Unintended irony


There is at least a little bit of comedy to be found in me making a post about the Blog being fixed, only to then have the Blog crash.

Can you say “Dewey Defeats Truman”?


OK, so I clearly have no idea what I’m talking about, but until I get some answers, I’m going to assume that the problems are at least being addressed.

As it happens, this Blog is a fitting metaphor for the Rangers, who seem to make progress, then crash and burn the very next time out. Raise your hand if you thought it was possible a team this imposing on paper could go an entire month without winning two consecutive games.

They get a chance to do just that tonight and the Swedish Wayne Gretzky and the rest of the Washington Capitals. Whether they can do it with Sean Avery in tow is the next question, and we should know more at the morning skate in a few short hours.


In other news, Jay Pandolfo scored a hat trick in the Devils 6-1 win over the Lightning last night. That means Blair Betts is good for at least four tonight against Caps.

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  1. Sam, I’m surprised you weren’t more wary in declaring the blog fixed. You’re an athlete and sports fan. You’re not superstitious? ;)

    As for Avery, I hope if he returns tonight he’s not pushing himself. They need him, but they need him to be healthy so he doesn’t sustain a worse injury.

  2. I wasn’t gonna bring up the Devil’s, but since you did, I caught some of the game last night and they *really* appear to be hitting their stride. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any team so dominant with a combination of speed, control, and shooting in the O zone. I was jealous of the Devils last night, and that makes me angry. *Something* is working over there.

    *We need a real coach.*

  3. one game does not fix the devils problems. The loss of Rafalski is going to come back to haunt the devils.

  4. I agree. The loss of Rafalski is going to hurt them more than the loss of Gomez. But I still believe Gomez is going to turn his slow start around.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Who would’ve thought Madden and Pandolfo would be their leading scorers?

    I always knew Madden had hands but was being misused, but Pandolfo? Seriously?

  6. Devils D’s Paul Martin (41-14) and Andy Greene (40-13) RPM, are hot. The time and the opportunity to capitalize vs. the Devils is when Vishnevski (9-35), and former Rangers prospect Mike Mottau (7-34) are on the ice.

    One of the problems in the loss to Toronto was the fact that their worst RPM D, McCabe, did not play, so they were not as vulnerable, defensively, as usual. I am wondering if it would make sense to put your top scoring line on the ice when the opposition D weak-link is out there, regardless of the forward line match-up? Just a thought which probably can be debunked. I just know we can do better than putting the “fireplug” fourth line out there when the opposition D tandem is suspect. Of course it helps to know which D tandems are solid, which are ordinary, and which are weak.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    LI Joe, re: booing Nylander

    The reason why you boo Nylander is because _he_ abandoned _us_. We gave him a very reasonable offer (similar, if not identical money for 2 years) and he left for the additional two years. That is not someone who respects the team or a chance of winning. That is someone who cares only about himself. As a man, can I blame him for taking the better contract? No. As a player and team member, can I blame him for leaving us under those circumstances? Yes.

    Now, if we were the ones who dogged him, I would cheer him if he were introduced (before the game only), but be indifferent to him otherwise, like I was for Dominic Moore or Sergei Zubov.

  8. Doodie

    Did you boo Mark Messier when he returned as a Canuck. If anyone abandoned us it was Messier. Messier turned his back on the team and the fans but he got a standing ovation upon his return. Messier was given a very generous offer to return but he bolted for Vancouver.

    no one in their right mind would turn down a 4 year deal for 20+ million. This contract is most likely Nylander last one in the league. He owed it to himself and his family to try and make as much money as he could. He went for the $$$ and you can’t blame him or boo him for that.

  9. Sam,
    Here is the problem…Petes blog is using a different URL: yankees.lhblogs.com

    your’s is still the old one: rangers.lohudblogs.com

    i’m no IT/Web Master but i’d say thats the problem.

  10. I’ve got Gionta and Elias on my fantasy team and no way am I going to drop them for Pandolfo and Madden.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s also not to mention that Messier is a hero. It would’ve taken Messier wiping his ass with a Rangers jersey to get fans to boo him. Even then, I’m not sure that all fans would have booed him. The man is a demi-god.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Rich, Madden scoring goals is no fluke. The man has great hands, but hs always been forced to play defense first. Letting him attack, it’s no suprise he’s finding the score sheet.

    Pandolfo on the other hand, him I can’t explain.

  13. true but I don’t think anyone was expecting Nylander to deliver a championship like Messier did.

    I’m just not into booing former players who left on good terms when they signed for a lot more money than the Rangers were offering.

  14. Doodie – I’m surprised at you. Nylander has a huge family to support and needed the stability of a longer contract. This is a business and he made the decision that was best for his family. It’s not like he was a lifelong Ranger and bolted. The guy was here 2 years. What loyalty should he have had toward the team?

    The Rangers did what they thought was best by offering 2 years, he did what he thought was best by going to Washington. It was a mutual parting of ways.

  15. Exactly. He chose money instead of staying with us. He’d maybe have one more good year. He’s old.

    Like I said, he’s now the enemy. We should boo anyone on the 29 other teams when they play us. Even if Nylander had a 200 point season and won us the Cup in game 7 of the finals in overtime, the second he is under contract with another team, I hope he fails. I hope he is so jittery that he makes a bonehead play in the neutral zone and Gomez is on a breakaway and scores.

    Just like when Messier left, you need the “to heck with you” attitude. Sports are a business.

  16. I have a source that says actually Nylander anted MORE from us than what he got from the Caps – as in Drury/Gomez money. It sounds as though his agent really tried to leveage his chemistry with Jagr to death.

  17. Excellent point, PRUCHA – Yes, we bring these career mercenaries in here and expect them to somehow bleed Ranger red, white, and blue, as though they grew up in the Ranger system. In fact, they come here for more money, and they leave here for even more money.

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