No one up


No one appears to be up from Hartford for tonight, unless that player made the very bold and very unwise decision to skip today’s optional skate.

But I doubt it. More likely the Rangers will use Jason Strudiwck at forward, presumably on the fourth line, and bump Ryan Hollweg up to the third.

Curiously, there is, however, a new face at practice, and it is a diminutive goaltender who I’m 99 percent sure is not in the Rangers system but a goalie for nearby Manhattanville College. The reason he’d be here is because Henrik Lundqvist likes to skip optional skates, so this allows the Rangers to use two goalies.

I’ll have more on all of this in a bit…

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  1. I’d like to see Hollweg up on the top line with Gomez and Jagr. Obviously, not to score. But, I think they need someone to distract the opponent’s defenseman away from a line of 3 softees.

  2. Struds? Excellent. So if we’re not going to see any goals, at least we may get a fight or two.

    btw Sam – this comes from the Boston Herald:

    According to sources in the B’s dressing room, Reebok has been unable to correct problems with the new jerseys introduced this season across the NHL and will replace them at the company’s expense with new uniforms made of the old materials.

    Players have complained since training camp that the new jerseys, which are supposed to be lighter and allow sweat to evaporate out through the shirts, have instead trapped water inside and gotten heavier. . . .

  3. hollweg on the 3rd line? struds on the 4th?

    wow. im having second thoughts about whether or not i should even bother watching this.

    what the hell is renney thinking?

  4. knowing our luck the rangers will probably score a goal tonight so these lines will stay together until players come back from injury

  5. Someon mentioned it in the last thread, but I would like to see Dawes-Gomez-Prucha. Put some people together that actually like skating fast…

  6. Good to see there was an optional skate. I understand its a gameday, but come on, I think this team could use as much practice time as possible.

  7. According to sources in the B’s dressing room, Reebok has been unable to correct problems with the new jerseys introduced this season across the NHL and will replace them at the company’s expense with new uniforms made of the old materials.

    This is hilarious. Not to mention, virtually everyone hates the way they look. So if they’re going to replace the new jerseys with the material from the old jerseys, what is the point, exactly of the new jerseys? To make everyone look stupider?

    Hey Gary, whaddaya say you give up the failed venture into merchandising and go back to the old hockey jerseys that everyone loves? Hockey is all about tradition. We as Ranger fans hold up our end of the bargain by continuing to attend games as our team loses. How about you?

  8. Lots of laughs with Hollweg going to the 3d line. But you know what….if he was on the first line and every time Jags raced up the right wing (which is like EVERY time, btw), and Holly just went to the doorstep of the goal and waited there, it couldn’t be any less productive than that line has been lately. Seriously. They should just send a size guy or a gritty guy to the goal and have him crash the net every time Jags carries the puck.

    But not calling someone up, esp after the solid camps that someone like Korpikoski had, they are making a statement that they think Hollweg will do better than what they have down on the farm. I just don’t see that. Hollweg is a lummox.

  9. Lummox…hmm….

    I don’t really know what should happen with Hollweg, but sending him to the net on the 1st line couldn’t be any worse than what’s happening now.

    Even Barry Melrose and his shiny, slick mullet said that the main problem with NYR is that they play a perimeter game 100% of the time. They need someone in front of the net. I vote Drury, but if Renney won’t do that, might as well throw a paperweight like Hollweg in there…

  10. AHL uses the dumb RBK jerseys too. I was at the Albany River Rats home opener and one of them tore in a fight. It’s ridiculous.

    I also noticed that both teams (Albany and Norfolk) had sponsor stickers on their helmets. Rats had Price Chopper (a northeast grocery store chain) and the Admirals had Stihl (that chainsaw company). I thought that was kinda humorous….

    I’m looking forward to when the Wolf Pack come to Albany in January…

  11. You nailed it, PGHAS, it was about merchandising, not about a more streamlined, neater look, as the Butt-head implied when the story broke.

    Remember, at that time he said there would have to be some modifications of uniform design because alignment would change with the new dimensions. (Of course they didn’t dare fuk with the Montreal or Toronto unform design, you may have noticed.) Talk about sophistry! Talk about his seeing us as dunce cap morons! Next to horse players, hockey fans are the most disparaged group, by the intelligentsia, around.

  12. Bad Call if you ask me….We already have the slowest and most useless skater in the League in Colton ORR on the 4th line, and now you add Strudwick? And at the same time adding Hollweg to the 3rd line? He does have the speed, but not the skill..But at least he’ll hit..(.has Orr thrown a check all year?)…

    I would have called up one of Moore/Bouret, put him on the 3rd line and let the 4th line be, but maybe putting in Struds for Orr…

  13. I seriously LOVE that this bullshit jersey scheme has backfired so early into the season. F*ck you in the hiney Bettman you joke and disgrace to the sport. It’s too bad RBK is covering the expense, I’d love to see it come out of the leagues pocket so that you get laughed at when you try to “fix” these joke jerseys again. There are certain things that should be left alone and certain things that need a LOT OF attention and you have got them so so so backwards you NBA troll monkey. Hopefully the Rangers get some looser traditional jerseys and loosen up their game and Bettman chokes on a piece of warm cod.

    sorry for the rant

  14. I thought from the beginning that the new jerseys in the NHL would be received just like the new ball in the NBA was last year.

  15. I posted this in the other thread, but I’ll repost it here for Robby…

    As far as “intangibles� go…if sports were played by robots, then statistics would tell the whole story. But since human beings have emotions, those play a great deal into performance and into what type of player you’d want on your team.

    Case in point…Does anyone believe that Sean Avery’s stats jump-start the team last year? Or was it his attitude and swagger?

    I think it actually takes more of an effort to watch the games and read what players say and what’s said about them than to read a box score. That’s why sports teams have scouts. If you could determine all you need to know from stats, you wouldn’t need to go see anyone play.

    The problem with sabermetrics especially is that the values are predetermined based on the statisticians personal views. For example, based on sabermetrics and moneyball, a team like the Oakland A’s doesn’t believe in giving away outs. Therefore they never steal bases or sacrifice bunt or go after players who have low on base percentages. They’ve been quite successful, haven’t they? Whereas a team that USED to be heavy into moneyball, the Red Sox, is now in the World Series.

    Basically the point is that 90% of the people who read this post could care less about your fictitious relative +/- and would rather see a player come up here and give 110% rather than the player with the best stats come up and play like he doesn’t care.

  16. I think you are all missing the point. Renney most likely intends to double shfit Jagr with Dubinsky and Prucha. I actually think this is a good thing as Dubinsky’s game may most likely match Jagr, i.e. down low, puck control, in the corners. It is politically impossible for Renney to just make that switch, given the money and contract. But this is a way to try it without any related problems.

  17. “I also noticed that both teams had sponsor stickers on their helmets. I thought that was kinda humorous…”

    Pretty much all of the AHL teams have had some sort of sponsor sticker on their helmets for decades now. It’s nothing new.

  18. If it were up to Renney he would play all fourth liners and all 5th and 6th defensemen. He loves overachievers. It is not hard to overachieve when you have NO talent.

  19. SCOUTS! Now there’s the losing tack to take, if ever there was one. Tell me, psuedo-genius, why do many sports leagues now just rely upon CENTRAL, i.e. shared, scouting reports? FYI, it’s because they hope the consensus is better than the mostly default individual evaluations.

    OMG, you are SO WRONG about pre-determined values. Are you really ORR, back here in your Halloween costume with a candy bar in one hand and a lollypop in the other? Values, in all categories, are regression measured, over extremely large sampling evidence, so that we actually DO KNOW the value of the components of any sport you care to mention.

    This is how sabermetricians know that a walk, in baseball, is FIVE times more damaging to a pitcher, than a strike out is helpful to a pitcher – as a walk has a regression value of -.50 runs; whereas a strike out has a regression value of +.10 of a run, for a pitcher. But it makes better copy for the media to write than Curt Schilling struck out 14 batters (on a night when he walked just two batters.) At least sabermetricians know WHY he won the game, not the fluff the general public – that’s YOU, Peter, blindly buys into, like a social drop-out “victim” buys into a demagogic pandering speech.

    If you are going to be a third-grader, here, Peter, when some here are actually at the “graduate school,” level, metaphorically-speaking, you are just going to plastering egg over your own face, for the duration. Your lack of even the most fundamental and elementary grasp of the subject matter is embarrassing. You can take your “intangibles” and play hop- scotch with them.

  20. By the way, talking about the Boston Red Sox approach to playing baseball, Bill James, the father of sabermetrics, is a high-level advisor ON THE RED SOX PAYROLL. Worst attempt at an example to make one’s point, I have seen in about 20 years. WIll that be eggs benedict or just scambled for your face, sir?

  21. Bonfire – congrats you’ve actually made me agree with Peter something I thought I’d never do. this board regresses every time you hold that smarter than thou smug attitude. I’m willing to bet you never played a team sport in your life. You have no concept of intangibles. And guaranteed you were the last to be picked in the playfround.

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