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The estimable Dave Maloney, who in addition to being a former Rangers captain and now their radio color analyst was once my counselor at Maloney Brothers Hockey Camp, had what might be the perfect analogy to describe Scott Gomez’s transition to New York.


Those of who you are fans of the film “Shawshank Redemption” will understand it. In it, Gomez is the sad character who spends the majority of his adult life in prison (i.e. playing in the Devils’ structured defensive system), only to struggle once he is given his freedom (i.e. coming to New York).

Here’s hoping Gomez’s outcome is a little brighter than in the movie The season might be bleak. But it can’t be that bleak.

As for some updates:

  • As previously reported, no lineup changes tonight, and barring any dramatic changes, there probably won’t be anyone called up by Thursday. While Sean Avery is only possible for the Capitals, he would be at least day-to-day by that point.
  • Tom Renney again stressed the need for traffic in front of the opposing net, but also said players need to be less particular with their targetss. The coach referenced a Brett Hull quote from a few years back in which the sniper said he only had a vague idea where he was shooting. Then Renney brought up Brendan Shanahan, who is second in the league with 58 shots, but who has just one goal to show for it.

    “Sometimes they do overthink it,” Renney said. “I think Shanny should just rip it at the net. The other night he hit three or four shots wide. Great shots, but I would aim for (the midsection). Maybe it goes down, but the worst case scenario is he’s going to have to make a save and there’s a 50-50 chances you’re going to get a rebound.”

    It’s not a bad point. The Rangers are too busy picking at corners that they’re often sending teams the other way when they miss the net.

  • Dan Boyle will indeed play his first game of the season for Tampa Bay, but only on the power play. The Lightning will still only skate six defensemen.
  • Because of the Red Sox sweep, the game will be on 1050 ESPN Radio and not Radio Disney tonight.
  • Big minor hockey action on the Garden ice before the game, with a team from Bronxville edging Greenwich. No truth to the rumor Glen Sather had approached one 10-year-old about sticking around to man the point on the power play.

    Updated, 6:55 p.m.: Worth noting: Renney mentioned before the game that Sunday’s canceled day off was the first time he had ever done that. Not so! Through the powerful archives of the Blog, there is “this entry from last year”:, when the Rangers got shellacked in Buffalo on Saturday night, and were back on the ice for an unscheduled practice the next morning. The coach clearly has a lot on his mind, so I’ll cut him some slack for forgetting.

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    1. Doodie Machetto on

      I don’t think amount of injury should factor into it. You never know who has an egg shell skull or who has a skull or iron. The more violent incident could result in less injury. Looking at the hit, it was a hard boarding hit, but definitely lacked any malice. I think the refs got it right, a major and a game misconduct. I’m not crazy about there being a suspension at all, but I think one or two games is the max of what it should have been.

      However, I’m disappointed to see that there hasn’t been some action taken against the Flyers as an organization. The rules have the fine against the coach for the instigator penalty late in a game, and if im not mistaken, it has an incremental scale for multiple incidents. This should be analagous. Multiple suspsensions from one team in one season: All before the 15th game of the regular season! Discipline needs to go to the Flyers as an organization more than Jones.

      And here’s hoping Gomez doesn’t hang himself.

    2. What Renney said: “I think Shanny should just rip it at the net.”

      Translation – what Renney didn’t say: “I think Shanny looks like crud when it comes to shooting direction, velocity, and quickness of release.

      The last sound bites anyone should buy into are public relations/whitewashing, cosmetic statements. Hasn’t been that long since Shanahan was telling us how he really wanted to play in New York. Now the question is – for which pee wee team?

    3. SAM ….Dave Maloney is one of the best at what he does. He tells it straight. I’d like to hear him do a game on TV with Sam or Nicoletti.
      For all the Shanahan detractors, Renney is playing him too much by putting him on the PK.

    4. Does anybody know where i can watch the game online? I am a rangers fan in Dallas and i cannot get any of their games on cable downhere.

    5. it’s ironic that it took injuries for dawes to get a chance in the nhl and he has been the rangers only offense in the past 2 out of 3 games. This team is not going to win games if the team can only score 1 goal a game, ridiculous.

    6. this looks like its going to be the eral breakthrough game. I have a big feeling here.

      that penalty shot call was a JOKE and they guys are finally pissed off

      they explode tonight.

    7. Rouse – This website has been really good for me (I am so glad it is here, I don’t have TV lol):

      You have to download the program SopCast. The TB games under the Lightning/Rangers link doesn’t work, but the VP4 link/channel is working. The quality is pretty crappy, but it is better than nothing.

    8. Not only shooting the puck on the power play, but look what happens when you put someone in front of the net on the PP. 2 goals. Go Shanny!

    9. nyrblue2,
      What is amazing is that has been the formula since I started following and playing hockey, not hard to do.

    10. I know the rangers will win tonight and i am very happy but it bugs me that the rangers lost to toronto 4-1 who is the worst defensive team by far in hockey and is losing tonight at home to of all teams the washington caps 6-1.

    11. That is what we need. We need to score 3 goals a night and hank and the D will take care of the rest. Good win, and Jagr did have a good game. He blew that break away, but he played well. His mouth must have been killing him and you could tell he was all pissed off. Maybe that is what it takes. Maybe Orr should punch him in the mouth between shifts, haha.

    12. overall, solid game tonight. those two pp goals were really encouraging and dawes is playing well. does anyone know who the 3 stars were? i’m in tampa watching the game on sunsportstv and they didn’t show them (announcers weren’t too bad either, honestly). there was nothing lundqvist could do about that lecavalier shot; he’s got so many moves.

    13. even though jagr isn’t lighting up the lamp as much as I’m sure he would like, jagr has played a good two way game and at least once a game in the past few games has made an important back check that possibly saved a goal. Hopefully this will be the turning point and the goals will start to come more frequently.

    14. Jagr was awesome on the post game interview. Referring to his missing teeth:

      “It’s Halloween tomorrow…I guess I don’t need to buy a mask…”

    15. Now jagr looks like the captain, missing teeth, fat lip, he reminds me of Bobby Clarke back in the 70’s.

    16. Re the three stars, it shoud be more like “three stars,” incredibly, Dawes did not get one, despite the fact that he scored the game’s first goal at even-strength. The ever popular “Shanny,” however, did get one and his was a power play goal to make the score 3-1.

      Apart from players who are “media darlings” around here, I will give Shanahan credit for being IN THE CREASE, when he redirected the Drury pass for his score. The Rangers are going to need a lot more of that to get untracked.

      The three stars were awarded to 1. Jagr; 2. Lundqvist, and, 3. Shanahan. Dawes deserved the first or second star, depending on where you put Hank. I would give Dawes the first star, tonight, but then who am I to judge from home on TV? Hossa and Dubinsky looked strong, also, but they need to break out.

    17. Nasty 1 and Robby, thanks. I, too, thought for sure Dawes would definitely be a star in some capacity. It was a quality redirection.

      Haha also funny Jagr comment.

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