Our long national nightmare is over


The Blog’s many problems are behind us. Or so I gather from “this post from my friend and colleague Peter Abraham”:http://yankees.lhblogs.com/2007/10/31/state-of-the-blog-help-on-the-way/, who has had the same problems on his blog times 10.

So it’s smooth sailing from here. Or at least as far as the technical stuff goes. I can make no promises about Marek Malik’s giveaways, Scott Gomez and Chris Drury’s lack of goals, Brendan Shanahan’s age, Tom Renney’s long-winded answers, Nigel Dawes’ instability, Ryan Hollweg’s flu, Marcel Hossa’s poor taste in music, Sean Avery’s search for a girlfriend, Jaromir Jagr’s……

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  1. “Marcel Hossa’s poor taste in music”

    Please elaborate!?

    Also, any chance of getting Avery’s review of the new Radiohead album (which is amazing after a few listens)

  2. Hossa Hossa is into that techno trance garbage, correct??? And what about Jagr?? Don’t leave us hanging Sam!

  3. Ann,
    it wouldn’t surprise me that hossa is in to the techno music since that is what they listen to in europe.

  4. You sure the new server just isnt for Pete Abe’s blog in itself? The only reason I say this is because his URL is different (its lhblogs) where as yours still is (lohudblogs). Just a thought.

  5. Tomg – i take offence to your gross generalisation.
    Us “Europeans” listen to a wide range in music, Techno is a favourite in Slovakia where Hossa is from, but Europe as a whole produce a number or great Rock, Indie, Pop, Classical and Jazz acts. What we don’t waste much time with is Country, R&B and Rap – its not like we have much reason to sing about being “home on the range” or “driving in my 5.0 with my ragtop down”.

    You should look up some bands like erm.. the Beatles, Coldplay, Rolling Stones…etc…etc..

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d be the guy laughing at you about how all of the songs sound exactly the same. CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA. Best examples for Slayer are South of Heaven and Reigning Blood. The same riff in different keys. Man I can’t believe I listened to that when I was younger.

    You know what sucks about Nylander signing in Washington? Poti signed there. I can’t boo two players everytime they touch the puck, I won’t have any voice left by the end of the game. And you know you MUST boo Poti.

  7. Doodie – why would you boo Nylander. He played well for us and did nothing wrong. And was replaced by 2 younger centers which should make Bonfire less upset. I don’t think he’s ever happy in any aspect of life so I phrased it that way. BTW Nylander was not booed the 1st time in. Poti was and that tradition will continue tonight.

  8. Rob L,

    Yes he does. You boo anyone on the other team to throw them off balance, whether they won you a cup the year before or not.

    I liked Nylander, but he is now the enemy, just like anyone on any of the 29 other teams.

    The minute you cheer Nylander again is the same moment he gets a goal or assist against us. You boo him if he messes up, or just because.


  9. Pavel – I could not disagree with you more. a guy who played his heart out for 2 seasons does not deserve to be booed.

  10. I understand an emotional reaction to someone who played great for us and gave it his all, but hockey is both competitive and a business. The only thing that I am concerned with is the Rangers winning. I don’t care about players who have left. We can appreciate their efforts before and after the game, but during that 60 minutes, they are the enemy, and they must not feel welcome at all.

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