So long, Kaspar


John Dellapina has confirmation that Darius Kasparaitis is “headed back to play in the Russian Elite League “:

If the Rangers were never quite comfortable burying the defenseman in the minors, this is a welcome scenario.

More later…

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  1. Sam- Any chance you can pass on a message or my email to Chad Killam for me? Ask him if he recalls his hockey school goalie coach “Mark the Shark”. He’s from PEI and I spent my summers working at the hockey school he went to. I’d love to get in touvh with him. No worries if it isn’t possible- I don’t want to compromise your journalistic integrity, but the name jumped out at me and PEI hockey is a small world.

  2. “All the best to Kasparitis. Only 2 guys remain from pre-lockout, Jagr & Tytuin”

    Those two, and Pock also, if you want to count him.

    I wish him the best. But he was horrible last season, and even though he tried to get his game back, it still looked horrible. Next, we need to dump Strudsy, and then maybe we can see Sauer play sometime this year. Hopefully.


    The Rangers will win tomorrow 3 – 1.

    Hossa, Dawes will score, and Shanahan will get an empty net goal.


    – Ghost

  4. longtimerangersfan on

    On Renney’s colorful language…I went through Marine boot camp in ’62 and know from experience that “gosh darn it” just wouldn’t cut it. We heard, I’m sure, every epletive that has ever been thought up and then some. If any of you have seen Full Metal Jacket, the boot camp part was as close to the real thing that you can get…R. Lee Ermey, my hero.

  5. Kasper’s contract wasn’t on the books because he had cleared waivers and was in the minors. Shrewd Lou in New Jersey began perfecting that practice a few years ago when he sent Moligny and McGill to Albany, giving the River Rats two players earning %5.5-6 million. But it can hurt young guys who don’t make that much, like former Rangers/Wolf Pack goalie Jason LaBarbera. When the Kings lost two goalies last season, Cloutier and Garon, LaBarbera was stuck in Manchester because LA thought he’d be claimed for half his salary ($800,000 to start the season). But overpaid guys can get stuck in the minors because teams don’t want to be stuck with half from cap number on their books even if they’re with another team. But good luck to Kasper. He was always very professional and hard trier, even if his skills had eroded. Even the kids in Hartford got a kick out of free-spirited nature.

  6. It’s so sad especially after Kaspar got all into shape and hockey-ready so he can be a Ranger.

  7. What is sad is people thinking that there should be a place on the NY Rangers roster for a wash-up rummy.

  8. That “ghost” thing is unacceptable. Grow up.

    NYRich82, sorry, I posted my response to you in the last comments section by mistake. But, in short, cursing in the workplace is fine with me, if it’s not a personal attack. It provides emphasis and gets attention. So…go Tom.

    The worst thing about Kaspar leaving, and I wish him the best, is that someone seems to have told Toots to abandon the hip check. As well as T’s playing, I did love that he’d picked up that move. It’s nasty, if maybe ill-advised sometimes.

  9. Can’t say I’m too disappointed to read that Darcy Tucker’s injured. Hopefully the Blueshirt offense will be able to focus.

  10. Robby what’s sad is your need to post & call Kasparitis that, and trying to put down NYR fans. You just proved being numbers smart does not spread smart across the rest of your brain. It must be tough being you. Don’t bother to respond, I’ll just ignore you.

  11. “…Put down NY Ranger fans?” What the hell do you think I am, a jerk for the Flyers? I’ve been a Ranger fan since before you were born.

    Look, I have nothing against Kasparaitis, in fact, he and I share the same birthday. It’s just that I rank WINNING above SENTIMENT, when it comes to the priorities I want my favorite hockey team to demonstrate. Too often this team has coddled washed-up dregs for far to long.

    Inviting Ozolinsh back, a year ago. ranks with me as the most indefensible management player personnel move I have ever seen in professional sports. I’m sorry, but I want my hockey team to go with today’s winners, not yesterday’s memories. There just is nothing left in Kasparaitis’ tank, and even to waste a roster spot in Hartford with him for one month is embarrassingly asinine.

    Take these brain-dead personnel decisions I am critical of out on Sather, once in a blue moon, why don’t you? Why should I have to defend my lending constructive criticism to his moronic choices, even if I am sardonic and not very nice about it? So many complaints here, when the team so much as loses a game. Losing a hockey game BEGINS with crazy management decisions, not when the first puck is dropped.

    We all thank Kasparaitis for his time and contribution here, but it was time to turn the page.

  12. Robby Bonfire,
    I totally agree, couldn’t have said it better myself. I would think that ranger fans who are knowledgeable would realize this especially when it seems like the past three years including this year when the rangers give one of the kids a chance in the farm system how it makes the rangers better with young fresh legs and incentive to win.

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