Flyers’ Jones suspended for two games


The Flyers’ Randy Jones was suspended two games for his hit-from-behind on Boston’s Patrice Bergeron.

The statement from Colin Campbell:

“While it is my determination that Jones did not intend to injure his opponent, he did deliver a hard check to a player who was in a vulnerable position. There have been suggestions by some that this hit was comparable to incidents earlier this season where players received significant game suspensions for blows to the head. These comparisons and suggestions are wrong.”

This doesn’t have any direct relevance to the Rangers, but it’s worth asking if the suspension would have been worse if Bergeron was seriously injured (thankfully, he wasn’t), or if it should have been. I think yes on both fronts.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m simply shocked that the suspension wasn’t in the 10-15 games range. Jones may not have a history, but the Flyers new “Hit and Conquer” strategy keeps injuring opposing players. And, unfortunately, if the league isn’t going to make a statement to stop the Flyers someone (an opposing goon) will when they take out Briere or Gagne. I hate to see it go that route, but its very necessary. And the Flyers can’t even defend their gameplan because they aren’t targetting bottom-line players either. All 3 players were primary or secondary line players.

  2. I think he got off way to easy. I don’t understand this league. If Bergerons head was down he would be paralyzed for life. Hitting from behind is what needs to be taken out of hockey permanently. A 2 game suspension is a joke. Nice going Colin..

  3. The suspension was unwarranted. These hits happen nearly every game. At some point, players near the boards have to take some responsibility for leaving themselves in a vulnerable position.

    At least Campbell had the intelligence to point out that this hit was nothing like the Downie/Boulerice incidents. I’d like to see some of that intelligence trickle down into the “new NHL’s” fanbase.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike, “leaving themselves vulnerable”…so by your logic this is Bergeron’s fault and every player should back-skate to the boards to retreive a puck so they can see whether they are about get hit or not!! That would eliminate all checks from behind, Hahaha, but thats a joke. Bergeron was skating hard to get the puck as it wrapped around the boards and as he jammed on his brakes Jones rode him (face-first) into the dasher. If every player stopped putting themselves into “vulnerable” positions by skating hard (at the boards) to get pucks then the game would grind to a halt. No one would play hard, they would just be watching over their shoulders and waiting for illegal hits so they didn’t put themselves in vulnerable positions. And by all means, its your prerogative to request the game slow-down like that, but I’d rather you start watching baseball instead and not ruin it for the rest of us.


  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think amount of injury should factor into it. You never know who has an egg shell skull or who has a skull or iron. The more violent incident could result in less injury. Looking at the hit, it was a hard boarding hit, but definitely lacked any malice. I think the refs got it right, a major and a game misconduct. I’m not crazy about there being a suspension at all, but I think one or two games is the max of what it should have been.

    However, I’m disappointed to see that there hasn’t been some action taken against the Flyers as an organization. The rules have the fine against the coach for the instigator penalty late in a game, and if im not mistaken, it has an incremental scale for multiple incidents. This should be analagous. Multiple suspsensions from one team in one season: All before the 15th game of the regular season! Discipline needs to go to the Flyers as an organization more than Jones.

  6. Imagine Hollweg or Avery doing the same, exact hit. There would be 10-15 games suspension 100 percent. Colin Campbell is a joke.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    And Truefans, I think there is a vulnerable position that needs to be protected, but I don’t believe being along the boards, in any context, is one of them. You should know that if you’re near the boards, your liable to get crunched.

    I think open ice can have a vulnerable position that needs protection, although, not all vulnerable positions in open ice should be protected.

  8. I think he should have had a couple more games then this to be honest but I do see a very clear difference from the other situations the league has dealt with thus far in the season.

    What I really hate about some of these calls is the guys along the boards that turn away from a check at the last second only to be piled in head first. That wasn’t the case with Bergeron or Jones but it’s happening an awful lot to Hollweg as he’s attempting to finish what would be a clean check until he’s a foot away. That’s really a case where the responsibility has to lie with the player being checked IMO.

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