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A few quick hits:

  • Sean Avery was asked how exactly Marty Brodeur responds when he’s in his face the whole game. “His accent’s too thick. I can’t understand him.” Avery also referred to David Clarkson as a “boneheaded minor leaguer.” Good to have Avery back to flll up our notebook.
  • Jaromir Jagr’s time was limited in the third period and overtime because of a tweaked groin sustained in the first period. No word on the severity, but Jagr did play through it most of the way.
  • Brandon Dubinsky said he didn’t get word that he was going to play with Jaromir Jagr until this morning. Tom Renney said he was pleased with what he saw. My guess is you’ll see it again Monday — assuming Jagr plays.

    More later…

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    1. Happy with the win, but this katy-bar-the-door routine is getting old. Atlanta scored 6 goals tonight on 21 shots, fer cryin’ out loud. No excuse for this line-up not to be filling the net at a far better rate.

    2. Straka when he comes back has to be Jagr’s center. Sorry but Dubinsky is too inexperienced to play with a guy like Jagr.

    3. Great game, but Lundqvist should either figure out what he’s doing with the puck before he gets it or not touch it at all. I loved the shootout lineup tonight, but I guess Hossa only goes against Brodeur since apparantly he’s done well against him.

      All the lines looked pretty solid tonight. Too bad they will have to be broken up when people come back, but Straka in for Hossa might not change much, though I would still start Straka on the fourth line, unless Jagr demands him. I hope he’s ok, though it seems we can actually get by without him.

      Too bad I’m gonna miss the game on Monday due to chorus, hopefully Versus replays it before Tuesday’s game like they did a couple weeks ago, but I’m not counting on it. Will be plopped in front of the TV on Tuesday when I expect a 4-3 game with Valiquette in net. I’m not one for making predictions, so I don’t know the outcome, just thinking that score.But hopefully for all our sakes, for no complaining, Vali does better than that.

      Bonfire and Yenner must have fainted then woke up in bed together confused when they saw Dubinsky playing with Jagr. I didn’t beleive it myself, and I loved it.

    4. to whoever said it, Straka is not a center. He won’t be centering Jagr anytime soon. IF anything, Straka would take Hossa’s spot, leaving Dubinsky to center those two. Or Gomez would go back with them, but i think these lines have been doing some good.

      “His accent’s too thick. I can’t understand him.�

      oh man, that made me laugh alot

    5. Avery seemed to be in mid-season form even before the game started. During warmups, everyone could see him having a “discussion” with Clarkson along the red line, and when it finally broke off, you could see the irritation on Clarkson’s face.
      Boy, it’s good to have him back.:-)

    6. I loved the lines tonight….I would have switched Avery with Dawes…But either way i liked the lines.

      Hopefully we can grab another 2 wins so we can try and get on top of the Atlantic and hopefully stay there.

      Pruuuuuuu, Haaaaaank, wiiiiiiiin, Yeaaah !!!

    7. Emotions aside, it can’t continue this way; I mean the Rangers’ statement to Henrik is “do not allow more than 1 goal or we loose”.

    8. For f’s stake, stop switching the lines. Dubinsky is a third liner. Gomez is a first liner. Drury is a second. Wait til Straka comes back and replace him with useless Hossa, but keep Straka and Jagr together with an accomplished, veteran center.

    9. Not a great effort again and still not scoring goals but with that said, they are winning games. Just wait until it comes together! Hank looks amazing but his puck handling is as scary as richters was.

    10. Not happy being at .500 but lets be honest, this is a much better way to start the season than playing undisciplined river hockey. Despite playing short-handed too much, the Rangers are generally getting alot of shots. Unfortunately, they seem to be timid around the net and are not getting after rebounds. Team needs to get a few breaks and get on a run. Big week – Lets get the next six points!

    11. KoA who told you Straka won’t be centering Jagr when he comes back? Jagr needs Euro-style players on his line or he’ll continue to be frustrated. Wheh he has the linemates he’s comfortable with & know how to play his game, you’ll see the offense wake up. He needs a Nylander-type, that’s why Straka would be the choice. I doubt Prucha could handle being his center & I don’t think Hosa can play center.

    12. longtimerangersfan on

      Missed the first two periods so didn’t see either goal that was scored. When the shootout was about to begin, I mused to myself that I’d like to see Prucha, Dawes and Dubinsky shoot but realized it was just a “pipe” dream but wait, lo and behold, two of my choices were a reality…will wonders never cease!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, who was the person disguised as Renney behind the bench???????

    13. Granny alert is back on. There were at least 9 instances where Shanny could have used his body (I happened to have a notepad handy. . . ), and only ONCE did he initiate contact. He actually bumped Gionta from behind (while he was not looking) just as Gionta was called for tripping in the 2nd period. He also had Green lined up for a big hit in the 3rd, but he completely pulled up to avoid contact. He also panics with the puck. In the 3rd, he got a pass behind the Devil net. He had time and space, but he panicked and passed the puck to the slot where there were no Rangers. He is not receiving passes well either. There is something wrong with this guy. Bigtime.

    14. LTF Renney was thinking outside his box, and it worked. He still hasn’t figured his line combos yet, but as long as they are winning, he has time to get them straight.

    15. bklynblue – I agree. When all are healthy I see Straka as JJ’s center. JJ will not stand for a rookie with 1 point as his center. That line in effect becomes 3rd line with Dubinsky centering it and JJ will just be a pp specialist. I can’t see Dubinsky on the shootout – like I said he has 1 point for goodness sakes. He’s playing good on the defensive end but some of you people are seeing this offensive juggernaut that I’m just not seeing. maybe some years down the road but he is not offensively in the league of Drury or Gomez. I’d like to see a 4th line of Dubinsky, Cally and ? if and when all are healthy.

      Great to see Prucha score and his reaction in the shootout. If JJ is hurting I’d like him to sit for a game or so to get better and not make it worse.

      Don’t see Valliquette starting this week with the 1st 3 games vs divisional rivals and then Toronto on Saturday followed by a few days off.

      All in all great win and great game to be at.

    16. cwgatti,
      something is wrong with shanny? Yea, he is to old, slow, not a good combo for the new nhl.

    17. Avery back in the lineup is huge….Marty the diver…Lol…
      The Rangers played an excellent game last night. The shootout was something else. Dawes, shooting from the top of the dimes? in a shootout. I think he got pscyhed. The move Prucha made on his break away was something else. Great game..Great win…


    18. I watched the entire game last night and the devils by far had the better scoring opportunities. I noticed when the devils shot the puck in there offensive zone they were beating the ranger defense to the puck and than they would cycle and throw the puck at the net and start hacking away on Henrik. The rangers would get a shot off and that would be it, no crashing the net, got to crash the net and have people in front for rebounds.

    19. LI JOE if Dubinsky can’t take Betts spot, he’ll be better off going back to Hartford. Staal too has a long way to go. If he had Malik’s jersey on last night, he would have been booed a few times. The knocks on Shanahan are Renney’s fault, he’s being overused and has to conserve his energy. NYR fans ( especially the young ones) really have a tough time being objective, honest, and free from having double standards. Renney knows pretty much what’s right & wrong, and is watching with a critical eye to figure out what needs to be improved, including his own shortcomings. They have plenty of offensive upside that will eventually explode.

    20. I think Shanny and Drury are both having to spend a lot of energy on the pk since with the injuries we’ve been using 4 forwards instead of 6. When others come back Avery and Straka (or Cally) can rotate in. Drury was even the forward on during much of the 4 on 3. It was a long shift and those shifts are very taxing more so than pp or 5 on 5. re Shanny he’s not the great player he once was. But some vet savy will always help. It’s probably his last year and I’ll support him the rest of the way (despite his large contract). I want the team to succeed and we need all hands on deck.

    21. Spiderpig – My DiecTV guide shows that Versus is re-playing the Rangers/Flyers game at 2:00 p.m. PST Tuesday, right before the Rangers/Islanders game.

    22. bklynblue says:

      “”Staal too has a long way to go. If he had Malik’s jersey on last night, he would have been booed a few times.””

      Staal will never be booed for making rookie mistakes. The knock on Malik is that he MAKES rookie mistakes and he’s should be a seasoned veteran.

    23. Staal made a lot more confident vet plays than rookie mistakes last night, maybe two of the latter that I can remember.

      I love that Renney is giving Dubi a chance to succeed. Methinks he knows that Dubi is on the chopping block back to Hartford in a couple weeks, so he wants to see what the kid can do with the best -player- forward on the team.

      JagrGal – SWEET! Thanks so much for that info. Now I have to ask myself if I don’t wanna know the score and watch that game fresh. I probably will avoid the Rangers score just to watch that like it’s live.

      I guess the blog hasn’t adjusted for daylight savings time being over, but that would probably make it crash, too.

    24. In response to blue. You cant saydoobs is too inexperienced to play with jagr. last time i checked younger guys like dawes and doobs are the guys makin plays and steppin up way higher than everyones expectations. But tonight would be a greatI win to knock the flyers down a peg. I predict hank and jagr to have i huge game. LETS GO RANGERS

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