NHL reviewing Rangers second goal


Don’t worry: the Rangers still won. But there’s a chance the Rangers second goal went off Brendan Shanahan’s skate. The league is reviewing.

More when I have it…

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  1. 1. I sat in the third row at center ice and from my position i saw with my own eyes that it was not kicked in and then the sexy brand new LCD monitors on the giant scoreboard confirmed this.
    2. i sat a few rows behind Sean Avery and until he realized there were some hot girls behing me and then he sat there… he was very focused (on the game also) and wasnt really happy or siked to be there until we made it 3-1. then i sat and said hi and chatted with him. he was good and he loved my hat so he was money he said he felt good and couldnt wait to play.
    3. i also met linda cohn of espn and lets just say she had a fun night… and yes they do sell beer at the garden!!!
    4. i guess we can win games….. once again thanks to NIGEL DAWES… the first goal was his and the second goal was his only because he stayed on to long, got hossa pissed and then drew a penalty which led to the game winning goal so thanks Dawes for not getting on for Hossa.

  2. Goal is being reviewed just to see if it should be credited to Shanny or Jagr, I assume. You can’t take away a goal after the puck drops and the clock resumes, so I assume after the game is over you can’t either.

  3. What a nice win. Great play by Dawes, Hossa, Hollweg(!) and many others. Great to see.

    Couple thoughts:

    The main reason the Rangers make other team’s goalies look great is taking too long to get off a shot, allowing the goalies to square up. Combine that with trying to pick corners and…less goals.

    Also, I think Prucha could use a seat for a game. Too much thinking on the ice and he looks like his confidence is down. I know sitting him may be at odds with this problem, but maybe it will get him to realize he has to relax and play his game.

    But, still, so nice to watch them play well and to win.

  4. i was sitting in 419, and avery was up there while we scored the 2nd and 3rd goals. so cool that he came up there and chilled with us.

  5. Calling You Out on

    Tim, unless they changed the name of section 82 to section 419, you’re full of [expletive removed.] I was in row G of Sec. 82 and he was in row J for the entire game, including when the goals were scored.

  6. Tim you liar cus i swear on my life he was down with us right behind the bench.. i have season tickets in 318 but my uncle was down low and told me to come so i did and avery was there the whole time except for the begining of periods and end of periods and during intermission so he went to the locker room when not down low.

  7. Everybody relax…..he sat center ice for a while down low and moved upstairs for a while as well. Cant we all just get along….

  8. seriously? what a waste of money. even if it hit him in the foot, there was nary a hint of a distinct kicking motion. if anything, he was hopping over it. They really should be reviewing that phantom penalty shot call.

  9. So Shanahan gets a third star, for what, Scoring a PP goal, and for getting a second assist on the other PP goal? There you go, SECOND ASSIST on a power play goal – only in the fantasy world NHL do we recognize everyone and his little sister, right out of the P.C. “equality of outcome” playbook.

    All Dawes did was score the game’s first goal AT EVEN STRENGTH,. but not to worry, he is not in the running for any post-season awards, so the P.R. machine just rolls on where it comes to three stars awards, and to Jagr and “Father Time” Shanahan, who surely is up for some kind of “lifetime achievemant” award, same as Hollywood gives to burned-out actors who never won anything when they were young and working.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Bad news fellas. I am really bad luck for the team when I go to a game, and I’m going to 3 within the next 10 days. I’ll be at the Thurs, Sat, and next Thurs games.

    Three more losses. Sorry folks.

  11. Robby you continue to prove you have a one track #s mind. You’ll probably say similar things about Avery, who might not show up on the scoreboard but will definitely show up on the ice every game. He will get this team going. But you will look at a stat sheet.

  12. DOODIE maybe there can be a collection taken up to pay you to not go;-) Don’t worry, like Renney you’re not on the ice deciding the game.

  13. attn ‘calling you out’ and ‘elliot’

    With about 10 minutes to go in the third period (give or take), Avery was standing outside our section on the rail by the elevator. People rushed up to him for about 10 minutes grabbing autographs, during which the rangers scored the first goal. He actually sat down in section 420, in row D on the 419 side for the third goal. So no I am not ‘full of s*’. Right after the third goal was scored, the ushers escorted him into the elevator outside of my section where he signed my ticket with the sharpie that he himself had.

    I don’t know why anyone thinks I would concoct a story about meeting Sean Avery in a blog. Seriously people, come on.

  14. Robby you wrote

    “lifetime achievemantâ€? award, same as Hollywood gives to burned-out actors who never won anything when they were young and working.”

    While young and working Shanny won 3 Stanley cups a gold medal countless all star games and he’s 12th on the all time goal scoring list. You are an idiot!

    Shanny played a great game last night.

  15. Doodie.. no worries we’re undefeated in games i go to so hopefully i can reverse or atleast neutralize your bad luck.
    plus washington is really good so we need to be on our A game anyways

  16. Good points on your part, but don’t overlook my basic premise was the screwing of Dawes out of the first or second star for the game, and no one who saw the game, or the numbers attached to the game is disputing that.

  17. Robby just because some P.R. guys award Shanny a star instead of Dawes you think its justified to call Shanny father time and other insults? Get a grip.

    Who cares about the stars of the game anyway, 2 ponts is what I care about.

  18. I’m pretty sure that the 3 stars of the game are chosen by the “sports writers” and not by the Rangers’ PR people. So the three stars are chosen by people like Sam Weinman, John Dellapina, and Steve Zipay.

    Great game by the Rangers all around. Glad to see people have stopped booing Malik.

    Why would they bother reviewing the goal after the game? He didn’t kick it. It bounced off a lightning D man’s skate before his anyway.

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