Take a wild guess who’s starting in goal


I am beginning to bore even myself. But as we already suspected, Henrik Lundqvist will get his 15th straight start in net — and 42nd straight dating back to last season — tonight against the Isles.

Tom Renney said he was basing his decision on a conversation with the goalie after the game last night, and of course, Lundqvist’s superior form this season. By that measure, we may next see Steve Valiquette sometime around training camp in September 2008.

Or maybe not. Because at some point, even if Lundqvist shows he can keep playing, Renney said Lundqvist will sit. It won’t be tonight, and it might not even Thursday against Pittsburgh. But it may well come when we least expect it.

“At some point in time, though, forget about Hank,” Renney said. “Steve Valiquette’s got to get some games. He’s got to be ready to play because heaven forbid, we might need him.”

Asked if Valiquette might need a conditioning assignment in Hartford to keep him sharp, Renney said that was probably avoidable.

In other news:

  • Jaromir Jagr skated without equipment again this morning, and will play tonight. Greg Moore is still with the team, and is expected to take part in warm-ups. But he is unlikely to play.
  • Marek Malik skated this morning as well, but is still showing the affects of his rib injury. Unless he makes significant progress tomorrow, he won’t play against the Pens on Thursday. This is encouraging news at least for Marc Staal, who can continue to impress alongside Michal Rozsival. Might that pair continue even after Malik comes back? It’s unlikely, but it is something the coach can always go back to.
  • Not surprisingly, Renney too has been encouraged by what he’s seen from Brandon Dubinsky and Jaromir Jagr, saying one of the reasons Jagr warmed to the ideas was the Captain welcomed the chance to mentor a young player. Of course, even Renney conceded almost anything is an improvement over the failed experiments alongside Scott Gomez and Chris Drury.

    “Heck, its only two games but it’s better than what’s happened with the first couple of combinations let’s be honest,” Renney said. “We’re light years ahead of where we were. So cross your fingers and hope it keeps going.”

    More in a bit…

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    1. Henrik has been on FIRE lately. Do NOT disrupt him. If he wants to play, then that means he’s going to give effort. I say start Vally on Thursday if Fleury is benched again, or Saturday… maybe if Dubi was in goal tonight, but not if DP.

    2. adam from the hills on

      ok i know that for some games we will need orr and hollweg in when we need some sand paper in the lineup, but is it so wrong to have a line up like this

      straka dubi jagr
      avery gomez prucha
      shanny drury dawes
      callahan betts hossa

      you can interchange callahan or hossa for prucha or dawes, however the chemistry works out, but with all the talent on the rangers its a shame that hollweg and orr are causing a logjam on that 4th line, i know renney likes the current 4th line because of their puck possession game and he likes playing them against other teams 1st lines so as to open up jagr and the other scoring lines, but i think the fourth line i mentioned could easily play a great puck possession game and score the occassional goal here and there, the way our 4th line is goin they might end up with 5 goals the whole year and thats being optimistic, thats insanity folks!

    3. Meant to post this during earlier discussion – Versus likely goes back to the studio before the stick salute because if they don’t, they will lose most non-Rangers fans who are watching. At least if they go back to the studio, they put people in there with new things to talk about. It annoys me when MSG doesn’t show parts of the three stars, too, even when they are non-Rangers. But we know that’s a biased broadcast, anyway.

    4. Funny how, we were SUPPOSED to have a Hockey Night Live last night after the game, which the Devils were sharing with us, except there WAS NO RANGERS IN THE G*D DAMN PROGRAM. I know i complain about this alot but i cant help it, they didnt show anything NYR, after we share MSG NY, and our Hockey Night Live with the Devs, Isles, and even the friggin Sabs. Stupid Steve Cangolosi, i hope Danyeko trips and falls on him and breaks his knee, and Danyeko gets a concussion. And dont get me started on those dumb Isles announcers, yeah you know who they are…Fish Face, and Eye Brow Tweaser man. I hope they get pucks to the face.


      I know, but most of the time, if theres no MSG NY, they would have a Hockey Night Live.


      Such fuggin BS. Again Pruchs gets head hunted, that SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FUGGIN PENALTY. These A hole refs suck so bad, i hope one of them gets a puck to the face, as harsh as that sounds i dont give a flying fugg. If NYI scores on this PP i dont care, i wont blame Pruchs, cause seriously, i was wondering how long it would take for him to lose his cool. I hope Orr knocks out Sutton, better yet let Tyutin hit him in open ice with his head down and end his career !!!!

      He elbowed Cally, and he clearly tried to elbow Pruchs, why doesnt he try that with Orr or Strudwick. Stupid moron !!

      BTW Girardi monkey’d Guerin, and STaal monkey’d Campoli or some other stupid fish.

    6. White Plains Mike on

      Hard fought game…it looked like the rangers were tired in the third period. Why are they having such a hard time scoring goals?

    7. The second half of the third period was absolutely horrendous. Hopefully the Rangers can re-group in time for Thursday.


      This officiating is fuggin pathetic. Please, some please fuggin explain to me this…Sutton interferes with Prucha, so thats a penalty, then Avery gets in his face and he shoves Avery’s head, thats another penalty, then you give Avery a roughing call as well, so it should be NYR on the fuggin PP, but they call Prucha for absolutely NOTHING !!! And then Danny high sticks some dumb fish, and boom, PP goal for them. The refs are pathetic, its either your gonna call everything in a game, or call nothing in the game, it seems like there going out of ther eway to screw NYR.

    9. And to top it all, VS shows the Isles BS stick raising ceremony, when they didn’t show ours last night. You would think the league would want people to like the big market team in the Rangers, but not in Bettman’s NHL. I really do think some bad officiating calls have been going against us, but the Islanders were clearly a better team in that game, except for the second period after Drury scored, and some of the third.

    10. horrific 3rd period. bad coaching, the team didn’t skate at all and basically let the icelanders skate around them.

    11. how come no complaining about avery.. his giveaway cost the game..his behind the back in the zone passes and euro go backwards nonsense cost them tonight.. bad giveaways in the neutral zone cost them…

      bad loss they should have won…

      long season they will be fine but Avery should get ridicule no different then malik when he coughs it up for no reason…

    12. I agree, avery’s turnover was a joke. the girardi penalty was disastrous. When it’s 4 on 4, the LAST thing you do is take a penalty. 4 on 3 is disaster for any team that is short handed. Disgusting 3rd period. They just stood still and let the icelanders dictate the tempo.

    13. b knows the problem .it was the coaches fault!!!!!!!!!B are you joking or are you really that stupid???

      Yeah they told Avery to play like a moron in there own zone and they sepcifically told Girardi to do the stick nonsense 60 feet away from the goal on the boards…….

      B get a brain

    14. VERSUS aka VS is a JOKE TV!!!!! Come on!!! These “experts” are really crap, they do not know s*** about hockey. If there is penalty please show us replay and make comments about it, not just pretent nothing happened!!! And there was like one minute that was not showed because of late ads!!! Then, these “commentators” were describing what has happened…. JOKE JOKE JOKE!!!

    15. Let’s not forget Rozy not rotating during the 4 on 3 or the poor play he made at the offensive blueline that forced him to take that final killer penalty.

    16. Yeah, I noticed at least three times where Avery was doing silly things, like once he had already been on for a long shift, then decided to turn the puck backwards in his zone when people were gonna smother him, but he could have passed it across instead. Eventually it was stolen. A really bad turnover at the blue line I remember that didn’t lead to a goal. Another time at our offensive blue line he just stopped and gave it up. I watched sporadically in the third period, and missed all the goals except the game-winner.

    17. they cant score. Thats what it comes down to. Avery makes them such a better team. I think Jagr is old and almost done. Whenever his line is on the ice it is like they cant do anything unless Jags touches the puck. The other team knows it and when he does get it, he either goes behind the net and throws it aimlessly through the slow, or stops at the halfboards and throws it aimlessly through the slot. Drury is horrible. All he does is take penalties and dont even get me started on why he is on the point for the PP. It is a joke. We should have traded Jags last year and we should have never signed Drury. That guy is and will always be overated for being in the right place a couple of times in his career.

    18. max another retard. yeah Jagr is old blah blah blah. that is why the other teams play there best D man against him constantly…

    19. Sam, Rangers are 0-5-1 on the road (7-2 at home). Why the bad road record? Anything like this brought up at practice?

    20. I was going to poke holes in Max’s ridiculous post especially because everything he said was such crap, especially since Drury scored from the point, and Avery was more a reason for the loss tonight than Jagr. And if we didn’t have Jagr, how much more anemic would our offense be? I know I am just feeding the troll, but it was one of the best “post Yenner” idiot posts we’ve had.

    21. Avery is looking out of control. Those off-ice antics need to be exactly that. Great pass, though.

      This team has a mental toughness problem, and they have for a while. This season it seems to be a refusal not to rely on Henrik and to relax if they have a small lead because they think the game is over. That 3rd period was a joke. The Rangers can not keep up a frenzied pace and they should know better. It gets them into situations where they take penalties and make mistakes. One person who should definitely recognize this and react is…Mr. Tom Renney. Time outs are not to be ashamed of.

      Let’s go next game.

    22. And I still think the Rangers miss the net more than any other team, though I can’t back that up with numbers.

      And the announcers do suck on VS.

    23. Im really getting tired of this BS officiating. Seriously, im not trying to be some paranoid NYR fan, but im not joking…Something is g*d damn fishy. Its pathetic, and it figures, there GWG is set up by the refs. Some how we end of 4 on 4 when it should be a PP. Honestly, i want to beat the crap put of this comp and everything in front of me, when i think about that game. Losing is part of the game, but when we lose like this, that pisses me off, they let NYI get away with hooks, holds, fuggin goaltender interference. It makes me wanna snap. I really hope Ted Nolan, and Chris Simon take a ride with Dany Heatley, thats all im gonna say. And i wish Hilary Duffus is cheating on Mike COmrie, with COlton Orr, or Sean Avery. That would make my year.

      But this is back to back games against NYR were we get screwed by the refs, thank you refs. And no one can say anything about it cause they wil get fined, cause the refs who cant do there job right, gets girly when someone questions the way the officiate.

      Same old fuggin story.

    24. Max,
      did you watch the game? Drury sucks? Let me guess…
      nevermind, I shouldn’t have responded to your post anyway but your ignorance is astounding!!

    25. I’m getting sick of the new NHL. It seems that special teams are the only way to win a game.

    26. The Rangers just could not get it together last night. I also think that on two of the goals that were scored, a hell of a lot more could have been done to take away the shot and or pass that created the goals. Hank is amazing, but if you can help prevent a shot on goal you do it. In the third period we were just standing around instead of moving our feet and getting our bodies and sticks in to the shooting lane. Don’t get me wrong, the Isles were the better team for most of the game and dominated the third period, but we could have done the little things that we have been doing, instead of being LAZY, and we would have picked up the win, a valuable 2 points, and first place in the Atlantic and 3rd place in the conference. Oh well, on to Thursday night against the Pens at home. A team who completely ripped Marty and the Devils a new a**hole two nights ago. I hope we learned from our mistakes last night and bounce back.

    27. I didn’t watch the game last night because i don’t get versus and by some of the comments on this blog about versus I’m glad I don’t. It doesn’t surprise me if the officiating was bad because I’ve seen enough games already where the officiating is the worst I have ever seen and the last time they played the islanders the refs gave the islanders basically a four minute 5-3 power play which they eventually won 2-1.

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