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Another writer and I were talking today about the things Sean Avery says to so easily irritate opponents.

I have a pretty good idea, at least based on common sense. You know, things about family members. Things about girlfriends. Anatomically impossible things these players may want to do in their free time.

Let’s put it this way: I doubt, “Oh my gosh, where did you get that helmet?” is part of his repertoire.

Either way, it’s all part of the charade according to Avery, and it’s obviously succeeding in knocking players off of their games. The question is if he goes too far, and “if you listen to the conversation that’s still ongoing in Toronto”:, it’s not even a question.

My opinion? It makes for good theater, and for Rangers fans, it’s hard to disagree with if it’s making your team better. But my guess is if you want to keep rooting for the guy, you’re better off not knowing the specifics.

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  1. I an NYR fan, but I do understand his (and anybody else’s, for that matter) trash talking. Where is sportsmanship? Where is the respect to the opposite player?

  2. I find it funny how spoken words get these professional, fully grown men so riled up. Its almost like that make him out to be a serial killer or something.

    They should take some advice form their mothers. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” If these people are so mentally weak that words bother them, they should be harrassed as much as possible.

  3. Sam- Is it true that a Rangers player was angry at what Avery said about Balke or is htis just a rumor?

  4. who cares what your oppenent says about you?/ Grow up… be real… who gives a crap…..what avery says is irrelevant…

  5. None of us were on the ice, we have no idea what was said at this point…

    …but Belak’s commnents are pretty serious… that’s a threat.

    “You can’t put a bounty on a man’s head!”

    “I just did”

    Did Tucker just beat Darcy Tucker in his home rink? Just like Avery beat his rear end last spring. And hasn’t Wade Belak gotten his nose broken before by Colton Orr?

    There’s some history there between these two teams.

  6. The double standard here is unreal. Sean Avery has words. Darcy Tucker has without question stepped onto the ice with the intention of injuring another player. Just ask Mike Peca.

    How educated hockey people (excluding Don Cherry of course) can believe that Sean Avery is anymore of a threat to other NHL players than Darcy Tucker is beyond me.

    What is more unbelievable is that Wade Belak can make statements like “someone is going to kill him” without any consequence.

    This league will continue to be a joke as long as situations like this are allowed to continue.

  7. if what he said was truly about blake and cancer, then avery’s a f’ing scumbag. but i’m happy he plays for my team.

  8. The Leafs, including Belak and Tucker (as well as Cherry), have no room to talk or whine and should just shut the hell up and take some of their own medicine.BUT, it doesn’t mean that Avery isn;’t a classless punk at times and a legend in his own mind most of the time…He needs to be himself but he has been know to say stupid, offensive and assinine things that even make his teamates wonder about him..No need to do that, when he is such a damn good agitator on the ice..

  9. I’m torn.

    On the one hand, I know that I would use similar tactics (and in fact have) to get other people off their game.

    On the other hand I think there should be limits to what a player can/should be allowed to get away with.

    Sometimes when you walk the line, like Avery does, you step over into the realm of unacceptability. The question is who gets to pass this judgement and how.

  10. The Leafs should take a look at a tape of the warmups when Avery was talking to Tucker, then Blake skated by and gave him a mini-slash (tap) on the leg, which is what started the initial fracas.

    Maybe you can make a poll, Sam, to ask whether we want Avery to be on our team, except you could easily predict an overwhelming “yes” based on responses here already.

  11. Oh.. but I suppose threatening to kill a player is fine. Or saying you will hit him over the head with your stick. The league is fine with that.

    This guy Belak sounds pretty bright, huh? Avery did his job and got the Leafs off their game. He also provided an offensive spark and the Rangers won the game. Gee, maybe his stats don’t compare with Belak’s 28 points in almost 400 games played. I don’t know.

    Tucker really isn’t one to talk either. Remember the hit on Peca in the playoffs?

  12. Listen…Avery could have talked about Blake, he could have talked about how much he loves being with one of the Olsen twins….

    What matters is what he does on the ice during the game. He’s not breaking any rules. If Brodeur can get away with crying like a girl after every bad call or bad game…and guys like Ruutu, Simon, & Brasheer still play the game – leave Avery alone. He’s not worthless like Simon & Brasheer he actually scores and gives us something other than “there goes our tough guy.”

  13. It bothers me how people are focusing on Avery’s words rather then players throwing late hits, high elbows, cross-checking, and boarding, especially when such vicious fouls are not called, especially a couple on Prucha earlier in the season; you know the ones.

  14. “Darcy’s an agitator but he doesn’t say the type of personal stuff about your family that Avery does,” Belak said. “It’s ridiculous. If (Avery) ever starts chirping about my family like that, he’ll get a stick over the head.”

    Hey, Wade, please go ahead and do that … and take anywhere from a major penalty to a match penalty and multi-game suspension, too, just because Sean Avery said he shagged your mother. It’ll be a great way to help your team lose.

    Referees are well within their rights to call unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on Avery if he violates Rule 41(a)*, but if you or anybody else would prefer to officiate the game yourself by “clubbing” him, don’t be surprised to see your team down a man for an extended period of time.

    For some strange reason, I think that attacking another player physically or “killing” someone might be a much more serious offense than a vulgar sentence or two.

    As long as Avery doesn’t cross the line and take stupid penalties, injure someone or injure himself, he’s doing his job very well.

    Yes, players may be given a little too much slack during pre-game warm-ups (perhaps Avery and Tucker could have received coincidental minor penalties if their shenanigans would have occurred during a game), but officials may give misconduct penalties to players who use obscene language or gestures at any time.

    *-Google got that one for me. :p

  15. DG said it right… Tucker is worse than Avery. He would injure a cripple if he could get away with it. And Wade Belak said he would hit him in the head with a stick, because he wouldn’t be able to take Verbal Jabs?

    Let’s say that again. If Avery INSULTS Belak, Belak would SIMONIZE Avery? How is that normal? This guy’s a punk.

  16. avery can say whatever he wants. its obvious how mentally insecure all these “tough” guys really are. avery knows what he does is strategic and guys like belak are too stupid to understand its all part of his game and still let whatever avery says affect them. personal or not, if it works, go for it but avery better be ready to baack it up when it comes. and he did last night after he beat down tucker.

    avery rules.

  17. Yeah, gotta love these big strong rough tough hockey players getting the word out to the pencil-necked reporters (no offense, journos) to fight a foe 500 miles away. Love love LOVE it!

    “And this little piggy cried weee weeeee waaaaaaade alllll the way home…”

    Next time you’re with your trainer, Wade, get a SPINE.

  18. Spiderpig – Peca has been missing random games all year long. He’ll be lucky to play 70 this year.

  19. hahaha, those of you saying that these guys should just get over it and grow up need to remember that Sean Avery tried to attacked Brian Hayward because of what Brian was saying about him.

    A color commentator got Avery’s goat.

  20. I dont give a flying fugg what Avery says, i dont care if he makes fun of Blake for his cancer, i dont care if he tells Tucker that his wife has hideous kankles, i dont care if he says Broduers wife looks like an escaped mutated rat. I DONT CARE, he’s one of my fav players, and when i found out he got traded here, i went crazy in joy, cause ive always been a fan of him, back when he was a Wing.

    Most NYR fans are acting like jackasses now, turning against him, ever since the whole contract thing, in the summer. He can do what ever the fugg he wants. He is the man, and i hope he does get re signed, i pray he does, or ill be super pissed.

    Lets go NYR, and Lets go Avery. All Avery haters can go straight to hell, and hopefully Belak gets knocked the hell out by Orr.


    Did anyone else see that Eric Cole thing. Boy, talk about bad luck, he nearly broke his neck again, but last i heard, is he left the hospital. Lucky guy, that would suck to have a broken neck, 2 times out of the last 3 years. Jeez.

  21. ORR..Talented Mr. Colton Douglas Orr

    The scuttlebutt is that it wasn’t “a brisk walk” towards Hayward as much as it was a charge. And it wasn’t just a coach that held him back, it was a couple of other players. Either way, he felt it necessary to go confront a color commentator for comments the guy made about him on T.V. in the L.A. area.

    Either way, he greeted a member of the PRESS with a verbal tirade all because the guy got to him with “words”.

    So make sure you don’t ride the guy too hard Sam, he may greet you with a nice profanity laced tirade as well.

    I wish to God he would get rid of the Avery sideshow act. If he regresses back to where he flops around like when Jagr hit him last year, it could be a long season.

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