At least one more game for Avery


So maybe we all jumped the gun with the idea of Sean Avery returning tonight. He is definitely out and is still considered day-to-day, although you can probably count on seeing him Saturday against the Devils.

If that’s the case, I’m just going to submit today’s story for that day’s paper and save myself some work (OK, not really).

When I left the practice rink, Avery was again being pushed through a series of sprints from Perry Pearn, while Jaromir Jagr was testing out a skate sharpening in just his shorts and a T-shirt. It’s a tough look to pull off, but if anyone can, it’s the Big Fella.

As for tonight against the Capitals, the same lineup is expected. Both Ryan Hollweg and Marcel Hossa recovered enough from their flu to skate today, so they’re in, and Henrik Lundqvist is again back in net (do I even need to mention that ?).


Moving on to the status of the Blog, my boss confirmed what many of you suspected, that Pete’s blog was the only one to be upgraded, but they all will be eventually be moved over to a new powerful server.

So that makes me 0-for-2 yesterday on things I thought were happening. Good thing I’m not in the information business or anything.

Now, who’s ready for some stock tips?

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  1. Actually, Sam, maybe you could ask Jagr for some stock tips. I hear high-risk investing was his forte, especially in the realm of professional football. Then pass them along to us and we’ll know what to avoid.

  2. No respect.

    Sam, what’s the deal with Pock? They really gonna leave him in Hartford instead of trying to trade him?

  3. I am predicting a win tonight. I am guessing 4-2. Jagr gets 1, Rosy gets 1, Shanny gets 1, and Dawes gets 1.

  4. Ha, I don’t know what the hell I am talking about. I hate predicting anything. I just want the team to win. I don’t care if Malik scores the only goal of the game for us. As long as we get chances from everyone tonight and score some goals I am a happy man. Let’s go rangers!

  5. I was thinking about what this team is going to look like a year from now or two years from now. I know a lot of you said you wouldn’t care if Avery was here or not, but I think I would like him to be on this team as we rebuild after Straka and Shanahan and eventually Jagr are gone. I think he is great at what he does and has a good amount of skill. A Darcy Tucker type player that I believe is better than Tucker. I think Avery can build even more on his offensive game and will. He is an asset to this team.

  6. I hope after this season, the team takes a look at Rolston, and even Hossa if there’s enough space. I hope Orr is still our enforcer after his contract is up. Hopefully Sauer, Sanguinetti, and Cherepanov and Anisimov break into the lineup. And yeah i want Aves on this team. We need to lock this guy up.

    Im looking foward to the later years when we can see some of these kids. We have some pretty good prospects.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery can go fly a kyte. Look at the amount of talented wings we have in our system, and he thinks he is 2nd or even 1st line worthy. Third line at best. Just look at the wings that could be here in two years:

    1) Prucha
    2) Callahan
    3) Dawes
    4) Bourret
    5) Cherepanov
    6) Byers
    7) Moore
    8) Korpikoski
    9) Jessiman (OK, maybe not)

    Point is, the top three have surpassed Avery in talent, the next 2 probably will, and the 6th is the world’s most perfect 4th liner. Moore and Korpikoski could potentially surpass Avery, but they aren’t in the bank. And who knows what could every happen with Jessiman.

    So, in other words, who needs him, especially when he wants more than he actually deserves?

  8. “So, in other words, who needs him, especially when he wants more than he actually deserves?”

    Gotta agree with you again. As much as I like Sean…I think his ego is already starting to show signs of becoming an issue here. I also agree this guy is a 3rd liner at absolute best. Couple that with the fact that if he has a decent year he’s going to look for likely more money… I love the guy, but I have a feeling he’s going to be a real headache down the line.

    I also dont think adding him back to the line up is going to solve as many problems as so many people seem to believe, rather things will click around that time anyway and he will “get the credit”…. thats fine, I suppose the guy does play better with an inflated ego.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Prucha27 re: booing Nylander, as I said earlier, I understand why he did it, as a man. But that doesn’t mean I am happy about it, as a fan. If I saw him in a bar I’d buy him a drink. If I’m watching him from the stands, I would want to let him know how he’s upset me.

    If I ever saw Poti in a bar, I’d poison his drink.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Salten, Avery gets credit for last year’s turnaround, but it didn’t really start when he got here, but rather when the Ward for Mara trade was pulled. It wasn’t adding Avery so much as removing the cancer.

  11. It wasn’t adding Avery so much as removing the cancer.

    I’m aware, although I do think he provided a lot of spark and energy as well. Going back at Marty like he did was pretty big.

    People think we need him though, and he’s not what we need.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, I hate Faux-ti. I hope Orr knocks his ass out.

    By the way, why hasn’t Orr fought anyone this year? There was that “fight” in the ATL game, but the other guy just went into fetal position before any punches were thrown. He needs to start earning some respect from around the league before we get perceived as soft.

  13. Bourret is a COMPLETE WASH-OUT, so far this season. Do you follow the Wolf Pack, at all?

  14. It still makes me laugh to see promos that say “See Chris Drury and the New York Rangers take on the so so and so….”

    Chris Drury = this years Matt Cullen? (i hope not, but I have that sinking feeling)

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    “so far this season”

    The operative phrase there. Dawes had a lousy start to his last AHL campaign too.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I like the way Drury has been p[laying. Occassionally he takes a bad penalty, but overall, I think he’s played well. He’s racking up the assists, and I think he’ll start getting more goals eventually. He’s had good chances, but unlike some players on the team that are aiming too much for the corners, I think Drury needs to aim a little bit more. A lot of times when he’s had good chances he has put it into the goalie.

  17. Guys you are getting a little ahead of yourselves saying Avery stinks and we want him gone. Like it or not, from the time he arrived last year the Rangers were one of the top teams in the league the rest of the way. He brought life to an otherwise wimpy Euro-filled roster.

    Doodie, I usually like what you write but Prucha was the invisible man in the playoffs last year. This year he is doing much of the same. Callahan, yes I like his energy, but he is no Avery yet. Come on dude. Potentially yes, but not even close currently.

    All those players you list, yes they have potential, but they cannot even hold Avery’s jockstrap when it comes to playing gritty, stir it up, get under the other team’s skin, cause-others-to-take-penalties hockey. At least right now anyway. And until those guys can break into the line-up, put up #s, and change the attitude of the team, I say you are getting ahead of yourselves.

    Look, when they made the Avery deal I was like WTF! I thought it was the worst move ever. Then when he got that Atlanta Thrasher offensive Euro (Hossa, Kovalchuk, I cannot remember which one, I think it was Kovalchuk) to drop the gloves, I was like, BEST TRADE EVER!

    So yes, while I think Avery is a cocky punk, I am glad he is on our team. We need a guy like that. He reminds me of Claude Lemieux (won like 4 Cups, maybe more?) and Ken Linseman (nicknamed “The Rat,” you hated him on the other team, loved him on your team.) This team full of Jagrs, Strakas, Gomezs, and other solid but not so aggressive players, we need an Avery.

    Not ready to kick him off the team just yet, sorry guys.

    I agree he is not a 1st or 2nd liner on this team though. That I will admit. But hey, we have at least 3 solid offensive lines now, so it’s all good.


  18. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, as bad as Rozsi has been defensively, his offensive numbers are pretty good so far, especially when you consider how anemic our offense has been this season.

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The Rangers went 17-6-6 with Avery in the lineup who had 20 points and was +11 in those 29 games last year.

    Avery had the Thrashers so confused the first round of the playoffs they forgot how to play hockey.

    So, If you (salten, Doodie) don’t want to give Avery credit for this team’s performance after his arrival then you clearly disagree with Shanahan, Jagr, and Renney who all gave him the credit for sparking their rejuvenated team.

  20. Chris why would a team trade for Pock except as a throw in. They all passed at the opportunity to give him nobody for him when he passed through waivers. If the Rangers foolishly try to bring him up he’ll probably be claimed at 1/2 salary and we get the other 1/2 vs our cap without the player.

    Doodie – that’s 3 small forwards leading your list. Would definitely be a problem come playoff time.

  21. I like Avery, but he needs to shut up and play. Every time he opens his mouth he winds up with his foot in it.

    Yea he had a great finish to the season and a superb first round against Atlanta. Then he did absolutely zero against Buffalo. Not only that, but he probably staked the refs against us because they had to reprimand him more than once for his nonsense.

    If you’re going to tell the story, tell the whole story.

  22. Prucha27, did you just say that Avery was why we lost the Buffalo series?

    Please tell me you didn’t say that.

  23. Not that anyone gives a sh1t but I’m shelving my *Salt* moniker until the Rag$ put 3 consecutive wins together…

    Look for me as “Crosseyed & Painless” until then, if ever… ;)

    (150 heady points to the poster who can get my new name reference)

  24. Out of context….that is such a misused phrase. When someone speaks (not writes or types), stuff can get “taken out of context.”

    But when someone writes, “Then he did absolutely zero against Buffalo. Not only that, but he probably staked the refs against us because they had to reprimand him more than once for his nonsense,” there is nothing to take out of context.

    The text is right there.

    I just asked if Prucha27, based on that above quote, was saying that Avery cost us the Buffalo series?

  25. Doodie – re the other thread. You obviously are free to boo Nylander. I certainly won’t be joining you. He did a good job for us and we replaced him with the 2 centers. He’s also 35 and a 4 yr contract for him at that age made no sense. So I wish him well except when he plays against us. But no need to boo him.

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Prucha27, Doodie, and all the other Avery bashers…
    Avery did do nothing against Buffalo, you’re right about that, but Avery isn’t the one who’s supposed to be carrying this team!!! You all just called the guy a low-line player who’ll be surpassed by AHL wanna-be’s but the fact that he did carry the team for 33 games and get them into the playoffs is amazing and proves you all wrong.

    Don’t sing the tune “the guy sucks” and when we prove you wrong change your tune to “but he sucked in the playoffs.” Your arguments that he didn’t help the team was disproved, so man-up and take responsibility.

  27. Avery was physically banged up before and during the Buffalo series. And being a different type player than many of our smaller forwards adds a needed element to the team. I would not want him rushed back though since the chance of reinjury would be greater. Same for Straka and Cally.

  28. Crosseyed and Painless – Rippin’ Talking Heads tune from Remain in Light that Phish turned into a marathon, face-melting jam experience. Crosseyed – and – Painless. Thank you very much.

  29. Bourret is so far down on the food chain he is closer to Charlotte Checkers time, than to the Rangers.

  30. “Cross-eyed and Painless.” Is that a reference to Barbra Streisand kissing G.W.B. under the mistletoe?

  31. Guys, guys, guys…

    Some people need to get hooked on phonics. Read what I wrote…First sentence “I like Avery”.

    Where did I say he cost us the series? I said he talked a big game and did zero. He talked about punishing their D, and did nothing. I said that he was reprimanded many times by the refs, which he was. Where, anywhere in those sentences does the words “Avery blew it for the Rangers” appear? Exactly.

    Also, if you’re banged up, why talk smack? All he needed to do was show up and BE the physical force, not SAY he’s going to be a physical force.

  32. I don’t think we should get too upset about individual players not scoring yet because we are at the bottom of goals per game, .33 behind the Oilers; only 19 goals total. It’s hard to tell who is not scoring when there are so many struggling, so not much to compare to. Let’s wait until we score about 30 more to get into the middle of the pack, then see where we’re at.

    I haven’t been posting recently, since I’ve been having trouble loading the blog to read others’ comments. It seems like just getting the Yankees traffic onto a different system has done the trick. That’s probably near half of the traffic of all the blogs here anyway.

    I enjoyed reading the debate about first line and who shouldn’t be playing when everyone’s healthy. Obviously Avery should go right into the third line, pushing Strudwick to the bench, but when Straka comes back (I think he is before Callahan), I want to see him start on the fourth line if the others are still clicking. Otherwise, if Dawes falls flat or Prucha continues to struggle, replace one of them. Or put him on the first line of course if they stop clicking. Right now, it looks like the lines are getting the feel of each other and don’t need change. When Callahan comes back, we’ll just have to see where we’re at. I hope when Straka comes back, though, that Drury remains in his new power play point spot.

    I love that Tyutin was given the hit of the month by Melrose for that garage sale hit on MacDonald. It looked like the guy’s helmet broke, but maybe not.

    SAM – did the ruling stay the same on Jagr’s goal Monday night? I don’t think it went of Shanahan, but I am watching a low quality picture.

  33. spiderpig… no way they ruled it for shanny. if you look closely shanny has his stick rested at hip high and he simply lifts his skate up so that the puck glides under it. i think

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