No one up


Shows how much I know. The Rangers opted against calling anyone up for today, and will likely produce the same lineup for tomorrow against the Lightning.

As for today’s practice, I have my kindhearted co-owner Steve Zipay to thank for the details since I was a no-show (a trip to the zoo had already been planned. It’s not my son’s fault the Rangers can’t score any goals).

Most telling: the team had a 45-minute closed-door meeting beforehand which included a film session of last night’s game. They later practiced for 45 minutes, at the end of which Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, Jaromir Jagr, and Brendan Shanahan all congregated on their own at the end of the rink to work on the power play.

There were no punishing wind sprints. Maybe if there wasn’t a game tomorrow, it would have been a different story.

The only player not to practice was Sean Avery, and that according to Tom Renney was merely to provide the wing a recovery day after several intense skates last week.

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  1. It’s ridiculous that they won’t call anyone up…we are so offensively challenged that any new blood can’t hurt. Strud-Betts-Orr just won’t score ever, why keep trying it

  2. After watching the Jones – Bergeron play, I don’t know if Jones should be suspended at all, maybe one game. You can tell that it was just really unlucky, not clearly intentional like those other two Flyers suspensions this season.

  3. Sam did you pay your blog rent, or are you being cheap about that too? ;-) I’m getting word press a lot.

  4. Hey Sam,

    What do you think of these two suggestions for our Blueshirts:

    1) For the PP and for even strength – when in the offensive zone, the Rangers need to get back to the time when they had a guy like Adam Graves who’s sole job was to stand in the slot on the PP and even strength. How has Renney not thought of this. Not only does it offer a screen to the goalie, but it allows for deflections and rebounds for some ugly goals – which is exactly what the Rangers need right now. Dubinsky would be a good candidate and Avery would be great once he returns. This would help the PP immensely in my opinion.

    2) Establish a consistent forecheck throughout the four lines and keep in going throughout the game. Renney must install this and get the players, even Jags and the European players to buy into it. Shanny, Drury, Gomez and other of the big guys need to start forechecking and backchecking. Right now, Dubinsky is leading the way along with Blair Betts on the forecheck, along with the young guys who seem to remember what a forecheck is – Dawes, Prucha, Callahan, etc. We need the vets and the big guns to take the lead. I remember the 94 team and Keenan always had that team forechecking from lines 1 through 4. Forechecking leads to turnovers, offensive chances and pressure that leads to goals – see the Anaheim Ducks of last year as further example.

    Sam, what are your thoughst on these suggestions? Has Renney said anything about these and do you think he would actually install a Holmstrom like player in the slot on our PP, hey it wouldnt hurt at this pt to take a chance with it.


  5. Bull Fuggin Sh*t

    Jones should get a big suspension. He HIT HIM FROM BEHIND, to many players are doing that, and it has to stop, just because Bergeron is breathing right now doesnt mean Colin “asshole” Campbell can puss out and let them get out of this. He didnt have to hit him but he did, unlucky or not, it happened. He should get 20 games or less at least, and John Stevens should get suspended, and Paul Holmgren should get fined.

    3rd time of the year, Philly has done something illegal like this. If Colin was quick to give Boulerice 25 games, he shouldnt have to think twice about this.

    If he doesnt suspend Jones, i will be extremely pissed. I guess once a player dies, then they’ll start taking charges, and hits from behind a bit more serious then a 2o game suspension. Pathtic!!!!

    Im beginning to turn against Renney big time. Im trying to hang in there and not act like every other NYR fan, but its getting annoying. How many times do i, and every NYR fan have to say it….WE NEED OFFENSE!!!!

    He can drop his wimpy “F” Bombs to the team, and try and get through t them, but he’s doing some poor coaching right now, and im getting sick of it.

    Get Greg Moore on this g*d damn team already, how will it fuggin hurt us, he’ll do a hell of alot more then Hollweg, and Strudwick.


  6. “Time to call Messier and have him take charge”

    You joke, but I have a feeling he’d be doing a better job behind the bench

  7. Sorry ORR, but intent needs to be considered. No way the Jones play was as bad as those other two morons. I think 5 games is a reasonable suspension to send a message of responsibility, but anything more is not apporpriate. The fact that it is a Flyer after the other two incidents makes it seem worse than it actually was. Orr’s hit on Ovechkin was worse than Jones hit.

  8. forecheck and put a guy in fornt of the net

    yeah i’m sure no one ever thought of that…

    they just dont do it….

  9. Colorado mr colon goes more by injuries rather than intent. Give him 25 too, you can never trust a sneaky cryer.

  10. Ranger Forwards Power Play FIB. Ratings (Per 100 PP minutes playing time) (Excludes 5 on 3 scores.)


    GOMEZ……….. 47 58:21 = 81

    STRAKA 34 26:43 = 127

    DAWES 21 6:22 = 330

    SHANAHAN 8 56:39 = 14

    Jagr (59:59), and Drury (57:17) have no PP goals, so no FIB PP points, thus far.

  11. Sam, for the love of God, please get a real answer as to why the Rangers won’t call a forward up from Hartford. And don’t accept the pat answer of that player only being a third or fourth line player. Any team that is having as much scoring as the Rangers needs all forward hands on deck. It is not like the third and fourth lilnes have been scoring.

    The Rangers caught lightning in the bottle last year when they gave Callahan and Girardi a shot so why not try it again. Heck, they got a win thanks to Dawes so maybe a Greg Moore pays off. Goodness knows he will try harder than some of the guys in read, white and blue – plus he is big enough to stand in front of the net on the power play, that is if someone on the Rangers remembers that it is still egal to screen a goalie on a power play.

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