Jagr even more likely after warm-ups


If you’re a believer in the underlying message of body language, then an upbeat Jaromir Jagr fiddling with his sticks in warm-ups suggests he is playing tonight.

Either that or he was just getting Greg Moore’s stick ready, but I doubt it….

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  1. SAM looks like you have Jagr down to a science. Can you figure out who should be his center? My choice is Straka when he returns, leaving Dubinsky there in the meantime.

  2. John Forslund – first time I’m gonna be hearing him do play-by-play. I knew it wouldn’t be Emrick because the Devils are playing tonight, and figured it wouldn’t be Beninati because of the Caps playing. Emrick probably does tomorrow because the Caps play again. There sure are a lot of games tonight for a Monday!

    What number is Greg Moore wearing?

  3. So Sam is reporting that Jaromir Jagr is no longer captain and becoming the team’s stick boy?!

    Wow, I can’t believe this. Why isn’t it in all the papers? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find more on it. Please provide more info!!!

  4. Can VS. please show the replays of the penalties? Or will they just continue to cover for the NHL and their poor officiating?

  5. vs is a joke of a channel. They showed a picture of Marty Turco when they were introducing Hank…an easy mistake, since they play in different conferences and don’t look anything like each other

  6. Vogs – I was thinking the exact same thing. Let’s not show the horrible calls and pretend they don’t exist.

  7. ..and when the Rangers were on their power play they put up the stats of the Rangers killing penalties…

    bring back gary thorne!

  8. I am sick of Renney’s trapping, boring, super cautious defensive shell hockey. if he wants to turn the Rangers into the old lemaire debbies, he can go to hell.

    what a snoozer bore after the first period.

  9. We have close to 40 shots on goal and there’s still time to play.
    The Devils hardly ever came close to that.
    We simply are just not scoring.

  10. horseshit. after the first period, the rangers just sat back and sat on a one goal lead with no forechecking until the flyers made a mistake very late in the game, just like the old lemaire strategy

  11. glb

    I’m happy as long as we get the 2 points at the end of the night.

    I did not see the game. I am on my laptop following it, so I can’t argue with you about the Rangers taking it easy in the 2nd period.

    But jeez, we got the win. We are on a winning streak.

  12. glb,

    Rangers had 45 shots and Biron made some unreal saves to keep the game close.
    I enjoyed the game and enjoyed the result, you can go to hell yourself.

  13. I am more concerned about the ruining of the sport than a couple ranger wins. the empty seats all over the league attest to that. the rule changes have been neutered once again by the coaches who don’t care about the entertainment aspect of the NHL. they would rather win no-action snoozers 1-0 than give the fans a reason to return.

    they can’t even sell out in detroit any more with a good team. that says it all

  14. Thanks.

    Shanny over Dubinsky in all reality, but the lesson I learned not too long ago from this very blog pretty much explains why it happened.

  15. staal and dubinky are playing well. staal is really good….

    tyutin makes way more mistakes then giradi or staal…

    we still cannot score but I will take a win every time….

    they need to rest the king soon….

  16. I’m pretty sure it was Nittimakki’s picture they showed for Henrik’s stats and the beginning of the game.
    Great game tonight.
    4 wins in a row.
    5 out of 6 (and a point in there for a shootout loss)
    All you had to do was give them time. Defense first, goal scoring explosion will follow.

    And I say Henrik plays tomorrow…

  17. The kids are contributing, which is good, I am not worried about Gomez and Drury, they will come rond in the second half of the season when it counts.
    Would be nice to get our first road win tomorrow.

  18. malik should never again be on the top 4 Dmen. Staal has shown that he is a much better partner for Rosival.

    Malik can alternate with Mara and strudwick on the third pair until they can get rid of him.

  19. glb – re Detroit it’s the economy. the auto industry is hurting and tix are very expensive. I understand your point but the games are more exciting than you state. Went to the Devils game and most of it was exciting. If we win the cup with a series of 2-1 games I’ll be thrilled. And defense in most sports wins championships. Some people hate a 1-0 baseball game and some love it.

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