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Whether he scored the game-winner or not — still no word from the NHL, so assume that he did — Jaromir Jagr was in rare form after the game. With a swollen bloody lip and a row of missing teeth, the Rangers captain was well aware of his frightful appearance. 

“It’s Halloween tomorrow – I don’t have to buy a mask,” he said. “Broke my skate in the first period. Broke my gloves in the second. Broke my teeth. Broke my heart.”

Jagr was asked whether those were his teeth he lost.

“A gentlemen never tells,” he said. “I told my girlfriend they’re real.”

Then he added: “I think it’s mine when I paid $20,000 for it.”


<li>I found it very telling what Brendan Shanahan said about the events following the Toronto game. That game ended around 9:30 but he and Jagr stayed in the Rangers dressing room until midnight to talk about the team’s problems. One of the solutions was what you saw on the power play, specifically positioning Shanahan in front. Two power play goals later, it seemed to be a worthwhile conversation.

<li>After their off day was snatched from them Sunday, the Rangers earned it back for today. They won’t be on the ice until Wednesday.

<li>My continued apologies for the problems loading the site. A number of you came up to me at the game to tell me as much. I’m frustrated, too, although I don’t have a doubt the people at my office are continuing to work on the problem. My advice if you come across more issues is to try back again soon after because the problems are usually fleeting. 

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  1. HockeymanRangers on

    Finally they played a good game, lets just hope they can keep it up. Hopefully the Caps got their scoring frienzy out of their system with Toronto last night. Jag’s looked pretty messed up he may lose a day or two of practice to get his teeth relined. It was so good to see Jags score that goal it just seem like we made over the HUGE HUMP with that one. After that goal I thought they would get another pretty quickly and they did. Go Rangers

  2. Dawes appears to be the real deal. He should stay with the club when everyone returns. He has been the best Ranger on the ice, besides Hank, for the last 3 games.

    Things are looking up, especially when we finally get bodies in front of the net.

  3. agreed but who sits (strudwick first)
    hossa gomez jagr
    dawes drury shanahan
    prucha dubinsky avery
    hollwig betts orr (strudwick)

  4. more priceless comments from Jagr. I was rolling when they interviewed him post-game.
    I agree Dawes is the real deal. As far as who sits…
    I don’t have a clue, but Straka is getting older and…though I love the guy, and I hate to say it but… maybe we could trade him. Thankfully I don’t have to make those decisions.
    How bout Tyutin, and Girardi, great pair. I love the hits! How bout that hit by Tyuts on MacDonald (i think), if only Malek… well nevermind
    anyway good game.

  5. Hossa was a total dud the first year as an offensive player and last year he learned to kill penalties and had a good streak or two, but that’s all. I thought he should have been cut long ago. But right now he’s really showing me something as a penalty killer and a guy who doesn’t hurt you five-on-five, if he like everyone else has not yet found the net. He’s also got a bit of an edge this year, willing to muck in the scrums like last night and in the pre-season. Maybe that experience of attacking neo-Nazis in the street last summer made him realize that he doesn’t have to take a back step to anyone in the NHL. Good question when we are healthy, and I hope that day comes soon, who sits? I suppose the performance of the team will be the determining factor.

  6. I said the same thing about Straka the other day. I like him a lot, and I think he brings something to the team, but I think I would take Dawes over him at this point. I think Dawes has been doing everything he can, the little things, defensive plays, good along the boards, he threw a helluva hit along the boards last night as well. I just think he needs to stay up.

  7. I like Hossa on the first line and on the power play and on the PK. He has definitely been doing the little things. And he will put in some goals for us.

  8. And folks, don’t be surprised if we see Prucha shipped out this year. He is off to a slow start as well as the rest of the team, but I feel like with Callahan and Dawes here now, Pruchs might be out of here if the trade is a good one for the team. I like Prucha, but he is definitely a victim of too many people playing ahead of him. I believe that if he is here next year, with shanahan and straka gone, he will be more effective and have a great year. I would like to see him play with Gomez for a few games. But he needs to be on a line with someone like a hossa as well that will do the dirty work on the boards. But Prucha and Gomez flying up the ice sounds nice.

  9. when everyones healthy

    straka gomez jagr
    dawes drury shanahan
    avery dubinsky callahan
    hossa betts orr

    I switch hossa and straka during the game, to mix defenses up and change the look. I think the other two young guys have passed Prucha by (dawes and Callahan) They score and deliver hits not absorb them like Prucha. And Prucha may be our best trade chip in the NHL. Straka is still valuable on pk and penalty kill, and they won’t trade him.

  10. Seems the team has alot of small speedy forwards, what they need is size in front of the net.

  11. It’s good to see them score last night but they are going to continue to struggle until they either get an Adam Graves type of player (who will sit in front of the net and bang home rebounds and cause chaos) or someone already on the roster decides to take on that role. No one is ever around for rebounds, they are too busy flying past the crease.

  12. I think they need to park Hossa in front of the net. He has good size and good hands. Gomez skate in to the zone. Hold puck. Jagr set up along the boards on the right. Hossa go directly to front of net. Take shots.

  13. Hossa seems better along boards but he should be schooled to go in front of net. ask dawes deflections count

  14. I know these lines are unorthodox but rolling 4 scoring lines worked for Buffalo last year and can possibly get everyone going once they are all back from injury:
    Straka Drury Jagr
    Avery Dubinsky Shanahan
    Prucha Gomez Hossa
    Dawes Betts Callahan

  15. I don’t want anymore tinkering with lines. When people come back we will have to make adjustments, but I say leave the top two lines the way they are.

  16. Hossa Gomez Jagr
    Dawes Drury Shanahan
    Straka Dubinsky Avery
    Orr Betts Hollweg

    Callahan and Prucha this leaves out. What to do what to do? I do believe that we don’t need Orr and Hollweg both in the lineup, but at the same time you don’t need Prucha or Callahan on the 4th line.

  17. I am just putting this out there, but if we could send Prucha, Straka, and say Mara to Atlanta for Hossa, would you do it?

  18. Then you could have something like this :)

    Hossa Gomez Jagr
    Dawes Drury Shanahan
    Callahan Dubinsky Avery
    Hossa Betts Orr/Dubinsky

    I know I know, keep dreaming.

  19. hossa gomez jagr
    dawes drury shanny
    avery dubi straka
    prucha betts cally

    roll 4 lines like buffalo did last year

    if we come up against a physical team
    sit a hossa
    let orr dubi avery shanny handle the rough stuff along with mara or strudwick

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Dawes is this year’s 05/06 Prucha. Up due to injuries, turns out to be one of the best players and top goal scorers, and the team’s winning percentage when he scores is very high (I once calculated it for Prucha in 05/06 and it was above 75%). Unfortunately, I think Dubinsky is going to be this years 06/07 Dawes, making the team out of camp, not being given enough of a chance to shine as there are too many players above him in the depth chart.

    Dubinsky has to be one that goes when everyone is healthy. Sure, he’s played OK, but not well enough to play over Two people from the following list:

    1) Straka
    2) Avery
    3) Prucha
    4) Callahan

    If he can’t justify getting over two of them, then he can’t stay.

    I don’t like how everyone is dumping on Prucha. He is saddled with a bad line. Dubsinky is still a work in process and the other winger is HOLLWEG. Not exactly a mystery why he can’t find the score sheet a little more often. Here’s how I see the lines when everyone is healthy:


    Hossa and Straka can rotate on the top line to provide different looks depending on how that line is working.

  21. And if you read my frigin post you would have seen that I said, I know I know, keep dreaming. I think that Hossa is one of the best players in the league, so that is why I said it. I know it probably would not happen.

  22. I agree with what Doodie is saying. I am not dumping on Prucha. I said that he is a victim of who he is playing with.

  23. There is no way they are going to take Hossa off the first line. After watching last night’s game in person, Hossa is a very valuable asset on that line. With Hossa size and grit he goes into corners and fights harder for the puck in the defensive zone unlike Jagr and Gomez. He has a great mind for the game and can anticipate where the puck is going. He exercised that on the PK and other excellent even strength plays. Basically Jagr needs him and he was impressive on the forecheck and in the offensive zone as well.

    As for Prucha being traded, I believe that he is going all out on every shit and giving 100%. Just because he is not scoring goals does not mean that he is not a great addition to the team. Someone said he flies up ice and I know he is not afraid to sacrifice the body.

    Nasty1, let me ask you this. If you believe that Straka and Shanny are going to be gone next year. Why would you trade Prucha if you think he will be a great fit for this team next year? He showed a lot last night and I wonder what he is worth on the market. Might be too many players involved to get someone good in return especially if other GM’s think how you think about him.

  24. Yeah, I know what I said, and if you kept reading my posts you would see that I said, NEVERMIND, it is better to have bodies.

  25. How do I think about him? I said he is a victim of where he plays. I think he belongs on our first or second line, but it is not going to happen right now or this year.

  26. Dubinsky can’t stay? Five hits vs. TB, and now second to Hollweg among all forwards on the team with 20 on the season. The goals will come – if the Rangers exhibit the same patience with him they always exhitbit with old guys who don’t have a clue. Dubinsky is exhibiting leadership qualities on the ice, which is remarkable for such a young player.

    Staal stepped-up with four hits vs. TB, too. You would do an about face with these maturing and talented players?

  27. Hey Richard, does the S stand for Stein? Just curious.

    I like Prucha a lot. And he has been a great player for us the last two years and I don’t want to see him traded. But I would trade him in a second for Marian Hossa. And if you wouldn’t, then you need to have you head removed from your poop shoot.

    Sorry man. I am all for friendly disagreement on here. But when you don’t fully read what I say and then accuse me of thinking a certain way you are wrong. It is your own stupidity for not reading the string of posts I sent and only blurbs of one. My fifth grade students would not make that mistake.

  28. I see alot of people putting ORR in their “healthy” line-up..It’s a wasted spot if you ask me..Due to his limitatons, horrendous skating and the way this season is going fight-wise (not unexpected) , he has pretty much been worhtless. …Still, I don’t want to get rid of him toatlly because you need him for the occasional Brashear and Flyer game and as Black Ace Insurance Policy

    For a healthy forward lines, there are alot of possibilities..

    Straka-Gomez-Jagr (even Hossa or Avery for Straka)
    Prucha-Dubi-Avery (straka/Hossa)

    Hollweg and occasionally Orr play against some of the more physical and hitting teams…

    Bottom line is, if healthy, we have alot of depth and have the players to play against any type of team if we use all our assets…

    As for PRUCHA, he is not being held back by linemates, he just isn’t converting…Like Shanny, he just has to bury his chances..

  29. And if you are a regular poster to this site you will see that I have been one of the biggest Hossa advocates since last season and before this season started.

  30. I keep Dubinsky over Prucha because he is stronger with a bigger upside , he will finish. Nothing against Prucha, I think the guy is great but I believe the other two (dawes and Callahan) have passed him by.

  31. When healthy, Straka MUST play with Jagr.

    Straka – Gomez – Jagr
    Dawes – Drury – Shanahan
    Avery – Dubi – Callahan/Prucha
    Hossa – Betts – Orr

    IMO, Prucha, Callahan, and Hossa are replaceable.

  32. Why is everyone so bent on keeping Gomez on the first line with Jagr? I know they paid him 7 mil but he has proven to be a 3rd line center at best so far. He can’t even keep the puck on his stick. Drop him down to the 3rd line until he proves he can play on the first and promote Dubinsky who has played well. Other teams are beginning to pull away in the standings, there isn’t time to wait for chemistry to form anymore.

  33. Dubinsky is playing better each game, but he has not done anything that would make any coach put him on the first line.

  34. Nasty1, no it is not Stein. I know you are a big fan of Hossa. I have been reading and posting on this blog since Sam got it going and know whose posts to read and the ones not to read. Yours I read.

    I thought I had read all of your recent posts. Maybe some posts were posted as I was writing one of my post the blog. It happens. I am caught up now and agree with you. Stop fing around with this that and the other thing and focus on what we got and make it work. Extra bodies are correct.

    And yes, Prucha for Hossa I would do in a heart beat. The head is not up the poop shoot.

  35. I don’t mean first line for Dubinsky, I mean second. Drury is getting better every game too, he should be on the first line.

  36. Hey Robbie Bonfire, you seem to know Hartford prety good rate these forwards in order. (seem to be all smaller skilled forwards not your protype power forward) Callahan, Dawes, Prucha, Bourret, Korpokoski, Moore, Pyatt. Now if you believe that any of the guys in Hartford are better then the guys in New York, then we have trade chip (as I have stated I believe Dawes and Callahan have passed Prucha)
    Which is not a crack at Prucha but it seems we have a glut of a certain kind of forward.

  37. Now that Jagr is starting to change his game a bit, you can slowly see that he and Gomez are and will click more. I like the fact that Shanny and Jagr stayed and talked til 12 about the style of play they need to play and how to set up on the power play. These are not dumb players folks. They have been in the league a while and don’t have the numbers they have because they suck. You don’t just lose it one year. Changes is style needed to be made. Jags is not with Nylander anymore, and it was time to make a change. And although he does not like playing this way, he will when he sees the results. And I think if he is going to listen to anyone, it is going to be Shanahan. They butted heads a bit last year but then they got along very nicely. I think things are turning around for this team. Defensively we are fine and in goal we are fine. The goals are going to keep coming. Like I said yesterday. If we can score 3 goals in a game, this team should win more than lose.

  38. By the way the only “power forwards” we have in Hartford are Dupont (who I hope pans out), Byers, and jessimen (who it does not look good for)

  39. I agree that Jagr and Shanahan will be fine and the team will get on track. They are Hall of Famers for a reason, I’m just not sold on Gomez. He is alot of dancing and moving but no substance. I know they invested alot in him but I think he should drop to the 3rd line so he isn’t as depended on with a team that is struggling to score so bad.

  40. Hey Sam you are becoming a regular on the radio with Dave Maloney…one thing I see is that Maloney is not afraid of Dolan, he is pretty good in criticizing the Rangers and Renney when when its due. What do you think?

    On the subject of this web site problems everytime I come to the site, my internet explorer always says and blocks this:
    “This website wants to run the following add-on: ‘Quicktime’ from ‘Apple Computer, Inc.’. If you trust the website and the add-on and want to allow it to run, clickhere…”
    Do you think this has anything to with the site crashing?

  41. Last night Hollweg – Dubinsky – Prucha and the 4th line were the only two lines that had an aggressive and effective forecheck. Showed signs of last years team in the last half of the season. I would like to see Avery on the Dubi line to aid in the forecheck and also have some offensive skills, which Hollweg lacks, when they do cause turnovers in the offensive zone like they did last night and the game before. Orr- Betts – Hollweg would be a nice 4th line.


  42. LOL Jags. My favorite are Jagr quotes. Hope he’s alright. I think this team will get it turned around, too much talent. :)

  43. I think Avery would be a nice addition to Prucha and Dubinsky but they wont be able to carry the team offensively. Those 2 lines would be a perfect addition once the top 2 start putting points on the board. Until then there has to be some shaking up at the top.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I like how everyone is annonting Dawes over Prucha because he has had a good few games. Meanwhile, Prucha has two quality SEASONS under his belt.

    Also, look at the position they’ve placed Dawes and the one that they’ve placed Prucha. Dawes gets time on scoring lines, while Prucha gets third line time with a rookie center and wing(callahan), or even worse, Ryan Hollweg.

    Prucha scored on opening night, but has gone cold since. What makes Dawes scoring in 2 games some kind of sign that he is going to have some amazing season? It just doesn’t work that way. Let’s see where we are in a month when Straka and Cally are ready to come back.

    Avery is coming back THIS week, and the question is where does he play: third line, or bumping Dawes there so that Avery plays on the 2nd. I think Avery should play on the third line, and not because of Dawes, just because I never thought Avery was 2nd line material to begin with. He is the ideal 3rd liner, and would also help protect Prucha from getting killed every game.

  45. agreed Avery is third liner,Prucha worries me with his durabiltiy because he always seems to be on recieving end. i see all three winger (callahan, prucha, dawes being 25-30 goal scorers)

  46. I tend to agree with Doodie. Avery is certainly a sparkplug and needed for his grit but his goal totals from last season don’t look “Normal” to me. Put him on the third line with Prucha and that should balance things.

    I wouldn’t screw with line two at all. They’ve been the most consitent line we’ve had. Shanny getting a lot of good chances and maybe turning a corner as far as cashing in? Drury looks better and better to me each game… and Dawes is leading this team in goals (or tied with Jags if the NHL holds up the scoring from last night). Seperating them would bring us right back to square one with the chemistry issue.

    I’m not sure if it’s been discussed yet but my thoughts on the offenive issue(s) seem directly related to the fact that our defense was the biggest question coming into this season. With a team system that’s defensive in place I firmly believe that Renney feels that the goals will come but it’s more import to get this team “thinking” defense first. That will translate into winning more games over the long haul and will instill a system that won’t have to be adjusted come play-offs. Give Hank just a bit of help and he’ll have a great year… and if he does… the whole team does.

    It’s a consitency thing. If you look at the record… aside from two bad games (Atlanta and Toronto) the play and scores have been fairly consistent.

  47. Rmant – and you want Dubinsky as 2nd center why? look at his performance so far. when all return he is a decent candidate for demotion.

  48. Thank God Hossa was pulled off the pp unit. The guy was getting more pp time than guys like Dawes, Callahan and Prucha. Nasty you would make any even worse coach than either Ron Low or John Schmuckler was here or even Senile Sather.

  49. Li Joe you must be watching a different game than the rest of us. Dubinsky has played very well since returning to the third line spot. To suggest he be demoted is ludacrous.

  50. graves9 – I said he was a decent candidate not the only one. And that was in response to someone who wanted him upgraded to 2nd line status. Are you kidding me. Part of Prucha’s and Cally’s (and note I said part) lack of offense is due to playing with Dubinsky AND Betts. What has he done to ensure his spot in the lineup on offense AND defense. Well maybe 4th line but the top 3 lines?

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