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Henrik Lundqvist will likely start again against the Penguins, and even Stephen Valiquette is OK with that.

“I just think he’s an extraordinary goalie. To me, he’s just the best in the league,� backup Stephen Valiquette said of Lundqvist. “I see him every day in practice and last year during the stretch I was here, I’d never seen goaltending like that, and i played with (Roberto) Luongo and (Rick) DiPietrio, a lot of good goals right down the line. I haven’t seen anyone as hot as Henrik.�

Marek Malik is most likely out for tomorrow.

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  1. When you have a good back up that knows his role it is really great to see. That is a classy comment from a classy guy.

  2. Did anyone see on Vs. last night that they had the first months best and worst thing. And they didn’t even have Hank in the running. It was good to see Keith Jones and Eddie O put Hank’s name in there and say that he is hands down the best in the league right now.

  3. I hate Vs. Let’s just say that the Rangers won last night. The announcers would have been all about the rangers, even though they were not the better team. I know we didn’t win, and this is all hypothetical, but all I am saying is that the network caters to the winning team, even when the winning team plays like ass.

  4. I agree VS sucks ass. I also agree that Vali is a hell of a guy and its great to have a back up that isnt begging for his shot and causing issues on the team. Hes a good goalie and when we need him im sure he will do what he can to keep us in the game.
    Side not: Malik is a pussy. hes a fool for not playing.

    Avery!!! What the hell happened to him last night? besides giving the isles the puck 27 times, i didnt see him.

  5. Can anyone tell me how the ritual of winning home team saluting the crowd first got started? I was surprise to see the Islanders saluting the crowd last night because I thought the Rangers were the only team to do so. Please forgive my asking this inane question as this young grasshopper still has a lot of learning to do.

  6. In Malik’s defense, if he has a rib or abdomen injury, you can’t really be effective in a hockey game. I had a separated rib once and it hurt to breathe, let alone play hockey. Does anyone remember years ago when Pat Flatley was on the rangers and during one game out of nowhere has this menacing look on his face and he grabbed his stomach like he’d been shot and then fell to the ice. He had a separated rib. Not fun. I am not sure exactly what Malik’s deal is, but if it is one of the two mentioned above you can’t rush it. It’s a shame because he was playing well.

  7. It’s simple newbie. It is a european thing. But the Rangers were the first team to start doing it. Now the islanders ripped us off and are doing it also. But instead of center ice then take it to the line.

  8. I guess your right about Malik and i agree he was playing well.

    About the salute… Renney imposed that they play sweet caroline in the locker room and then they moved it to the stadium and the salute of the crowd. now they dont play sweet caroline right away, first you get the rangers victory song and then that feel the love song and then post game interview and then sweet caroline.. BUT the isles saluted a majority of ranger fans last night so they are retarded!

  9. David C-

    He did have a handful of bad give aways, but I’m pretty sure he threaded that pass to mara, too. He didn’t play amazing hockey, but invisible but be overdoing it a tad.

  10. ok not invisible… extremely ineffective? does that fit his play well enough. He had a play or two here and there but overall i feel like it may have been his worst game as a ranger. He wasnt himself.

  11. another stupid Fishsticks thing is that stupid interview they do after every game in front of the 4 remaining fans in the seats. And I’ve only seen their 15 yr. multi concussion, eye injured goalie DePietro do the interview.

  12. Thanks Nasty1 and david C! It must be somewhat embarrassing to clearly hear Rangers fan on your own turf. During the first two periods, I loved it when immediately after Islander fan chanting you clearly heard “Let’s Go Rangers.”

    Just to jump on the “I hate VS-bandwagon”…what is the deal with the VS towel they strategically place on the player’s shoulder while they interview at the end of the game. Alright, we get it. We’re watching VS.

  13. Nice to see those kind words from Vali; he’s doing his job with class and I wish him the best when he gets his shot to play.

  14. NEWBIE

    Im not trying to be an a hole, your a cool poster i have nothing against you, but please never bring that up again, and please no one else bring it up. Im not trying to be mean, and im sory if im coming off that way. Its just, everytime i hear about the Isles doing that, i wanna go crazy, and it reeeeally pisses me off knowing they do that. I cant stand the Isles and im trying not to think about there pathetic ripping of NYR. I hate the Isles so much. You dont wanna know how much, believe me.


    When Weekes said the same thing, it was obvious he was lying, and was sort of pissed that he is in the position he was in, but with Vally, he means it, and unlike Weekes, he knew his role, and thats the reason why Monty is still with the Pack. Even if he says he would rather play 15 games in the NHL then 70 games in the AHL, i still think he would be itching to get a start, and it would affect his game.

  15. Newbie – I think the first time the Rangers did the stick salute was after the 15-round shootout against the Capitals. At the end, Mike Crispino says, “The Rangers are at center ice all raising their sticks to their fans,” and he says it like it’s the first time he’s ever seen it. But Nasty is right in that it was something the European teams had been doing.

  16. I think they are gonna trade Montoya at some point. He is not going to get the number one job from the King, an from what I have seen he is not a backup. he is a very legit number one goalie.

  17. ORR
    “When Weekes said the same thing, it was obvious he was lying, and was sort of pissed that he is in the position he was in”

    haha, yeah he would always say “Well, he’s my partner”…. uh no kevin, you got showed up and lost your gig.

  18. If this team could only score 3 goals a game I really think we would be one of the most dominant teams in the league. The losses we have have been mostly by one goal. Or we have been shut out I believe twice. I have a lot of faith in this team and believe in this team. I can’t wait to see us completely healthy.

  19. lol salty, to add to that…Right around the beginning of 05-06, I got a call from a Rangers VP regarding season subscriptions. I asked him why the hell we had signed Weekes, and he said that Sather did it anticipating that he’d be the starter. Funny how that turned out.

  20. Actually, the first time I saw or heard of the stick salute after the game was up at West Point by the Army hockey team about 5 or 6 years ago.

  21. WEEKES – I really don’t know where he got the idea he EVER was a starting goalie. My only memories of Weekes were that dumb stare he gives everytime the puck slips by him; almost like he doesn’t even get upset about giving up goals. Good ridance. They should have traded him the minute Hank started showing his true colors.

    HANK and VERSUS – First off, they’re not the only ones that have miraculously forgotten about Lundqvist. The jerk-offs at Sportsnet somehow decided Luongo AND Kiprisoff were having more notable seasons than Hank, who they didn’t even list as a potential Vezina candidate.

    ORR and Sloot – Mark my words, Monty will remain a Ranger up until the day they lock Lundqvist into a long-term contract. That’s the only reason I can see he’s with the team to begin with. There’s no way Monty ever matures enough to take away the starting position. Frankly, I doubt he even has the talent to force a Richter-Beezer situation from the early 90s. I say Hank signs a multi-year deal in May and you’ll see Montoya shipped before the draft for a high-round pick.

  22. There is no question that henrik is one of the premiere PLAYERS in the NHL. Unfortunately he needs a little help from the other 19 on the roster. While everyone has been attempting to juggle the first 2-3 lines in search of that spark, why doesn’t line 4 get any attention? granted, they play extremely limited minutes, but there is no production at all. colton orr does look much better this year, but its not enough. i like blair betts, but hes a marginal NHL player at best, and lets face it, ryan hollweg has 3 points in his last 93 games (orr has 4 in his career). People can say all they want about intangibles (drawn penalties, big hits, etc), but the bottom line is that we expect nothing out of our fourth line, and that shouldn’t be the case. when callahan and straka come back, scratch orr, and send hollweg to the minors for a little more offensive development. greg moore can score and is extremely responsible defensively and should get a look. this is becoming more of a trend in the NHL among the successful teams. shouldnt we pay attention to that?

    p.s. has anyone noticed that matt cullen and scott gomez are the same player? except for the 7 million dollar price difference, that is. And we thought we overpaid for cullen…

  23. There are definitely other teams/leagues that do the stick salute. WE were the first to do it in the NHL however.
    The VS. towel is so retarded – makes it look cheap. On the other hand…at least they’re carrying games (unlike espn).
    Everyone catch Melrose bashing Newark? Hilarious – sorry for not having the link – it’s on Slamsports.ca i think.
    The icelanders make me wanna punch an old lady in the face.

  24. tdchi,
    I agree with you he’s not going anywhere yet…
    I saw a few weeks ago that Montoya is ranked in the top 10 players in the world. I have looked for the past hour to find the article but I can’t dig it up. I thought i saw it on tsn but…
    I’ll keep looking

  25. Was it just my feed or did everyone get the “technical difficulties” during the 2nd period of last night’s game where we missed like 4-5 minutes of play? I mean that is 100% amateur. Hail to Bettman for the great contract signed with VS. And someone else mentioned it above, enough with the stupid banners promoting VS. We want to see the puck moving, not the banner promoting f-ing Dennis Miller.

    The Montoya thing is sticky because without him, they will have to pay Hank more money than A-Rod. I exaggerate but you get my point. If they can sign Hank to a deal before the trade deadline next spring, Montoya is gone for a #1 defensemen. That is my call.

  26. Peter Griffin– i actually heard before the season that ESPN was working out a deal to show some primetime games but i may be wrong? anyone have any info on this?

  27. I heard that ESPN is making an offer to buy Versus out of the contract they are currently engaged in with the NHL. ESPN wants hockey back next year.

    Sam can you add to this or shoot it down??

  28. New Newman

    No way you get a #1 Dman for an AHL goalie. Montoya was a high draft pick buts thats it. He has been a top 15 goalie in the AHL and as good as that is..it still doesnt get a #1 Dman in the NHL. Hannu Toivonen was a top AHL goalie..young,19th pick in draft..got traded for Carl Soderburg..WHO?!! Exactly..dont think Montoya has much more value than Toivonen

  29. New Newman – We have some budding #1 defensemen already. Let’s not jump the gun and say they will get worse by February.

    ORR – Here’s a question for ya: Do you hate the Islanders more than you hate other Rangers fans whom you see on the street?

    I’ve been bashing VS enough, but I’ll give them a break on the technical difficulties. This is the first time I’ve seen it, and MSG has had plenty in their past, on Rangers and Mets broadcasts, especially when they’re on the West Coast. The VS towel is really corny, but it probably gets some people to think that the player is endorsing VS.

    Montoya will probably remain a Ranger until another goalie in the system like Lafleur or Wiikman shows that he can play, so one can step in if Lundqvist gets hurt, unless we plan on trading for someone else in that scenario.

  30. Didn’t the Rangers players vote Weeks as “Best Team Player” or something along those lines. Of course that in no way means he should be starting goalie, but doesn’t that say something of his contribution to the locker room while he was here? It’s gotta bite to know that you’re always runner up. Just trying to understand the anti-Weeks sentiment. Unless it just because he’s playing for that other team.

    I bet some of you are going to tell me the award was just a consolation prize. ha ha ha Well, at least we can thank Weeks for getting hurt and pushing King Henry onto his rightful place on the throne.

    New Newman…I got lame-o “technical difficulties” too and had to run to the radio while they got their act together.

  31. I overspoke on Montoya. I didn’t realize he is not shining as much as I thought he was in Hartford. Sorry, I barely have enough time to follow the NHL….let alone the AHL. Montoya and Malik or Strudwick? for a #1 D? A guy can hope can’t he?

  32. “I bet some of you are going to tell me the award was just a consolation prize.”

    I would certainly tell you that….

  33. New Newman – no team is trading a number 1 d for that type of package. if traded at the deadline because a guy is a free agent they want crown jewel type assets and not older players like Malik.

  34. Valiquette has the cushiest job in the NHL. What’s he going to play about 5 games this season? He takes over for Scott Clemmensen as the best job in the NHL, since Clemmensen lost his backup job to Kevin Weekes this year. What a joke! When he plays he’s going to get lit up like a Christmas tree.

  35. Um, someone needs to remind Valiquette that he played with Luongo and DiPietro when they were both KIDS. He has some balls comparing two kids to Lundqvist as a professional adult- as if that is a fair comparison!

    Valiquette, you will never be anything but a 3rd rate backup, and Im glad the Islanders dumped you. How about you just deal with the fact that all THREE of them are better than you could ever even dream of being!

  36. You know the Islanders have won and are in first when their fans are trolling here talking about our backup goalie who hasn’t played a game this season. Oh the humanity!!

  37. As far as the VS. thing… I think their coverage has some kinks to work out still. But when it comes to technical difficulties you can’t really blame them. There are sooooooo many things that can go wrong. Especially in an older building like the Colliseum. The logistics of putting on a quality broadcast (and I’m speaking from a purely technical aspect) are insane.

    The talent and producers are a different story however. They call the shots on the content so if they say something or show a replay you disagree with… blame them.

    I still think they should have stayed to show the Rangers salute against Philly but time constraints being what they are and all.

  38. In reguards to the stick salute after games, the 1980 Miracle on Ice team had done it through the exhibition schedule they played and at the 1980 Olympics, not really sure where it had started though but I thought it was a good tidbit about it.

  39. hey MetalChick…
    what are you trying to say? Are you a fishsticks fan? If you are you are on the wrong site, not sure how you got here, cause your in the wrong place. Valli said nothing about being as good as the other three, and BTW Depietro is not exactly old at 26 and Lundqvist is not exactly young at 25.
    I think Valli is basically saying he’s a backup and he’s comfortable with it.
    Somehow I get the feeling you are a disgruntled fishsticks fan

  40. joe thanks for the heads up about kasper… hes definitely the only guy cool enough to start the sweet caroline trend…

    but yea Richard thanks for adding to my thing about ESPN wanting the NHL back.. SAM fill us in?!

  41. TheMetalChick: A goalie’s mechanics really don’t change over time. They mature, they read plays better, perhaps, but their overall talent level really doesn’t change that much. If anything, I’d think it would decline a bit, as young guys fill out and become less lithe. I’d argue Luongo and DiPietro’s talent level is no different from the day they were drafted.

    Speaking of Luongo and DiPietro…That really worked out well for the Isles didn’t it? Draft Luongo 4th overall and DiPe 1st overall, then trade away Luongo AND Jokkinen for what, Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha? Silly fishsticks.

    Oh, and by the way, DiPietro isn’t fit to wash Hank’s jock.

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