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Apparently my (lame?) attempts at sarcasm have struck a nerve north of the border. No, people, the NHL is not doing anything to Rocket Richard’s 50 goals in 50 games.

It stands today as it will forever. It was a complete joke directed at the NHL’s delayed reaction over the Shanahan goal from Monday night.

But now that you mention it, if people took that seriously, what else can I pull off?


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  1. Sam, it was clearly a joke and a good one at that. The second period was really promising tonight–some of the boys were flying.

    And Lundqvist…unbelievable.

  2. it was good Sam… dont sweat it, we love it, we get it.

    i think the league was dumb on that though, they should have just let it go. Shanny’s “real” 1300th point could have been marketed much better had it been off the stick…. that replay is awful. they should have left it alone really, its not like it was his last game and that puts him in the hall. they should have let it go and let him “score” the point and let them make a big announcement, etc….. kinda bunk.

  3. Go up to Montreal and pull that stunt, and see how it goes over. Those people practically blew up the Forum, and they did so much damage they did get a Stanley Cup playoff game postponed 1955, when NHL President Clarence Campbell suspended Maurice Richard for the entire playoffs. If anyone here knew anything about history and the emotion in Montreal connected with Maurice Richard, well, you would not be so dumb as to go up there and make light of their eternal icon, nor would you “humor” the cretins at this site, by poking fun at Richard, knowing how incendiary it is, even to this day. They buried him not that long ago, and the eyes were not dry.

    For my part, I took it seriously, because it is inconceivable to me, that a professional journalist would dare to make fun and risk the emotion-charged response and you just got a small sampling of it, relative to what was to come.

    Around 1940, Millions of people on the east coast were taken in by Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” sick joke on the radio, and it started a panic. Better not to go there, same as it is better not to yell “FIre” in a crowded threatre.

    Not even an “amicable” divorce, as I leave here, and good riddance to you all, too.

  4. It’s a blog, not a newspaper article. *-Peace- & -Love- BYE bro!!*

    Salty – I thought you changed your name until a three-game winning streak? Anyway, Shanny’s 1,300th did go off a stick – it was his (now) second goal of the game, the third goal for the Rangers, on that beautiful tap-in. It’s all good!

  5. ROBBY

    Are you leaving this blog forever??

    As for the game, Hank continues to amaze me. He is flat out amazing, i mean he is just making some fantastic saves, im starting to think he is the best in the league. Everyone played great tonight, the PK was outstanding again, killing that four minute PP. Great job.

    Hopefully we can get a streak going, and get our record to , more wins then losses instead of the other way around.

  6. Bonfire – goodbye. you really should lighten up. it makes life easier. I’ll leave you with 3 words LET’S GO RANGERS! (young guys and old alike).

    Orr good observation on the pk. The crowd was really into it during the 4 minute pk. All forwards and dmen involved as well as the ultimate defensemen in King Henrik deserved the ovation they were getting.

    Hopefully both Girardi and Malik are ok.

  7. In an effort to give credit where credit is due, and because I’ve written my share of attacks, I think Hollweg has been playing better.

    Henrik is just flat out sick. Some of those saves were unreal. I hope we don’t need him to play that well too much longer.

    Go Rangers.

  8. People were seriously offended by this? They should watch that scene from Star Trek IV when at the beginning of the movie the regenerated/disoriented Spock tries to understand humor and says; ‘A joke? A story with a humorous climax.”

    Seriously, how uptight and PC are people nowadays? You can’t joke about anything anymore without having to worry about sensitivity or lawsuits or possibly offending someone. Note to people in Montreal; sports are essentially entertainment.

  9. why do I have the feeling someone from here went there to stir it up? Some people do not have a sense of humor, too bad.

  10. Robby Bonfire –

    It is well known in many parts of the world that Maurice “the rocket” Richard was really a girl in drag posing for bumble bee portraits in the 20’s. He/She then took large amounts of growth hormones and became a 49 goal scorer (perpetually). I’m not sure why you are so worked up about a known cross-dresser?

    ps – the holocaust, after review, has been re-classified to 5.99 million dead.

    pps. $10 bills says you’re reading this! LOL! ~ Go Sam Go! Wildcats got your back :-)

  11. wow I didn’t catch BONFIRE IS GONE ( BYE BYE). That’s addition by subtraction in his mathematic emotionally unstable mind. Sort of like that movie with Russell Crowe.

    Ethan I hate to burst your bubble but the total was at least 12 million, both 6 million count not just one.

  12. Anthony (Abev) on

    Sheesh Sam. What’s next? A Canadian Hockey Cut is really called a mullet? The Canadian Mounted Police really don’t ride horses?

  13. I am glad that my predictions and evaluation of the Rangers is coming to light now. I knew that if they continued to play sound defensive hockey and score a few that they would win. I don’t care who scores the goals, or how many we score. As long as we sore more than the other team we are going to be just find. That sounds like an obvious comment, but it is so true. I hope many of you see that and are starting to take your finger off the panic button. And I still think the goals will start coming more and more. And Pavel, I am getting a Lundqvist jersey too. If I can only find one in an adult Large. They are sold out everywhere. Those of you that were waiting to get a new jersey because of the recent changes being made, I read last night that the retail jerseys are not going to change at all, and that the look of the players jerseys is not going to change at all. The material on some will be a little different but will look exactly the same.

  14. “Salty – I thought you changed your name until a three-game winning streak?”

    Ahhh! spiderpig – that was an accident…I jumped on to post from home last night where it had one of other names saved!

    Good catch though…the 13c point was the goal, I see now… Still, I think the league looked slightly too deep into the puck/skate thing…. you need a friggin jewelers eyepiece to see where it touches! They should be looking that close to some of the dirty uncalled hits to a certain Petr Puck, no?

  15. Yo Bobby bonfire…chill. This is a blog, not a newspaper article…that’s why we love the blog cuz sam can say things that he never would type for a print article.

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