The optimist vs. the pessimist


Since six games is hardly enough of a sample size to really gauge what this Rangers team is all about, we are left to only speculate whether the 2-4 start is the sign of a team still shaking off the early-season cobwebs, or if it’s indicative of some serious, not easily cured deficiencies.

How you look at it depends on your point of view.

The optimist says that Jaromir Jagr will eventually find his rhythm playing alongside Scott Gomez or Chris Drury and he’ll be ready to big challenge the numbers he put up in 2005-06.

The pessimist says Jagr is a year older and the Rangers made a serious mistake not bringing back Michael Nylander.

The optimist says the overall lack of offensive production, especially at even strength, is just a byproduct of players pressing too much in the early going, and that it’s only a matter of time before the goals start coming in bunches.

The pessimist says the Rangers’ much-hyped attack simply isn’t as good as we thought it was.

The optimist says the Rangers’ defense was this bad, if not worse, at this point a year ago, and they eventually grew into a solid, cohesive unit that was better than its individual parts.

The pessimist says the defense simply isn’t good enough to make this team into a Cup contender, and the Rangers targeted the wrong areas in the offseason.

You could go on for days, covering everything from the goaltending to the coaching to the use of the third and fourth lines. The Rangers get another chance to clarify things at 4 o’clock against the Bruins. Because the more games they play, the more the patterns take hold.

More later…

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, good point on all things covered.

    I was having a hard time getting the blog before. LoHud was saying that the blogs were temporarily down. All I could think was that the Q and A was cursed! Good to see that the blog isn’t going down for a few days again.

  2. Sam
    I tend toward the optimist. I mean come on look at the entire picture, this team consists of some elite players who have shown in the past what they are capable of. You don’t just wake up one day and you suck, Players don’t just loose the skills that got them here. We got two great centers in the off season. Yeah they might look to be a little overpaid now but they are learning a new system with new teammates. I believe this team will gel. It’s still very eary in the season, we have played very few games, the schedule has not allowed for constant play every other day.
    I do wish that Renney instead of changing lines every shift, would give the lines a chance. Give each line a few games together. Nothing will gel and no chemistry will form if the lines are changed a few times a game.
    Go Rangers!

  3. I’m a realist. Gomez was totally overrated, he is not half as good as Nylander. If you want to know what’s up with Jagr look no further. Not that this should excuse his half-assed play so far. I hope I am made to eat these words but I fear I will not.

  4. Re: Jagr “being a year older, and not bringing back Nylander being a mistake”…

    Let’s not forget Nylander, now 35, is a year older, too. And he is not exactly burning it up in Washington, with one PP and one even-strength goal, and a -5 plus-minus rating so far, on the season. The Rangers were quite timely in moving on from Nylander, and a big part of their current problems is that they did not move on from Shanahan, and dregs like Hollweg and Betts, as well.

    If I were GM, I would derrick Hollweg and Betts, (giving Shanahan until Christmas to get his act together), and dramatically resurrect the the fourth line by promoting LW Korpikoski and C Anisimov to add considerable talent, youth, and ABILITY to the present roster. They are looking REALLY GOOD in the early going, at Hartford. Carrying dead weight like Hollweg and Betts is proving quite costly, out of the starting gate. The club cannot afford the drag these two are putting on the team, any longer.

  5. As I was reading Sam’s comments, I was also thinking that someone needs to be a realist as well. The fact that needs to be addressed is that the problem of this team seems to be ego. They feel as though the name on their back, or the name on the back of the player next to them on the bench is going to win the game. Not going to happen.

    When they get on the ice and work like you need to do to win they might put points on the board. As long as they rely on ego to win, they won’t. Time for a reality check in the locker room.

  6. I think it was a mistake bringing up Dubi, they should have brought up Dane Byers, cause he is a 4th liner. When Aves comes back, what will happen to Hoss?? Will he take Hollweg or Orr’s spot on the 4th line??He doesnt belong there. We can try and put Dubi on the wing, but will they consider it?

    I rather have Hoss on the top line then have him at all.

    Hossa – Drury – Jagr
    Avery – Gomez – Shanahan
    Callahan – Avery – Prucha
    Orr – Betts – Hollweg / Byers

  7. Let’s hope the Rangers D isn’t like the Yanks’ pitching – so obviously a problem that it became…a problem.

  8. Bonfire

    By your logic, we should be bringing Jason Krog back, as he has 3G, 1A in the AHL, outscoring both Korpikoski and Anisimov.

  9. They need to let the lines gel for a few games, also, I think Pock and Hollweg take up roster spots. Having both Orr and Hollweg as wingers is worthless because there’s no scoring threat. Betts with Shanny makes no sense either. The problem is that they couldn’t waive these guys or Hollweg would now be a Flyer, banging Rangers around for the next decade.

  10. Im sick of Hollweg, he continues to be worthless. He should have been the one that jumps Exelby, not Orr. Ex would have never fought Orr, but he would definitley fight Hollweg, and hollywood should have mugged him.

    Im looking foward to the next game against the Thrashers.

    Funny how, Campbell continues to fugg us over. Sutton, Exelby, whats next. Fedoruk should have got suspended last year when he went crazy and started throwing cheap shot at every ranger, but noooo. But i wont complain about that, seeing as how he got his ass knocked out.

    I cant get over this. And this is why i keep saying Avery should be with pruch’s, cause he’s been getting hit way to much, and every season he gets hit so hard you think he is dead. One day he wont just pop back up. We dont need Avery sticking up for Shanny or Gomer, Shanny can do that.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, I’m watching the pregame on NESN, and the commentator just said that Jagr is “pouting because Nylander isn’t around to give him the puck” and that he is “killing the franchise.” Do you get that impression at all? Like.. at all??? It seems like totally unprofessional reporting.

  12. Doodie Machetto on


    as I was typing that the save of the season by Lundqvist. It’s going to be months before someone comes up with something better, if ever.

  13. Oh man that save was insane!!

    How bout Callahan trying to hit Chara? That was hilarious. He bounced off and fell like Chara was a trampoline.

  14. Surprised at the goalies playing for both sides today. Fernandez has been terrible while Thomas has been on a roll, and I thought Lundqvist would be tired after last game, but he’s obviously still focused.

    I’m watching on Yahoo, and they have the NESN feed. I guess those guys don’t know that Straka is a regular penalty killer, since they said “one of the Rangers’ top offensive guys killing a penalty,” like it was a surprise. They also said the “Ranger fans are loudly in attendence, but that may be redundant.” That was funny, actually. Glad to see so many there.

  15. forget being a optimist or pessimist and the six minutes the rangers had to kill off. Where is the offense, they look lost in the offensive zone. Boston isn’t one of your better defensive teams.

  16. Boy, Drury obviously doesn’t like to be interviewed. Drury looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.

  17. Spider – the Rangers had 4 days off before Atl and 2 days off after today. So I doubt they would even think of giving Henrik a rest.

    Hope Straka will be ok. that shot block had to hurt.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I know how we can score against the Bruins. Wait for Aaron Ward to stand in front of the net, and then play the puck to his feet. Guaranteed goal.

  19. Well, you can say want you want about the rangers but if I had a gun to my head and someone asked me if this was a playoff team, forget about one of the elite in the eastern conference, I would without hesitation say no. I feel for the ranger fans that bought in to that this was a great team and went and bought tickets.

  20. When will Renney realize that having Shanny and Jagr on the PP at the same time doesn’t work. Put prucha back on the god damn first pp unit.

  21. It hurts me to say this but the islanders are a better team than the rangers as of today, maybe that will change but until I see some evidence the rangers are nothing but a mediocre hockey team.

  22. As might be ascertained by an astute observer identifying with the type of unit we aspire to embody, given the prophylactic necessities and symbiotic allegiance that a group who considers themselves at the forefront of quasi-competitive systems that can vie for the sort of strategic preeminence normally associated with entities that have thrived in a vacuum…….I CAN’T COACH MY WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG.

  23. Renney can take a mediocre team and make them competitive. He is diligent, prepares, works very hard, has good communication skills. But give him an elite bunch? He is tense, indecisive, clueless.

    This is an embarrassment to watch. All those days of practice and the players look like they’ve never even met each other until the opening draw.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers need to be more disciplined. Coaching is what is required. Get Schoenfeld behind the bench.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Joe called that dive a good non-call, but in actuality, it wasn’t: where was the diving call?

  26. I swear to god if Drury, Shanny, Gomez, and Jagr are on the PP together again I will break this laptop that I’m watching the game on.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Why is Renney using the 4th line to take offensive zone faceoffs? I’ve seen it happen a few times this game. I have enough fingers and toes to tally their career goals.

  28. If this continues the only thing left is to fire Renney but I don’t see Sather doing that so this could be a long season.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    I bet Ward has been hoping for that chance all night. Now Orr should go and break his face.

  30. Where is this high powered power play, can I hear “IT’S A POWER PLAY GOAL” once in this game.

  31. Love the Tom Renney bit earlier….The ice is terrible…Can’t wait to see pucks rolling over sticks on the shootout

  32. Well, it took Malik all the way in to over time before he made a malik pass that almost was a goal but thank to henrik it wasn’t the game winner.

  33. As for Optimist /Pessimist: I tend to be both. Having said that I’m most concerned over Marty Straka’s injury. HE IS THE ONLY PLAYER ON THE ROSTER THAT CAN CENTER JAGR…

  34. optimist – The team has improved, they got a point.
    pessimist- This team sucks.

    Conclusion- I am half way there to my prediction that the rangers would loose to the Bruins and penguins.

  35. DanTheRangerFan on

    All I can say is WOW what a terrible start to the season….Never thought we would miss nylander and cullen so much….theres just no magic out there! Th only hope I see is some nice plays by cally,prucha,and dubi….now if they can put the finishing touch on it

  36. I said this before and unless I see different this team reminds me of the ranger teams that were bad for seven years before the lockout.

  37. Agre with Doodie. They really are. Only Atlanta is behind them in the standings, and Atlanta beat them like a drum. Just a very, very bad team. Not even getting any chances anymore. Jagr looks horrible out there, completely unable to play at all within a team concept.

    I’m not sure I can recall a time when the team looked this horrible. And Renney is terrible. Drury, who has made a career out of parking in front and scoring PP goals in tight, is relegated to the point on the PP while NOBODY stands in front of the net. There are zero shooting lanes open. They are just atrocious.

    This is the beginning of a season-long death spiral – they’ll never recover from the start they’re about to have. They just look absolutely putrid.

    Does that make me a pessimist?

    Add me to the Fire Renney list.

  38. Pathetic. Thats all you can say about this. Colton Orr gets the only major scoring chance of the game. How the hell can you win a game if your enforcer gets the best chance.

    Another shut out. This should have been the 4th time we got shut out.

  39. Watched the Boston telecst because I live in LA.

    Stall can play, Malik played well, so did dubi, and the other young guys.

    still no continuity and weak passing.

    Loser bandwagon whiners they will be fine, they will make the playoffs and be a force in the playoffs.

    I will panic when they have 35 games left. After 7 games I would relax, morons..

    Rozsival also looks bad, many bad passes and he was lucky they did not get a breakaway on the power play.

    gomez is good for 1 big giveaway in there zone per game…

    tyutins, girardi, and staal are solid on D. use Hossa for Straka until he comes back.. dawes looks like he can play, develop some chemistry and he will score some goals..

    as some 1 stated somewhere else, they spent training camp picking a roster not building up teamwork and chemistry..

  40. Stuart,
    here is my prediction, rangers will strugle like this until Sather wakes up and fires renney, if sather does this in time than i can see the rangers making the playoffs but than again this is hockey, most teams make the playoffs except for the pathetic.

  41. Maybe I am way off here but it took sather all but three seasons to ruin the rangers and bring them back to the way they were before the lockout when Sather over sprended money on free agents and built a team with no chemistry.

  42. tonM G you have no clue…

    yea after 7 games jump ship.

    yeah renny is a moron that is why they mad the playoffs the last 2 yrs with 2 lines and rozsival your big D man.

    many little kids have no clue how long the season is even after watching last year.

    Humans are pretty stupid…

    they lost ortmyer, nylander, and other junk added drury, gomez, staal, dbinsky and others and you expect the teamwork to be as good as it will be in 2 months.

    you are a other way to put it but why do you morons post???

  43. I disagree that the Rangers spent camp picking a roster – they knew what the roster would be before camp opened.

  44. no I am reconsidering TOm you are right drury and gomez are really soft euro players and really are 34 yrs old and have never won big games. I forgot they are valeri kamaneskY(whatever his name was) and pavel Bure..

    My point is you are a moron..think about it…

  45. Gomez sucks and I don’t think he gives a rat’s ass, we now see his pride to be a Ranger is about getting to cash his check. Jagr is for sure pouting about how bad Gomez sucks and Nylander being gone. And I’m tired of hearing about Shanahan (and Avery) out on the NY party circuit- all these guys are here for the paychecks and the parties. WTF was Renney and all these buffoons thinking talking Stanley Cup before the season even started? Only thing to enjoy about this team is our real Rangers, Lundy, Girardi who is really emerging into a top pair 2 way defenseman, Tyutin, Callahan, Dubinsky and Prucha. The rest SUCK.

  46. man hockey fans are just as stupid as baseball fans.. I am sure all the loser whiners will say they were wrong in in April and May?

    Yea sure, they will be arguing over the 2nd power play point man and if Orr should play 6 minutes a game or 8.


  47. Re the Gomez signing, Anisimov will make it look idiotic within two years, unless Gomez makes it look idiotic, long before then, which he is threatening to do. “Mr. Softie” special, he is. Plays hockey with weak hands and a delicate body.

  48. This ispretty comical. If you guys act like the sky is falling after 7 games, why even bother watching?When this team is far into the playoffs, here is a list of posters I dont want to hear from:

    Robby Bonfire

    In the words of Sean Avery, you’re all whiners.

  49. How in the world do you use Drury in the shootout over Gomez and Prucha. Drury 0-2 in his career, so bad that Buffalo would not even use him in them! Tom Renney yet again shows he is a terrible game time coach.

  50. Here are a few points:

    The defense that we thought would be so problematic has not looked bad at all. With the exception of the Atlanta game, they have let up more than 2 goals in any other game.

    The team is far too talented to play like this for a long period of time. Eventually, if they work hard they are going to scored plenty of goals.

    Henrik has played very well. He is looking to be the best goalie wire to wire this year. If he plays well all year he could be a front runner for the Vezina.

    This team has showed a few signs of life. You just have to look closely. It seemd pretty obvious that the players have not formed any chemistry as of yet for a few reasons. One being the lack of any preseasonplaying time due to assessing prospects, 2 being that Renney has juggled the lines around far too much.

    Another part of out slow start in my opinion id the lack of regularly played games. This schedule so far has not had any consistancy at all.

    There is no reason to think that this team will not score goals. This reminds me of the Yankees last spring. They had bigtime trouble scoring runs but had far too much talent to play the way they were playing for an extended period of time.

    Its a question of if but when will this team get hot. Its gonna happen sooner or later, whether its Tuesday or next week, goals are gonna come. This team is undoubtledly going to be an offesinve machine. Its just a matter of time. When they explode, the rest of the league better lookout.

    I hate how people who call themselves “fans” are calling the team dead 15 days into the season.

    Look at the backs of the hockey cards of all of these players we have and average it out. That is most likely where they will be come the end of the season.
    That said, this team is going to be very good and a force to be reckoned with come April.

    Success will come, I would bet on it.

  51. Dan Diorio: I understand where you are coming from but dont you think Renney is trying to get a gauge on where his players sit in all aspects of the game? Im sure he wants to see what his players can do in all situations. Its better to get the realization that Chris is not good in shootouts out of the way in October rather than February, dont you agree?

  52. Go NYR: Dont you think you can do that in PRACTICE against one of the best shootout goalies in the league. This was a VITAL point on the line here. We gave it away to Boston throwing Drury out there. Prucha and Gomez have scored in shootouts before, there better with the puck. They are just logically a better fit for this situation.

  53. Enough histeria, you, losers. We look bad. very bad, in fact. Todays point is a gift from Henrik. Straka is out and as disturbing as it feels, it’s a chance for this group of people (not sure if they deserve to be called a team at this point) to prove they are more than bunch of overpriced jerks. My feeling is, the guys will overcome it. lets see…

  54. If practice is your reasoning, maybe he was great in practice? Maybe he socred plenty of breakaway goals in practice and Hank told Renney he is hard to stop. Did you think about that?

  55. GoNYC get a life if you don’t see that Gomez is overrated you are clueless. The team may well be good eventually and I never said they wouldn’t. But right now they have their heads up their asses- that is not hysterical it is factual and if you don’t see it you are in denial. Someone needs to get them to stop thinking they award the cup in the offseason, stop with the partying every night in NYC, and get over the fact Nylander is gone. If they don’t get this now this will be a long season. I’m happy to continue this tomorrow, I’m going out now and I’m willing to bet I see the boys out having themselves a grand old time. Didn’t Gomez chuckle about the reaction to the team’s start and say this is fun?

  56. Just got back from the game. As bad as we looked on TV, trust me we looked worse live. It is pretty apparent that Renney does not know how to coach this team. Nobody seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing or where they were supposed to be. I am starting to think that Gomez and Drury’s inability to adjust might be due to the fact that Renney is just not a good coach.

    Coming out flat after being humiliated by the worst team in the league in your last game is inexcusable, both from a player and a coaching standpoint.

  57. You all sound like a bunch of god damn babies. I completely agree that this loss was ugly, but enough already. Im already over it, you all should be to.

    If your not, then turn on the NJD vs NYI game and watch Weekes give up some soft goals, it makes me a whoole hell of alot happier.

    Enough of the name calling, your all morons in your own way, both good and bad. You sound like a bunch of caged animals who need a Mcsorley stick to your face!!!

    Hail Baby!!!

  58. Go NYR maybe he did look good at practice maybe he did not. However fact is he blowed it today. Renney gets paid to make the right decisions and he did not today. I would have went with Gomez. Said it before the shootout started.

  59. Dubinsky got 8:50 total playing time vs. Boston, and this with the club a forward short when Straka went down. Sam Rosen kept raving about his overall play, throughout the game.

    Callahan should be in the top three S.O. shooters, but Callahan is another kid the coach has no faith in, despite the fact that he is out-playing most of the veteran forwards by daylight. Down-grading These two, along with Prucha is sheer madness. I would like to see Scotty Bowman coaching this team – at least it would be a TEAM, with the personnel resources deployed relative to current ability, not career stats.

  60. Stuart,
    jump ship? I never said anything about jumping ship, you need to take a volume dude and grow up. There is no need for name calling. I’m just stated an opinion on what I see, that’s it.
    I’m not whining, I’m just stating what i see with this team and I don’t buy your opinion that it’s because of new players.

  61. Go NYR,
    That’s funny, if anybody sounds like a whiner it’s you attacking other bloggers because you don’t like what they stated on this blog.

  62. Will you all shut up about the shootout!!!

    How do you know Gomer would have scored. Hollweg did good in shootouts during practice in 05 – 06 and in the 15 rounder he went before Moore, Ortmeyer, Ward, and other players that have more offensive talent then him.

    Renney goes by what he see’s in practice.

    Renney isnt the most impressive coach in the world, but dont bitch about the shootout.

    Im only pissed because were barely scoring and NYR is turning out to be more embarrissing then ATL because we were actually picked to be the top team in the league and were up to a pathetic start with are only two wins against two teams that probably wont make the playoffs.


    I am so fuggin sick of those asshole NYI j**k offs raising there sticks to the g*d damn crowd, i dont know about all of you but that pisses me off so much, i lliterally threw my control at the wall when i seen them do that. Stupid morons can get there own thing so they steal ours. I hope Hilarie Duff dumps Commrie and he turns to booze and it ruins his career.

    There…i said my piece.

    Hail Baby!!! (Al Bundy)

  63. At some point the lack of cohesion has to be pinned on Renney.

    Explain the powerplay to me….the line of Jags, Gomer, Drury, Shanny, and Rosy…they don’t like to dump and chase. Then you have Gomer bring it across and try some little dump off that inevitably gets picked off by a defenseman. Either dump the friggin puck and chase from the red line or skate it in and possess it. Don’t get it across the blueline and then look to dump it off half assed. It’s like everyone on the ice expects the next guy to pick up the slack. I have never seen such a blatant attempt at creating the highlight reel goal as I have witnessed in the first 7 games. They are nonchalant and far too casual.

    The D returned tonight to the forefront. But Gomer, Drury, and Jags expect every game to be handed to them up front. Did anyone see Gomer pull a Nylander on that powerplay? he did like 3 pirouettes in a row before losing the puck. That is what I don’t get.

    Also, the ridiculous penalties we took tonight were the result of being lazy. That is just a terrible lack of discipline.

    We have a lot of time left but we also have a massive hill to climb based on what I have seen.

    And I have said it 5x if I have said it 100x, Holly and Orr should almost NEVER be playing in the same game. They are useless. Dubinsky finally starting to show some legs.

  64. When we dumped Nyls, i thought the PP would be a bit better.

    Nyls always killed time on our PP’s always spinning around and holding on to the puck, i figured this year it would be shoot shoot shoot!! But no.

    The squedule isnt getting easier, with games against the Pens and Devs and Leafs etc.

    We need points, its still early but when March arrives, were gonna be saying “if we won those games, we’d be in a better spot”.

    Im only worried cause were not scoring.

    I hope Staal destroys his bro on tuesday.


    Its good that Dubi went to Strudsy and Orrzie for some fight advise, ive been saying he should do that.

  65. czechthemout!!!!! on

    STUART-I am not givinig up on the season.I just think we don’t have a good coach.You know my posts from last year,i have been consistant about it.I said he would cost us the playoffs with his poor in game coaching(see game 5 buffulo)
    and he did.What i am complaining about is the same thing.nothing has changed.the powerplay is still the same.blair betts is still being put in either on the second or third line,or even worse as the sixth man when the goalie is pulled.Every person grows professionally on his job,he makes better decisions or he is let go.Renney is still making the same stupid decisions over and over and over again.BUT HE”S a GOOD MAN!!!!!!

  66. It seems to me like NYR is the only team in the league that cant get things done…I have center ice, and i say the worst teams in the league have a great PP even if they dont score, i see constant effort, i see goals scored with seconds remaining in the 3rd down by 1 goal.

    But with NYR you never get that, there PP is never great, there PK is always great though, but it seems like NYR has the least amount of effort in there games compared to any other team.

    And you cant blame it on the Euros, because the Wings had basically an all swedish team, with a few Czechs, Russians, Canadiens, and Americans, but mostly Swedes.

    It sucks…Hopefully NYR has a big game tuesday. Cause i cant take much more of this crap.

  67. Go NYR maybe he did look good at practice maybe he did not. However fact is he blowed it today. Blowed it? Thats great English.

  68. TomG said:”That’s funny, if anybody sounds like a whiner it’s you attacking other bloggers because you don’t like what they stated on this blog.”

    Maybe its because half of you people arent real fans. A real fan doesnt come on a blog and start going on about how the season is over after 7 games. Im complaining about the doomsday attitude and people running around like the sky is falling. Im pretty sure I have a good point. The people on here who are saying the season is over already and Renney should be fired after 7 games will not say they were wrong when things are turned around. They say “I knew they would turn it around”. Thats not being a fan.

  69. 1. The rangers cannot take those penalties, especially their captain.
    2. Why do the rangers seem to think it is okay, once slightly beat, to take a penalty? As if it’s an acceptable alternative.
    3. Why can’t Renney make them stop?
    4. Why does Gomez always look so surprised when he is defended?
    5. How is prucha alive?
    6. How is this lack of offensive finish even possible?
    7. Why can’t the Ranger coaches fix the PP after years of the same problems? And don’t quote me stats. The potential is beyond game winning every game.
    8. How many pucks can Jags and others control within 5 feet and then lose, all to no effect?
    9. When will Renney be held accountable? And how long til he holds his stars accountable?
    10. Without panicking when will everyone stop saying the team is too talented to keep losing? And please, don’t compare it to any recent Yankee team-that only indicates the problems will only be temporarily overcome but eventually cause them to lose.

    Man do I want this team to be better. But right now they are just a bad team.

  70. chechthemout you are a broken record so we get another year of your renny whining.. what that is something to look forward to..
    yeah I guess you probably gave scotty bowman tips also!!!!!!!

    chris F you are so right after 7 games they a re a bad team, SO>>>>>>Talk to me in 40 more games.

    the stupidity spewed here is like the yankee site during the year..

    betts was on the 4th line today so cut that complaint fora day or 2….

  71. SAM a heartbreaker? Who’s heart? Ask Renney to try Prucha with Jagr & Gomez, and put Callihan, Dawes, & Dubinsky together. When is Scatchard getting signed to fill in ?

  72. Scatchard just played his first game of a five-game trial in Hartford, Saturday night. He was minus one, everyone on the team was even, or minus one for the game. Can’t wait to get this 31-year old journeyman up to Broadway – surely he is the answer. Forget that Anisimov and Pyatt can skate and play circles around Scatchard, right now, the Sather “outside journeyman” solution to Ranger problems is about to kick in. Where have you gone, Krog, Dupuis, and company? We need you.

    Hey, thank God other teams put dumpy vets on waivers, where would we be without them?

  73. Go NYR,
    I hear you, I think we are all frustrated at this point. I’ve been a ranger fan since 1967 and I am truly a diehard and I am not giving up on the rangers seven games in to the season. I guess it didn’t help when the hockey experts claimed the rangers were one of the elite teams in the eastern conference.

  74. czechthemout!!!!! on

    staurt-i should have known better than to try and have a normall conversation with you.You bring nothing to the table other than your condesending and insulting diatribe.i guess your manners and brain get fried out there in la la land.I don’t pretend to be a coach never have.That doesn’t mean i don’t know anything about hockey.Being a coach is not rocket science.But i refuse to keep quiet as a fan about what i see from a coach who is clearly out of his league and over his head.I have more invested in this team in terms of money and emotional ties than renney has.I’ve spent over 30 years thousands of dollars and time going to the games,bying the jerseys and other things that generate revenue for this team,that gives me the right to comment on them.If you don’t like it,tough shit.

  75. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Stuart-Tom renney could not touch scotty bowmans jock strap as far as coaching and you couldn’t touch mine as far as hockey knowledge.

  76. I am a regular poster and I like to always here what other people are saying on here and my tune has not changed. I am not going to evaluate this team and start to worry until the 15th or 20th game of the season. Obviously if we are not scoring at all and giving up a boatload of goals I will worry but I am really not too concerned just yet. This team is going to be ok.

  77. off topic. does anyone watch the MSG originals? They are kinda poorly done. I was watching the Lundqvist one the other day and on two different occasions they showed dan blackburn instead of Lundqvist. The give away was the double blocker system he was trying. just an observation

  78. czech do you know what’s really TS? That you can’t stand Renney. Try using the same standards for him as you want for the players you like. Give them a chance, they all make mistakes.

  79. longtimerangersfan on

    I’m convinced that Tom Renney is a nice guy…that doesn’t equate to being a good coach. Everyone, including Sam, says that the players buy into his system but you couldn’t prove it by me from what I’ve seen so far this year and a lot of last year for that matter. A rookie player has to literally stand on his head to be put in the lineup re: Henrik Lundquist “Weekes is my #1 goalie…end of story”…oops, maybe not.

    It was Mike Milbury, go figure, that was bad mouthing Jagr during the game. Said he’s a pouter…always was and always will be. Said he’s dragged down other other organizations before. Kinda hard to disagree.

  80. There appears to be a major misconception, and much confusion, on the part of the “optimist” contingent, here. They seem to think that those of us who are “critical” are giving up on the team and the season, seven games in, and that the team will rebound and join the elite contenders in this league, etc.

    What you powder-puff morons are completely overlooking is that most criticism we heap upon this team is related to the mis-management of this team, much more than for individual player and collective under-achievement, although that is also a factor, no one will deny.

    Look, when we see Dubinsky, Callahan, and Prucha getting royally screwed out of power play minutes, we are going to make an issue out of that gross management/coaching stupidity. When we see players in the minors who should be up here, and players who are here who should dumped in a heartbeat, we are going to be critical about that. When we see the annual parade of short-term patching veteran wash-out waiver wire acquisitions start to arrive on the scene, we are NOT going to like that, given vastly superior options in our own system.

    So you babies and children can take your rose-colored glasses and follow the NBA, or something, but don’t tell the rest of us we have to like the way this organization has its head on backwards and rarely has a clue as to how to address its mostly self-induced problems.

  81. Stuart,
    I never said that this ranger team was like the teams that didn’t make the playoffs before the lockout. I stated that it “reminds me” of those teams. I think you need to understand English before you come back with your comments and there is no need to be calling me or anybody else a moron, fool etc, it just makes you look like a immature little kid that doesn’t like or want to hear nothing critical about there team.

  82. Bonfire – then don’t have a double standard. the rest of us don’t have to like your annoying posts. You care about 1 stat and 1 stat only. how young a player is. I’m just waiting until you start pushing for Henrik to be out for being on the downside of his career.

  83. Thanks Joe, I really envy your wanting the club to the oldest, most inept team in hockey.
    As for my wanting Anisimov to be promoted and scumbag to be dumped, I acknowledge what a toad I am.

  84. Stuart you’re a tool shaddup already. Renney said the power play did the penalty killing for the Bruins. Renney also stated not enough shots on the pp. Well Coch Tomfoolery why then do you put Rozsival (who refuses to shoot no matter what) on the pp? Rozsival imo is the worst pp quarterback I’ve seen in 20 years of watching Hockey. Renney says nobody standing front on the pp. Petr Prucha who is always willing to stand in front on the pp gets 20 seconds of pp time. Prucha-Dubinsky-Callahan is the only line with chemistry and he keeps breaking em up.

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