No news is good news


The good news on the Rangers is there will be no news today. They will not play a game and fail to score any goals. They will not be humiliated by teams that have no right humiliating anyone.

They won’t practice and then have to come up with explanations afterwards about why everything that looks decent in rehearsals is so painfully out of synch when it counts.

There won’t even be anything definitive on Martin Straka, other than to say his broken left finger is likely to have him out for at least a little while. Apparently these are dangerous times to be a left wing, so watch your backs, Ryan Hollweg and Petr Prucha (you, too, Nigel Dawes).

There will be nothing today, so my suggestion is for everyone to enjoy the beautiful weather and try to distance yourself from the mind-numbing state of your team. There’ll be plenty of time for worrying tomorrow….

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  1. SAM they were some more positive signs yesterday, but they need Avery’s edge badly. Byers would be a good fill in. And the offense has to come out of their slump, which they will.

  2. Aside from all of the penalties (which is no surprise, this is the Rangers….penalties ahoy!), I thought they played a pretty good game overall.

    …except Jagr was very lazy during the shootout. Remember when we were all screaming that he needs to shoot in it, for the good of the team? Well, let’s let the team morale fall for a few seconds while we get someone with energy to take the shootout.

  3. I wonder if Joe Torre would come coach the Rangers.

    As much as I like Renney, the Rangers need a spark.

  4. Craig The Weatherman on


    You may, or may not be able to help me with this. I’m a tv reporter/meteorologist for the abc affiliate in Topeka, KS. Born and raised in NY (Port Jefferson), a die hard rangers fan and looking to make a move to pr/marketing/media relations. How difficult would it be to land a job with MSG working for the rangers? Again, I know you’re not employed by the rangers, but figured you might have some insight. If you can, shoot me an email at Thanks so much!

    Best Regards,
    Craig Gold

    KTKA 49ABC News Topeka, KS

  5. It is not a player’s AGE which counts, so much as his ABILITY. A player should not get a pass on (lack of) ability because he is older than someone who is more talented. Some here seem to think that I focus exclusively on youth as the qualifier for an NHL job. Not so. The Rangers have many young players in the system who do not deserve so much as a look at the NHL level.

    I doubt anyone here can make a case for the further retention of Betts and Hollweg. Anisimov and Korpikoski have already passed them, ability wise. How long should we ignore that fact? The major problem with the Rangers is that management confuses age and its corollary “experience” with ability. Oh yes, there is another problem with this organization – LACK OF GUTS. This management team lacks the guts to sweep out older, unproductive players and jump-start the team with new, enthusiastic, more talented young blood.

    If this were my team, the crap pile of older heads belonging to Straka, Shanahan, Betts, Hollweg, Mara, Strudwick, and Valiquette would roll (would not have been retained), to make room for Dawes, Anisimov, Korpikoski, Montoya, and Pock, plus, Sanguinetti
    never would have been exiled to the OHL for a useless season of proving he is the best player on the OHL map.

    You don’t agree with the above? Perhaps can agree the team is in trouble. After taking your potshot at my blueprint for addressing the team’s problems, and at me, personally, perhaps you could share with us what you would do to rectify the current gash in the Titanic’s bow? Or maybe you would just sit still and wait for Jaromir to break out with a hat trick, as though that will make a gladiator out of the faint-hearted GM, and a good coach out of Renney.

    Do tell, what is YOUR game plan for this team’s turnaround. I put mine out there and on the line for you to refute and ridicule. Enlighten us as to how you would do better to salvage this team’s season.

  6. Robby: Straka, IMO, showed the most heart yesterday in blocking Chara’s 90 mhp slapper, staying on the ice, stopping another point shot and then actually puck handling to help clear the zone. That guy just gained a fan with that type of play. Reminds me a bit of when Tomas Sandstrom skated half a period with a broken leg. Needless to say, he’s a good example of someone older who still gives 100 percent.

    You’ll get no argument out of me on Strudwick, but I think Shanny is still valuable, PROVIDED he skates under 17 minutes a game. The 23 he skated yesterday were too many.

    Betts and Hollweg are prototypical fourth liners, and at 27 and 24, are anything but old-timers. They’re not taking ice time from the youngsters. If they weren’t there, guys like Scatchard and others would be on 4th. In fact, that line(with Orr) is one that really hasn’t been a travesty thus far. They do a decent job checking, haven’t taken poor penalties and aren’t giving up goals. Although I wish they were a bit nastier.

    Sanguinetti, while he is tearing up the OHL, still doesn’t belong on this team. What the REALLY need on the blue line is a Beukeboom-type defensemen, who is a rock on defense and who lays out punishing hits. Jeeze, even Kasparaitus Circa 2004 would be nice. On HUGE problem here is that the forwards aren’t exactly a big and bruising. Then on Defenese, you have Roszival who hits occasionally, Malik the gentle giant. Tyutin and Girardi hit, but aren’t exactly intimidating. And then there’s Mara and Staal, who play good D, but simply aren’t a physical presence. I doubt this team will go anywhere unless such a defensment is brought in(maybe Sauer or Baranka?) or if Tyutin steps up to the occasion.

  7. OK, Bonfire, I’ve finally come up with my own goal-scoring system. It’s based on percentages, so they add to 100.

    when down 4: 2
    when down 3: 7
    when down 2: 17
    game-tying: 26
    when tied: 22
    when up 1: 14
    when up 2: 8
    when up 3: 3
    when up 4: 1

    Other times are unlikely to impact the game, so I leave them out. I’ll try to keep track of it myself.

  8. Sam, being from NYC and going to a private school from K-9, I am watching _Gossip Girl_, as well, for better or worse. I thoguht it was really fake at first until someone who went to a private high school told me about stuff she saw white kids do there (since this whole show is white people pretty much), like doing coke in the senior lounge. Somehow this show is just intriguing, like _The O.C._; I guess it’s a good escape for me since it’s nothing like my life.

  9. Bonfire, also, I would like to include shorthaanded goals, so anything there would double when shorthanded by one player, triple when shorthanded by two, except when there is an empty net being scored on when I would just give out five points.

  10. SPIDER: Having a separate short-handed goal scoring category is fine. I would not mix it with even-strength numbers = different dynamic, altogether.

  11. Bonfire Bonfire Bonfire – give me a break. you’re all about the youth whether they are better or way worse than anyone over 27. you mentioned older players you would get rid of.

    I totally disagree with you re Straka. Betts is ok as 4th line center and pk in todays NHL with a salary cap. See he knows his role. Young players and those that fancy them like yourself think a player should focus on goals. Well defense wins championships. The Ducks last yr had 3 prime d men (none of whom were young) and they played the amjority of minutes. And BTW they won the cup. This will be Shanny’s and Mara’s last yr here as well as Malik. 3 of our top 5 dmen are 24 or less. A 4th is 29. Sanguinetti we’ve already discussed. At the earliest he’ll be ready in 09′. And people will wish we had Ozo and Poti instead of him when they realize how weak defensively he is. You compared him to Orr (Bobby). Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m bot going to defend Hollweg – can’t stand him although he hasn’t killed us this yr like he did at times last yr. Valiquette is the best we can afford in a cap league. Montoya’s salary works against him. Strudwick is ok as 23rd man. He doesn’t complain like Pock. Morale is a huge issue and Pock at almost 26 should just be shown the door. Team needs to keep shifts down. can’t have JJ doing these 1 minute 40 secs pp shifts. Team does not listen to any of us. I wanted Cullen back (6 pts incl 2 pp goals in 8 games with Carolina. If he was here (and Mara gone for cap matching even to Hartford if need be) we would not have been using Betts as 3rd center. I know Cullen is old in your eyes but at 30 he’s in his prime. He would have helped a lot on the point if they’d have kept him and used him properly. When Straka and Avery come back I’d put Straka with JJ and either Hossa or 1 of the 2 centers. The other center with Shanny and either Cally and Prucha. 3rd line Avery with Cally/ Prucha who ever is not on the 2nd and either the other center (if not with JJ)or Hossa or Dubinsky. If Hossa then Avery would be center. JJ needs to be comfortable. Straka and his 2 dmen from the Czech republic would make him that way. I think he was pathetic yesterday. Needs to get his head together. But putting people he’s comfortable with would help. Team still needs to preach 2 way hockey. As said above what Straka did was commendable. And it’s early so I’m not panicking. re some of the other young uns you mentioned – it just shows your stripes and your fixation with youth. Dawes along with Prucha and Cally (and several other vets) makes for a very small lineup. Prucha to me would be trade bait for a similar aged very good dman. He’s going to get killed one day. Would also open up a spot for your Dawes. Pock is not young (26 in 2 mos). Montoya too expensive re the cap.

    That’s enough for now.

  12. TDCHI – Much of moving on from Shanahan, to my thinking, is connected with freeing cap space, so as to be able to implement timely replacement promotions. This team has a slightly stagnating quality about it. That, combined with the fact that I just don’t like what I am seeing from Shanahan this year, seals the deal.

    This is hindsight, now, but yesterday, before the fact, I was truly dismayed that Shanahan got a S.O. scoring chance, rather than Callahan. Callahan has just about become my favorite player on this team, and I think his upside could be quite high if he stays physically sound. I look forward to the day when Callahan-Prucha-Dubinsky are getting the most ice time on the club and hope it is not too far away. REALLY getting excited about Korpikoski and Anisimov. Their arrival up here will be a great day for them, for the team, and for the fans, I predict

    Re Betts, the last straw for me was the brief experiment (and it may not be over) of Renney putting him on the third line. Here is a checker who cannot score and who is nobody’s playmaker, yet Renney doesn’t seem to take those salient facts into consideration. ANISIMOV is the answer, not Betts being miscast way over his head.

    Straka I would have cut loose over the summer, but his play, so far, has earned him more time here. In fact he has played as well as anyone, up front, so far. I am proud of him for making me have egg on my face, so far this season, and hope he keeps it up the fine contribution he is making, when he returns. I strongly advocate cutting players who are on the way down, but so long as a veteran is still playing at the top of his game, he has earned the right to keep his job.

    Sauer ranks last re the Hartford D plus-minus log, so far, so I would put his promotion on hold until turns his game around. Liffiton is the star D down there, by far, to this point. Some have reservations about him, I would give him a shot up here, but with a quick hook if it appears the AHL is his performance ceiling.

    Interesting observation you make re “Tyutin and Girardi hit, but are not intimidating.”
    They lead the team in hits with 20 and 17, respectively. Rozsival and Malik have just 4 + 2 = six hits between them so far, so the younger D’s are showing the older D’s they are not afraid to bring a physical dimension to the game. Intimidating or not, they at least show some spark and a desire to win. Opposition forwards, taking notice, will start to keep their heads up the offensive zone when 51 and 5 are out there.

  13. At least you own up to your mistakes.

    LI Joe – that would have been a good plan with Cullen, but I don’t think he was comfortable here and would not have performed that well. Plus, Renney probably wouldn’t put him on the point. I wish the shootout lineup would include Prucha in the first three, Jagr when he is up to it, and Shanahan, who I think can do it well. If Jagr doesn’t want to go, throw in Callahan or Straka.

  14. It’s true, but _Gossip Girl_ is even worse because it doesn’t have real fights. I can’t believe I’m still watching it, but I am.

  15. Good catch, SPIDER, yes, trailing 0-3, Sat. Oct.13, Jagr scored E.S. goal with 1:09 remaining. Thank you, I missed it. On my system that counts 13 points.

    I do like your grid point total maximizing at 100 points. Tell me, how did you arrive at the point value you assigned each goal, according to the size of the lead or deficit, at the time? With that information we can gauge the efficacy of the system. Without it we are left in the dark

    I see at Wiki you also do Mets baseball. I have done some Fibonacci points values for baseball players, as well. It is quite insightful, because, unlike hockey, you can score mulitple points according to the number of RBI’s on the play, and the score before and after the hit. (Walk RBI’s count, also.)

    For example, if the Mets are losing 4-2 and Alou hits a grand slam, on my points scale, he would receive 21+34+34+21 = 110 points. I further break it down by in-game position comparisons, both batting order and fielding position, Lead-off vs. Lead-off; #4 hitter vs. #4 hitter on opposing team, etc. This insight tells me things such as how badly A-Rod got screwed, the year the A.L. gave the MVP to another shortstop, Miguel Tejeda, who had a good year, but who was invisible, by comparison with A-Rod, for offensive production.

  16. czechthemout!!!!! on

    robbie-sauer is plus two on the season including today,what are you talking about?

  17. By the way, SPIDER, one refinement I add to the mix, is adjusting my Fib. points score for each player, for minutes played at even-strength. As of now, Prucha and Drury are tied for the club lead with 34 Fib points, apiece. However, Drury has logged 98:33 E-S minutes on the season, while Prucha shows 71:16. To account for this difference, I multiply each player’s Fib score by 100 minutes, and divide by the player’s actual E-S minutes logged. So that Prucha currently shows a score of 48, with Drury showing a score of 34 1/2. Not quite the tie their raw numbers suggest.

  18. Czech – I explained this before, regarding how I gauge plus-minus, but it bears repeating, from time to time…

    I compute what I refer to as RELATIVE plus-minus, meaning I compare each forward with all other forwards on the same team; same for D’s.

    Those D’s, we will say in this case, who are +2 in a game, get a game relative plus-minus W-L record of 1-0 vs. all D’s who are +1; 2-0 vs. all D’s who are Even; 3-0 vs. all D’s who are -1, etc. So that a D who is -2 goes 0-4 vs. a D who is +2 in a game. And believe me, I throw out (discount) all empty net/ extra attacker goals, and at, for both NHL and for AHL games, they have a game summary which shows which players were on the ice, and whether a goal is E-S, power play, or “E-S/ Empty Net” which is exactly what I look for and discard, like the misleading garbage it is.

    Here are the current Hartford D Relative Plus-Minus Scores, and you may be surprised, if not shocked, as I am….








    The total of both the win and the loss column should match, and it does here, at 64 for each.

    So that Sauer may be +2 with the AHL stat center, but relative to his own teammates he is up the track. Baranka needs to pick up his game, also. And, obviously, good things are happening for the team when Liffiton is on the ice.

    More about relative plus-minus W-L records for Hartford, the Rangers, and nine other Eastern Conference teams I am keeping track of, as the season develops.

  19. Bonfire – I made it so that one of each of the down 2-4 combined would add up to the game-tying, and the same with the up 1-4 combined, and I made sure the down number was higher than its corresponding up number. The numbers themselves are swomewhat arbitrary, based on how much value I think should be given to each one. As I said before, I wanted game-tying to be more than go-ahead because it gets you out of the losing hole, especially now with the shooout where you don’t need a go-ahead goal to get 2 points in the game. I just made it on a sliding scale, obviously, but your system, even though it’s based in something has prety random numbers anyway, so it’s hard to say which will work out better.

    I’ve just been trying to track the Mets’ salaries, but only started last year, so I don’t have all of them. I’m not even gonna get into different baseball stats since there are so many alreeady that I don’t understand. Hockey just doesn’t get as much attention, so new stats need to be devised, akin to how ERA+, OPS, WHIP, Zone%, etc. were “discovered” in baseball.

    ORR – haha

  20. Unfortunately, Liffiton would have to pass through waivers (why, I can’t understand) to be brought up. Hopefully nobody will claim him if the Rangers need/want him.

  21. I heard something shocking today….The LA Kings wanted to trade for Malik this past offseason and the Rangers passed on it. I was floored. I would have taken a friggin used zamboni for the guy!

    The Rangers are in trouble because Jagr plays the PP for 1:45 every shift and they have scored PP goals in just 2 games. We used to get all over Nylander, but at least he put up results. Gomer, Drury, Shanny, and Jags have shown nothing on the PP. How many times can I see everyone afraid to dump and chase on the PP and then watch Gomer skate 10 ft across the blue line and make a half-assed dump off pass that gets picked off? It is as if Renney said, “Do whatever the F you guys want. You all have skills.” How come there is no one camped out in front of the goalie, right in the deep slot? It’s like Renney feels he doesn’t have to coach these guys? I don’t get it.

    Renney did this last year. He kept trying the same thing over and over on the PP and it never worked. They have got to mix it up more and get more creative. Far too much dilly dallying on the half boards and no real shots from the slot, esp on the powerplay. They have to throw the puck towards the Blueshirt in front of the net and just bang away at it.

    Their offense is pathetic right now.

    And you know the D is in sad shape when Toots, Girardi, and Staal are your top 3 and all you got. Rosy only plays well with Malik and even still, that pairing might be the worst of the season so far. Mara is less than stellar to say the least. Pock is a waste of space too. Scary when Jason Strudwick looks like a decent alternative.

    Now we lose Straka. I hear 4 weeks from my source. I also hear that the mgmt thinks Dawes is a 3rd, 4th liner at most, ever. He is being played up on the Jags line because of the lack of choices for anyone else. I think Hossa (when he heels) and Jags need to play together (anyone see how easily Jags was neutralized by Chara, he needs another big body out there with him) with Drury between them.

    The second line should be Gomer with Shanny and Dawes or Avery when he gets back (making good strides I hear, recovering well.)

    Dubinsky is starting to play more confidently. That is good. I like him on a line with Cally and Pru. And that line needs to forecheck the hell out of the other team.

    Generally, how come the Rangers are not pounding the forecheck and making the other team commit errors? They seem to be sitting back and waiting around. That’s a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

    The 4th line is a mystery. Betts is a fine 4th line center. He is a role player. He is not a playmaker. But he knows his role, wins draws, kills PPs, and blocks shots. But I still cannot fathom having Orr and Hollweg in the game at the same time. One of them is fine. Having both of them out there (unless we play the Isles or the Flyers) perplexes me to no end.

    I have not hit the panic button yet but if 1 is full panic and 10 is Stanley Cup-bound feelings, I am at 3 right now. A few more games like the first 8 have been, and we will be looking towards “1” or full panic.

  22. Well hey, according to some people around here, worrying now makes you a whiner and a non-fan. I mean, so big deal, in the first 7 games they’ve pretty much handed over 2 points to the Isles and Atlanta and another one to the Bruins. Big deal, what’s 5 lousy points in October, right guys? Look at last year, when the team had to go 17-5-1 or whatever to get into the playoffs – and let’s not kid ourselves, while they were the 6th seed, the squeaked into the playoffs by 2 points. But I’m sure that could easily happen again this year, so no worries!! What’s 5 points? If they’re still in second-to-last place in the Eastern Conference and have the fewest goals scored in the league after 20 or 25 games, that’s when its time to panic (actually that’s when it’s time to start counting the days until pitchers and catchers report).

    I understand it’s too early to be making grave prognostications, and will admit that my tongue-in-cheek pessismistic post yesterday came off sounding, well, not as tongue-in-cheek as I’d hoped. And there vare some positive things happening out there to some of the younger players. but to shrug off what’s happening and say “eh, they’re fine” is to not be seeing what’s happening out there, and is also to lack an understanding of how well a team needs to play all year long to get to the playoffs.

  23. Bonfire and Spiderpig: Your ranking system only makes sense to the 2 of you, so you should keep it to yourselves via email (just to keep from confusing us all :-)…)

    Everyone else…We had a horrible start last year, too. Did anyone NOT think it would take a while to gel? In my opinion. we played a great game in Boston. We ran into a goalie playing for his career…Fernandez’ numbers were awful and he played desperate. But does anyone not think we played the most cohesive game of the season? I did…

    Positives…Dubinsky was great, especially with Pru cand Cally. Jagr finally play with emotion and tried to make some moves. Straka played with heart. Shanahan out-skated…a slow, guy, but at lease he showed he isn’t the slowest guy in the NHL. Staal gets better every game.

    I won’t worry about these guys until December at least.

  24. Tell you what, Peter (and first of all I explained the mechanics of relative plus-minus, above – you apparently are not sabermetrics or math-oriented to where you can even consider it.)

    Now then, here is the value of it, – it separates the wheat from the chaff, but since you are not really interested in doing the spade work yourself, you tell me which D in the following match-ups, you think is superior, thus far:

    TORONTO: Gill vs. Mc Cabe one of them is 42-13, relative +/-; the other is 11-51.

    MONTREAL: Komisarek vs. Streit. One is 27-9; the other is 2-29.

    OTTAWA: Phillips vs. Schubert. One is 45-6; the other is 8-27.

    N JERSEY: Greene vs. Vishnevski. One is 32-8; the other is 5-28.

    PITTSBURGH: Scuderi vs. Whitney. One is 27-12; the other is 10-25.

    PHILA: R. Jones vs. Timonen. One is 26-7; the other is 5-28.

    NY ISLES: B. Berard vs. Sutton. One is 20-10; the other is 14-27.

    BUFFALO: B. Campbell vs. H. Tallinder. One is 30-10; the other is 17-27.

    BOSTON: (Field tightly bunched.)

    Maybe you typify everyone else here, Peter. But if just one other person here has a sabermetrics bent, as I do, if you don’t mind, we will look at ordinary things from an uncommon perspective and share our findings.

  25. SPIDER: We should not overlook that a shootout win is not really an unconditional win, because in a regulation win you gain two points to none in the standings for your opponent, whereas, with an O.T. or shootout “win” your edge for the game is two points to one. That one point the other team earns could prevent you from joining the post-season derby. Therefore, winning in regulation is definitely more advantageous. Still, I have scoring a tying goal the equivalent of scoring the leading goal. This is not science, but a good, solid, ballpark figure is enlightening.

  26. Peter – Like I did, maybe you should *try* to understand his rankings first. I didn’t like them initially, but now I see value. I don’t care if you don’t understand mine since I just came up with them and want to try them out as an alternative.

    I’m gonna play the little game and answer: McCabe, Komisarek, Phillips, Greene, Whitney, Jones, Sutton (I am sure of that one), Campbell.

  27. Sam,
    The Rangers are worrying me enough without you bringing up the warmest October on record. Scarier than the Rangers, really.

  28. SPIDER:

    The correct answer, in all cases, is the first player listed, and, coincidentally the first player, alphabetically. So that Gill, Komisarek, Phillips, Greene, Scuderi, Jones, Berard, and Campbell are playing really well, early in the season.

    And the others mentioned are in the tank, right now, and all NHL GM’s should be wary about acquiring them, until and unless they get back on track.

    So that you got five of eight correct. This is why I do sabermetric stats, 1. To be in the know, as much as possible; and, 2. Because last season’s values will always be dramatically overturned, where teams and players are concerned, in a number of cases.

  29. Peter – I don’t think we ran into a hot goalie…I think a sub-par goalie ran into our inept offense. I can’t think of one difficult save Fernandez was forced to make. Not one. All of our shots were from the perimeter with little coming from the slot.

    Maybe it was the Bruins team D that was keeping the Rags attack to the outside, but in no way can I say that Fernandez earned his shutout.

  30. So how long do you think it will be before the fans start calling for Renney’s head? Can’t be much longer at this rate…

    On another note:

    Shanny looks like he is REALLY working hard to set an example the best he can. I had to do a double take to see how hard he skated to beat that Boston Dman to the loose puck on sunday. If everyone was playing like that we would have more W’s so far regardless of chemistry.

    I fully expect PIT to beat the brown out of us.

  31. I don’t mind starting the season like crap as long as we finish strong. Like last year. Also, Hank is in the ZONE!!!! Maybe we are better off to start this way and for Hank to be really on top of his game because he is really becoming an elite goaltender and making some amazing saves because he knows that this team is not scoring and that he MUST!!! With that being said, maybe once we start to score some goals and with him playing at such a high level, it will leads to wins. That is not just me hoping, I truly believe that.

  32. Also, this team has too many good players to not turn this around, and this is not like the Lindros and Fleury years. It just simply isn’t.

  33. longtimerangersfan on

    The only stat I care about is W-L…the rest just give me a headache! Just look at Malik’s +- and, IMO, that indicates the stats are meaningless. Many second assists are totally unrelated to the scoring play but they still count. The goalie can stop the puck and hand off to the D who then makes a pass to a forward who scores…yippee, assist to the goalie.

    Why do we have to have two refs? It’s been shown that one can stink up the calls all by himself. Let the linesmen call some penalties…too many people on the ice as it is. Obviously they don’t have to worry about being disiplined ’cause if they did the calls would be better.

    What’s with the “fart flap” on the back of the jerseys? I’d rather the third jersey than the ones they have now and I never thought I’d say that.

  34. Sam,
    I know Lundqvist is playing great.However, when does Valiquette get his first start? Renney mentioned he doesn’t want anyone playing their first game too late in the season so I would assume Vally will start 1 of the next 3 games. Your thoughts? Thanks!

  35. This team will come together and things will start clicking. What gets lost in the shuffle here is that the Rangers are in the top 5 in goals against. That is going to be the key to the season. The offense will eventually come, there is simply too much talent on the team for it not to.

  36. Exactly Rob L. that is the point I was trying to make. I am not trying to take a piece of sh*t and call it chocolate candy. Make no mistakes, the offense is awful right now. But it WILL click and Hank with continue to play great hockey in the net and we will be just fine.

  37. It is my opinion. You have yours and that is fine. I just don’t make my judgements on how the season is going to go after only 7 games. I am not saying that there is anything wrong in your ASSessment, but I am sticking to what I said. This team is going to make the playoffs and go as far as the conference finals. And when they finally do start scoring goals, they are going to score a lot of goals. Because with early leads this team can then control games because teams will open up and take chances against us that they don’t have to take now. It is a game of mistake and once we start making them, we are going to be a dangerous team.

  38. longtimerangersfan – Great post. I never thought about linesmen calling penalties, but it makes perfect sense. Usually one of them is in the back of the play where the other referee would be anyway. But you know they’re not gonna take jobs away at this point when they already have two refs per game.

    *fart flap* – LMAO

    Bonfire – I’m really surprised at Berard because I thought he has been terrible at even strength so far, in terms of +/-

  39. Re Berard, he has what, two games under his belt? Did really well in both of them, or however few games he has played. Amazing story, and gutsy guy, he is.

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