Sitting, waiting, wishing


To borrow from Jack Johnson, that would be me: sitting in my house, waiting for an electrician to show up, and wishing that he doesn’t charge me so much that a second job delivering pizzas will be in order.

(Don’t laugh. I went back to the old shop where I used to work in college and the owner, in a fit of frustration with his current staff, offered me my old job back. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.)

But this is all a longwinded way to reference your Rangers, who are sitting in last place in the Atlantic Division, waiting for their supposedly high-powered offense to show up, and wishing that this season doesn’t descend into a disaster reminiscent of the not-so-distant past.

I am the trusting sort, but I honestly don’t see that happening. Of course, let’s not sugarcoat it: the first 10 games of this season have been an utter disappointment, and surely if this team is in a similar state after 20 games, we can no longer use such euphemisms as “slow start”. But there are still too many fundamental things to like about this team — starting with their goalie and continuing with a group of forward who simply cannot be as anemic as they’ve been for too much longer.

Of course, I never would have thought they would have started this badly, either. So in other words, waiting and wishing can only go so far.

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  1. I am right there with you Sam. And they will. I think they saw what they could do against Jersey. Got over confident and cocky against the Leafs. And we are going to see a solid game tonight and a win. That is my prediction.

  2. Nasty1, I would really like to agree with you that they will come out and win tonight. However, with 3 non-scorers in the line up and one on the third line we are in for a long long night.

    I hope I am wrong. I do think they will get out of this funk soon, but it will not be until we get a goal scoreer on this team. There is no reason why Gregg Moore should not be called up. I do not know WTF is going on in the mind’s in the front office and behind the bench.

  3. How many more games like Saturday night do we have to watch before we start hearing the fire Renney chants?

  4. Richard,
    Not to knock Gregg Moore, but we have goal scorers but…
    they ain’t puttin the puck in the net.
    The other night they couldn’t even hit the net, many times from right in front. The offense isn’t even putting pressure on the goalie. Any sustained pressure results in play behind the net and along the boards then 2 blocked shots and then 5 that go high and wide.

  5. I hear you loud and clear man. But I really think once we get in our minds that we have to win and not get in to a race with teams, that we will start to capitalize on other teams’ mistakes and that is when the goals will come. Yes, we need to score goals, but we need them at the right time. I thought we played very will with the lead against NJ and we also got chances. With Toronto we had the lead and then got cocky and made stupid plays. This team can play solid defensive hockey no doubt. They need Avery back for sure. Straka will even be a welcome addition if he is healthy and ready to go. I think we need a call up too.

  6. I wish I could be as confident as other people blogging on this blog but I’m not confident. I also don’t think the rangers are going to win tonight. The lighting have been playing very well and we all know how the rangers have been playing. I’m getting close to the realization that this team is over rated and is not as good as people thought, is it the coaching or the type of players that the ranger brass have brought in?

  7. The thing that pisses me off the most are these stupid so-called Ranger fans who incessantly boo their own team. How pathetic, WE ALL KNOW THE TEAM IS STRUGGLING HOW BOUT SOME F%&$#@! SUPPORT FOR YOUR GUYS! We all get it you don’t like Malek, Hollwegg, Strudwick, Mara, Shanny, Gomez, Jagr, Drury, Staal, Callahan, Prucha, Lundqvist and oh yeah Renney and Sather. Please go root for another team! There are to other local teams who would love to have you. The Dev’s need help filling that building, go boo there. It’d be nice to hear a “let’s go rangers!” chant for once.

  8. Now every game i go into , i feel like a Yotes fan, expecting the loss, but trying to be optimistic.

    How many times are we gonna make these suck ass goaltenders look like Vezina nominees.


    What now this very very poor mans Lundqvist, Holmqvist??


    Greg Moore should be playing his first NHL game tonight. But i guess he isnt working hard enough, and wack job Renney makes the dumbest excuse in the world for not calling him up, basically saying he’d rather have Strudwick in the lineup, and Hollweg with Dubi and Pruchs…

    Sh*t Head!!!!

  9. SLOOT

    I completely agree…This is why i HATE NYR fans, and always avoid them, if im walking down the street.

    Most are a bunch of morons who i’d like to punch in there fat faces.

    Keep Boo’ing them, im sure there gonna do so much better.

    I just hope we dont become as classless as Isles fans, throwing garbage on the ice.

  10. Yeah man, You should never boo your team, or cheer when one of your own payers gets hammered behind the net. I was at the game and I couldn’t believe it. I had an Ottawa fan next to me who was shocked too.

  11. Normal franchises use injuries to players as an opportunity to take a look at the best of their minor league prospects. It is unbelieveable that this club, which hit the jackpot with injury call-ups Girardi and Callahan, last year, is not open to going back to that well. Too much success? This is crazy!

  12. I am glad I never played on a team with many of the posters in here. Most of you fold like a fuggin house of cards when there is trouble. And you are only fans. Thank GOD you don’t play on the team.

  13. If we had a team of no names and we were playing the exact same way most of you would be more patient. The players are still finding their system and they will start to score more goals and turn this around. It takes time. You don’t win anything in October. Ask any player and they will tell you that.

  14. Seriously, most NYR fans are like you friend who gets too drunk at any event he goes to and embarasses the rest of the party involved. When I take the train I try to stay far away from the rest of the blueshirts. Last time I even sat next to dancing granny on the way home just to avoid sitting next to the loud prick that I was going to sit near.

  15. Its so ridiculous. I wish one of the players would say something. Lets face it… This is our team,
    These are the players we have to support, we don’t get to make the decisions…SO instead of bashing Renney, fans should support him. He has so much more hockey knowledge and hockey sense than all these so called Ranger fans who THINK they know better but really know NOTHING.
    I like Hollwegg, when he’s buzzing around doin his thing its sweet.
    I like Malek, he has a great outlet pass and though he should play a more gritty style, he was great in the playoff run last year.
    I like Orr, he’s a bruiser, and he knows his place.

    I’d like to send a big BOO to all the fans… you guys suck!

  16. I actually do think the Rangers are going to win tonight. I just feel like tonight there will finally be a real sense of urgency and tonight the goal explosion is going to come. I think they’re going to win like 6-2 or something. I don’t know why, I just do. I feel like it’s time and they know it and will make it happen. (I hope)

  17. LOL
    Hey Orr,
    If you see Ranger fans walking down the street, do you cross over to the other side of the street to avoid them?
    Would you J walk to avoid them?

  18. I want to punch a lot of people in their fat stupid faces. Some of you guys on here, the real fans, are great. I really like to hear what you have to say, and it is humorous in a good way. All the others, can pucker up and kiss the crack in my back. Seriously go root for another team.

  19. SLOOT

    Im gonna Z-Walk if i have to, to avoid NYR fans. I just cant stand them, the only NYR fan friends i have, are friends that got into NYR cause of me.

    I was behind Renney, but his last comment about needing offense but not calling up Greg Moore, saying he doesnt wanna bring up a guy who will play 3rd or 4th line minutes. Cmon thats such BS. He gave Cally 4th line minutes, until he scored his first 2 NHL goals. Dawes too, and now look at him, playing with the 1st unit / 2nd unit. If your dealing with injuries, and your struggling with offense, you look at one of the farm boys, which ever one is doing the best, you bring up. Its not like Greg Moore is accidentally playing the best on the team, he has back to back game winning goals, and he’s been on fire.

    Renney is basically saying he doesnt want him on the team, he’d rather have Strudwick, his good buddy.

    I would drop this in a flash if this was about the Salary Cap, but it isnt. If it was, im sure he would say it, instead of saying dumb comments like he did. If i was Moore, i’d be depressed right now.


    We’ll be seeing Jason Ward tonight for the first time, we’ll see him on TBL”S PK. He’s been scoring, he has 2 goals and 1 assist in the last 3 games or something. Im looking foward to it, hopefully a win.

  20. I have taken a lot of heat here for my support of “kids” being promoted to Broadway sooner, rather than later, and it’s ok, philosophical differences are part of any communications exchange. But now, with this Greg Moore situation, I see what is the real problem. If Rangers management had an open, flowing pipeline of ready prospects to the big club, no one, not even I, would have to over-compensate by taking them to task for their extreme bias against young players with ability (and not all players who are young have the ability to make the jump, we know). Playing Strudwick over calling up Moore is proof that the focus is on salary cap considerations before winning, and on playing established mediocre-performance veterans before taking a shot with high upside prospects.

    And just look at the Power Play minutes allocated, so far…Jagr 60; Gomez 58; Drury 57; Shanahan 56 – whereas Dubinsky 14; Prucha 12; and Callahan just 5 minutes PP time, before his injury, says it all – a mindless discrimination against ESTABLISHED young players already here is very much in evidence.

    It is nothing short of S-I-C-K, friends. The inescapable conclusion is that this management team – both of them, really has to go. Best we can hope for is that Sather retires after this season and Schoenfeld takes over and brings in a coach who plays the players who can do the job, regardless of age considerations, and gets out of the way.

  21. Growing up, I used to take the LIRR back to Long Island after the games and man, you had to see what some of these Rangers Fans were like.

    White washed denim head to toe, construction boots, some wearing plaid lumberjack sweaters, or really bright blue ugly Rangers sweatshirts.

    After the game, while already piss drunk from drinking before and during the game, they would still manage to have a 6 pack of Pabst, or Busch at their disposal and continued their “Let’s Go Rangers” chants and “Potvin Sucks” the whole ride home while laughing incessantly, starting up with regular passengers with slurred speech, and stumling over while trying to exit the train.

    I think that the aforementioned crowd only makes up a few percent of Rangers Fans overall, but I always thought they would be more at home at the Coliseum.

  22. I’m with Rob for the most part on this one. There are certainly times when the booing of this team is uncalled for, especially on individual levels, and it comes off as very classless. But it’s not like MSG is the only arena where fans get upset and boo! And if it ever seems like that, its only because we’re passionate. We get on our teams back because we demand a lot from them, and frankly so far this season, even if we were demanding very little we’d still be unhappy with results. There’s a pride and a mystique that goes along with slipping in that blue sweater. When the lights dim and the music plays and the players take the ice, there’s no other team and no other arena where more people get chills and goosebumps from something so simple. The fans of this team take that seriously, and when the players don’t look like they do, the fans respond.

    Everyone thats disputing this has a very good point, this is our team and there are times when the fans need to help the players get their act together. But the interest this team gets on website and blogs and message boards and in attendance speaks volumes, too. I was at the Rangers/Bruins game last weekend and there were sections that were entirely empty! you want to talk about no support? There are teams where people don’t even show up to games! The fact that every seat in MSG is taken for every game, whether the occupant is cheering or booing is someone irrelevant when you think about the time and money some fans put into this team. I don’t think its so obsurd to think fans are going to get a little restless.

  23. All of the so called Ranger “fans” on this blog sicken me. The Rangers are the best team in the league, bar none. They haven’t lost a game yet this year. They just beat the Leafs 5-0. They’re coming off of 5 straight Stanley Cup championships.

    I’m so tired of all you people who look at the team critically. If you believe stat sheets and final scores and the NHL standings, then of course you’re never going to believe that the Rangers are the best team in the league. Why don’t you all go cheer for the Islanders, and I’ll sit back and relax with my 82-0-0 team and 150 goal scorer Scott Gomez.

    You all make me sick.

  24. I’m always amazed at the quick negativity on this blog. It is still early in the season (we still have 88% of our games left to play). There is plenty of time to turn this around. Avery went out in the second game of the year, remember? It has been since that point that the team has struggled. His presence in front of the net, combined with his speed, grit, and determination made the Rangers a different team last season after he arrived. Let’s give this team another month before we’re ready to lynch anybody.

  25. Rob L. October 29th, 2007 at 11:25 am

    there are a lot of angry people on this blog. everyone needs to relax.

    Hey Rob
    I am angry, watching the game the other night and hearing the boos just really got under my skin. Didn’t even check the blogs etc. yesterday cause I was so pissed.
    I’m not going to argue that every move made this season or last season for that matter has been good.
    Yeah some have been bad, but regardless, I think this team is committed to youth. However that being said the answer is not always bring up youth. Gregg Moore scores a couple goals and now he is the savior. Next week it will be Anisimov and we should call him up. When does it end?
    At some point we are going to have to have the players who are here develop some chemistry.

  26. There is a lot to say but most of you should relax. I’m the same, after games like against Leafs I want to fire Renney but the next day I’m fine. Time heals wounds. No doubt the team is struggling but it’s no surprise for me. Why?
    Renney lost whole preseason to select right prospect for the system which by the way it’s kind of problematic with skilled players like Rangers have. Suddenly, you want Jagr and Straka to transform from what they’re playing for years to something opposite? They DO like to posses the puck, not to drop it and forecheck like Renney wants. Come on. There was a lot of changes in the lineup, not Nylander for instance, that I can take because he didn’t want to re-sign. I’m talking about Cullen. He was VERY important player last year and we just traded him for peanuts. I know, Salary Cup… but I still cannot believe they’re paying Gomez $10M !!! Jez… No doubt we need Avery, there is nobody in front of the opposite team’s golies. That is why it seems like they play “Vezina” against Rangers. Also, how come our “big-guns” miss a lot, or if not they aim at the center of the goal? Is there something wrong with Jagr, Gomez, Drury and Co. shot accurancy? Why, the hell when it looks like we play a good game then suddenly there is couple of minutes that we’re allowing couple of goals and that’s it? Concentration? Why, while having 2-3 enforcers in the lineup we look WEAK? I hope all that was addressed at yesterday meeting, I hope. Also, don’t think that Gregg Moore will pull this team out of scoring-slump. It’s immature.
    I’ll be watching tonights game but I’m all worried. I guess, for Dolan mission is completed already. Season is SOLD OUT. Sad but true.

  27. I was at the Rangers/Bruins game last weekend and there were sections that were entirely empty! you want to talk about no support? There are teams where people don’t even show up to games! The fact that every seat in MSG is taken for every game, whether the occupant is cheering or booing is someone irrelevant when you think about the time and money some fans put into this team.

    Hey John,
    The seats may be sold but… the garden is not always full.

  28. Drop the Puck! on

    I’m on the side of the fan base to support the team, each player, and our coach. The ignorant bunch of you that keeps crying for Moore are retarded. You think that he’s going to get shanny/jags/dru/gomer/and the likes going? HE’S your answer? haha.
    The team will be fine. If anyone is to blame for the “slow start”(thanks sam) it’s Slats, for bringing in 2 high profile centers and disrupting the team chemistry that was in place. I’m not saying that having the new guys is a bad thing, at all, but it takes time. Greg Moore is not the answer(not now anyway, and I do like him too). But it comes down to time. They’ll come out of this funk sooner or later, and we’ll start comparing “last season at this point’ type stats. This team is built for a run at the cup. Not a run at the Presidents Trophy.
    And you A–Holes that boo the team everynight make me friggin sick. I’ll be there on Saturday, so do me a favor and stay home that night. I don’t get to as many games as I used to.

  29. Wouldnt it be cool if NYR won 12 – 0 tonight. Lol, that would be great.


    Im totally confused by your post, with the 82 – 0 – 0, 150 goals by Gomez, and 5 – 0 win, 5 cup wins. Im lost, i know your not serious, but i cant tell what you mean by it. Ive been thinking about it for like 25 mins. Explain it to me, so i can go on with my life!!! Please. Im speding to much time on one comment.

  30. I’m a little shocked that this team thinks it can put up a half -explitive- effort and win hockey games.

    They beat the Devils 2-0 and then in drills the next day the coach has to yell at them for lazy skating!!! Of course they lost the game aginst the Leafs. Why wouldn’t they?!!! They think beating the Devs gets them somewhere. So much so that they think they can be lazy in practice!!!

    Until this squad of underachievers puts forth a real 60 minute effort… they’ll continue to lose games because of a “two or three minute breakdown” and they’ll get shutout in back to back games making lackluster goaltenders look like so many Patrick Roys.

    That’s the problem with big money contracts… it breeds laziness and a real lack of heart. Which is the only thing I can see wrong with this team right now.

    Harsh but true.

    But it’s still early right? They can just go 17-4 to finish the season and get into the play-offs as the 6th seed. Right?

    Or maybe they go 15-6 and miss the play-offs by one point.

    It is early but you can only say that for 2 or 3 more games IMHO.

  31. Fans that are booing their own team are morons. Fans booing players because it is “the in” thing are just jumping on the band wagon. I am sure you believe booing Malik is helping him and the team, but I do not see it. I believe management is not bringing someone up right now because Avery is close, the cap, and at some point you have to win with the guys you have. The fourth line play of Strudwick is not going to change the game or putting any kid on the ice for 8 minutes. If the big guns don’t score the team is going to struggle. Get them going and the fourth line is there for what it should be, hitting and fighting.

  32. Orr,

    I was just agreeing with the people who hate the fans that are critical of the team. I’m sick and tired of people believing what they see on ESPN highlights and what they read in newspapers and what they see on the MSG broadcasts. The fact of the matter is that the team is perfect, there is no problem, and expecting the team to be better at hockey means you’re not a Rangers fan and you should go cheer for the Islanders.

  33. pollyanna fans are just as disgusting. if you can’t give honest criticism of your team then you are a mindless robot who lives in fantasyland.

    it is obvious that Sean Avery is the catalyst for this team. he was the key last year when they were dead before acquiring him, and now this year they went in the tank after he got hurt.

    they have talent, but very little heart and snarl until Avery brings it out of them by actually COMPETING AGGRESSIVELY with passion and antagonizing opponents to get them off their game and get them to make mistakes and take penalties.

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