Never a good sign


The Rangers had a scheduled off day tomorrow. They don’t anymore.

Is it time to panic? Maybe it’s still early. But in the words of Yogi Berra, it gets late early around here.

Or something like that…

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  1. Sam, could it be one of those no puck practices we had back in high school? Maybe not the whole time but they sure could use a good hour to whip them into shape and get them to quit being lazy. They DESERVE it cause they took tonight off.

    Some big move is coming.

  2. I would love to see that happen but yes it will never happen. I would like to see what 4 youngsters would do. Could it be worse??

  3. longtimerangersfan on

    Had to go out for the evening and set the VCR to record the game…thankfully I screwed up and it didn’t tape. Don’t know what happened except what I’ve read on the post but it sounds like this team STILL needs some direction.

  4. i just hope greg moore gets the call for monday and hollweg goes back to the 4th line playing his 4 minutes a game and strudwick can sit again

  5. My fault. Every time this season I DVR the game (I live in FL) they lose.

    Game 1- went o0t a bar because the lousy cable here (Brighthouse Networks… division of Time Warner) didn’t offer the package yet. WIN

    DVR against the Senators (both times) and Isles… losses!!!

    Watched the Caps game live… WIN!!!

    Couldn’t DVR the Devils game… girlfriend was taping other stuff… WIN!!!

    DVR tonight… LOSS!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. your boy malik on

    At the game last night – all I thought was – BORING -like Devils hockey…..every now and then Hank is going to let in a bad one or make a bad play – they need to step up and give him some support or he’ll be burned out! I’m missing Nylander’s circling….

  7. Robby a response. Are you a NYR fan fan since 1951 son? When calling names or laying blame in any place you see fit works, let me know. Last time I looked this is a TEAM sport. Your hopeless posts are boring. You must be happy the NYR are losing, so you can think you’re right as a critic in your unrealistic pursuit of perfection. Not everything is 2+ 2. By the way the world is round . Bonfire fits you.

  8. It goes to show you how bad the rangers offense is when they couldn’t even have many scoring chances on the Maple leafs who are by far the worst defensive team in hockey. I know people keep saying it’s early only ten games, than 20, thirty, etc…
    next thing you know the rangers are outside looking in and out of the playoffs.

  9. bklynblue,
    I know but the teams offensive inability is getting to be a concern and considering this team was suppose to be very good it’s becoming truly disappointing. I guess i was expecting much more and I’m not seeing it so maybe i should bring down my expectations of this team.

  10. tomg you just have expand your time frame. The offense will come eventually. Avery is sorely & surely missed.

  11. Interesting, re …”Unrealistic pursuit of perfection.”

    I am reminded of the first time the Green Bay Packers went to the Super Bowl. To get there, they had to stop Dallas, near their goal line, from scoring at the end of the game. LB Dave Robinson intercepted a Don Meredith pass in the end zone to protect the lead and clinch the win.

    While everyone in the clubhouse was celebrating, Vince Lombardi was mad as hell, and took it out on Robinson. It seems Robinson was OUT OF POSITION, on his game-saving interception.

    Today, it is called “The Vince Lombardi Trophy” for good reason – his PERFECTIONISM!

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