Jagr a game-time decision


The good news for Rangers fans is Jaromir Jagr was on the ice for the start of the morning skate.

The bad news? He was off within minutes, still feeling the affects of a groin tweak from Saturday night.

“If I felt good, I would have stayed there,” Jagr said. “It wasn’t good. That’s all I can tell you.”

Of course, the Captain did skate after his teammates left the ice in just warm-up clothes and a helmet, shooting on Stephen Valiquette. Taking it relatively easy, he showed no overt signs of discomfort. But he’ll be a game-time decision nonetheless.

With that in mind, the Rangers are likely to call someone up from Hartford to skate in warm-ups. Who that is remains in question. In all likelihood the lines will be shuffled if Jagr can’t play, so it might be someone like Dane Byers to skate on the fourth line. Stay tuned.

In other news:

  • Henrik Lundqvist will play his 14th straight game tonight, and don’t rule out tomorrow on the Island, either. Tom Renney said the plan is to assess Lundqvist after the game, and make a decision for tomorrow based on that.
  • Marek Malik is also still out.
  • Martin Straka and Ryan Callahan are tentatively scheduled to start skating on Thursday.
  • Chris Drury will be facing for the first time his former co-captain in Buffalo, Daniel Briere. Drury spoke glowingly of their relationship, and said they’ve spoken several times since the start of the season.
  • Speaking of Lundqvist, he was named the NHL’s second star for last week. Here’s the release from the league:


    Lundqvist posted a 3-0-0 record, 0.65 goals-against average, .976
    save percentage and one shutout as the Rangers won three consecutive home
    games. He made 21 saves as the Rangers defeated Tampa Bay 3-1 on Oct. 29,
    notched his third shutout of the season (31 saves) in a 2-0 victory over
    Washington Nov. 1 stopped 28 of 29 shots and all three shootout attempts
    in a 2-1 victory over New Jersey Nov. 3. Lundqvist has appeared in each of
    the Rangers’ 13 games this season, posting a 6-6-1 record with a 1.61
    goals-against average, .939 save percentage and three shutouts.

    More later…

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    1. If Jags can’t go, it’s a great chance for someone to shine. . That’s an extra 20min of ice that will be divided up amongst some guys that could use it.
      Just tryin to be the optomist here if the Big Fella can’t go.

    2. Was it just me or did anyone else notice the poise that Staal played with in the last game. And also, he had one hell of an end to end rush at one point in the game.

    3. If JJ’s hurting he needs to heal. It’s only going to get worse if he keeps playing on it. So maybe even just missing today and tomorrow will help him physically.

    4. I have noticed the same with Staal. Every game he gets better and that end to end rush was a glimpse of the future.

      Staal is also impressive that when he makes a bad play he does not panic and wins the puck back right away without taking a penalty. Speaking of penalties, Staal does not have one because he is a very smart positional player and never is never lazy. He is solid.

    5. Definitely, the end to end rush reminded me of Brian Leetch. Now I am not saying he will be a Leetch like player, but it was nice to see that out of him.

    6. Yes Nasty1 be careful not to compare future/current players to past players. It might be misleading or not comprehended properly. LOL

    7. Ha, definitely understood, especially on this blog. That is why I HAD to say that in my post.

    8. hockeymanrangers on

      I second the motion for SOMEONE to step it up (Drury, Gomez) but I won’t mention any names (Drury,Gomez) More ice time for someone (Drury,Gomez) to start some serious scoring. (Drury,Gomez) I wonder who that will be. TE HE

      Gagne is back with Philly for his first game form being injured. I think tonight will be a true to test for both teams Philly who is playing very well, and the Rangers who (I say)are still on the fence. Lets get it done tonight Rangers.

    9. If Jagr doesn’t play tonight the Rangers will score 4 goals or more. This team would be better off without Jagr on it.

    10. It will be great and interesting to see because I agree with Rob. Jagr does the same BS all the time with the puck. On a few occasions the line mates try to get Jagr the puck when they would be better off shooting or making the cross ice pass to keep the flow going on an odd man rush, rather then ruin the chance waiting for Jagr.

      I will not mention the amount of time JJ is on the ice and how he can barely make it to the bench.

    11. Nasty1 come on. You do not think JJ at all sort of hurts this team? It would be interesting without for a game to truly find out.

    12. I would like to see the line of Hossa Dubinsky Jagr again, I liked what I saw. Maybe when callahan and straka are back, the lines can look like this.

      Straka Dubinsky Jagr
      Avery Gomez Prucha
      Dawes Drury Shanahan
      Hossa Betts Callahan/Orr/Hollweg

    13. I don’t think he hurts the team. I think that a lot of people on the team try and get him the puck rather than shoot and make their own plays. I would rather have him on the team than not have him. Especially in the playoffs and when it is all on the line.

    14. And the reason I am saying Straka Dubinsky Jagr and bumping Hossa down is because Dubinsky can do what Hossa does along the boards. Jagr can hang on to the puck for a while too once it is in the zone, and straka can get in to scoring position. Might be interesting to see.

    15. The more I see this team play this year, the more I think Jagr is a detriment. When you have the coach saying Dubinsky is a good fit with Jagr because Dubinsky doesn’t care who his linemates are, he’s going to make the smart play, that’s telling. I’m not saying it’s Jagr’s fault everyone tries to pass him the puck, what I’m saying is that Gomez, Hossa and Rozsival would all be more free offensively if not for Jagr.

      I’d have to agree that this team would gel way better if Jagr wasn’t on it. It’s been all about finding Jagr linemates and that is what’s keeping 2-3 other lines from getting any cohesion.

    16. I like those lines a lot. We roll four lines all game with all for lines having a great chance to score. However, one of the young guys will to have to go Hartford.

    17. Nasty agree on above comments re: Dubi and Hossa. Dubi on that line with Straka and JJ would be interesting. Dubi was one of the best players on the ice against NJ and played well with JJ.

    18. Definitely, but that line needs at least one player who can play the boards, and I will take Dubi as center with Straka and Jagr on wing. I think that is a good trio.

    19. Obviously Henrik is the key to the Ranger team at this point, but Renney must sit him, no matter what Henrik says about loving to play. The player cannot be allowed to make this decision. This is what happened with Shanny last year. Renney refused to take charge and the team suffered. Shanahan was exhausted, even before he was injured. Henrik needs a rest, not because he’s worn down now, but because we can’t afford him being worn down in 5 or 6 months.

      And we sure as heck shouldn’t have a backup that no one is confident stands a chance. There are too many decent players out there to have one that we’re scared to play.

    20. I think we are getting near 4 lines that can roll when we are healthy. The only sticky issue is the Orr/Hollweg dilemma because against the Flygirls tonight we will need both of those guys. Interestingly, with the Malik injury tonight, Strudwick stays in the line-up which clearly helps in the “toughness” category. They will not be taking aggressive runs or late whistle pokes at Henrik with Struds in there.

      If Cally & Straka (and JJ of course) were all to play, Holly and Orr would have to platoon, I think. But those guys are not all playing tonight so it doesn’t matter. I am guessing Jags plays and Holly and Orr play as well.

      This is a big test tonight to really see how we are progressing.


    21. To bad. Hopefully Jags isnt hurt to much. This will be the first time Jagr misses a game as a ranger in the regular season. I dont know why anyone is saying this is good, and NYR doesnt need him, that remains to be seen, but Jagr, and Hank carried us to the playoffs fror back to back years. Not Nylander or Straka or anyone else.

      The lines should look like this tonight…

      Hossa – Gomez – Shanahan
      Dawes – Drury – Avery
      Prucha – Dubinsky – Byers
      Orr – Betts – Hollweg

      I have no idea why anyone would say Byers should skate on the 4th line, thats ridiculous, and why the hell are we not calling up Greg Moore??? Im telling you this coaching staff must be possesed by an Islander fan.

    22. Why would they re-vamp the lines like that? If anything, the lines would be:

      Dawes – Drury – Shanahan
      Avery – Gomez – Prucha
      Hossa – Dubinsky – Byers
      Hollweg – Betts – Orr

    23. Lundqvist only got the second star with those numbers? Whoever got the first star must have scored 12 goals and been +20 and found a cure for cancer.

    24. Eric – I love Hank like the rest of us here – But Kovulchuk got #1 start cause he had back-to-back hat tricks.

    25. Does anybody else think that while Jagr is an unbellievable player that his style of play is contrary to every other player on our roster and the main reason why our disastifying offense?…Nylander played his game and the rest of the team could do their thing, but now it seems that whoever is on like trie sto cater to Jagr, instead of Jagr catering to his linemates…hopefully when he comes back things will click but you can only try to stick a square peg into a circle for so long…no body on this roster save Straka maybe fits with him…Dubinksy, who I like alot, is getting Jagr time?…that says it all

    26. Yes – Its a good call and I’m interested to see how things turn out for a Jagr – less Rangers, although I dont think that him sitting out for a game would necessarily translate to a completely dramatic change in offense. It’s not like he plays on every line.

      I also think he’s going to play tonight though. (would this be his first regular season game out for him since the lock out?)

    27. I hate to agree with Alex because it’s a bummer, but yes I have thought that. Not sure I agree with it, nor do I know what can be done about it.

    28. Greg Moore has been playing RW and is listed as one on the Wolf Pack’s official web site and is listed as a Forward on the Rangers official web site.

    29. Prucha27 – As soon as I saw that Jagr would be a game-time decision, those are the lines I thought of. Put the replacement in for Jagr on the same line, then make that line #3 and bump up the other two. Renney might have Hollweg in mind for the third line, though, for any strange reason he comes up with. I think Jagr will be in though, even if it means less playing time, like maybe he’ll get more power play than even strength, depending on how much power play time we get.

    30. Crap!!! I just remembered the game is on VS. tonight, what a downer. Guess well get to watch them zoom in on the face of some famous person in the stands while, Dubinski zooms in on a breakaway.
      VS SUCKS!!!

    31. “Better off without Jagr” – A Yenneresque type post.

      What the heck does this guy have to do to win over people? The guy showed why he is a world class talent tonight, and I’m not even talking about his goal. How many superstars have come to New York and just plain fizzled (present FA signees are still on a pass for me right now)? From the minute he got here before the purge, he has done nothing but score and people still find something to whine about. We better hope that Cheraponov can eventually replace some scoring we will lose when Jagr retires, because as good as all our prospects are, none besides Cherry has the scoring ability of Mr. Jagr.

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