The new Michael Nylander? Brandon Dubinsky


Maybe Tom Renney read my story in today’s paper about Brandon Dubinsky, because the kid is getting his shot playing with Jaromir Jagr and Marcel Hossa.

Then again, maybe the coach just came up with the idea on his own.

The lines tonight:

Hossa – Dubinsky – Jagr
Avery – Gomez – Prucha
Dawes – Drury – Shanahan
Hollweg – Betts – Orr

Is this experiment a concession that the combination of Jagr and Gomez just won’t work?

More in a bit…

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  1. Repost from the last thread:

    The pregame show just said the line combos are:

    Hossa – Dubinsky – Jagr
    Avery – Gomez – Prucha
    Dawes – Drury – Shannahan
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr

    I can’t say I expected these, but Gomez works better with guys who go full speed into the zone and get quick shots off rushes. That is the exact opposite of Jagr and Hossa. He might actually work better with the speedy Avery and Prucha. Dubinsky has quick hands and likes working along the boards and behind the net, just like Jagr and Hossa.

    This might actually work…

  2. i like the new line combinations, and its great to see avery back on the ice getting to know every player on the devils team, but this officiating sucks, no way that was a peanalty on gomez he just lift the stick

  3. What an unbelievably bad call against Gomez at the end of the 1st period. Gets called for hooking when he lifts the guy’s stick on a backcheck?

    These refs need to realize that they are only slowing the game down with these stupid calls. Completely goes against the “speeding up of the game” that these new penalty standards were supposed to bring.

  4. hank gets hit in the face by a devil’s stick on the shift that they score…because he doesn’t flop to the ice like a b$%ch like brodeur he gets no call and they get a goal

  5. I cannot take the refereeing so far this year. When is a stick check all of a sudden a hook, did I miss something, new rule?
    What the f@@k is going on with these calls. I can’t take it and it’s not the first time I’ve seen this called against the rangers. The refs are terrible, worst than I have ever seen. It’s a joke. The refs come up with these phantom calls, it’s awful.

  6. I LOVE IT!!!
    Dubi needed this. all he did was control the puck but he didnt have that exceptional player to pass to, now he does. then you have gomez, avery and prucha… gomez is a speed player, you stick him with jagr and hossa, 2 guys who dont like to move fast you get nothing. you stick him in the middle of 2 speedy beasts, ofcourse 1 is half the size of the other but still excellent choice and it worked. hopefully dawes can work well with shanny and drury. then 4th line has been way better than anyone can ever ask of them so i like it.
    maybe this is the mix up that will finally work it all out. plus the D is lacking tonight down 2 guys. but still we can do it

  7. i’ve been calling for these combinations for a few weeks now….i hope he gives them time to stick because i think they put the players in the best chance to succeed

  8. pray for jagr to be ok.
    Prucha killlllllled brodeur.
    dawes took a shitty shot.
    and drury should of won the game on his breakaway but whatever.


  9. Staal CAN PLAY.. he did not make a mistake all night..

    Tyutin needs some new sticks and he gives it up at the point at least once a game…

    staal and girardi are very steady.. the rangers were outplayed but I will take the win…………

  10. great win tonight, nice to see prucha with the winning goal hopefully he can get on a little scoring streak, i also liked the pairing of staal and rosival. Staal played over 22 minutes and proved that he can handle the icetime and responsiblity

  11. How about Captain Clutch with that loser slapshot on his breakaway opportunity….. thats 2 breakaways Clutchy has woofed on.

    Although, I did just look at the stats and he’s 2nd with 2G & 7A…

    still not saying

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