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Sean Avery on his goading of 41-year-old Gary Roberts, which led to a double minor and the Rangers second goal:

“It’s probably easier,� Avery said. “Young guys are just a little dumb. They don’t really know what’s going on half the time so a guy like that takes it as little more of an insult, like how dare you disrespect them and all they’ve done for the game and how great they are.�

Avery on his recovery from a mediocre showing against the Islanders:

“I don’t think I played well on Long Island. I think I knew that and Tom (Renney) certainly told me,� he said. “I had a revelation as well about what happened to me as a child when I called home and the first thing my Mom says to me I’ve played (poorly) three games back.�

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  1. yea i think it’s supposed to read “…when I called HOME” instead of “him”

    and avery’s quote about roberts is also confusing because he says “young guys are a little dumb” but then he talks about old players thinking they’ve done so much for the game and it was a quote about getting under roberts’ skin.

  2. i think he meant that young guys are so dumbfounded that they don’t realize everything that’s going on – especially the little things like agitation between plays.

  3. “Break out offensive game tonight for our beloved Rangers… it hath been predicted.”

    Yeah… 4 goals and 2 posts… I’m gonna say my prediction was correct.
    Chalk one up for the psychic.

    Next prediction: Vally starts Saturday and we score 4 or more goals again.

  4. I think Avery might have been referring to what Gary Roberts thought of him (being a “young dumb guy”) and reacted in the way that he did. Subtle dig at Roberts in the Avery style

  5. So many pieces looked good tonight. Dubi, Dawes, Avery, etc. But most of all I was impressed with the play of more middle of the road guys. Mara, Struds, Orr, Hollweg — these guys are playing their asses off right now.

    One thing, though. The Rangers can’t let up. The 3rd period is not their friend, the last minute of each period is fraught with danger and, most frustratingly in a way, they always seem to let up in a big way in the minute or so following one of their own goals. That must stop.

    Otherwise, it really is fun to watch them play when they play well.

  6. One more thought:

    Eric Lindros is NOT a hall of fame player. Potential doesn’t equal achievement, regardless of health issues. Besides, he’s still a Flyer no matter how many nights he wore a Blueshirt or any other.

  7. Nick – I think someone said here a while back that players don’t go into the hall with a specific jersey like it is in baseball with a specific logo on cap.

    I was just kinda half-watching SportsCenter, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t do a hockey highlight. I thought Thursday was one of their “hockey nights” with Barry Melrose. And this was a Linda Cohn hosted SportsCenter, too. That’s pretty low for a Thursday. They did some 10-minute long (at least) story about some old boxing match (I think it was important, but half-watching, as I said), along with Giants-Cowboys as nauseum.

  8. We killed the PITTSBURGH CROSBYS.

    solid effort but once again, shanny was very noticable as the guy who didnt want to see contact or make the right passes. idk its too late to think i need to be up in 4 hours

  9. hockeymanrangers on

    That was a fun game to watch, and I was laughing when the announcers were talking about Jag’s. They (a local Pittsburg channel) said Jag’s was talking to his Hockey stick and caressing it. He was playing around (Which is good to see) b/c he was having a hard time handeling the puck. They also said (not sure if this is true or not) that Jags has had to use a different stick this year b/c the one he used for years they are not making it anymore. Well, hell with the money Jag’s makes it seems like he could hire someone to make them for him. But yes that was a great game, now they just need to keep it all going. And like I said yesterday they have to watch that 3rd period rush when teams play with a desparation mode. I think Pittsburg tried that in the second also. But anyway if the boys keep their heads in the game they can hold those rushes off. WAY TO GO RANGERS KEEP IT UP.

  10. longtimerangersfan on

    Puleeeeeeeeeze don’t insert Malik back in the lineup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Like I said from the beginning of the season, once we found good line combinations that compliment each other, this team is going to win games and limit the other team to only 1 or 2 goals on most nights. I said I liked Dubi centering Jagr and some people ripped me and asked me if I believed Dubi is really a first line center. Well, I don’t think he is an NHL caliber first line center and never said he was. I do think he plays very well centering the line he is on and should stay there. I like Avery a lot. Even when he wasn’t on the Rangers. I think the league needs players like him. And we have the best player at what he does in the league on our team and he should be signed to a longer contract and be with this team for years. This is all my opinion of course. Avery is going to take some penalties, and say some things that maybe make everyone a little uncomfortable at times. But who really cares about that? As long as he contributes to this team gets other players off their game and scores. He has 3 points in the last two games. Dubi could have had 4 goals last night and I think he is going to start lighting the lamp more often. Once things like this start happening it takes the pressure off Jagr and Shanahan to be the only ones to score. And I agree with a comment above. Gomez has been playing a lot better once he was moved off the line with Jagr. 5 game point streak. He is among team leader in goals and his passing and breakout rush game have been on point. Once we put him with speedy wingers you can really see this. I am very happy with the team right now, and I have forgiven them for the loss on the island. Hank is the best goalie in the league and all of the young rangers are contributing. Let’s Go Rangers!!

  12. hockeymanrangers on

    Sam do you know if this is true about Jag’s?? His he using a different stick this year?? If you saw my previous post I heard some Pittsburg announcers saying as such. Thanks

    Oh and what was up with your last post I thought it was just me. But then other people are having a hard time desivering it. Oh well your allowed one of those per year.

  13. How many points does Girardi have this year? Is it just me or does anyone else see him having some offensive ability. Like scoring the goal earlier in the year. By my count he has like 3 posts and is taking many more shots, including one timers on the PP that are hitting the net. Also, last night he followed his own rebound and almost got a wrap around goal. Has anyone else noticed this?

  14. hockeymanrangers on

    Nasty 1

    Yea I remember hearing one of the annoucers last night saying Giradi hit the post. So yes this is a good thing, it seems like we getting a lot of help from a lot of different players, like Rossival also is stepping up I think he has 4 goals already this year. This is what we want a lot of different players contributing. FUN TO WATCH.

  15. YES this is true. JAGR is using a different stick. I am not sure if it is because they arent making it anymore or if he signed a deal with reebok rather than his old CCM stick. but it does make a difference if he used the old stick for many years, to chnge it up is a big deal. but im sure he wont use it as an excuse and his goal the other night was soo nice so im sure hes ok..
    BTW im 5-0 at games. nice.

    You owe dawes everything for his awesome pass but you did score so its ok!

  16. Dubinsky’s backhand was the dirtiness though. Hat’s off to Nigel for scooping him the puck, thats a good buddy move.

  17. I really wonder, honestly, what exactly is it that Avery says to these guys that drives them all so crazy? Everyone knows he talks trash, everyone knows he says what I’m sure are pretty vicious tyhings, but it’s all a game to him. Why do players care? Why is it so very difficult for them to ignore the guy? Whatever, I’d love to know what he says to people that drives them so nuts, and I’m glad he’s ours. And by the way, he ain’t leaving NY for free aggency next year. No way a guy like Sean Avery walks away from New York City where the entire balcony chants his name just for showing up. No way.

  18. David –

    They don’t make his old one anymore and he’s actually complained about it in the press at some point, so he ain’t happy about it.

  19. RBK owns CCM, as well as Jofa and Koho, and the old Heaton lines of Goalie equip… they have been slowly consolidating everything to under the RBK name, so Jagr is indeed non playing RBK sticks, but chances are it’s the same stick he used last year with a RBK paint job instead of a CCM paint job… same story with his gloves, if you ever notived the RBK logo is just kinda haphazardly stuck on them, they are actually old Koho gloves

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m 3-0 since I started wearing my new hat to games. Maybe I should mail it to Renney?

    As for jersey spotting, here are my top three:

    1) When looking at jerseys, you see a TON of he same ones: Messier, Leetch, Lundqvist, Shanny, Jagr, Prucha, etc. So as some guy was walking by me with an older jersey wearing number 11, I was thinking, early Messier, that’s at least a little different. But then as he walked past I saw it was actually a Kelly Kisio jersey. AMAZING.

    2) Some girl sitting in my row was wearing a Jagr Pittsburgh jersey, and when jeered about it from the rest of the section, she said it was from his rookie season. I don’t know if that helped the jeering, but it definitely made the jersey cooler.

    3) Tomas Kloucek. Also worn by a girl.

  21. I think Jagr with Dubinski is a nice fit… if only for the fact that there’s no “period of adjustment” or “tryin’ to figure out how two proven styles fit together”. Dubi is fresh and young and Jagr can tell him how to play the Jagr way. As opposed to gomez or Drury trying to figure out how to mesh their style with his. I thought all along that it would be Straka centering Jags this season but this is even better.

    It was also apparent that Gomez would strive with faster wings. Nice to see some chemistry finally.

  22. I have to admit I loved it when we signed Pat LaFontaine… not just because he was a fan fav. on the Island and seing him in a Ranger jersey must have hurt. But he was my favorite player growing up (talk about a confused kid lol). So I have a #16 Ranger sweater that has LaFontaine on the back.

    Not surprisingly, I think it’s cursed, because whenever I wear it and they (the Rangers) play, they lose. (Needless to say it doesn’t see ANY action on gamedays). Here in Florida nobody knows what the hell’s going on so I don’t catch a lot crap about wearing it when I do.

  23. Sweet if someone is wearing a Kelly Kisio jersey to games I guess that means I can get my Mike Rogers and Eddie Mio jerseys out of the closet. Thanks Doodie for the information.

  24. I have an awesome Modano Northstars jersey, a Tkachuk team USA jersey, a vintage Messier Jersey, and a home (what was then road) blue Leetch Jersey. I have to get a Hank jersey.

  25. I think we’re finally getting there, but we need to make some adjustments when healthy.

    Straka needs to move up to the 1st line LW and Hossa should go to the 4th line as a RW. Orr doesn’t need to play every game.

    I still think Prucha needs to play with Gomez and Avery. He needs someone on his line to stick up for him when he gets cheap-shotted, and Shanahan is just too slow on that line. Not that I think it would happen, but Callahan should replace Shanahan on that line as well. At least until Shanahan realizes that there are corners on the net, and he should be aiming for them, not the goalie’s stomach.

  26. Girardi is by far the most pleasant surprise on a team with many pleasant surprises. I remember reading these posts before the season with many people skeptical about the defensive corps, now everyone is singing their praises. Much of it is earned by the stellar play of this young kid. Always where he needs to be, forever composed, making the little plays and now chipping in offensively. The Rangers need to lock this gem up long term.

  27. Everything that comes out of Avery’s mouth is just hysterical! I dont know if anyone saw Inside the Rangers last night, but when Avery was told that Henrik named him the funniest Ranger, he was asked to comment on Henrik and said “Henrik needs gallons of Crisco to get his pants on!” John Gianonne nearly split in half laughing. And then of course there is the comment he made at fashion week about the blue crused velvet underwear lol It’s a pleasure to have his antics and also grit on this team!



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