Avery continues to multi-task (Updated below)


Sean Avery’s alternate careers during his hiatus have included Rangers P.R. man and fan ambassador. Now he appears to dabbling as a medical trainer and even a coach.


While Tom Renney said he had to talk to the medical staff and to assistant coach Perry Pearn before declaring Avery in for tomorrow night against the Devils, Avery was unambiguous: “I’m playing.”

It may be as simple as that. I asked Avery who he’s playing with since it didn’t look completely clear — although most likely he’d be with Petr Prucha and Brandon Dubinsky — and Avery shrugged. “I’m sure they’ll be a happy couple of guys whoever they are, especially against my favorite team. And my buddy Marty.”

To say Avery is itching to play is a dramatic understatement. That said, he enjoyed mingling again with the crowd last night, with one exception: an overserved fan who got in the wing’s face.

Avery’s calmer side prevailed, so there was no incident. Although that at least would have given us something to write about.


  • Don’t count on Marek Malik tomorrow. The defenseman is still contending with a rib/back issue after crashing into the boards in the third period, and Tom Renney called him doubtful. Should Malik not play, Marc Staal would likely play with Michal Rozsival, and Jason Strudwick would slide in alongside Paul Mara.
  • As for Dane Byers, the left wing was called up on the recommendation of Jim Schoenfeld and Ken Gernander, and would play if Avery is a no-go. But Avery has already made clear Byers won’t be necessary. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if Renney agrees.

    Update, 1:30 p.m.: Boy that was quick. Dane Byers was already returned to Hartford. “Wait, can’t I at least stay for lunch? No? Can I get it to go then?”

    Update, 1:32 p.m.: Loyal reader JagrGal (I’m pretty sure that’s the name on her birth certificate) passes “along this link”:http://www.tmz.com/2007/11/02/mary-kate-melting-averys-ice/ about Sean Avery’s potential next love interest, none other than Mary-Kate Olsen (I was never much of a “Full House” guy, but I did take a shine to whoever John Stamos’ girlfriend was on that show. I don’t know her name).

    As for the Avery rumor, this is nothing more than unconfirmed tabloid gossip. But seeing how this Blog isn’t exactly “The Lehrer Report,” I figured I’d pass it along.

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    1. Even though I would love to see Avery playing again, I would sit him for this next game. The team has been playing great (still not many goals, but amazing D) and there has been chemistry on most lines… especially the 3rd, where he would play. I would give him the extra day of rest and make sure he is 100%.
      Byers could play on the 4th line and nothing would really change.

      Also, Hollweg has been awesome these past few games and he deserves the minutes with the 3rd line.

    2. Patrick Hoffman on

      The woman who you are referring to Sam is none other than Lori Loughlin, who has pretty much done nothing since the show ended back in May of 2005.

    3. Didn’t I hear on _PTI_ I think about some old actor dating an Olsen?

      Does Byers count against the cap for one day, even though he was returned promptly?

      Sloot – Bonfire left because he was upset that Sam made a funny about Rocket Richard’s first 50-goal season.

      *my buddy Marty* :-D

    4. Sam – I loved reading your post about how you have to write throughout the whole game. That kinda sucks though, especially when it’s a scoreless game going into a shootout. I would think they would give you until at least 11:00, and you could just email it in, but there’s probably such a wide distribution area that they need to get it out earlier.


      That guy is Lance Arstrong i think, and he’s rumored to be dating Ashley Olsen. To bad Aves cant get her. But eh. Look how pathetic we all are.

      Did anyone notice during the game last night, in the final 2 minutes of play, ever single fan from the bottom of the screen was looking to the left, did someone get into a fight, or fall or something??

    6. Funny, one of the Olsen’s was a topic on Stern yesterday (between fights) and how you’d have to be crazy to be caught in public with her (because some older guy was caught making out with her). Odd that the next day Avery is linked with her.

    7. No, Rob L., I stand by my pronouncement. Lori Loughlin was hot. In fact, she still is.

      You want not hot? Try Leah Thompson. How did that happen?

      Or, the greatest mystery of 80s casting, who chose the female lead in “Highlander”? A huge blemish on an otherwise exceptional piece of filmmaking. NB: I mean the modern chick, not his dead wife. Who was hot.

    8. ORR – Could this be what you’re referring to (from Blueshirt Bulletin):

      “But in one of the lowest points in fan behavior in a long long time, two Ranger fans got into a fight with each other over the treatment of Malik. Another tight defensive struggle, a brilliant shutout by your stellar goaltender, and fans are fighting with each other over the booing of one of their own players.”

    9. Orr… It was in the section next to me. Some of the guys in section 314 were chanting their section number… trying to rally up another chorus of “Let’s Go Rangers.” Every time he shouted “314” some scumbag above him in the 400s section (whatever one that is up there, I forget the number) would shout “Sucks.” Not a big deal, but the guy in the 300s turned and kind of waved him off, and shouted “314” again. Well the fat arse in the 400s got pissed that he didn’t get the reaction he wanted… so he hurled a full beer down onto the guy. But he missed and hit a few innocent fans. So a beer went back up from 314 to the 400s. Then all hell broke loose. All these poor people in the 314 were getting showered with beer and popcorn and crap. Some of the classier guys in 314 turned around and tried to get the drunken SCUMBAGS in that 400 section to cut it out… but some guy up there took his shirt off and the tough guy was challenging a few of the 314ers to a fight.

      It was probably one of the most disgusting displays of fan fighting I’ve ever seen in all my years at the Garden. It was completely, 100% the fault of the scumbags in that 400s section. Security did nothing. It was a joke. I felt bad for the poor people who got doused. I really hope the animals up there get what they deserve…

    10. not completely true as per laurie posting on BB…”As for the crowd… as ridiculous as it is for Ranger fans to be fighting fellow Ranger fans, I’m kinda glad that the “go kill yourself Malik” guy in 314 finally got a little negative reinforcement. It won’t likely change his behavior, and it sucks for those around him who had crap thrown on them, but after listening to him rag incessantly on Malik for the past year and a half, a tiny little piece of me deep down inside was grinning just a little bit.”

    11. imagination-i sit with hanny next to 314 and was there last night with what was a completely disgusting display by the fans in 400’s. but the guy in 314 wasnt the “go kill yourself Malik guy.” the Malik hater is in the 400’s. the guy in 314 is a little stumpy guy who tends to cheer for his own section more than he does for his team. If you make it to a game just listen to the chants “314….314…314”. Kind of stupid if you ask me, but don’t see the reasoning behind throwing beer and popcorn and challenging to a fight. Blueshirt Bulletin was wrong with the reasoning for the fight, probably didn’t want to acknowledge the real reasoning for the fight cuz it just shows how stupid some of our fans can be, especially after they get a few beers in them. Amazing how the lines Renney throws out there have trouble to gel together and now the fans cant gel together either.

    12. Yeah, Laurie has this one wrong. Unless she’s talking about a different fight.

      The big one at the end started because some asshat in that 400s section took offense to the 314 guy simply chanting “314!” (Yes, a stupid chant, but not worth the wrath he got from some drunken fat retard.)

    13. I dunno… Not for nothing, but why would Avery be HEARD saying that he’s not going to shower/shave ect. until he finds a woman, if he was with Olsen? Maybe Olsen isn’t Avery’s idea of a -real- woman. lol…

    14. in order to be considered a “real” woman, people first have to be able to see you. give her anorexic a– a cheeseburger and then maybe she’ll qualify

    15. Colorado Mark, “So when the Rangers play the Isles, will Mary Kate and Hilary Duff go at it in the stands?”

      I would pay at the door to see that bout, LOL!!!!!!!!

    16. ORR – Yeah, that’s the one I was thinking about.

      Maybe Duff, Olsen, and Cuthbert will go at it. :) I know, I’m gross.

      Hanny – Nice use of the word “asshat.” :)

      (changing my name for the upcoming game, maybe leave it until the next one, too)

    17. Chris and LI Joe…check out the movie “Howard the Duck” and tell me Leah Thompson is not hot.

    18. I was up in the 400s (around 426 I think) when Avery was there last night. He was with a blonde, who definitely wasn’t Mary-Kate. Not sure if she was his flavor of the night or what.

      When Avery was there he was sipping on a cup of what looked like Seltzer or soda. He left after time expired and left the cup. As soon as he did, this kid (probably around 13) grabs the cup and yells, “I’ve got the Avery water! I’m selling this on e-bay!!” It was very funny. But then the kid drank some of it. I’m a big Avery fan, but God knows where that mouth has been. Funny stuff.

    19. “I’m a big Avery fan, but God knows where that mouth has been.”
      I agree, if he is willing to shack up Mary-Kate who looks worse than a starving, bag lady crack whore… I’m sure that mouth has been…

    20. Elkund is a moron, I thought the Rangers were outplayed in the first period, but the second and third periods IMO were Rangers for the most part.

    21. oh sorry,
      still still can’t stand the guy.
      and I still thing the 2nd and 3rd periods for the most part where Rangers

    22. Kudos, Rob L., kudos. That is the only time — past or present — that she has been hot. Otherwise, she’s a dog.

    23. Chris F – I disagee re Leah Thompson. She was good also as Tom Cruise’s girlfriend in some football movie. So she was always one of my favs as is the one Cynthia Gibb who played the girlfriend in youngblood.

    24. Sam,

      Avery was two rows behind me last night and he was plesant and nice to everyone. Some fans congregated around him during the play. I had to remind them all to sit down on the steps so as not to interfere with others sightlines.

      Avery jumped up and cheered when Drury scored, just like the rest of the fans in 408/409. He was with two rather ordinary looking women. They looked well feed and healthy so it couldn’t have been an Olsen twin. I invited Sean back up to the section for Soda Bread on St. Patrick’s Day. He laughed.

      I didn’t see what went on with the argument between 408 and 314. Both those morons should have been ejected. They need more security up top, especially to police the nonsmoking rule by the escalators.

      PS. I rode home on the LIRR with Lundqvist’s stick and the guy who caught it. He’s True Blue. He couldn’t wait to get home and show his 11 yr old hockeyplaying son the stick!

      It was a memorable night.

    25. The Rangers should use the orange shirt guys who roam Shea Stadium for game security. They seem to do a pretty good ojob and there are a lot of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are cross-employed in these two jobs, along with the Knicks, though they probably just use the same guys for all events at MSG, since there are so many.

    26. best response on that forum to luckily gone ROBBY BONFIRE…”i dont think ive ever “met” anyone with less of a sense of humour… you need to either get laid, drunk, high, or all of the above… something, but you really need to lighten up…”

    27. FallLikeTheWall on

      Maybe you could send that picture of Avery over to Yahoo as they las few times they had a rumor about him they sed a picture in a Kings jersey….think they would have a new one by now….

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