Is it possible the Rangers don’t score another goal all season?


I’d have to check, but I’m pretty sure that would be some sort of record.

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  1. Last night was pathetic. I am turning 35 on Thursday and I will be at the garden and all I want for my birthday is a goal or two or three , Hell LETS GET A WIN FOR GOODNESS SAKES! NO EXCUSE FOR LAST NIGHT!

  2. I think the Rangers should just change the first line to this setup…at least it would be interesting

  3. sorry, I am just desperate for goals. At this point everything seems to just be failing, to the point where I think Hollweg should be given a shot to play with Jagr and Gomez – just to insert some passion into their game. For 3 years I had to endure the Rangers from afar (I was away at school), and now that I am back in NY, I am deeply saddened by all of this. I just wish someone would just light a fire underneath the team. If that means benching people like Shanny and Gomez and calling up people from Hartford then they should do it.

  4. I love how people on this blog change their tune every day. Everyone was saying how awful Cullen is and now I am hearing how we want him back. Same thing goes for Nylander, and the fans even booed him during his return to the garden. There is no reason to boo the guy. He was largely responsible for the success we had in the playoffs. The thing is this, and I am too a very big new york sports fan. But the problem with a lot of new york sports fans, and the reason the brass goes out and signs big names is because the majority are so god damn impatient. Christ, relax, they are turning this around, and you will see that. Here is a question I want to ask all of you. If we were 5-2-1 right now but winning game 6-5, 5-4, 7-6, would you all be happy? I would not be. I know a win is a win, but in the playoffs you can not give up that many goals. We are keeping the goals against down, very down. We are going to start scoring goals, and with the low goals against average we are going to be a force once we turn this ship around. It is going to happen very very soon.

  5. Nylander was forced to sit early on in 2005 because of his struggles, and ended up turning everything around from that point on. I think it is time for Sheriff Tom to do the same with some of his struggling stars.

  6. I agree with you Nasty1. Our ‘fans’ flip flop more than a Democrat.

    I think we are fine with our talent, but NOW, I am starting to think it IS the coach. Renney is a nice guy, and that’s the problem. I’d give anything for Iron Mike.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Nylander was also benched a game last year.

    I didn’t get to see that game last night, but reading the reports, it just seems to be very similar to the other losses this season: We played well for most of the game, taking lots of shots. There were a couple of minutes of mental lapses (Malkin scores, Staal gets a PS), but for the most part we controlled the play. Hank was brilliant, but our shooters make an average goaltender (Gerber twice, Fluery, DiPi, Hedberg, Fernandez) look like the second comings of Partick Roy and Brodeur in their prime. Our PP set up some nice chances, but without traffic in front, it was ineffective.

    Sound about right?

    I’ve got to go for about 5 or 6 hours, but I have to respond to a few comments that I read last night when I get back.

    Try not to be too depressed today guys. We kept the Pens offense to just 1 goal and 22 shots. If we could score just 2 goals a game, we would have 2 wins and 2 games that would have gone to OT (where they also could have turned into wins). 2 goals isn’t asking a lot.

  8. Staal is the future on

    I don’t understand why everyone is so down about last night. Yea, it’s terrible that they haven’t scored a goal. And it’s terrible they only got 1 point from the road trip. But they outplayed the Pens last night. Hell, they out shot them 36-22, and that doesn’t even count the couple that went off the post. They just simply aren’t getting any bounces to go their way. The call that led to the Pens power play goal was questionable. The defense looks good, and Henrik has been pretty spectacular. They will turn this around, I have faith.

  9. Dawes and Dubinsky were probably our two best forwards last night. Callahan had an atypically bad game against pittsburgh despite having maybe the best scoring chance when he hit the post. Yet these guys play 12 mins a game (along with Prucha, whose 30 goal rookie season seems a distant memory), while Shanny, Drury, Gomez, and Jagr are consistently logging 21-23 minutes. Give the guys who are performing some more time! Even Sidney Crosby is only playing 19-20 mins a night, and Ottawa doesnt even play the Heatley/Spezza/Alfredson more than 20 mins a game. I have no idea why we arent seeing the likes of Callahan, Prucha, Dawes and Dubinsky logging 15-16 mins and the veterans closer to 18 or 19. Plus this would help us at the end of the season when the vets could still have some legs left. Is any of this apparent to Renney?

  10. This team is tripping over heir own feet. It’s time to bench Jagr & Shanny so they are put on notice.

  11. In watching Gomez play with the Devs and now, I think he can be successful on our team but with different players. I’d like to see him with speedy wingers who can score, because its clear that he wants to hit the zone with speed and look to dish to finishers, which at this point in his career Jagr isn’t interested in being. Put Gomer with Prucha and Callahan and I’d bet you’d all be happy he was here.

  12. Also, I wasn’t a Dawes fan until last night. It was the first game in which he looked comfortable and was generating scoring chances. Hopefully the trend will continue.

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  14. Let’s see, the off-season game plan consensus here was: A: Go with the old guys, and, B. It all adds up to winning the S-T-A-N-L-E-Y C-U-P!

    I kept insisting that it was a transitional year, and a golden opportunity to promote about six, really talented prospects from withing the system, with a focus upon REALLY winning the Cup in 2010, and boy, did I get hammered around here for that apostasy.

    Well now, let’s see if the changes mandated by this hideous current mess, come from within the system – or will we get a parade of Scatchard’s, this year’s version of last year’s Dupuis- Krog-Mara, etc. stop gap, quick fix, sheer madness, come to pass?

    One thing is for sure, all the kids making a contribution in other uniforms, this year, will be STARS, by the time the Rangers finally turn this “old boys” corner and get with the fact that the current philosophilcal approach stinks. And a roster mostly filled with players who were 23 and 24-year old rookies will not be going on to win so much as a division, let alone a Cup, and we will AGAIN be going through dry spells, like seven years no playoffs, which we all know about, first hand. We know the front office here never learns, but why can’t we learn the price attached to vacillation, hesitation, and cowardice?

    And for those of you who think changing the third line center, moving some left wing up or down the depth chart will change anything, I pity you.

  15. robby, i think changing the 3rd line center will help because i feel that our young 3rd line wingers can be our top producing line this season if we put the right center with them

  16. The first two changes this team needs to make, are to fire the GM, and either promote a damn good man, Schoenfeld, to GM; or hire a solid, proven GM from outside and put Schoenfeld behind the bench. THEN we can talk about this player tweak, or that player tweak. Meanwhile, I guess they were using teacups to stem the flooding of the Titantic, too.

  17. After getting the frustration and anger out of me how this team has started I finally came to the conclusion that if this team is still playing bad by the end of the year than I will know where this team stands. I don’t understand why Jagr hasn’t taken a hit on the team’s offensive problems. Jagr is one of the best wingers in the game, he is the captain, he is a hall of famer. What has he done so far this year, nothing.

  18. Chris Drury needs to sit more than anyone to be taught that what he has done in the past means nothing in New York. I see this guy lumbering around the ice and it really bothers me to hear people calling for him to wear our *C*.

  19. tomg – He’s done alot more than Shanahan, which isn’t saying m much.

    I didn’t see last night’s game, so this theory is proabably not worth much more than the words I’m using to advance it, but it sounds suspiciously like the team is trying to play way to complex for their current chemistry. That seemed like the case against the Bruins. Too many guys trying to much jazz to do one simple thing: get the !@$%’in puck in the net. It would also explain the inordinate amount of shots and utter dearth of scoring.

    Honestly, I don’t think there is a solution for this team(partly because of thier salary makeup and partly because they have four, maybe five, of the most prolific offensive threats in the league) other than to let them play through this BS.

    I too think third line should roll with one and two. But they’d be making a much more compelling case if they were the one line producing.

    It’s crazy looking at the shots…Dawes and Shanny SIX…Jagr FOUR…Hossa, Callahan, Mara, Drury THREE…Jesus. How did they not score? Someone please explain this…

  20. Who on earth said they want Cullen back? Maybe it’d be nice if we had Carolina Hurricanes Matt Cullen, but we saw that New York Rangers Matt Cullen was a waste of a roster spot. Some guys just don’t work here, and he’s one of them.

  21. I hate to say it, but Shanny just looks old. He was constantly stripped of the puck last night and it was a bit deflating.

    I also think they need to put Dubinsky or Callahan on the first PP unit (on wing) and bolt them to the ice in front of the opposition’s net. Somebody, without an ego, needs to take a few in front of the net so that this PP can get on track. Dubinsky has the size to do it. We need a Zetterberg type player, whether that comes from Hartford or not.

  22. Guys,
    The team as whole is starting to show signs of life. I think the entire team looked better last night, they just can’t seem to finish. Gomez was flying and really only made one of those weak dumps to his winger. It seemed like he has decided to carry the puck further into the zone, and then try to find someone to pass to. I really like his style of play.
    I think Tyutin and Girardi have officially claimed the #1 D pair.
    Malek only made one stupid pass last night. He played much better, and Marc Staal looks better every game.
    The kid line of Dawes Dubi and Callahan, looked great. Dubinski is starting to come around. Dawes was flying.
    This team is coming around, when they explode, watch out, cause its gonna be sweet.
    The Dev’s are next and Brodeur has been anything but good and Weekes is Weekes. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we explode against the Dev’s
    Go Rangers!!

    They Ha

  23. longtimerangersfan on

    I wonder what Emile “the cat” Francis is doing? Although they never won the “cup” while he was GM/coach the team always played with passion and were virtually NEVER shut out. He also had no problems benching ANYONE if they weren’t producing.

  24. Nasty –

    I do agree with you about the Cullen/Nylander thing. I was fine with them last year and obviously helped us in many ways.

    However, if we were winning games 7-6, 6-5, etc., I’d probably be jumping for joy. Maybe I wouldn’t have thought that at the beginning of the season, but they need to score goals. At this point, I’d rather see them lose 7-6 than lose 1-0, at least for a few games…

  25. Good calls Sloot….

    Am I alone in my feelings about Drury? I would trade this guy up faster than Cullen….he’s NOT working here, and it doesn’t even look like he’s trying.

    At least Cullen skated hard.

  26. longtimerangersfan on


    I disagree with your comment that if we won 7-6, 5-4 etc. that it would bite us in the playoffs…at least there would be a “winning” attitude! We’re going nowhere without a winning attitude and, as in business, it’s ALWAYS the bottom line that counts and our bottom line SUCKS!

  27. Funny how the thing we thought would be our weak spot has so far turned out to be our strength- DEFENSE

    I still maintain this team needs a D-MAN who can let it rip from the point (or a guy like Mara shooting, as long as he hits the net- he has a cannon)….But at this rate, Renney hasn’t had any players parking in front of the net, even on the power play.

    A few tweaks on offense with some decent ballsy coaching and this team is totally transformed-

    It will come, soon enough, hopefully.

  28. longtimerangersfan on

    Salten of Swing
    October 24th, 2007 at 10:43 am
    Good calls Sloot….

    Am I alone in my feelings about Drury? I would trade this guy up faster than Cullen….he’s NOT working here, and it doesn’t even look like he’s trying.

    At least Cullen skated hard.

    For God’s sake…how can ANYONE succeed here when Renney changes lines more than he changes his socks! As stated above, the big guys get the Lion’s share of ice time and they are not producing. This will NEVER change whle Renney is coach, he’s proven that. The benching of Malik for ONE game and then dumping on Pock ’cause he didn’t play particularly well was a sham but now he can say “see, I did what the fans wanted and look what happened.”

  29. Hey Salten,
    I like Drury, last night watching him I realized what a great all around player he is, except scoring but that IS going to change. I think Drury looks better every game. Don’t forget Renney has changed the lines around so much that the players have no idea who is coming or going. I say keep the lines like they were last night for at least the next five games. The incessant jugging of lines never allows a spark to occur on a line. Drury’s with Jagr, then Shanny, then Callahan, then Prucha and on and on. Tom’s gotta stick with some lines in order for any chemistry to form.
    BTW I thought Hossa played good last night too. He crashed the net a few times, it was nice to see

  30. i still think we should have traded for brent seabrook last year when we had the chance, his shot from the point would really help our powerplay about now.

  31. I totally agree with the consensus that no one should be safe from a healthy scratch these days. If the supposed “stars” we imported the last two years aren’t doing their job, there’s no reason they should be playing. Send a message Tom!

  32. matt

    I think our PP has the raw materials right now to be effective.

    It’s just a matter of execution and putting the right combos on the ice, playing the right positions.
    Shanahan can act simply as the point man on the PP, with Drury in front.

  33. longtimerangersfan on

    This, from the Hockey Rodent…I couldn’t agree more!


    Tue, Oct 23, 8:00 PM Pacific

    With just over three minutes remaining in regulation and the Rangers on a power play, the first unit failed to get anything done in the initial quarter of the man-advantage.

    Pittsburgh dumps the puck all the way down and it is at that very moment when I am swapping in the second unit because they had earned it, because they had dominated on previous shifts, and because I had more faith in them to generate holes.

    But no.

    Head coach Tom Renney takes the conservative approach, heaping even more time on a trio which fails because it is foot slow and cannot maintain a tempo advantage they should be enjoying with the headcount advantage. By the time JJ & Co. are done pissing away the penalty clock fewer than thirty ticks remained for their understudies to work with.

    That was pussy coaching, Tom.

    Notice that I didn’t call you a pussy. I was calling your decisions “pussy”.

    I went to sensitivity training. I know all about criticizing the action, not the individual.

    Fuck that. My class was at the Sam Kinison Finishing School.

    Renney… you were a pussy! You were a g/d pussy behind the bench this evening! Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Pusseeeeeeeee!

  34. I’m not talking about Drury’s chemistry…. Drury is touted for his individual effort, leadership, and “big time playing in big moments”…. and he has shown NOTHING like that at ALL so far. The guy hasn’t gotten fed up and tried to do anything by himself as Jagr and Shanny have… and I think that says a lot. Drury can barely hold on to a puck for more than 4 seconds, half the time the puck comes to him in the O zone he chops it away in an awkward pass attempt that gets picked off. Try skating it in 10 feet and putting a low shot on net, Drucifer.

  35. Another thing that angered me last night was on the last PP with 3 minutes remaining.

    Nothing at all was working the entire game, so Renney simply tries more of the same.

    Why wasn’t Hank pulled for the extra skater to make it a two man advantage at that point?

    Another boneheaded non-move bt Tommy Boy.

  36. If this continues it is obvious that Renney must go but i doubt it will happen unless he loses the team and more importantly he loses Jagr.

  37. Jagr needs to sit out a game or two and have his “C” taken away. He is not a leader. Henrik should be the captain (can a goalie be captain?)- he’s one of the few playing to his capabilities so far.

  38. Henrik should be the captain (can a goalie be captain?)- he’s one of the few playing to his capabilities so far.

    yes, but do you really want to be one of “those” teams??


  39. Cliff,
    I agree about jagr, I mentioned that on this post. Why isn’t jagr taking any hits, he is the captain, hall of famer, one of the best wingers in the game. Where has he been? That’s why you wonder if renney has lost jagr and the team. The question is how long does sather lewt this go on?

  40. I don’t think we should give too much credit to our D. Without HL, who just might actually be a great goaltender, we would have been down a lot more in that first period. Our D is better than I expected, but mostly our goals against is due to Henrik.

    Yeah, Renney needs to change something, with a benching and on the PP (and for pure showmanship, maybe his demeanor behind the bench; just once look like you care and have an emotional range beyond dead and “disappointment”). His general MO of riding things out way past their due is frustrating to watch. Of course, for a man who refuses to change things that don’t seem to work, it is sort of amusing that the one thing he should give time to develop — the lines — he doesn’t even keep intact for a whole game.

    Odd as it sounds, one of the few positives I’ve seen, or think I’ve seen, is an improvement on Orr’s game. He looks like he’s actually trying to play and play smarter.

  41. By the way the rangers as a team broke an eighty one year record as a team to get shutout two games in a row, OUCH!!!

  42. Orr IS definitely playing a lot smarter this season.
    He also looks like he’s skating much better as well.
    Hollweg has been decent too.

    The 4th line, Hank and our D is what has been keeping the goals scored against us relatively low.

    We just need some kind of offensive momentum and PP startegy, starting with some consistency on line combos.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Alot of people wonder why this team can’t score. Well, you take a player who had 60 points and a 5.2% shooting accuracy last year, you pay him $10million ($7.5 mil avg over 7 years) and then you expect him to produce at the level you’re paying him…but that doesn’t work. There’s a reason the Devils let him go when he was going to get more than the $5.0 million they paid him. He’s not that good, he just benefited from having a very weak free-agency market for this year.
    Drury, not far behind Gomez, had 69 points last year on an amazing offensive juggernaut last year. What does that tell you? Drury’s got one thing going for him though, he’s a winner and he’s got great instincts and timing. He’s also got a 5 year deal.

    Gomez = Bobby Holik. Or, NYR’s Alexei Yashin.

  44. A goalie cannot be captain. Reason being there are rules about a goalie being allowed to leave his crease during a stoppage as well as a goalie is not allowed to cross the red line. So if he needed to address the ref he might not be able to depending on where the ref is. A goalie can wear the “A”.

  45. Gomez had 60 points, but was injured last year. He had 33g/51a the year before… and even though the Devils got pounced in this playoffs last year, Gomez had 11 points? He’s fine. The problem is Jagr. He is not behaving like a captain. Renney is not lighting a fire under the team.

    There were no fights last night. Why didn’t we make runs on Crosby? I’m not saying injure the guy, but play more physical.. Laraque was out yesterday and the only ‘tough guy’ on the roster was Ruutu? COMEON!

  46. WOW, another injury and this time it’s Callahan. Just wanted everyone to be aware, he is definatley not playing tomorrow. My girlfriend works in MRI and he was just there about an hour ago. Of course he said “we’ll start scoring, don’t worry” but now with Cally out as well. I sure as hell am starting to worry.

  47. This obligation Renny feels to have Gomez and Drury 1 & 2 is a problem.

    Jagr should be appeased and allowed to play with his country men, which has worked in the past.

    At the very least, Prucha & Jagr must be given a shot.

  48. I just spent some time reading over all the missives here. Clearly there are a lot of frustrated fans. You are not alone.

    Some positives: Our D is stellar. Toots is clearly a 1st pair guy. Anyone see him crush Christensen last night? His game gets better every week. Girardi is solid and strong. Staal needs to season a little more but he is solid. Our GAA is excellent so far and Hank is playing great. Yes, Malik is a liability, Mara is a question mark, and Rosy is playing like last year was a fluke. But overall, our D is keeping the other team off the scoreboard. That is important and key.

    Negatives: Offense. Plain and simple. Jagr down the right wing trying to duck and move is getting a little old. He doesn’t have the speed or the quickness anymore to really make that work. He needs to try something else. The powerplay is anemic. Renney keeps doing the same frickin thing over and over on the PP and expecting different results. It is pathetic. Why Drury is playing the point instead of hanging around the net is beyond me?

    In terms of chemistry, everyone is expecting Drury and Gomer to come in and take over the show from Jagr. That is not going to happen. Now whether this means we are doomed because of this is a whole different story for a different debate. But in the meantime, someone has to pull these players together so that they are all going in the same direction for the same goal. They may say they are all working towards the Cup, but from the actions I see, I don’t believe they are on the same page.

    Remember back in ’94 when ‘heave-ho’ was the collective phrase? Right now I am not sure what the collective phrase is other than, “chemistry.” Or, lackthereof.

    Calling Dr. Phil….the team needs some mental help.

  49. Marc – do you know what his injury is?

    BlueClue – where’d you see that Pock was waived?

  50. hey nasty 1

    i was at the garden when nylander returned and no one booed him so i dont know where youre getting your info from.

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