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If in fact you were doubting the worth of this site, I should point out we now have ads for downloading “Hockey Night in Canada” ringtones. Sure, Pulitzer worthy reporting would be nice, but this is what truly sets us apart

As for encouraging news about the Rangers, that part is more elusive. But each game provides new hope. As Scott Gomez said yesterday, it sometimes only takes a puck off someone’s backside (although he didn’t use those exact words) to shake a team out of a scoring slump. And while the Rangers have yet to design any plays to that effect (“OK, Jags, you go to the net and Gomer will redirect a pass off your rear. If that doesn’t work, there’s always Malik’s head.”), the point is that there is an element of luck that shouldn’t be discounted.

Yes, the Rangers need more than that moving forward, especially tonight against the Pittsburgh Crosbys. But when you’re as close as they were Saturday against Boston, sometimes it does come down to better bounces (and speaking of which, here’s hoping the Mellon Arena ice is better than Boston’s. There are few words more disheartening in hockey than “The circus was just here.”)

It’s an important game on any number of levels, one being that it’s the last game before a seven of eight stretch at the Garden. And even a remotely encouraging showing tonight is a much better way to return back home.

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  1. It seems like we all agree that Dawes-Gomez-Shanahan would be a good fit based on the Islander game that I was at as well. Renney is just too dumb to see it for himself.

    IMO this team is starting out like it has the in previous years poor coaching, lack of discipline, no cohesiveness and no heart. Like in the past, more so last year, Renney will get his and the teams sh*t together.

    Not worried yet, but if we only have 6-8 wins after 20 games we can start calling for dramatic changes.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, I just posted that I would replay to you here, only to find that you had posted here.

    Anyway, I am not calling for Renney to be fired..yet. I am just saying that I can _foresee_ calling for him to be fired at the rate he’s going. In other words, I don’t think it’s just that they have been unlucky. I think it’s a more serious problem that Renney is not addressing.

    Sam quipped about Gomer and Jags (“OK, Jags, you go to the net and Gomer will redirect a pass off your rear. If that doesn’t work, there’s always Malik’s head.â€?), that would still be more of a strategy going onto the ice than I have seen any line display thus far this season.

    The one exception to this is the PP. At first, it looked wholy disorganized like they didn’t even expect to have one and it was just gravy that they did. However, since then there actually seems a plan, and it clicked best against ATL. I remember on one PP, they had 5 or 6 “should-have-been-goals-but-for-amazing-saves”, until I think it was Shanahan that actually scored. They were really gelling. Not so much in the Boston game, but you could still see that they were on the same page. That “same page” mentality is the coach’s job, not the players. And I don’t think Renney is trying to get them on his page, but rather trying to get them to find their own pages, which is a mistake when you have players with such large egos and varying ideal playing styles.

    BTW, my ego top 3:

    1) Jagr (no explanation necessary)
    2) Shanahan (he may seem humble, but shooting the second the puck touches your stick no matter where you are says “I think I have a better chance of scoring than you, whomever you are”)
    3) Malik (“I don’t know why they boo me!” Seriously?)

    Honorable mention: Avery

  3. straka is sidelined for four weeks check the rangers website under the injury report this sucks big balls.

  4. Cool video of NHL Top Plays of the week, couple of Ranger plays on there, inluding “Prucha takes punishment”, which spans over several games lol:

    I was at the Islander game too, and Im all for seeing Shanny, Dawes and Gomez together. Im not, however, really for Jagr Drury and (Hossa? Prucha?) or whoever, especially with Straka out.. but we’ll see what happens anyways…

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    b4mv, this was already common information. See Sam’s last post discussing Straka being out for 4-5 weeks.

  6. I would like to see



    Thoughts?? Forgetting anyone??

  7. hey richard…i have to agree i actually realy like those lines and d-men pairing lets see what Renney goes with tonight or was that already posted also? lol

  8. longtimerangersfan on

    I would like to see more of Girardi and Toots on the PP. They have both been shooting more and have good shots…plus you can see that they have a lot more confidence playing together. Malik and Rosival should NOT be on the PP.

  9. B4mv01,

    These were the lines as of yesterday:


    But I am not a big fan of Hollweg and Orr in the line up together hense Struds for Hollweg. Srtuds hits clean, fights and is bigger. Hollweg just flat out stinks. We all know Dawes clicks with Gomer and Shanny.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Richard, if the choice is between Hollweg and Strudwick, I’ll choose Hollweg. Strudwick is a pylon. Orr can handle the fighting, no need for Strudwick also. And Hollweg can at least skate and TRY to press a forecheck, even though he isn’t good at it.

    However, I liked your lines and 7th D-man suggestion, I just think you picked the wrong guy. Pock should play 4th line LW, with Orr on the right. But I would only do this for one game becuase my ideal defense combos are


    The only problem is that Pock is so rusty right now that throwing him to the wolves with Roszival was just begging for failure. Give him a game or two on the 4th line and he’ll be ready for regular D time.

  11. The problem with the PP is not the people on the unit but those people being too cute and looking for the highlight reel goal. Stick a big ass in front of the net and take shots. Quick passes and shoot the puck.

  12. Doodie,

    Funny, I had Pock in that slot instead of Struds and changed it. Pock should be given a chacne up front with Straka and Avery out.

    I know we all hate Malik but Rozi is lost without him. Last year Rozi’s plus/minus was -22 below Malik’s +32. Why?? Because Malik was out for 22 games. He is Rozi’s comfort. I know it sounds crazy.

  13. We need someone who can make a good outlet pass other than Malik. And folks, if Malik can do anything well, it is make an outlet pass. No, I didn’t say clear the puck out, I said outlet pass. We need better transition of defense to offense.

  14. Didn’t Bourett get cut pretty early in the preseason? He didn’t make it to most of the preseason games.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    “Last year Rozi’s plus/minus was -22 below Malik’s +32. Why??”

    Because Roszival was stuck killing the penalties that Malik took.

  16. Any speculation on moving Shanahan off the second line? I’d think his “hockey presence” would be just as valuable there, he’d be able to rest a little more, and maybe Callahan could come into his own with a bit more ice time on the second line.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Jeff, I assume you’re talking about moving Shanahan to the third line, which I think would be an OK idea when everyone is healthy. For right now though, I think he needs to be on our higher lines.

    When Avery returns, I think he should go directly to the third line. My ideal combinations (when everyone is healthy)




    The forward lines would allow Renney a lot of midgame options. For instance, Hossa can be put on the top line if it is ineffective during the game, or Avery can move up to the 2nd line if the game starts to get chippy so Prucha doesn’t get murdered, or if Lundqvist is tired we can tie a shooter tutor to the posts because it would probably be better than Valiquette.

  18. “Because Roszival was stuck killing the penalties that Malik took.”

    You don’t get a negative for a goal that’s scored against while penalty killing. You only get a negative if you are on the powerplay and there’s a shorthanded goal scored against. Try again genius.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I should mention that I think Prucha and Shanahan deserve some time together with a proper center. Shanny started off well last season with Prucha and Cullen (by no means a 2nd line center). With a decent 2nd line center in between them, I think they could work well.

  20. Unfortuantely, the Rangers spare center is on the IR with a broken finger. But when Scatchard is ready, Renney should try putting Jagr and Shanahan together on a line and put Drury on the wing next to Gomez.

    Ideally, the lines would look like this:

    Shanahan – Straka/Scatchard – Jagr
    Prucha – Gomez – Drury
    Callahan – Dubinsky – Dawes
    Orr – Betts – Hollweg

  21. I know this may leave a gaping hole at center, but it has been mentioned a few times by various sports writers and TV people that we should try out Gomez and Drury on the same line. I think if possible, it’s worth trying.

    Unfortunately, both Avery and Straka are guys that can play the center position, but are out now.

    Dubinsky and Betts are spoken for the 3rd and 4th line at Center, so we have that taken care of.

    But,at this point, is here any one else that can play 2nd line center with Straks and Avery out, so we can try that combo out?

  22. Scatchard is off to a lousy start in Hartford, so we should see him up here in about a week. It was a done deal before he flopped in the high minors. Heaven help us, because Sather cannot.

  23. I think Hank should rest and Valiquette be put in. The ‘overwhelming’ talent up front hasn’t been getting the job done while Henke’s been the only consistently good star player on the team. Renney needs to send the message to our star firepower that “you guys have to win this one yourselves.”

  24. Scatchard is NOT the center I had in mind to fill the 1st hole.

    I would actually make Gomez-Drury-Callahan/Prucha my first line and put Jagr on the 2nd line with Shanny and Hossa.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Fine PruBlue, try this one:

    In the 13 games without Malik last year, Rozsival was only a -2, all of which came during the largest stretch of time that Malik was out, which was during the Rangers’ worst streak of the season. And if you want to base it on Malik’s +/-, he wasn’t the reason why either. Upon his return, Malik put up a +/- rating of about 0 for the first month he was back, and THEN the Rangers began to turn things around.

    BTW, Rozsi’s +/- for January after Malik returned? -5.

    Hows that _genius_?

  26. Dubinsky could play second line center, Betts third, and Hollweg fourth, but I know I would not like to see that, so I bet others wouldn’t either. But maybe it’s worth trying, especially since Hossa may still be injured, to put Hossa on the fourth line and Gomez and Drury both with Jagr. Anything is worth trying at this point because most things have been tried already. It sucks that our two alternate centers who can play the top two lines are out.

  27. Doodie, why are you fighting back? Sure those are good stats, but it was still stupid to say that Rozsival got minuses for playing on the PK.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    apologies for the corss out. That section should read:

    “(minus)2, all of which came during the largest stretch of time that Malik was out, which was during the Rangers’ worst streak of the season. And if you want to base it on Malik’s (plus)/(minus)”

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    that was more of a joke than anything else.

    perhaps I should have clarified. I was taking a jab at Malik.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    SP, yeah, I know, I just forgot that I should’ve been more careful with my minusing. The trick is that you have to have a letter on both sides of the dash. Thats why I can make line combos like Dawes-Gomez-Shanahan.

  31. Spiderpig

    Jagr on a line with Drury and Gomez sounds great on paper, but isn’t the whole reason we are putting Gomer and Drury together because neither of them have been playing well with Jagr.

    Putting both of them on Jagr’s line would just accentuate the problem. Gomez and Drury are still more North-South players while Jagr likes to dance around (thus far, often losing the puck)

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Formatting and my forgotten joke explanations aside, the stats I posted re: Rozsival “needing” Malik are pretty compelling. Looks like Rozsi can get along just fine without him, so long as you don’t stick him with a defenseman who hasn’t played in a month.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    BC, if Gomez could play a little bit more responsibly defensively, I think he and Jagr could work well together. I think Gomer’s big N-S thing isn’t in the offensive zone, but rather when getting the puck _into_ the zone. Once there, I think he likes to hold and wait for openings, like Jags does and Nylander used to(probably still does, just not for us). Jagr likes to carry the puck into the zone, not play dump and chase. Gomez is capable of doing that, EXTREMELY well. The thing is, he needs support immediately after he is in the zone because he’s drawn several defenders at that point. Enter Jagr, who if he hangs at the blueline, could easily be Gomez’s trailer. Jagr can work a pass over to Hossa who can hold it until things open up a little for Gomez or until our defensemen join the play.

    The reason why I say Gomez would have to be more defensively responsible is because under this scenario, Jagr is hanging at the blueline.

    I originally envisioned this during the offseason with Straka on the wing. However, I assumed that Gomez could get further into the zone before having to get rid of the puck. I thought he could get far enough that he could lay it off for Jagr to shoot, and then Straka could’ve headed straight for the net. However, Gomez really can’t get that far, and that’s why I think Hossa would work better because he can hold the puck until the defenders release from Gomez, so he can then get it to Gomez so Gomez can work the pass to Jagr while Hossa goes to the net.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, if Jagr can come in trailing Gomez with speed, if Gomez lays it off for Jagr, you have Jagr going towards the net with speed. There’s no way he doesn’t get a decent opportunity unless the opponents use their sticks, thus earning us a PP.

    Seems simple enough, but Renney is content to let them play pickup hockey.

  35. Doodie

    That sounds pretty ideal, and you’re right about Gomez being a different kind of N-S player. I also agree that he has to be defensively responsible. In your scenario, Hossa would be the only one that would make sense with them.

    At the end of the day, we just have to hope that Gomez is talented enough (with his “Gretzky-like” vision :)) to adjust to Jagr’s game.

    Jagr is NOT changing his game for anyone, no matter what he may say.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    BC, I just hope his vision turns out to be closer to Gretzky-like than Bettsky-like.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Pavel, +/- on its face is useless. There are too many other variables to consider. But if a defender is on a team that gives up 500 goals in a season, scores only 250, and he’s only a -10, then it’s quite a telling stat, especially if he logs a lot of minutes. At the same time, if a defender plays on a team that scores 500 goals, gives up only 250, and he’s only +10, that’s just as telling.

    It all depends on the context.

  38. Im more worried about Jagr then this team. He just isnt doing what he’s been doing the last 2 seasons. He hasnt even cut into the slot and fired a wrister top shelf yet. If Renney is having so much fun switching these players around then i dont know why he hasnt put Drury on the wing, and Straks when he comes back, on center.


    I dont like Dawes on the 1st or 2nd line, his success came from an AHL Isles team with an AHL goaltender that we bi*ched 7 – 0 last season when he was with the Bruins.

    Hossa – Drury – Jagr
    Prucha – Gomez – Shanahan
    Dawes – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Useless guy – Betts – Orr

    Thats all i wanna see. Infact, scrath dawes and bring up Bourret, or Korpikoski for the love of god.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know why everyone is disgarding that 4th line LW spot as useless. It’s useless for Hollweg, but could serve the purpose of keeping Pock sharp. Play Pock as the 7th D.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, Sam noted those lines yesterday as well.

    I wouldn’t mind having Aebischer as a backup instead of Vali. We also stand in really good shape of landing him if we put in since we’re so low in the standings.

    Was it Nedved that they tried to get last year? I can’t remember who. Just that he sucked.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, and we would be able to have Aebischer for half price, correct? so that would be 300k. I’m thinking they should go for it. An upgrade from Valiquette AND cheaper.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Atlanta and Nashville are the only teams that would be able to win him above us. Nasvhille has Mason signed up to a fat deal, so they’re not going to be interested, but ATL has Lehtonen down, so they might be interested too.

  43. Doodie –

    Some players take more penalties, yes, but the missing part to the equation is how many penalty minutes each player draws, as well, information which is on the net somewhere, and I am going to look for it. Also, some penalties are “intelligent” penalties which cut off a direct shot on goal. And many penalties are so damn tacky, I think at times the zebras just blow the whistle to get their names out there on TV.

    Re Malik, as a stay-at-home, defensive defenseman, he gets caught out of position less frequently than many other D’s, and sometimes he is covering Rozy’s backside, when he gets whistled.

    Also, I didn’t like seeing Staal join the rush, on one occasion, BEHIND the Boston net, a la Bobby Orr. We don’t need our D’s getting trapped up ice, or out of position, for any reason. Same goes for Malik when he left Hank unprotected on the short-handed goal vs. Ottawa, and flew off to the corner. Best we can do is hold them all to the same standard.

  44. Slats needs to jump on that ASAP. Abby isnt a Vezina king, but he can probably get a job done on nights when our D is helping him. Im surprised the Yotes dumped him so quick, but NYR needs to get him.

    Vally is a cool guy, and him and Hank are buddies but im dreading the night he plays. If we cant score and he gives up goals, we are screwed.

    In the words of Danny Devito…..Go go….Go for it.


    RDS.CA: reports the Phoenix Coyotes have placed goaltender David Aebischer on waivers.

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to “Jonathan”. Aebischer’s only played in one game thus far for the Coyotes, who seem to have settled on Alex Auld and Mikael Tellqvist as their tandem. Aebischer’s contract is only $600K so it’s possible he might attract some interest from other teams.

    I think the Rangers should move to sign Aebischer. I would feel a lot more comfortable with him as a backup rather than Valiquette. With his contract being only $600K they should be able to stay under the cap.

  46. I’m just hoping someone figures out what’s wrong with the power play, and fixes it. It was a weakness last year, and it continues to be so.

  47. Especially if were not scoring even strength. We need the PP.

    We need a new style to the PP. Jagr’s version isnt working and he tries to beat players one on one on the fuggin OO, your not supposed to do that, if your getting presured you give up the damn puck.

    Hopefully Orr throws a hit at Crosby and seperates his shoulder, then knocks out Laraque, then Hollweg beats the piss out of Rutuu, then Marc hip checks Jordan in open ice and puts him head over heals. Also hopefully Malkin gets bitched. NYR is always making his life a living hell.

    LETS GO NYR…..Please!!!

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Jeff, it looked good in Atlanta. It even looked OK against Boston. I think the PP is on it’s way.

    As for being trouble last year, don’t know what you’re talking about. They had a good PP %. Tied for 7th in the league if I’m not mistaken. 3rd in the East.

    Any predictions for tonight?

    4-2 Pens. They score 2 goals close together in the first or early 2nd. We respond with one in the 2nd, but then they score two more (one late in the 2nd or early 3rd, and one in the third) and we answer with one late in the third.

  49. For what it’s worth, when I suggested that Gomer center Pru and Cally to the guy I get my Rangers info from (my source, and no, you high-schoolers, it is not Big Bird…it’s an inside guy, believe me), he said that the mgmt did not think Pru was a real finisher. I kinda disagreed since he put up 20+ each year, but he wasn’t giving opinion, he was giving mgmt’s thoughts. So if that is what they think, hard to try and pencil Pru in on the 2nd line for any length of time, let alone the 1st line.

    He also told me that mgmt thinks Dawes is a max 3d line player for his career. So, there you have it.

    One of the things that I keep wondering is if Jags is the issue here? I mean he plays like he is a primadonna. He talks about how bad he wants it, but I just don’t see the possessed Jags that we have known in the past. I can’t believe I am agreeing with “Orr…Talented” but I think we are seeing the same thing. In addition, everyone has to trust me on this but Hossa is the right guy for Jags. They both play the methodical, puck control, big body approach. We just need a center for them to play with. This is why I have been saying that Drury should be between Shanny and Avery and Gomer between Pru and Cally, but mgmt doesn’t see it that way. (Maybe Renney wants my job and I can have his?) Believe it or not, Mike Peca might have made a good fit with Jags and Hossa, maybe, perhaps…..not 100% sure, but it just feels like it might have worked. Is Dubinsky too flighty? Certainly it’s not Betts.

    Keep the faith but something has to get going in a hurry.

  50. If Crosby does anything tonight, it will bode quite badly for the Rangers as this is the game and the time to beat Pittsburgh with Crosby playing way below his established norm, in the early going. I keep comparison stats on four non-Ranger NHL forwards – Crosby, Ovechkin, Lecavalier, and Thornton, and Crosby is off the to the worst start, by far, of the four of them..





    The above scores are Fib (even-strength) points, adjusted for 100 minutes E.S. playing time. Crosby has just one E.S. goal, to date on the season. If the Rangers PK stays hot and shuts down Pittsburgh’s PP, this represents a golden opportunity for a somewhat surprising win for the struggling locals. On the other hand, if this becomes Crosby’s break-out game for the 2007-2008 season, the Rangers downward spiral will be accelerated and it could be a long season.

    Extremely important and significant game on tap, tonight.

  51. Doodie-

    I remember seeing the Primeau brothers fight each other in a game in which their parents were in the stands. Can’t imagine what mom was thinking.

  52. Doodie- I don’t think the parents were inthe stands. I think they had to call home after the game and discuss it. I remember reading about the phone call in the papers.

  53. Colorado-

    They might have gone at it twice then, I remember them cutting to a shot of the parents with the “are those really our kids” look on their face.

  54. NEWMAN what are your sources saying about Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez, & Drury, and Renney? Keep the scuttlebutt coming, until they start winning & get on a roll;-)

  55. Doodie – a team can only get a player for 1/2 cap cost if they claim him on the way up from the minors not down. so the goalie in question would count full salary if we claim him.

  56. No offense but this blog is nothing like it was last season… and i miss the it.
    we used to get posts a few times a day and during games there were updates a couple times a period… what happened!!!!

  57. What a BS call against Callahan at the end of the period.

    I hate this “new NHL” penalty garbage…They want to speed up play, yet they waste all this time calling dumb penalties…

    Anywho, not a bad period if you ask me. They had a few good chances, 1 post, plenty of shots. Just gotta put it in now…

  58. I agree, nyrblue2. All these weak ass garbage penalties just to get Crosby and Co. on the power play are ridiculous. Let ’em play, refs! Hockey’s much more exciting when one team isn’t just straining to block shots and ice the puck. Thanks again, Buttman.

    Good first period, I think, The power play has some more flow; still no finish, but it’s looking better. Is Tom Renney an idiot, though? Didn’t he figure out last year that Shanny and Jags can’t play on the same PP line? I realize we’re short a couple bodies, but you could easily switch up Prucha and Shanny. Personlly, I’d have Drury taking the draws, too. He’s much more likely to win one than Gomez. If he wants Drury on the point, have him take the draw then shift back to the blueline.

  59. Get the hell out of here, Malik doesn’t use his huge frame to force someone from his own goal crease and it leads to a goal. And please tell me how that deserved to be a penalty shot. Staal still had a great scoring chance on Henrik. He was able to deke and get a shot on goal after Tyutin “impeded” him.

  60. 40 minutes, still no goals for the Blueshirts. Folks, this is just an embarrassment. The Rangers are making goalies look good. They have a good amount of shots, but many of them are garbage. Fleury hasn’t been tested all that much tonight. I know the lines and chemistry still have to be “worked out,” but you’ve gotta be able to get some goals.

  61. If the Rangers don’t start piling up the goals and wins soon, Renney could possibly get the ax. I think Slats likes him too much, though. He has a lot of faith in Tom. Slats also doesn’t want to fire Renney before that’s the first step towards admitting error in signing two UFA centers and not retaining his own UFA center.

  62. I haven’t watch tonights game because i don’t get versus. I do see that in two periods of play the rangers haven’t scored any goals. The rangers have scored thirteen goals so far this season. I don’t care what

  63. Interesting stat: NYR is scoreless in something like 19 out of 23 periods this season.

  64. sorry, hit the wrong key. What I was going to say is if people think as of now that it’s early in the season and the rangers will be fine are kidding themselves. There is truly something wrong with this team and as far as I’m concerned it starts with jagr. This team is in trouble and I’m not seeing anything that shows me anything that’s going to change with this hockey club. It boggles my mind that hockey experts thought this team was one of the elite in the eastern conference.

  65. Versus Sucks.
    The absolute worst TV camera crew. Gomez has the puck, he passes, and the camera is suddenly zoomed in on the face of Crosby.
    I think VS just pulled a camera crew from a fishing show.
    just terrible!!

  66. Hockey experts predicted that because of how awesome they look on paper. However, many were also wary of the chemistry issues that were almost unavoidable. So far, that’s gotten the best of the Rangers. However the defense isn’t as bad as many made it out to be. This is thanks in large to Hank, but the rearguard have done a decent job at least.

  67. I will admit that i thought this team would make the playoffs
    but the way they are playing they will find themselves so far back this year more than the past two years that this team won’t even make the playoffs.

  68. I truly think the two free agent signings will be better in the long run but in the short term it appears it has hurt the team. I think it will pay off once jagr and his buddies and shanahan are gone. Than hopefully they make Drury captain and the rangers get younger.

  69. “Than hopefully they make Drury captain and the rangers get younger.”

    F*ck Drury. He has done and shown NOTHING of a leader. He’s the laziest Ranger on this team.

  70. This is just effing ridiculous. I don’t want to hear anything about chemistry anymore. The Rangers haven’t scored a goal in almost straight 7 periods. It’s time for them to shape up or someone’s gonna ship out. If this is players being lazy, Renney needs to beat it into them. If it’s bad strategy, Renney needs to be ousted. If someone’s bringing down this team, they need to be benched or traded away. They have 13 goals in 8 games. Not even two goals a game. Rangers fans, used to being pessimistic, are getting restless. We were given delusions of grandeur when Slats hit a “home run” with Gomez and Drury. So far it’s looking like a foul ball (excuse the really stupid metaphor). Something needs to happen and it needs to happen soon, or our boys in blue are gonna look like the cellar-dwelling losers they were earlier this decade.

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