The travails of Superman (Updated)


Pity poor Sean Avery. He was forced to come in and skate on Tuesday when everyone else was lounging in bed on their day off. He says he’s not shaving his beard until he finds a girlfriend (and not just any girlfriend, he said). And as he said, he can’t really give an honest assessment of his shoulder given his unique circumstances.

“It’s tough to say. When you’re Superman, your threshold of pain is a little bit higher,” Avery said. “So how do I gauge it?”

Whether he’s a superhero or just a needed spark at left wing, the Rangers are anxiously awaiting Avery’s return, and it looks like it could come tomorrow against the Capitals. It will be up to trainer Jim Ramsay and the coaching staff to give the final word, and Avery said he’s on board for whatever is decided. Tempering his enthusiasm a little bit was a hit he took from Brandon Dubinsky at the end of practice, which he was still feeling when he walked off the ice.

“I ran at him,” Avery said by way of explanation.

Sore as a result, the Rangers will wait to see if the player is just working his way through scar tissue before giving him the green light. If he does come back, it looks like Avery would play on the left wing with Dubinsky and Petr Prucha, while Nigel Dawes would stay with Chris Drury and Brendan Shanahan. These are all hypotheticals, mind you, but Tom Renney’s inclination was to not break up what has been a productive (at least by Rangers standards) second unit.

So, who you ask, would come out as a result….

  • Avery’s return might not require much lineup jockeying since Ryan Hollweg missed practice with “flu-like symptoms”. Marcel Hossa is also apparently fighting something, but he skated (Hollweg looked ashen trudging around the dressing room). Paradoxically, the Rangers were offered flu shots after the game on Monday, but Hollweg turned it down because he said he always gets sick as a result.
  • Jaromir Jagr skated briefly after having his mouth worked on on Tuesday, but left the ice fairly early.
  • Avery on his appearances in the crowd during Monday’s win: “I think if anything, the people up there, I don’t think I’m any more important as far as life goes than they are. And they’re paying my salary, so I wanted to go up and hang out and say hi to everyone.â€?

    More later…

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    1. Strudwick will obviously sit, Hollweg back to the 4th line. But if Hossa can’t play, who moves up? By Renney’s theory of not breaking up the 2nd line, it should be Prucha. Avery isn’t a 1st line guy…

    2. Oh God no! Marcel 18 points a year Hossa better not miss Thursday’s game. If he does nasty1 and Newman will be on suicide watch.

    3. Avery isn’t a first line guy but Hossa is? Lol. Avery would be a great fit with Jagr and Gomez. Avery would open up more ice for them and drive hard to the net. Avery is also a solid passer.

    4. Alright, Avery is def a c0ke h34d.

      Bouncing around the 400’s?
      Frequently interrupting invertiews?
      Reffering to himself as Superman?

      wowza……just sounds like he’s going off “the rails” on a crazy train….

    5. Nothing in Avery’s game would indicate he’d be “a great fit with Jagr and Gomez”. Avery is a north-south player, the other two aren’t. Jagr and Gomez are finesse players. Avery is a grinder.

    6. hahah gotta love avery!! Cant wait to have this guy in the lineup. Regardless of where he’s playing (i like what sam suggested) he will be a spark to this team.

    7. In the previous thread there is a stated preference for basic blue home jerseys over the basic white jerseys. What the NHL should mandate for all teams is to wear, their colorful jersey during the regular season, then switch to the white jerseys at home for the playoffs, giving the playoff look the special distinction it deserves. I would then have teams carry over with white jerseys as home jerseys for the following regular season, then switch to blue (or red) jerseys when it is playoff time, and continue that rotating pattern, from year to year.

      Variety is appealing, sameness is not. All road teams wearing a basic white uniform all the time gives them a somewhat bland, sterile, and similar look.

    8. Avery played some with Jagr last year. They were fine together. Jagr and Gomez couldn’t be more different. One guy likes to quicken the pace the other wants to slow it down.

    9. Robby Bonfire:

      The reason the NHL won’t do anything like that when it comes to jerseys is because it would effect sales greatly. No one is going to buy a jersey that the team may not use next year.

      If you look at the sales numbers, sales of the the new RBK EDGE jerseys went way down once the players complained about them. Consumers are thinking they may not be around next year, so why invest?

    10. Anyone know where I can obtain a jpeg/gif of Jagr’s bloody smile from Monday night’s game? I’ve search high and low, near and far, but to no avail.

    11. What? No props for Renney saying that he doesn’t want to mess with the top two lines that are producing?

      Also, as far as the sweater thing goes… hockey players are kinda superstitious by nature. I’m not sure switching colors for the play-offs would go over very well.

      Just a thought.

    12. The more people babble on this website, the more foolish they sound. Unreal.

      The entire coaching staff, the Slovakian Olympic team coaches, and most of the NHL has it wrong about Hossa while Graves9 (and 20 of the other dopes on this website) have it right.


    13. How awesome was it when Jagr blasted that shot in and didn’t even flinch? That was some straight up caveman shit. Just got his job done, no celebration, just stood there and let all his little beta’s come swarm around him. Seriously a powerful image.

      Jagr should grow his mullet back out and start doing “the salute” again.

    14. I agree with Hollweg; a couple of years ago, when the whole team got flu shots, a great many guys wound up sick. Not worth it unless you’re very old (no, I’m not looking at you, Shanny, I mean old old).

    15. LOL SALTY

      I was thinking the same thing about the mullet. Lol, he seemed more pissed then happy when he scored that goal, kinda like he was pissed that the only way for the team to do good, is for him to take a puck in the mouth.

      He had some classic quotes in that interview, like “Broken Stick, Broken Glove, Broken Teeth, Broken Heart”, and i love how he ignored the question about his breakaway ending up to be a Lecavalier goal, he said he was to busy looking for his teeth.

      Thank god we dont have Aaron Ward, and hopefully no one like him. I cant see why anyone would have a problem with him.

      Jagr, still my second favorite player of all time. 1st is obviously Shanny. A part of me will die when they retire.

      Cant wait to Boo Poti tomorrow!!!

    16. Patrice Bergeron is out for at least a month, thats what it says on TSN.

      And Jones got 2 games, thats fuggin BS. This pisses me off. Colin Campbell is a little girl, he thinks he’s tough with his mighty 20 – 25 game suspensions, when those suspensions werent even enough, then he tells Sather, that the hits on Cally or Pruchs, didnt injure them so there shouldnt be any suspension, and look at this, clear injury, concussion, broken nose, and he gets off with 2 games, he should have at least gotten 13.

      Jag off Campbell!!!!

    17. The problem is everyone expects Marcel Hossa to be the same player as Marian Hossa. I really like Marcel I think he’s becoming a pretty good grind-it out kind of player. The problem with Graves9 and others is that IMO they think Marcel should be Marian and he never will be. He’s bigger than Marian and plays a totally different style. No one is gonna win this stupid argument over whether Marcel should or shouldn’t be on the 1st. line. I say get over it move on. He’s on the first line, and personally I like what he’s doing there. He definitely opens the ice for Jagr. He’s a superb penalty killer and Monday he made some great defensive plays that may have resulted in goals on the PK. If Dawes was on the 1st line, I would also support that move. Get over it and quit bashing all the freakin time. Support your team for once.

    18. Doodie Machetto on

      “And Jones got 2 games, thats fuggin BS. This pisses me off. ”

      Dude. I think 2 games was a good thing. EJ Hradek at ESPN wrote this on the subject which I think explains a lot:

      “I can’t argue with Colin Campbell’s decision. I hate to see a talented player like Boston’s Patrice Bergeron — or anyone, for that matter — get carted off the ice, but I saw this as a hockey play gone bad.

      During the offseason, the league’s vice president of hockey operations, with the help of league execs, coaches and players, created a five-point criteria to deal with head shots. He has been using that as a guideline when doling out supplementary discipline.

      In the case of Jones, Campbell asks:

      1. Did Jones target Bergeron’s head? I say no.

      2. Did Jones leave his feet to deliver the hit? I don’t see that.

      3. Was it a blind hit? That’s up for debate, but only because Bergeron turned his back to his opponent in an instant before the hit. It that situation, Bergeron should be expecting contact. Thus, he shouldn’t put himself in a vulnerable position. Once upon a time, hockey players did a better job of protecting themselves in such situations.

      4. Was it a late hit? No.

      5. Does Jones have a history of dangerous behavior? No.

      I saw it as a hockey play gone wrong, but I can understand that Campbell is trying to keep a lid on the hits from behind. I think two games is fair, and I certainly hope Bergeron makes a quick recovery and gets back on the ice ASAP.

      In making his ruling, Campbell made a clear distinction between the incident involving Jones and the acts of his teammates, Jesse Boulerice and Steve Downie, and he was bang on. There’s a world of difference between what happened with Jones and Bergeron and those two other ugly incidents.”

      I tend to agree with what he is saying. That said, I agree that the dirty hits on Prucha should be cause for a potential suspension as well, but it is really hard to suspend a player for something that is’t even called a penalty by the officials during the game.

      So to sum up, be upset there aren’t more suspensions, but not upset with the result here. Bergeron only go so bdly hurt because of how he positioned himself, not because of any truly terrible act done by Jones.

    19. seems like lines are still in flux, although renney trying to keep some continuity. with that in mind, and the fact that rangers are still in need of some offense (for more than 1 game in a row), i would like to see avery back on the 2 line, with shanny and drury. let dawes move to 3rd line with prucha and dubinsky. (they can handle themselves despite their size?!) and keep hossa on the 1st line, the confidence level rises each game for him. (but he should be parked in front a little more often then the goals will come)
      wonder what coaching staff is planning for when straka and callahan return…

    20. “So to sum up, be upset there aren’t more suspensions, but not upset with the result here. Bergeron only go so bdly hurt because of how he positioned himself, not because of any truly terrible act done by Jones.”

      Agree…it was uglier than it had to be, and players really do need to have a certain fear going into the boards/corners like that and protect themselves accordingly.

    21. Gotta agree with Doodie. It’s one thing if a players it looking for the puck in his feet and gets blasted, but I’m tired of watching players who see they are going to get hit turn their back at the last second to draw a penalty. That’s almost equal to a dive in my book.

      If you want to protect yourself, put your stick up. Hey, you might get a penalty the first few times, but once you get a reputation for getting your elbows and stick up, people will think twice about coming in on you.

    22. PRUCHA – What do you mean the jerseys won’t be around? Read my post again, or for the first time, really. In fact, If you own a blue Rangers jersey and that is the playoffs color for this season, the jersey just gets more prestigious to wear or re-sell as we get closer to playoff time.

      In fact, my plan would motivate more fans to buy jerseys of BOTH color schemes, or do you want to tell me everyone who buys a jersey already owns one of each? My plan encourages people to buy one of each. I think it is a really solid idea for each home team in the playoffs to switch the color of the jersey they wear especially for the playoffs.

      P.S. – Prucha’s number is 25, in both white and blue, not 27.

    23. Last season when Jagr couldnt score for his life, they took out Straka, and put Hossa, that created more chances and gave Jags more ice, and he was scoring goals, and when he or Nyls wasnt, Hoss was. He has a place on this team whether its 1st or 4th line. I like him, i dont expect 20 goals from him, but i expect him to be are 2nd bets pk’er, the one the replaces Orty. Which we need. We have alot of offensive guns, but its always nice to have guys like Hoss, and Betts. He’s definitely not a waste of space, and any team in the league would love to have a guy like that.

      Plus he’s phenominal in the shootout, he had about 4 game winning shootout goals last season. Enough said.

    24. interesting about Hollweg and refusal for flu shot.
      that’s the same reason i stopped getting one.
      i end up getting sick shortly after i received the shot,
      so why bother.

      i imagine it’s my body freaking out by the shot and
      over-reacting to what’s running through my system.

    25. Yes,
      The Flu Vaccine is actually denatured influenza proteins being injected into you as well as animal fluids and fermaldahyde, and mercury. So yes many people get the flu from the vaccine. Makes no sense to me. I haven’t gotten a vaccine since I was like 10 yrs. old. I have also turned down 3 tetanus shots for 2 broken bones a dog attack.

    26. Robby:

      I did read your post, and the last suggestion was to then switch from the red from the blue and white. Now maybe you’re more financially stable than most, but not everyone has $140 plus tax to drop on 3 jerseys. What happens to your blue jersey on the years they are rotating red and white?

      PS – I like Prucha, but my favorite number is 27. I didn’t know we had to clear our handles with you. Sorry.

    27. Chris…

      y’know what… as long as it’s not crack/meth, I can turn my head to it…

      Hell maybe his buddy Shanny could use a key bump between periods from time to time…

    28. I agree with you Prucha who’s fav. number is 27 (but the real Prucha is 25)
      I’m with you and I haven’t bought a new jersey in over 15 years. I have a white, now away jersey. When I bought it, it was the home jersey…not about to buy a blue one.
      BTW is my handle ok or should I change it? I don’t like the number 27 but…hey it shows my support.
      Robby is it ok with you

    29. I really like what Marcel has been doing the last few games really solid defense getting chances on offence and being an all around solid player. I think he is one of those players you can assign to any line and he could be productive.

      Dawes to me is a must keep player the kid just has a nose for the net and he seems to be involved on every scoring chance that line produces. His speed and shot compliment that line very well hope they keep him where he is and let Sean be the energy grind out player that suits the 3rd line.

    30. Wait a minute, who’s “new newman”, and just to set the record straight…

      Who do you want off the team?

    31. My favorite number is 23, so let’s see, how about “Hank23,” or “Jagr23” for a handle. Hey, you may have hit on something here – “If the number fits, you must equip.”

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