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Not surprisingly, Tom Renney is keeping the Rangers off the ice today and only putting them through dryland workouts (with the exception of Marek Malik, who is on the ice now). We’ll have some player availability in a bit, so I’ll update with any news.

Meanwhile, a couple of other things are going on today. In the city is the Lester Patrick Awards Luncheon, where Brian Leetch, Cammi Granato, John Halligan, and Stan Fischler are all being honored. Mark Messier is on a conference call today to talk about the Hall of Fame.

And lastly, my parents are moving into their new apartment, which is great, except it will involve me lugging a mattress up six flights of stairs. Here’s hoping I don’t join Straka and Callahan on the IR…

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  1. There is no number 1,2,3 center or lines. You put the three players that play the best together on a line plain and simple. The key is finding three players with chemistry and if it happened to be that Betts works well with Jagr he would be on the 1st line but by no means is he a number 1 center. Whatever works to score some goals.

  2. Labeling lines is ridiculous. Whatever line is working should get the most ice time. If that means Jagr plays 15 minutes and Shanahan 13, then so be it.

  3. They should just play Shanny on the PK and call it a day. He didn’t even seem to be in the game last night when he was on the ice. He had some lazy clearing attempts out of the zone that never made it.

    Duby should have had at least 2 last night. The kid needs to start finishing if he is going to play on the top line.

  4. Shanny hasnt been the same. After the concussion last year he game back strong but at the time the entrie team was hitting on all cylinders so i dont really think it was him. Thus leading to this year where he is afraid to take the body, scared to hold the puck, and too nervous to look at the net.. he shoots so many open shots and hits the chest everytime. hes afraid to take the time he needs

  5. Richard S – you say there is no 1, 2, 3 centers or lines. But then you said someone who played with jagr would be 1st line. Well my pt is that’s not the 1st line if Dubinsky or Betts in your example is centering it. And offensive playing time – Drury and Gomez should have a bit more including pp and certainly important time at the end of game. The kid is doing ok (except on the scoreboard) but he is not a 1st line center at this point of his career and really isn’t playing that role either. Most of JJ’s points are coming from the pp when Dubinsky is not even playing.

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