Jagr and Dubinsky: Built to last?


Maybe this is just the honeymoon phase between Jaromir Jagr and Brandon Dubinsky, but after a second consecutive game in which the pair showed chemistry, both parties were glowing.

“The kid is great, but just wait,” Jagr said. “I’m not going to guarantee we’re going to score every game three goals. But the kid is playing great and I love to play with him. He’s more talented than a lot of people thought he is. They know he’s taltented, but I think he shows a lot. He’s strong on the puck, he’s not afraid to go to the net, good moves one-on-one.”

Dubinsky was equally as complimentary. Should these two get a room?

“I don’t think people know that about him, how much he communicates with his linemates and his teammates,” the rookie said. “We’ve had a constant conversation from the minute I was on his line. I felt more comfortable with him and I think I did some stuff to complement him better tonight.”

I asked Dubinsky if he especially was hoping Jagr was going to play tonight after the captain’s groin seemed to have other plans.

“I was on him a little bit this morning that he didn’t really have a choice but to play tonight,� he said. “But he’s a competitor. He’s going to play through stuff obviously. That’s just the kind of guy he is. And for me its awesome for him to to be there.�

In other news:

  • Tom Renney wouldn’t commit to it altogether, but Henrik Lundqvist said the coach told him to be ready for tomorrow against the Isles. When Renney was asked about it in his post-game press conference, many people took the coach’s answer to mean Stephen Valiquette would get his first start of the season. But when Renney said he wanted to get Valiquette a start sooner rather than later, I took that to mean next week. Translation: I’m pretty sure Lundqvist goes for his 15th straight start against the Islanders.
  • As for my tour with Mark Messier, I spent most of the early part of the evening working on a story about Matthew Von Dollen, a 15-year-old boy from Rockland County who has a severe seizure disorder. Von Dollen was granted a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and his was to watch a game with the Captain. Also included was Messier giving him a full tour of the building and letting the kid interview him on camera. Then came the game itself, and Von Dollen and Messier watched the game from an upstairs luxury suite. It was pretty cool to see. When I just passed Von Dollen on the way out of the dressing room, he was riding the Zamboni. I hope he had as much fun as it seemed.

    More later….

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    1. i hope they dont get a room.. the way i see it, if they get to close it might get sick of each other!

    2. That’s a great story (at the end). Sam, the times of posts are still under EDT.

      Great to see Lundqvist get another shutout, especially for one of my fantasy teams. His first couple of years, a lot of times he seemed close only to give up a fairly soft goal in the second half of the third period. I would say that happened at least ten times in the past two seasons. I would still rest him tomorrow though. It’s better to rest him too early than too late. Ride the hot streak into Valiquette’s start. It looks like Kipper and Nabby have started all their teams’ games too, though, as they have more minutes than Lundqvist, heading into tonight.

      It’s hard for me to believe that we were playing a big trap game when we got 45 shots, but I didn’t see the game, save for before the first TV timeout.

      How did Briere get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when he was already in the box? Was he arguing with the ref or did he come out of the box?

    3. Dubinsky is the real deal. He’s a Walter Tkaczuk clone who skates better and may prove to have a far greater offensive upside. He is, by far, the most surprising player on this roster I have seen to date, and to think he is only twenty!

    4. Lundqvist, it can now be said without too much doubt, is the finest goaltender in the history of this franchise. He does not handle the puck very well, that is evident —- but that flaw aside, he is technically so advanced, so skilled, so smart, so intuitive (hockey sense!), and so athletic that the only concern for Ranger fans is his continuing good health. May he live to be 100 (cent’ anni!) and rewrite all of that bozo Brodeur’s records.

    5. What ever happened to Avery? I thought he was Jagr’s BFF (best friends forever). Won’t he get mad? lol. I love to see things starting to click. Lundqvist has been awesome.

    6. Fruity Cupcake on

      Speaking of whatever happened to, where’s the poster “Coach Renney?” I miss his insights, vis-a-vis the daily line-up, defensive pairings, oh-fensive woes, the continuing brilliance of Lundqvist—not to denigrate Valli, who does an unsung yeoman’s work for us day in, day out—and frankly, the humour he brought to this page.

      Come back, “Tom”!
      Your Fruity fan

    7. Fruity

      If I can be so bold as to ascertain that it is I whom you efforted to cite in your eloquent missive above, let me first declare that without a group identity that coalesces to engender the type of dynamic that only can be ascribed to an organic, even tautological sense of purposeful endeavoring, I remain at a loss as to how to apportion a sense of committed endomorphism lacking a protocol that obtains forthwith the aspect of orthodoxical dimensionality (in the Hegelian dialectic, thougn with a nod to Kant and a second helper to Kierkegaard, whose speed in the offensive zone is often overlooked due to his tendency to eschew the ontological) that might elucidate the theoretical premise you insist upon positing, however opaquely and, may I say, tendentiously as well.

    8. shutouts all over the league tonight. even the mediocre pascal leclaire has 5 already. scoring is WAY down from the opening of 2 seasons ago after the lockout and rule changes.

      everyone is playing a 1-2-2 trap, and the object is not to score goals, but to prevent them. nothing but soccer on ice, and a part of the pre-lockout problem for the league has reared up again.

    9. I forgot to reload my browser, but I responded to all the ridiculous comments about the Rangers being better off without Jagr (and later Renney) two posts ago. The 1st period was our best of the season as far as dominating play goes, and it was definitely not trap hockey. Some people are only happy if there is something to complain about and Malik has been out of the lineup.

    10. as the announcers pointed out, the flyers have given up lots of shots in the first period of most all their games, and the trapping gets much worse after a team gets the lead.

      the rangers sat on that one goal lead for about 40 minutes, with very little forechecking and lots of dumping it out and then sitting back.

      with a goalie like Henrik, you can get away with that crap, but it does not make for good, entertaining end-to-end hockey.

    11. Cynical TyranT on

      The NYHC band Sick of it All just played a show down here the other night, and played their song “Built to Last”… then you name your blog that when the Rangers win…


      Probably, but its still pretty cool.

      Go Rangers!

    12. Dubinsky, Staal, Tyutin, Girardi, Prucha, Dawes, Callahan, Hollweg and Lundqvist.

      All young, all Ranger draft picks and all NHL players.

      Throw in Anisemov, Sauer, Byers and Greg Moore.

      I have been waiting for this for a long time. I am very pleased to know the organ-eye-zation is finally drafting NHL caliber players on a consistent basis.

    13. Hey, I agree that he overdoes it – anyway you may laugh all that you want about Tom Renneys wisdom in speech and in clothes, but the nhl would be much better if other people would emulate his wellspoken – and sometimes peculiar – way just a little. You already have a supposedly straight-shooting, regular joe looking/speaking Bettman or whoever as the ceo (well kind of) and the league is sinking in ratings, tv-spots, newspapers – basically in every way measurable for the bottom-line. Every year starts with the promised return of hockey but ends in more dismay. Draw your own conclusions. The league needs faces like Renney – people who stick out from the crowd – who have a personality to start with.

      Besides, most people with killer instinct are well spoken, they rarely swear and all that. I do not believe that Renney is soft, I think he reserves his passion for the game played on the ice and just experiments and has a laugh with what to say and not to say to the fans.

    14. I am sick of people on here that find nothing to do but complain. A win is a win. This team is playing defensively sound hockey. Too add to that they are getting scoring chances. A lot of you complained that it didn’t matter how well we played defensively because we weren’t winning, and then how it didn’t matter that we were getting chances because we weren’t winning. Well now we are still getting chances, scoring enough goals to win, and getting points and people are still bitching. Some people are never happy. Would you like to the team to press press press and then give up scoring chances and goals? I for one would not. You play the system the team you have is good at, and if that wins you games then it wins you games. It is as simple as that. Maybe we don’t score a lot of goals, but the teams that play us do not score a lot of goals against us. That combination wins you games. Find something else to complain about. Or is your life that boring that all you can do is find things about the NYR to bitch and moan about?

    15. vogs just one small correction Girardi was an undrafted free agent. I love our young defensive nucleus and of course the ultimate defender The King. Be interesting to see when he finally gets a rest although the gaps in the schedule have allowed him to stay fresh.

    16. vogs,
      the rangers really have done a great job drafting great young players and grooming them into great nhl players, however you’re mistaken with girardi. I’m not saying hes not a great player, i’m saying he was never drafted. it still baffles me that a defenseman like girardi could slip through an entire draft, or a few drafts for that matter, but if you look you will see that the rangers picked him up as a free agent after he went undrafted. this shows that the rangers scouts deserve more credit for finding talent then most people give them.

    17. Man what a game last night. Staal looked great, that Tyutin pass at the blueline on the last goal was sweet. Pretty solid defensive effort. A few gaffs aside.

      Glad Jagr and Dubinski like playin’ together. Vintage Jagr on his goal. Hossa looked great defensivly.

      Good to have Avery back. You can see his physical game is infectious.

      Hank looked great, AGAIN. A little defensive help and the shutouts just keep coming. Amazing, but not at all surprising.

      Shanny is scoring which is nice, Drury still involved and in his case I think his goals may be more timely (play-offs) than plentiful.

      The kids all look good!

      I’m proud of the team. They said they were going to be patient (even in the eye of the harsh media/fans) and they have been. 4 game winning streak, above .500 and playing great.

      WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

      – Riche’

      P.S. I hate when the games are on VS (I live in FL and have the center ice package… not sure if it’s only on VS in NY). They don’t stay to show the center ice salute to the fans at the end. WHAT THE HELL? In a big rush to get back to the studio so that everyone at home can feel uncomfortable as they stare uncontrollably at Brian Engblom’s hair? Brrrrrrrrrr. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

    18. Brian Engblom’s hair look like Nick Nolte’s infamous mug shot. Check it out if you can find it online.

    19. Pat Hickey…..Richter still the guy in my eyes until Henrik brings us the Cup. Yes, Hank is on fire and has done tremendous things for us so far. But I can’t give him the “Finest goaltender in the history of the Franchise,” yet. Sorry. Eddie Giacomin might have something to say about that too. Hank is awesome. #1 star of the team so far this year, no doubt. But he has to bring home the Cup before getting that moniker. Believe me, I’d love to see him gain that title!

      Dubinsky has great hands. Hits a lot with energy. Creates a ton of space. Knows where to go and what to do out there. He needs to pick the twine a little to get his scoring confidence up, but I like this set-up.

      Also, Hossa fits this line well. Any naysayers who did not see Hossa go end-to-end from offensive zone to defensive zone to break up a 2-on-1 can just watch the highlights. Hossa absolutely knows what he is doing out there, in all aspects of the game.

      The defense looks great. Staal gets better with every game and nearly made a spectacular offensive play. He keeps improving.

      Roszival is stabilizing, I think. But he still made a giveaway that made me tense up and a stupid penalty right after Hossa broke up the 2-on-1.

      Marek Malik who?

      I said it before and I will say it again, the Rangers right now remind me of the Devils of a few years back. SOLID goaltending and winning games 2-0 and 3-1.

      We shall see. Another huge test tonight. Would like nothing more than to see the Fishsticks eat S tonight.


    20. goal_by_Prucha on

      So what that Girardi wasn’t drafted!! I still give the organEYEzation kudos for having the good eye to pick such a solid, defensively gifted player.

    21. did ANYONE happen to hear the *post game wrap up* on *1050AM* last night? I was driving home from my budies place after the game and this complete dipsh1t on the air is spouting off “Yeah well *Hendgrik Sundstrom*, was just incredible with his 4th shut out of the year” The guy goes on to say “Sundstrom” 3 more times before someone must have corrected him and he goes oh oh I’m sorry that would be Hendgrik SUNQVIST, Sundqvist just unstoppable tonight …..

      unreal, I hope he gets fired badly.

    22. Imo easily the best first period the Rangers played all year. The Dubinsky and Gomez lines were flying. Two fights plenty of hits and two fights. It seemed like we were going watch a classic. The next two periods were a snozefest. Watching the Nhl Network showing old games from the early 90’s made me nostalgic for the good old days. Biron probably faced tougher shots than Lundqvist. I thought he was very very impressive. Henrik is so in the zone that when Upshall had a semi breakaway I had no doubt he would score. As someone else stated I wish Henrik would stop handling the puck. I think Richter was bad at handling the puck. Good game by Jagr and a nice vintage goal. The young dmen were terrific yet again. They will only continue to get better.

    23. “I said it before and I will say it again, the Rangers right now remind me of the Devils of a few years back. SOLID goaltending and winning games 2-0 and 3-1.”

      yeah, with all the boring trapping and sitting back, Lemaire style.

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