, but none of us were there so let’s not judge.

  11. I sure hope he didn’t say anything about Blake’s battle with cancer. I like the fact that he talks trash and I am surprised how often it throws people off their games. I mean in reality who cares what Sean Avery says to you, but bringing up someone’s struggle with a fatal disease is below the belt and is certainly not something you want someone on your team to say. If there is any truth to this he should be suspended by the team first. It is a privilege to be able to play a sport for millions of dollars and there is absolutely no excuse for such conduct. That being said, until someone comes forward who was there when he was talking to Blake, the league should not take any action.

  12. The first question in my mind is, “Who threw the first punch (swung the first stick)?” My eyes tell me it was Tucker.

    What Avery said is a completely different matter. If he had made a racial slur, that would have been horrible and inexcusable. Given it was Blake and Tucker, I don’t see how this happened, obviously. If he said, “How’s the chemo going?” I think it would be considered very low and stupid. (Might it have been a heartfelt question?) If he said that Tucker’s mother wears combat boots or that Blake has a small ding-dong, that would have been fair game.

    Does any of what Avery said warrant being hit by a stick by the aggressor? I don’t think so. It goes back to, “Who cast the first stone?” That was Tucker. Sticks and stones vs. names……

    Let’s all remember that it is in the media’s interest to sell newspapers and radio ads and the like by creating stories and making a lot of noise about stupid, little, inane things. Clearly it is in the radio persona’s interest to get a story going. Any press is good press in the eyes of many of the media.

    My thoughts on Avery: I truly hope he didn’t harp on Blake’s illness. Outside of that, he is a master at his game because we won the game, he was a critical element of the victory, and people are still talking about him instead of focusing on their own game.

    My thoughts on the potential leak within the Rangers (the source of the comment Avery made): This, if it is true, is potentially the most serious issue at hand, in my view. But re-read what I said about the medial personnel. The Toronto press would only hope to create some internal strife within the Rangers.

    There is an old saying: Believe none of what you hear, a quarter of what you read, and only half of what you see. Maybe I am paraphrasing the old saying, but you get my point.

    F Tucker, F the Leafs, F Belak, F those radio and media A holes in Toronto, and LGR!

  13. I still don’t believe that he said anything like that. Unless it happened off-camera. The whole incident appeared to start with Avery and Tucker jawing at center ice before the game. Blake skated by an tapped Avery with his stick, so Avery shoved him. He didn’t say a word to him.

    I’m not being an NYR homer here. If Avery did say something, that’s really f*cked up. That type of crap has no place in society, never mind a hockey game.

    But I haven’t seen any indication that his “cancer” comment actually happened. There was no conversation between Avery and Blake, as far as the cameras show. Why hasn’t Tucker or Blake said anything about Avery’s comment? The only news of it came from a Toronto radio station citing an unnamed Ranger? Gimme a freakin break…

    Granted, I think without any other info, this would seem like a very extreme thing to “make up”. But the quote about Paul Maurice is fairly telling. What kind of coach would be so non-chalant if one of his players was personally and emotionally attacked? Well if it did happen, then Avery’s an ass and Maurice needs to get canned for lack of emotion…

    Plus, I don’t think even Avery is dumb enough to file a lawsuit if he actually said it, considering the radio guy supposedly has a source that he would certainly reveal if it was brought to court…

  14. Hurley – Gernander is the coach in htfd…which would imply a teammate that would make comments like that to the media (ALLEGEDLY) would be demoted to the minors…TO BE COACHED BY GERNANDER.

    I picked up a 2 of spades….I think it goes in your deck pal.

  15. Justice Learned Hand on

    Hurley: We’re talking about slander, not libel. Slander is spoke, libel is written. Larry Brooks got that one wrong.

    And by the way, innocent until proven guilty only applies in the criminal context, not the civil. If the plaintiff can establish that the defendant attacked his professional character (which is the case here since Avery’s alleged statements were made in his capacity as an employee of the New York Rangers), then the burden shifts to the defendant to disprove the claim.

    So in other words, your post misses the mark.

    -Justice Learned Hand

  16. JLH –

    I know wikipedia isn’t a real source, but it’s convenient to find quick info. According to them, this would fall under libel:

    libel (harmful statement in a fixed medium, especially writing but also a picture, sign, or electronic broadcast)

    I guess radio is electronic braodcast…

  17. Did any of you read what Sam posted? The reason he’s being summoned to Toronto is because he has started crap BEFORE the game twice in one week.

    There is no reason to start the game before it has begun, warm-ups are precisely that, warm-ups. I’ve never even HEARD of penalties being handed out before the game has begun. If penalties cannot be handed out before a game, then Avery is CLEARLY taking advantage of that fact, because he knows he can’t be penalized. I for one agree, I think he should be fined.
    Go ahead and bash me all you want, I am a NY Rangers fan with all of my heart, however Avery plays for the NY Rangers and is a representative of the NY Rangers. The Rangers are a great organization and don’t need the over excessive rudeness of Avery to define the team as a whole as classless. Sure, the comments may have thrown the Leafs off their game and helped the Rangers win, but why be proud about a dirty win?
    There is no doubt in my mind that Avery wouldn’t stoop that low to make comments about someone’s battle with a horrible disease, but don’t start crap before the game has even begun. Wait for 20 minutes and then talk to the guy during the faceoff.

    As a side note from my rant, I completely agree with Newman, from a Rangers point of view, I think the leak to a TORONTO reporter by a Ranger himself is the largest issue at hand. Backstabbing and sneaking around behind your co-workers back (remember this is a job for them) could internally crush the Rangers. They are at the very cusp of chemistry this would be a huge set back if they allow it to be.

  18. In my opinion it was expected. it was only a matter of time before they tried to stop Avery from doing what he does. In this specific case i think Tucker should be sent to toronto also for raising his stick. all Avery did was talk, Tucker raised the stick first. and for the second incident, i wouldnt call it the second because when Avery said stuff to Marty before the devil game, he never really did anything. i dont consider that a big deal. This is PURE BULLSHIT and is ruining hockey.
    The NHL is making a big mistake, AVERY SELLS. People love him or hate him, he is old time hockey and people love old time hockey not the devils trap hockey.
    I do not agree with this situation at all. The NHL is destroying what they are trying to build.

  19. I love the people who post here for the express purpose of trying to make other posters feel stupid, misinformed, etc.

    I’d much rather talk about where Moore plays if Avery is suspended. Does he jump right in on that line, or would Dawes move back up and Moore play with Drury and Prucha (who desperately needs a goal)…

  20. This is absurd. Two pre-game incidents or not, the NHL either need to make a hard and fast rule about trash talking or drop this crap. And F Canada.

    But anyone who thinks Avery doesn’t say things that go way beyond the pale of most normal, “classy” conversation(or even trash) is kidding themselves. The guy is notorious for it; whether it’s race, sexual orientation or family problems. I’m not sure what I think of it, but there is no doubt mere cancer would fall into Avery’s repetoire. The guy is one of, if not the, most hated player in the league. There is a reason for that: he’s an a**hole.

    And, yes, I think it’s great he’s a Ranger. And I think he’s a good player. But c’mon…

  21. My biggest question is how does Avery yap so much with that massive mouth guard he wears? He’s obviously heard very easy but I could never get more than a few words out before I started to make no sense, that alone is impressive to me.

  22. Newman & Lauren – I agree. That is the most important thing at hand here, and if there’s any truth to it I’m sure it will be addressed…hopefully swiftly and harshly. I also think by discussing this we’re feeding on the trap of the Toronto media.
    Truth be told I never liked Blake to begin with – and always thought that he looked sick long before the diagnosis(perhaps i missed my calling). But I don’t think the win had EVERYthing to do with whatever comments were made. Nor would I defend comments made in bad taste such as the allegations that have been made. Eventhough in my sick humor I may give it a chuckle.
    Vally played a great back-up role in a big game, Gomer looked good, the D looked ok, and we walked away from a big game…with a big win. Let’s not forget it.

    Justice – nice post.

  23. Question- Don’t you think that if Avery really did make a comment about Blake’s Leukemia that Blake himself would have said it was true???. It’s all BS and Berger should be Castrated in public. Berger is one of Eklund’s buddies, so you can take anything either of those morons say and throw it right in the dumpster! Avery For President!!!!

  24. Avery (and the New York Rangers as a whole for that matter) are consistently targeted by the NHL. Take Hollweg’s warnings at the beginning of the season as an example.

    Had Avery said something about Blake’s CML then yes, that is classless and unwarranted, but this is SEAN AVERY. Voted by the players as Most Hated (and oddly enough, Most Overrated) in the Hockey News. It is expected. Everyone knows it’s coming. This guy’s been hated by his own teams.

    Guys in the league need to relax with the dramatics — give it up, boys, Avery’s not going to change. And if he’s fined, he’s going to speak his mind about it, and be fined again (see: when he was in trouble for diving).


    How much cash Dolan sending to these wrtiters to print such pro Rag spin?

    What a sad organiation with so many paid fans writers who are nothing more than fanboys and shills.






  26. lol, to the guy with the comment furthest down, i have to say, you’re a typical gaylander fan. dont hate on the rangers just because the isles will never have the fanbase and media attention that comes with the rangers and MSG. and as for the islanders being the new york city championship tradition, all i can say is, HA!!!! 4 straight cups may make the team of that era a dynasty, but certainly not a tradition. as i do recall, the isles have been eating s*** ever since.but, if you are as “melon headed” as those rangers who swept the isles from the playoffs in 94, and decide to still call the isles a championship tradition, dont associate it with new york city. the islanders dont play in new york city, and as a matter of fact most NYC hockey fans despise the isles. so, stay in Long Island where you belong with the silver spoon, and al arbour in your mouth. oh, and the team that won the cup in 94 donned NYR attire, and were paid by the RANGERS, making them RANGERS, not oilers.

    lolllllll-henrietta? do you mean henrik lundqvist, with the 1.86 GAA and the .940 save percentage? islanders fans never cease to tickle my sense of humour.

    1983!!!! last cup youll ever see!!!

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