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Yes, there have been more problems with the blog today, none of which I can explain. The important part is it’s back up now, allowing me to provide some (belated) updates:

  • Greg Moore has been called up from Hartford by the Rangers, although he wasn’t at practice today. My initial reaction to the move was it must have been because of Sean Avery, who appeared to be nursing his shoulder during practice (he took only light shots, and occasionally stickhandled with one hand). But the Rangers say Avery’s shoulder is fine, and everyone else appeared healthy.

    So why is Moore here? Good question. Maybe it’s because the Wolf Pack are off until Wednesday and the Rangers want to give him a look. Or maybe Tom Renney actually wants to skate him on Wednesday against the Devils. We’ll know more tomorrow…

  • Martin Straka and Ryan Callahan both skated for the first time without equipment after practice, but only lightly. The two are both at least a week away, but Renney stepped on to the bench just to watch them.

    It turns out that Dave Maloney’s young stepson and two of his buddies were goofing around with a handful of pucks at the other end of the ice. As Renney stepped off the bench, I said, “So they’re going in on Wednesday?” jokingly referring to Straka and Callahan. “No,” Renney said, and then he motioned to the three squirts. “Those guys are playing. They’re our top line.”

  • Marek Malik skated in a white jersey alongside the other six defensemen, but he still hasn’t had contact, and is doubtful for Wednesday against the Devils.

    More later…

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    1. I really hope Avery can be around for the Devil game.
      But!!! i LOVE that the team is having fun and feeling good again. The fact that they are feeling good compared to earlier in the season really means something for us. I hope it leads to more W’s.

    2. Malik will never see the top line again. Sam, you should ask him if he’s ever heard the name Wally Pipp?

    3. Let it be known, I am still New Newman….whoever just posted above as Newman….that is not me. Though I think Malik is the worst all around D-man we have, don’t confuse me with the other Newman.

    4. Regarding a post in the last thread about Shanahan and being washed up…

      Leading a team in goals when that team is last in the NHL in goals for isn’t an accomplishment. His shooting percentage is an anemic 5.62%. That doesn’t even count the amount of times he flat out misses the net. He isn’t winning any footraces to the puck and hasn’t thrown a hit since he crashed into Knuble. The guy is just not what he used to be, and he should be on the 3rd line not the 2nd. HE should be on the 2nd PP unit, not the first.

      The first unit needs Prucha back on it. Does anyone notice how the PP floundered last year until Prucha was put back on the #1 unit? Same story this year. That unit needs a guy in front to set screens and jam in rebounds. Shanny is a perimeter player these days.

    5. Prucha….we have been down this road before and I seriously think you don’t know S about hockey. You are probably like 17 yrs old and have been watching hockey for 3 days. In fact the last time we walked down this road of your opinion versus others on this blog, like 20 people told you to just put a sock in it. Don’t make me go back and dig up all your comments.

      For as old and tired and whatever Shanny is, Prucha is the MOST energetic, LEAST productive player on the roster right now almost. Can anyone out there think of a less impacting player right now? I mean Hossa maybe, but at least Hossa kills penalties. Yes, he works his A off. Yes, I love his spirit and energy and ability to take a hit and get right up. Yes I like how he will go down to block shots. But the guy has not picked the twine this year at all. 1 goal and 2 assists, big deal. And his shooting percentage is even lower than Shanny’s.

      The PP is 3 for their last 14 and 5 for their last 24. Not awful, but certainly better than their previous efforts. Prucha is not the answer.

    6. Doodie Machetto on

      Prucha27, the PP has been pretty good lately. It had a slow start but in the last 9 games it’s been pretty solid. 8 for 39 comes in at just over 20%. I go back nine games because there was no scoring coming from anywhere before that. And it has been consistently hovering around that 20% mark. 7 for the last 35, 5 for the last 25, 4 for the last 21.

      20% on the PP is a good percentage. It would’ve made us 6th in the league last season, a 1.5% improvement. This year, 20% would make you 11th at this point in the season, but our percentage is only 15.8 due to the incredibly slow start.

    7. New Newman – Personally attacking me doesn’t disprove any of my points. And I don’t know who you think you’re talking about, but I haven’t posted anything about Shanahan here. YOu can go back and look for it if you want.

      Look, I know the kind of guy you are. You get fascinated by guys and you see a guy’s been on the All Star team and had a great career, so you immediately think he’s God’s gift to the world. It’s people like you who can’t see more than one game down the line. It’s OK. It’s easy to be star-struck. You’re the kind of fan who was probably happy when we got guys like Fluery, Kaminsky, Lindros, etc. You’re just a star f*cker who doesn’t really know anything about hockey, you just know big names.

    8. Sad that the Rangers spent so much time talking about how hard it is to find good team chemistry and are soon going to force Marek back into the lineup. Unfortunately, that probably also goes for Straka and Cally, who I like but whose absence hasn’t exactly devastated the line-up or the more important W-L column.


      Hey…Im 17. I think ive told you this months ago, but ill tell you again, some of us 17 year olds arent that bad, and we know our shit, like me and CML. But were not all like Prucha27, if he’s even 17.

      Either way, the age doesnt matter. Its all about the heart of a true fan. Sad to say, NYR has alot of fake fans, alot come to this blog for some strange reason, like our old friend with the names, that died after NYR won there home opener.

    10. New Newman- any way you can keep your posts limited to hockey opinions and not personal attacks? I think Prucha raises valid points on Shanahan and I think most people would rather hear these things debated than squelched.

    11. I really dont think that was Prucha27 who upset you earlier because I remember only good posts from him. Anyway, I think Prucha should be on the top power play unit, maybe it will jumpstart his game. I thought Shanahan and Jagr didn’t work well together anyway. I hate having all of our supposed top four players on the first unit, rather than spreading them out.

      I thought that’s why you were _New_ Newman, so people didn’t get you confused?

    12. Doodie – Sorry to leave you out of the response, but I got side tracked. I dont’ really analyze numbers, I just go on the way the PP looks to me, and it really doesn’t look dominant, the way these players should look. Know what I mean? Also if it jump starts Prucha’s game, then I don’t see any drawback from having Prucha on there instead of Shanahan. Put Shanny on the 2nd unit. At least Prucha drives hard to the net, which is something you can’t say about ANYONE on the 1st unit.

    13. Jagr sometimes drives hard to the net with the puck when he doesn’t shoot it from his normal position, but he usually only gets halfway there then shoots when he does that.

    14. Spiderpig – I mean going to the net without the puck, setting up a screen, knocking in a rebound. Score a dirty goal.

    15. Doodie Machetto on

      Shanahan had started to do that on the PP and that’s what actually got it rolling in it’s current form.

      I like the way it has been working lately with the back door pass approach. You don’t always need traffic in front if you can set up an open goal.

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