Dane Byers called up for practice


With Marek Malik banged up from last night and Sean Avery still questionable for tomorrow against the Devils, the Rangers have called up left wing Dane Byers from Hartford.

This is mos likely a precautionary measure. If Malik can’t play tomorrow, the Rangers would need to bump Jason Strudwick back to defense. And without Avery, they would then need someone to take Strudwick’s spot on the fourth line.

In calling up Byers, the Rangers clearly opted against trying to push Thomas Pock through re-entry waivers.

Why no Greg Moore? My guess is because Byers is a left-handed shot. Byers has two goals and an assist in eight games with Hartford.

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  1. Though this has nothing to do with Byers, I just wanted to make mention of this because IMHO, I think it is pretty pathetic that the team webmaster can’t even proofread before they post things online. And if you don’t believe my copy and paste abilities, please check nyrangers.com for yourself. This is the current poll question:

    Which of these three areas impressed you most about the Rangers in their win over the Capitals?

    Work Ethic

    Also, Sam, I wanted to make mention.. I’m not sure if it is just me, but I am having trouble posting comments through Firefox’s browser. I will post the comment, the page will refresh, however no comment is posted. I’ve had to use IE to post comments. Any insights into this?

  2. Going back to your previous entry, Sam, the Rangers’ curent defensive style is exactly the recipe for going deep into the playoffs. If the offense starts to blossom a bit and gets better at capitalizing on mistakes (which is what virtually defines Ottawa, who are so efficient at turning your mistakes into goals that you may think you’re right there with them, but you’re not), these guys will be downright nasty in the postseason.

    And adding to your comments on Dubinsky, I’m starting to think that everyone would do much better with Jagr/Hossa/Dubinsky as one line, Drury/Shanny/Dawes as another and finally Prucha/Gomez/Callahan or Avery as our third line. Just seems like a better overall fit.

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    First, I just want to make mention that Roszival, although he scored, has been awful. Malik is more flat-footed than ever and Rozi does not know how to play defense. Do you remember when he got bumped off the puck by an attacker while the Rangers were on a PP and went sliding to the boards as another attacker received a pass for a nice tap-in? Perfect example of why Rozi’s bad. All of you that like him, i’m not sure why.

    Staal’s play is shaky. Michelleti was complimenting staal on a recovery play he made on Kozlov, but in fact it was a “RECOVERY” play because staal screwed up. I’m concerned for Staal but will to give him growth time as I think he’ll get much better.

    Lastly, did anyone notice Fischler asking every Ranger and even Renney if they think Lundqvist is the best goalie in the NHL? Now, we all know Stan’s ties to the Devils – I think he actually prefers the Devils. So, do you think he was looking for a little ammunition to bring back to Sutter, Brodeur and the Devils for Saturday??! Try and tell that team “Look what the Rangers said about Lundqvist.” It certainly would spark the team and give them some good media coverage for the game tomorrow.

  4. As far as I know, Stan grew up a Rangers fan, so I’m not quite sure where his alliances stand.

  5. I have been saying the same thing for a while. I would have rather started slow offensively and played strong defense like we have been. Defense wins you cups. The scoring is coming and will come even more as the year goes on.

  6. Don’t get me wrong here – I think I’d rather shove my stapler up my a__ than listen to Fischler, but he was actually the President of the Rangers Fan Club back in the 50’s. So his alliance is with the Rangers.

  7. I met Fischler once at a game. I thought he was standing in a hole because he is so short. I think he played hockey back in the day. He centered a line with Jesus Christ as his right wing and Moses as the left.

  8. longtimerangersfan on

    November 2nd, 2007 at 12:22 pm
    As far as I know, Stan grew up a Rangers fan, so I’m not quite sure where his alliances stand.

    Yes, he was a Rangers fan but then jumped ship when they were bad for so long and went over to the Devils…he’s only come back now that the Rangers are respectful again. BTW his analogies of the game, etc. are really dumb.

  9. longtimerangersfan on

    Nasty, aren’t you supposed to teaching or something? Why do you have so much time to post blogs here?

  10. Stan and Clyde should get together and have their own show and give dumb analogies together. 3 keys to the game and whatever else. Those guys need to hang it up.

  11. “Jagr/Hossa/Dubinsky as one line, Drury/Shanny/Dawes as another and finally Prucha/Gomez/Callahan or Avery as our third line.”

    I would LOVE to see this. Fat chance of Gomez riding the 3rd rail though…I think that line would kill though….

    and Jagr DEFINITELY needs to skate with Dubinsky. Dubinsky looks like he’s about to erupt…. his puck control is fascinating, everytime i think he’s gonna lose it on a turn he comes away with it, and he’s great behind the net…this guy will be a 1st liner when our vets are gone.

  12. Guys you are all funny. Back in the 1950s, there was one team in NY. The Rangers. Remember the Original Six? Any hockey fan in the NYC area before like 1970something was a Ranger fan. No two ways about it.

    Yes he has worked for the Isles and I am betting at one point worked for the Devils. He is a hockey fan.

    But you can be sure his original allegiance is with the Blueshirts.

  13. fishler has no allegiance except to his paycheck. listen to him when he’s doing the other 2 teams. but that’s msg and their scripted hype for all their tv people.

  14. Hey Nasty 1, that line about Stan’s wingers still has me laughing! John Dellapina is reporting that the Rangers have lost their lawsuit against the NHL in reference to their web site. It will be interesting to see what happens to their web site now that the NHL will be in charge. Given their “fashion taste” with the new jerseys – we are all doomed.

  15. Crosseyed – the other 2 centers have 5 and 7 yrs on their contracts. And Dubinsky has how many points. I don’t think he’ll be 1st line center anytime soon.

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