Well, at least they’re interesting


And to think, at one point before the season, I feared that the Rangers would face such little resistance on the way to a playoff berth, they risked being boring.

Sometimes I can be more off-mark than a Brad Isbister wrist shot.

But even with that in mind, I’m willing to entertain your questions today for our second Q-and-A. Maybe it will help you past the misery of last night, although I’ll be honest: I’m just as mystified as some of you are.

Submit your questions in the comments section and I’ll try to respond later today.

Bear in mind, the last time we did this, the Blog crashed and didn’t recover for two days. I don’t think the two were related. But we now know I’m not always right…

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  1. Sam,
    Great job on the blog. Have been reading for a while and this is my first comment. I thought before the season it might take 10-15 games for the offense to click, but where is the energy/drive/enthusiasm with this team? (And it can’t all be blamed on Avery’s absence.) Last night seemed as though they didn’t care, and I think this is at least one significant reason for one even-strength goal in the last four games or so.

  2. Sam,

    How many games do the Rangers have to lose until Renney gets fired? He did a great job rebuilding, but I just don’t seem as the type of coach who is going to ignite the fire under this team. I was a strong pro advocate for the last two years, but I’m having a moment of clarity.

  3. The sad thing is, I have been so demoralized in the 7 years that the Rangers missed the playoffs, that no year since has been exciting, I still just assume they will find a way to let me down. The last two years have been an amazing surprise. I am not, however, surprised about this year.

  4. Hey Sam,
    What does Mr. Renney think are the key issues or problems that the team needs to deal with asap?

  5. Last night was ugly. Real ugly. It almost reminded of of the first game in Ottawa this year where we came out flying and took two bad early penalties and that was the game. Except that time Hank only allowed 2 goals and we looked a lot more solid defensively and skated pretty well with a very solid Ottawa team. Last night we came out early and had some early chances and then the wheels fell of the bus. But this time our “team defense” left Hank out to dry. The score could have been much higher. Last year at this time Hank was not playing well but the team was playing pretty good hockey. This year Hank is standing on his head for the most part and the team looks like the little rangers. And I will say this again, this team is better off with Malik in the lineup than not. With the defensive options that we have, we are better with him in the lineup. Are there others who would be a better option that are not in the NYR organization? Yes. But we don’t have that option right now. And you want to talk about him making a bad play here and there, well wipe the crap out of your eyes because the whole team is guilty of making bad plays this year. Someone needs to light a fire under this teams ass, and I don’t know what it is going to take, but it needs to happen soon. The thing that makes me laugh is that most of us in here and most of the media all expected the Rangers to be a great team this year, but at the same time almost everyone said look for them to try and find and identity and struggle a bit through the first 10-15 games. Well, here we are going in to game 7 and we are struggling to find our identity and line combinations. It is no wonder this team for so many years went out and tried to build a win now team with big priced free agents. It is because of many of the fans of this team that are more impatient than garden brass. Relax, give it some time, and it is OCTOBER for Christ sake. This team will turn it around. And they will do it with the team they have, with Malik, with Avery when he comes back, and with Renne behind the bench.

  6. repost…SAM you need to ‘go to the video’…â€?
    Things also got ugly in the final period, especially after Atlanta defenseman Garnet Exelby delivered a vicious though legal hit to Petr Prucha right in front of the benches.â€?…the punk left his feet, led with his elbows and delivered a hit to th head….it’s called INTENT TO INJURE, he should be suspended. How you can believe that was legal is beyond me. It was a charge, elbowing, a hit to the head, all meant to do serious damage? Just because Prucha is made of rubber & didn’t get seriously injured , doesn’t mean it’s LEGAL. Nor was the kneeing he took from Mc Carthy. There are two Flyers suspended for 25 games for a similar hit as that chicken Exelby….And the two not so bright, Bettman & Campbell, want fathom sticks to the mid-section called as penalties while letting that garbage hit get by as HOCKEY!…they better review that tape and deliver justice, and stop players of that ilk in their tracks. There is a big difference between clean & dirty, legal & illegal.

  7. Why doesn’t Reney just leave Dubinsky between Prucha and Callahan? Or is the plan to have Hossa-Gomez-Jagr, Pruch-Drury-Callahan, Avery-Straka-Shanny? I think Dubinsky should be given at least 10 games of regular shifts to see if he can handle the pro game. Betts is good in his role, but not as a third line center for Prucha-Callahan.

  8. Sam, Our defensive play looked terrible yesterday, even with no Malik in the lineup. Do you think Sather should make some moves to power Rangers defense? My second question is about Chris Drury. What is going on with this player? He misses the shots, he’s not controlling the puck well, makes bad turnovers and he’s almost invisible on the ice. Where is the last year’s Sabres leader?

  9. Sam –

    To me, Renney seems to be switching up the lines far too often. He claims that he is searching for combos that can gel together and produce. However, I think some of these lines need to be given more time than Renney is giving them. In your opinion, are the offensive struggles a result of not yet finding the right line combos? Or is it that the right combos haven’t been given enough time to properly gel and are broken up too quickly?

  10. Can you spell PATHETIC? R-A-N-G-E-R-S, Last night was very much pathetic, However I did have this feeling we were going to lose to the Atlanta Vultures reason being because of the firing of Hartley, also they want to prove to their fans as well as themselves and that they did, unforunate we were the victims.

  11. Bklynblue is right! That hit on Prucha needs to be reviewed and chicken doodie Exelby needs to be suspended at least for 5-10 games just for the intent to injure. If you watch it again, Orr called Exelby “F-ing P*ssy” I thought that was funny. You know what gets me is, the ref/linesman was RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THE HIT. He had direct and perfect view of the hit on Prucha. He shrugs his shoulder as if he didn’t see what happened. It’s video taped so someone needs to go do something about it. The other funny thing is that Exelby never hid the fact that he brought his hands up and even followed through. When Orr confronted him Exelby made a distinct gesture of intent to swing his stick at him. That’s when Orr got mad and grabbed him because he is definitely not playing by the rules and being such a sissy about the whole thing. After the hit, he literally skated away to avoid confrontation. WTF?

    Anyway Sam, my questions are:

    Is Pock done after last night?
    Was Malik sitting in the press box very happy that he wasn’t involved in last night’s lost? :)

  12. I almost forgot. After yesterday’s game I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR THAT PIECE OF S*** EXELBY. He should be suspended for vicious hit on Prucha (unbelievable there was NO PENALTY!!!) and then he was scared to fight with Orr! Shanny was mad at him after that stupid check on Jagr, he didn’t want to fight either. Excuse me but WHAT A P*SSY!!!

  13. Sam,
    Renney keeps saying he is looking for lines that gel but then he changes them midway through the game. Does he expect lines to just click out of nowhere or is he eventually going to wake up and realize that these things take time? And has the thought ever come into his mind of putting Gomez with Prucha and Callahan? Put speed with speed. Pru and Cally need someone to move the puck into the offensive zone and the best guys we have for that are Gomez and Jagr, so why put them on a line together?

  14. Bklynblue,
    That was a vicious hit by Exelby on Prucha especially that the game was just about over. I would hope the Colin “Soupie” Campbell would review it and give this guy a few game suspension and if not then I hope Orr & Avery take action the next time we duel with them.

  15. sam –

    having never played organized hockey before (does intermural college count? no?!?!) i am wondering whether the benefits of changing lines so often outweighs the risks. even during practice, is it more fruitful to make lines, and stick to them and let them develop as a cohesive unit, or is it better to change the lines until something clicks?

  16. watching last night’s game brought back flash backs of the ranger teams before the lock out, you remember the ones where Sather brought in high price free agents and the team didn’t play like a team, no cohesiveness. If this continues you have to start questioning Renney’s coaching philosophy. Renney continuously keeps shuffling lines like playing cards. I used to play hockey and that doesn’t help players build cohesiveness with one another.

  17. What comes first, Renney realizing Betts isn’t a top 3 center (at least on an offensive minded top 3 lines) or Renney is replaced?

  18. Sam,
    How do Rangers fans explain how the are 4-15-3 in last 22 without Malik (2005-present)
    How come Malik’s +/- was +32 last year, but his partner Rozsival was only +10? I mean if +/- is so useless and just luck, how come Malik’s partner was 22 lower than him?

  19. Sam,

    How much do you think the Rangers miss Nylander? I know he drove the fans crazy but he’s the type of player who goes into the corner, comes out with the puck and controls it. Guys like Jagr NEED that kind of player on his line. Jagr’s not going to press and get the puck himself. He needs to be set up for a shot, much like Shanahan. You don’t find the kind of chemistry that Nylander and Jagr had every day- not even in BLOCKBUSTER free agent signings.

    Also… remember when Cullen was playing with shanahan last year? No one on Cullen’s line could keep up with him. He’s be up the ice with the puck all alone while the other guys were still chugging. I think that GOMEZ (with HIS speed) needs to have linemates that compliment him. What’s the point of him going end-to-end when no one else is there when he reaches the offensive zone? He should skate with Callahan and Prucha! Move Drury back with Jagr. If you remember, once Cullen started skating with faster skaters he had a much better second half of the year.



  20. Sam –

    I am a big fan of Tom Renny’s…he’s an excellent coach who has class and the right attitude. The only thing i ever criticize him for is switching the lines up too often. Now i understand (obviously) when things dont work you need to make changes. However – I don’t think any line in hockey will ever work great together after just 1 game. In 05-06..Jagr worked with Straka at center, Nylander, at one point rucchin, he played with Prucha, Ruchinsky, etc… it took time but the Straka-Nylander-Jagr line developed. I hate to use this example, but look at Guerin-Comrie-Fedoteynko on the Islanders – Nolan played them together the entire off-season and they fused it together. Another, the Elias-Gomez-Gionta line wasn’t born over-night. On the Canucks, the Sedins didn’t find an instant partner right away then they tried out Naslund & Morrison for a span…. My point is, do you think Renny is being impatient with the line combos?

    – Al

  21. 5 questions (pretty much identical though) already about Renney switching lines too quickly/too often. I’m sensing an obvious and important issue…

  22. Sam,
    for years wearing brown with black was a no no. How do you feel about it now? It is something that seems to be happening more often. Like wearing a Brown sweater with black pants. Why is it ok to do now and it wasn’t for so many years?

    Ha, joking of course.

    What is to come of Scatchard and what do you think the team is going to look like when Avery and Hossa are both healthy?

  23. Why not have

    Hossa/Dawes Drury Jagr
    Pruca Gomez Callahan
    Straka Avery Shanahan
    Orr Betts Dubinsky/Hollweg

  24. Maybe it is time to make a big trade which involves a D man a forward. Right now this team has two extra players which is why Renney can’t stay with a common line combo for more than 10 seconds.

    Trade Pock/Mara and Hossa/Prucha – one from each set

    Straka – Drury – Jagr
    Dawes/Avery – Gomer – Shanny
    Hossa/Prucha – Avery/Dubi – Callahan
    Orr – Betts/Dubi – Hollweg

    It is so tough to make 4 lines without leaving someone out. Too many good players. The forwards will never gel.

    Girardi – Toots
    Malik – Rozi
    Staal – Mara
    Struds – Pock

    One too many D as well.

    Renney does not know how to deal with this situation. Needs to go or figure it out.

  25. I am going to make a bold prediction for all of you panic stricken people out there. After 20 games we are going to have an above .500 average and we will be first in the Atlantic at seasons end. We will also make it at least to the conference finals and I really believe it will be us and either Ottawa or Carolina. I believe the 07-08 NYR will be playing for the cup come the end of the season. No, I am not smoking crack or on any mind bending substance. I just believe this team has what it takes to be a great team although they are not there yet.

  26. I was nearly on a Valiquette watch..I thought for sure after that 4th goal Renney was going to shake things up.

  27. Maybe just deal Hossa as the odd forward out.

    Oh and Prublue25, Malik +/- was higher because Malik was out a number of games last year and Rozi could not deal. Maybe Malik is better then we all think.

  28. Malik makes a great outlet pass and also has a long reach. He is the king of the poke check and doesn’t use his size enough and check people, but that is just not his game and that is the real problem that the fans have with him. YES, he does make mistakes but everyone does. There is not one player in the NHL that is perfect and makes no mistakes.

  29. Sam,
    What is the deal with the lines.
    There seems to be no chemistry, Gomez shouldnt be with Jagr, everyone seems to know that but Renney.

  30. longtimerangersfan on

    Because I live in NC I was stuck with the Atlanta broadcasters and for the first time in my life I was wishing for “Doc” Emerick!!!!!!!! I longed to hear he squibs it around the boards or he paddled it out front, etc.etc. At least Emrick knows hockey as those guys are clueless!

    Jagr gave up the puck four or five times while trying to go through the Thrasher team.

    Renney MUST give the lines some time to gel. Shoenfeld, anyone?

    Even though Pock did suck, his errors weren’t as glaring as Malikenstein’s have been so far.

  31. longtimerangersfan on

    Nasty 1
    October 19th, 2007 at 10:33 am
    Malik makes a great outlet pass and also has a long reach. He is the king of the poke check and doesn’t use his size enough and check people, but that is just not his game and that is the real problem that the fans have with him. YES, he does make mistakes but everyone does. There is not one player in the NHL that is perfect and makes no mistakes.

    Nasty 1, fess up. Your’e Malik aren’t you?

  32. Nasty 1,
    I’m not so sure about that. I could see the rangers losing the next two games (Boston and Pittsburg)on there way to a long season of mediocre hockey. I hope I am totally wrong but until I see some evidence this could be a long season.

  33. Ha, I am definitely not Malik, but I do think the guy is not as bad as we make him out to be. That is my opinion. And I can see where he makes people angry, and I too get angry, but we are better off with him with what we’ve got. Look at the numbers posted earlier. Women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t.

  34. I think the Exlby crap in the last game might have lit the fire I was talking about earlier. Shanny was FIT to be tied. And it reminded me of when he fought Brashear last year. I think we are going to see a much better Rangers team take the ice tomorrow night and do the little things.

  35. Christ, if the players thought like most of you they would just pack it up and not play the rest of the season.

  36. hockeymanrangers on

    Wow how quickly things change from 3 weeks ago where everyone was saying how excited they were for the season to get started. And now everyone is out for Renney’s head AGAIN this year. I don’t know what’s going on the boys definitley looked flat last night. There was really no hustle, Alanta players were skating by our Rangers all the game long. Even past rookie d-man Staal. I have not been to concerned up until last night. Up until last night their d game looked OK. I think things will eventually click but I also think a different coach could bring this team and last years team together much quicker than Renny has. So here we go again with another year of the struggling Rangers.

  37. Nasty-

    Last night reminded me also of the Shanny/Brashear fight. I’m hoping this was his stepping up to get something (anything) going.

  38. Another year of the struggling rangers? After 6 games? Man, you people make me laugh. Talk to me after 15-20 games.

  39. Hey Sam-

    The past two seasons this Ranger team seemed to be a pretty tight knit group. Is there anything you sense from them behind the scenes or during practice that leaves you with the impression that maybe chemistry is the main issue and that perhaps it’s going to take longer then most hoped for them to be a cohesive unit?

  40. hockeymanrangers on

    Nasty 1
    I am with you, leave Malik out there, I was wishing he was out there last night. And everyone else put a sock in it, Malik isn’t any where near as bad as you make him out to be.

  41. Nasty 1,
    I’m not saying the team should pack it in but this team looks disorganized. Another thing that was a concern for me before the season started was that I thought this team was to soft and lacking players with grit. I know Avery is hurt but they need a few more players like Avery. I wish the rangers could replace Hollweg and Orr with players who could actually play hockey and be able to fight when needed. Hollweg is useless, he can’t even fight and Orr can’t play hockey. Two me those spots are wasted.

  42. The rangers have bigger problems than Malik. Playing Malik or not playing Malik is not the problem.

  43. This team has no heart out there. I watched the entire game and once the were down they looked likea group of guys with their tails between their legs. This team needs Avery back. They need his heart. Without heart you have nothing.

  44. nasty 1,
    I know what your saying because I made a similar comment about how it was only five games in to the season but last nights game was different than the other games. Last nights game now concerns me about this team.

  45. hockeymanrangers on

    Tom G
    That is exacly my thoughts as well, I have not been concerned up until last night. Yea they were not clicking in the previous 5 games but I expected that. But just as you put it last night was different they just looked bad. And maybe whomever said that they are not playing with heart is correct. Either that or they lost respect for Renny and do not believe in his sytem.

  46. everyone pleeeeeease step back from the ledge. It’s only 6 games into the season. The season isn’t over tomorrow. This is going to be a very good team, they just need time to figure a few things out.
    Line combinations change every game and I think that’s the biggest problem here. Renney needs to keep the same lines for more than one game or else the chemistry that he is looking for will never show up.

  47. Hi Sam. Gotta ask about all the line shuffling going on?? How are the guys supposed to get accustomed to playing with each other if Renney keeps moving his lines around? You basically have 3 new centers playing with different wing combinations almost every game. DO you not think there needs to be stability in order to gain familiarity and consistency?? Thanks

  48. SAM,

    Answer the question already. Is Renney changing up lines to often? Only question asked from what I have read.

  49. Is it just me or does it seem like others teams go out of the way to hit Prucha? That is, Prucha seems to be targeted by other teams with hits to the knee and high hard hits. Last night was a perfect example. Is Prucha targeted because he is a fearless player and has a nose for the puck and makes things happen? Does he piss off other teams somewhat like Avery? Maybe I am simply wrong. Any thoughts?

  50. Prucha – Straka – Jagr: All three of these players have great chemistry. The majority of Prucha’s career assists have come from Jagr. All three are Czechs.

    Shanahan – Avery – Callahan: Of the 7 career goals that Callahan has scored, Avery has had an assists. Shanahan and Avery have great chemistry together as well.

    Drury – Gomez – Dawes: New guys can make new chemistry better than old guys can make chemistry with new guys.

    Hossa/Hollweg – Dubinsky/Betts – Orr/Hossa: Dubinsky & Betts rotate, play half the games each. Orr and Hollweg play against Divisional teams, Hossa plays other games. Hossa & Dubinksy would be able to give a decent offensive threat from the 4th line that Hollweg, Orr, and Betts never provide. The Rangers haven’t had a 4th line that could score some goals since Messier was on it.

  51. Salty,

    I assume you (hopefully everyone else) noticed Drury quitting on the SH goal right before his man got his own rebound and stuffed the puck in the empty net, and the whiff on the PP on the feed from Shanny. I could go on about Drury but will stop now.

    Someone mentioned earlier why is Drury not being the leader like he was in Buffalo. Well he was not the leader in Buffalo. They had an outstanding cast of characters that all played the same style of hockey unlike the NYR of today. Brierre (SP?) was the leader of the Sabers last year. Drury is not a leader he is clutch when it counts. Now must not mean much for him because it is not a big game situation.

    The team is a mess.

  52. Whoops, I meant that Avery has had 5 assists on the 7 Callahan goals and that Jagr has assisted on the majority of Prucha’s goals.

  53. Sam,

    my question/concern with this team is the construction of the top 3 lines and betts placement on them. Why did they trade cullen and not sign peca? Because they were going to give a kid the chance. I like that. So why after one game has dubinsky been buried on the 4th line while we go out of the way to give staal the best chance to succeed? I could understand not wanting dubi with 2 kids (cally and pruch), but when the lines were re-constructed for the ATL game it was an opportunity to try him with shanny and straks, 2 vets who are responsible at both ends. I love betts and his role as 4th line center and top PK guy, but is it me or is he killing us on the top 3 lines, and now our search for a 2nd line center last season has turned into a search for a 3rd line center this season.

  54. Sam, I’d like to hear your thoughts on James’ questions about behind the scenes chemistry. This squad of vets, many of whom are multi-Cup winners, have perfected the art of saying the right thing about team play and winning and blah blah blah (much like Renney). But do you get any sense from their interactions in the locker room, or on the practice ice, that there is a real disconnect or any greater problem than lack of familiarity?

    Also, is Renney switching lines because JJ isn’t happy with anyone? JJ seems to be getting more easily cramped than ever. Has he been asked about that — tough a question as it may be?

    Someone made a point about other teams having new parts and still winning games. The new vets (and the old ones) aren’t 18 year-olds arriving for their first year of college sports, these are pros. Shouldn’t at least one of them be making the effort that Ryan Callahan is, even if it’s an individual effort? Has there been one inspiring individual performance by anyone other than Hank?

    Sorry if those aren’t really answrable questions. But as early as it is, these games have been frustrating as hell to watch.

  55. I would have no problem with Malik if he was used for what he is worth:
    1.) A THIRD pair d-man.. that’s how he was used in his career.
    2.) If he was the ‘stay-at-home’ d-man, like he was used in his career.
    He is too slow to be an offensive-dman… he needs to focus on getting the puck out of our zone and letting our stacked offense take care of the rest.

    Pock had a bad game, but I do not think he is a bad defenseman.. Renney needs me to make up his damn mind. Frequent changes makes you look like an idiot. How the heck are the Islanders and Flyers doing so well when they each made 6-8 additions, while we made 2?

  56. Sam,
    We all know the Rangers are still searching for that elusive team chemistry, as Reneny is still searching for the correct line combinations. My question is, barring injury, why won’t Tom Renney give lines time to mesh before juggling them around again? Renney himself stated several times that he doesn’t want to be still searching for the correct line combos 10 or 20 games into the season, yet it seems like that is precisely what is going to happen. As such, why wouldn’t the coaching staff have utilized the preseason to try to determine such combos, rather than playing many guys who were destined for Hartford regardless of how way they played? How are players supposed to achieve that chemistry when their line-mates are constantly being switched around? Wouldn’t you think it wise for Renney to choose certain combinations and stick with them for a while (a while being significantly longer than 3 games), rather than switch them up as soon as they don’t click immediately?
    Thanks, Sam.
    Jeff L.
    Northern NJ

  57. SAM do you want to retract your statement on ‘ it was a legal hit’? And is Exeby excretement allowed to threaten a player ( Orr) with his stick & get away with it? There is no way he should not be suspended for all the crap he got away with last night. What’s your opinion?

  58. Still wondering who’s in the press box on any given night. You, Zip, Dellapina, Brooks? Dubi? The AP person (is it always the same person?)? Anybody else? Are the Canadian Press people as arrogant as they seem? What’s the worst meal they serve?

  59. Hi Sam !

    I have asked and emailed this question even to people from nhl.com and other writers but I didn´t get any answer yet:

    Please do you have any idea why the Center Ice Online package is NOT availabe in Europe especially in Germany ???

    It drove me nuts because I have seen the Rangers just once in preseason against the Islanders and that is not enoough to pumpe me up to my trip to Canada at the first week of November including the Rangers at Toronto:):):):)

  60. sam,

    all this talk of chemistry, but the reall issue is how they seem to be forcing the offense, making lazy defensive mistakes, and not working harder then the other guys. why not play simple dump and chase hockey, cycle, and go hard to the net. why do we need to “mesh” and try and fore pretty hoceky?

    also, when will renney realize blair betts is a great pker, with 4th line capabilities…and continuing to put him between offesive players really neutralizes what ever offensive ambitions that line has.

    Paging THE DUKE dubinsky…. um why isnt he getting legit 3rd line minutes?

  61. DO you anything about the early exit clauses in Gomez and Drury’s contracts? :-) Great blog by the way – wish you’d update it more often! :)

  62. The problem is we were trying dump and chase hockey, but we were failing at it. You should never ever ever ever ever ever dump and chase on a damn power play, end of story.

  63. hockeymanrangers on

    Chris F
    Nope I noticed that about Staal and posted earlier that he got beat more than once. Everyone one was dragging and not clicking and made it painfull to watch. Hopefully soon they get it together and it will be fun to watch.

  64. Sam,

    Realistically, what can the Rangers do to bolster their blue line?

    A lot of experts have said that the team is one defenseman away from being serious contender, and while I think there are others issues hampering the team besides that, that’s certainly a big one.

    People are talking about bringing in Ed Jovanoski, but outside of that, what can the Rangers do that would improve their defensive situation?

  65. I agree that the end of the game last night reminded me of last year’s Caps game where the Rangers just got sick of losing and came out of that game and turned it on. Hopefully the same thing happens here…

    Also, I don’t see many people saying this, but Pock… who took Malik’s place… was responsible for 2 of those goals.
    Now, I love Pock and I think he needs another game to get into the flow.

    But Sam, do you think Pock blew his chance and we will have Malik back?

    Also, Dawes was very good last night. One of the best Rangers on the ice.

  66. Sam,

    Do you think it is time to put Jagr back with 2 linemates he is comfortable with?

    Hossa Straka Jagr
    then something like
    Drury Gomez Callahan
    Prucha Dubinsky Shanahan
    Hollweg Betts Orr

    and a follow up.

    Why on earth does betts continue to get regular minutes with offensive players? I believe he has 6 assists IN HIS NHL CAREER!!! What is Renney smoking?!

  67. What about Forsberg coming to the rangers to center jagr? Are we going to start hearing about that again?

  68. C’mon the lines would look like this then

    Straka Forsberg Jagr
    Drury Gomez Prucha
    Callahan Avery Shanahan
    Orr Betts Hollweg/Dubinsky


  69. *Here’s a question I don’t think anyone has touched on yet:*

    Do you think Renney should allow more time for lines to gel before mixing things up and looking for lightning a bottle? Surprised no one has said anything about this yet…

    Seriously though, since we know Avery hates being asked about hockey, would you feel comfortable asking him what he thinks about the new Radiohead album (he said he loves them in the Times interview) and/or what he thinks about the way the album was distriuted? (background: Radiohead, one of the world’s largest current acts released their new album as a download in which YOU decide the price. The success of this ‘new business model’ throws the entire music industry a giant curveball.)

    That would be *awesome* and I’m sure Sean would love to be asked about music…

  70. “Salten of Swing October 19th, 2007 at 1:21 pm
    Here’s a question I don’t think anyone has touched on yet:

    Do you think Renney should allow more time for lines to gel before mixing things up and looking for lightning a bottle? Surprised no one has said anything about this yet…”

    Actually, this has been asked about 10 times already. I know there’s a lot of posts to look through, but believe me, it’s been said…

  71. Sam – do you think the team regrets getting rid of Cullen and that Mara would have been better to jettison (even in hartford if no takers). Cullen is off to a good start with car by the way. I think 3rd center is going to be a problem all yr as neither Betts or Dubinsky is the answer. When Avery returns will he or Straka be 3rd center, or do you think someone from outsude the team (Scatchard or outsider).

  72. I dare say the new Radiohead album is better than OK Computer. And track 5 is one of my all time Radiohead songs already. It is all about the 3 minute mark when the cymbals come rushing in. Damn that song is great.

    I was joking about forsberg, and I think this team needs to make with what they have, which is a damn good team. They will find their way folks.

  73. Fundamental Hockey is lacking on this team because you have way too many chiefs and not enough indians. Standing in front of or driving to the net is for mere mortals not gods like that are on this team. Staying with your assignments and covering your man is for the other guy, I get paid way too much for that mundane stuff. Someone should tell the Rangers that small things win Hockey Games…..all the rest is just expensive show.

  74. Sam, what do you think of the Joe Torre scandal? I really respect your opion? You should be blogging about that!

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