Greg Moore called up


Greg Moore, Hartford’s leading scorer, is up with the Rangers.

Still no word on whether he’ll play since it will likely hinge on Jaromir Jagr.

More later…

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  1. I say let Moore take his place. If Jagr was hurting Saturday, but also hurting the MORNING of the next game… then let the Captain sit one out.. plus… Moore was on a good streak, so you never know what could happen.

  2. Thank you !!!

    I was gonna say, why call up Byers?? When Moore is having a great start in the AHL, even though it isnt the NHL, if someone goes down on NYR, then they bring up the best foward or D man in the AHL. Its not rocket science. Hopefully he does play whether Jags is in or out. But then again were versing the Flyers so you cant take out Orr or Hollweg,and its perfect that Strudsy is playing, this way things wont get to out of hand.

    But Hollywood needs to throw big time hits, im starting to turn around on him, cause he’s really picking his game up, just dont want him to fight. As for Orr, please knock out Eager or Cote. And Tyuts and Danny need to hip check and hurt Briere and Gagne to hell and back.

    LETS GO NYR !!!

    Please, let Doc do tonights game, i fuggin hate Beninnati (The Caps Anouncer)

  3. I hope Jagr takes tonite off. Back to back games, get some rest and come back against the fishticks if he feels good.
    Bigger question is who will be in goal tonite?

  4. Orr,
    I agreed with everything you said until you mentioned Doc calling the game. He is terrible, and annoying on top of the fact the game is on VS

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m so happy I won’t have to hear Versus talk up Crosby or Brodeur tonight. Oh my god, Versus broadcasts are bad enough on their own but they turn into an alternative for capital punishment when the Devils or Penguins are playing.

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