Ratings are up. Hockey again matters.


According to a release from the Garden, TV ratings for Rangers games are up 85 percent. I have no way of verifying this other than randomly asking people if they’re watching hockey.

I know the readers of this blog are, because as much as I’d like to think they’re just fans of my (not-so) clever musings and updates on my household renovations, they are at heart Rangers fans.

It’s everyone else that matters — men and women who would normally be spending their nights watching “Wheel of Fortune” re-runs (are there “Wheel of Fortune” re-runs”?) but who are now entranced by the artistry of a Marek Malik outlet pass. If those are the people that start watching hockey, then the game really is on the upswing.

But I digress. In other news:

  • As I mentioned, no line-up changes are in store for the Rangers. As for Ryan Callahan’s proclamation that he was set to skate tomorrow, it apparently is news to Tom Renney, who didn’t think Callahan was ready. So stay tuned on that one.
  • Eric Lindros officially retired today, ending what would be an impressive career by most standards, but one that still fell short of what was expected of him. SI’s Michael Farber has a “great column on Lindros’ career”:http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writers/michael_farber/11/07/lindros/index.html.
  • There was a report in one of the Canadian papers saying Colton Orr was a candidate to be the next “Bachelor”. The Rangers are calling that report false. Too bad for Orr. I can’t imagine having 25 women jockeying for your attention is necessarily a bad thing. I would offer to step in, but I think the whole married with a kid thing might get in the way.

    More later…

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    1. According to the article, Orr has a girlfriend, so I’m not surprised he said no. Also, he himself would become pretty much a running joke in NHL circles.

      There are only Wheel of Fortune reruns on Saturdays and during the summer.

      In case anyone missed my anagram from the last thread, using the last names of the guys on the first line – bossy husking Jarda. The J is really hard to use, so that’s not quite a perfect one. It interesting that you need letters from all three players’ names to make “Jarda,” but if it’s Straka and Drury instead, you could still use it.

    2. I came up with “Hard ‘N Handy USA Wares” for the second line, but two of them are from Canada. :(

      3rd line is too hard, I’m working on fourth.

    3. Sam are no shows & resale of season tickets up too? There are way too mant enemy fans getting seats.

    4. Gotta love that Avery. Yeah, he took a penalty, but man I love watching him get under someone’s skin. Someone argued that they would not mind if he didn’t come back. I think that he is the BEST in the game at what he does and I want him on the team for a very long time. That is my opinion.

    5. Hey Sam,

      I know that Messier is going into the Hall of Fame this weekend. I have not heard what uniform or team he will have going into the Hall. Do you know if he will go into the hall of fame as an Oiler or a NY Ranger?

      I hope he goes in wearing a blueshirt!


    6. Like I said, I hope Avery is on this team for many years. I do not think he would be taking a spot from someone who deserves it more. The guy is the BEST at what he does in my opinion and he can play hockey.

    7. What a sweet goal for Dubinsky – great play by Dawes. I loved Dubi’s celebration face. :)

    8. Who was saying Gomez sucks? His 5 game point scoring streak and all….

      Each game we are building, another good step tonight.

      Was anyone out there saying Avery was a waste of space? Yeah he looked REEEEEEEEEEAALLLL bad tonight!

      The only thing that I was disappointed with tonight was the lack of fighting. This is not because I expect fights every night. But when I see Roberts being a total a-hole, when I see Armstrong being chippy, and when I see Orpik taking liberties, I think someone has to drop the gloves and stand up to them.

      Overall though, the team is starting to play great together.

    9. newman

      I was thinking the same thing about the game. The Pens and THEIR star power were getting their butts handed to em for the most part and had to resort to playing a little cheap, the Rangers did not take the bait and get called for a penalty for retaliation.

      I’m not at all worried about this team not being able to handle the rough stuff anymore.

      Each night these teams come at the Rangers. Everyone is geared up to play Jagr, Shanny, Henrik and the boys. I’m convinced the Rangers get pounded twice as much every season as any other team just because they are who they are, The New York Rangers, and I think they have to have that attitude.

      I like this team. It seems every night someone else is stepping it up…

      I think Vally needs to start Saturday.

    10. Dubi is quickly becoming my favorite Ranger, strong on the puck, gets stronger every game. Nice backhand goal tonight.
      lets go Rangers!
      keep on keepin on!!

    11. “3 stars of the night” and no Lundquist? Pathetic. One has to be totally blind not to see Henrik has won a game for the Rangers again. Give him a rest on Saturday if you want to have any chance to win the Cup this year (this is the only goal for me this year, not sure about you guys).

    12. 85%? That’s pretty good. I still hate how all daily sports shows ignore hockey.
      Thank goodness Orr said no, how embarrassing would that be. No matter what you do for the rest of your life you will be known as the Bachelor. To be honest all the previous bachelors from the few I can remember were losers, the women even worse.

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