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I just popped my head in the practice rink and saw Brandon Dubinsky was one of only three people on the ice so far. It’s good to see he’s not letting success go to his head.

Maybe when he gets that second goal he starts mailing it in and skipping practice “Allen Iverson style”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGDBR2L5kzI.

More in a bit…

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  1. The kid is a hard worker and is only going to get better with time. I can see him being a Ryan Smyth type player. He certainly has the size for it.

  2. Great win last night. Other than the putrid 5 on 3 and the game opening up a bit too much after taking a three goal lead they played a near perfect game. It was a rebound game for guys like Girardi and Avery who had bad games vs the Isles. Avery was at his agitating best. Drawing the 4 minute pp against Roberts really gave the Rangers momentum they never lost. This was by far Scott Gomez’ best game as a Ranger. Gomez looked like his old Devils self as Avery and Shanny are perfect fits for him. Girardi had a tremendous game at both ends of the ice. Last year Girardu\i kept his game simple and didn’t do much on the offensive side. This year and espically last night he showed all his offensive skills. Dan had two nice assists and hit the post imo he’s going to be a 40+ point man sooner rather than later. Dubinsky and Jagr seem to be building a special type of chemistry. The type that Mike York and Lindros had in the first half of the 01-02 season.It would be nice if Renney could find them a coompetant linemate. It was nice to see them put 4 goals up against a bad defensive team as well as a pretty bad goalie. Hopefully they can do much the same against a team that plays no d in Toronto. The Hollweg-Betts-Orr line deserves credit for the solid job on Crosby. Marc Staal continues to impress and improve, he’s gonna be a special player for years to come.

  3. The biggest question going forward for the Rangers is whether Renney will be smart enough to keep Staal with Roszival and Bench Strudwick for Malik. I feel like everytime there is a turnover in our end, its usually Strudwick screwing up a clearing attempt or skating terribly.

    Also, let Vally play tomorrow against Toronto, what is the harm? You could find a reason to play Henrik against any team, so what if it is Hockey Nite in Canada. Toronto is the worst team we are gonna play for a while. It will be a good test of our team d to let Henrik not play.

    With the lineup the way it is now, you can see where this team is headed the next few years. Right now the biggest weak link is Shanny, unfortunately. Callahan should take his spot when hes healthy and they should put Straka on the line with Dubinsky and Jagr. Bench or Trade Hollweg and Put Hossa there, then you would have a real defensive line. I am actually beginning to become a real Colton Orr fan. His skating is 1000 times better than it was last year. He is smart defensively and is all the deterrent the team needs.

    After this year you can see Mara and Malik gone, being replaced by Sauer and whomever. Staal should be getting PP time, and hopefully by the end of the year he will. He has a great shot and he does not seem afraid to shoot. Actually reminds me of Pronger and Lidstrom with his ability to skate , jump up on the play and then be in perfect position defensively when necessary.

    Why is no one even writing about how Dubinsky’s backhander last nite was nasty too? Super quick release, no wind up, perfect spot, that was the most impressive part about him.

  4. hockeymanrangers on

    Yea everything seems to be working out good right now with all the lines. BUT what do we do with Straka when he is able to come back??? And who sits??? It is such a terrible problem to have.

  5. That’s easy. Move Hossa down to the fourth line, or bench him. Straka goes on the first line with Jagr and Dubinsky. Dubinsky is big and can handle all the board work that Hossa was doing plus he actually can score. Hossa is out to lunch these days. I don’t know what’s going on with him offensively. Yea, Hossa can play defense and kill penalties, but playing first line with Jagr and he only has three assists? There is something wrong with that.

  6. Is it possible that callahan gets sent to Hartford or will Hossa be sent. A fourth line of Hossa/Callahan Bets Orr?

  7. Sam – Have a question for you…

    Orr had more ice time last night than both Prucha and Dawes. That’s totally unacceptable. One might say that happened because Renney was matching that line up against the Crosby line. OK, if that’s true, why doesn’t Renney use his line matching wisdom to get Jagr away from Madden and Pandolfo?

    Seems to me that Renney is using selective excuses and double talk. Colton Orr should never have more ice time than anyone on this team. Ever.

  8. I like how the team is coming together and agree with the comments on Girardi, Staal, Dubi, Lundqvist and, sadly, Shanahan. But I’m not sure I agree with the positive reviews on Gomez. I find his game thoroughly underwhelming, seems every other pass he makes is ill-conceived and intercepted by the other team. I’m hoping we haven’t seen the best of him yet or we will be sorry about this no trade contract.

  9. My 2 cents on the goaltending….
    Toronto and NJD have pretty much identical records. I’d play Hank in TOR – it’s a big game up there on HOF weekend, the leafs will be ready to play. We also play philthadelphia the night after the jersey game. Philly is a much better team than njd – we’ll need a fresh Hank – especially depending on how things turn out the next few games – that one could be for 1st place.

    and prucha27 – – Orr should not have more time than prucha(you’re obviously bias), i agree. But it’s impossible to discredit his contribution. He’s done everything the staff has asked him to, and the guys want him on the bench.

  10. Griffin – I don’t discredit his contribution, I’m just saying that he shouldn’t have more minutes than Prucha or Dawes on a team that isn’t scoring goals.

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