Bold move coming?


Update, 5:08 p.m.: Joe Torre is out as Yankees manager. I’m tempted to offer $500 bucks to any Rangers fan who can get a word in about hockey on “Mike and the Mad Dog.” “But enough about Torre, guys. Where do you stand on Pock vs. Malik?”

Update, 2:10 p.m.: John Dellapina “confirms that Malik is out tonight”: Thomas Pock will play his first game of the season alongside Michal Rozsival.

We’ll find out today whether Marek Malik will indeed be a scratch tonight, which in turn could set off wild celebrations on the streets of Manhattan. Dancing. Singing. Embraces among strangers.

All are possibilities, however cruel that may sound.


As I mentioned yesterday, Tom Renney wouldn’t bite when we pulled him aside to ask him about it, only saying he’s considering everything. And seeing how today is only an optional skate, his plans might not be obvious until game time.

Still, we know that “Malik skated with Jason Strudwick in the last practice before the team headed south”:, and that Thomas Pock skated in his place alongside Michal Rozsival. We also know that Malik is coming off another mediocre performance against the Senators, and that that Renney has expressed the need to get Pock in a game soon.

I am not a detective, nor do I play one on TV, but my educated guess is No. 8 is taking a seat.

More when I have it…

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  1. I’m hoping Sam hasn’t built us up with all this renewed hope to let us crash around 7:00 tonight.

  2. Actually in NHL 2008 I traded Malik, Lampman and a 3rd round pick to LA for Rob Blake. I tried to get Volchenkov from Ottawa, but I guess they knew Malik to well. I even tried to throw in Montoya.

  3. I doubt Superstar Malik will get benched. Think about it, did he EVER get benched? Maybe when he was hurt. I will jump up for joy when he is not sitting on the bench. :)

  4. Nice Nick,
    October 18th, 2007 at 12:07 pm
    Actually in NHL 2008 I traded Malik, Lampman and a 3rd round pick to LA for Rob Blake. I tried to get Volchenkov from Ottawa, but I guess they knew Malik to well. I even tried to throw in Montoya.

    I tried to do the same thing. No Luck though.

    I think sitting Malek is a good move. Hey, maybe it will work, and he bounces back. I know some hate the sound of that but as of right now he is a Ranger.

  5. I will believe it when I see the Rangers “Stone Age” management makes a permanent change/upgrade, here. Somehow, I get the feeling that if they sit Malik, it will be for one or two games, then back to square one. What usually happens in these cases? The replacement player plays well, but gets shuffled aside, soon enough, anyway. They brought back Ozolinsh, right? They brought back Kas, right? They brought back Strudwick, right? And all three were washed-up and just resumed pulling the team down. You mean to tell me they won’t reinstate Malik? Get real!

    It is fascinating that it doesn’t matter how well or how poorly a player plays, what matters more is his age, his contract, and how much, or how little the coach and GM like him. Malik will be here for awhile, so relax.

  6. Malik equals 2.5 million a year
    Pock = 650k per year (according to the lohud database)

    hmmmmm 1.85 in cap space……

    oh thats right jagr might sulk.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    If he sits, it will be the definitive proof of the existence of god.

    Robby, you have to reinsert a player after you bench him for a game or two because he has to be given the hance to win his job back. You mentioned Kas and Ozo, but if you’ll notice, after they were benched and brought back, they still were unable to do well, and both were shipped off to Hartford.

    Will they ship Malik off to Hartford? Almost certainly not. But he knows that the heat is on, and I’m hoping that it will rsult in better play. I think it’s all anybody can do.

  8. MATTY

    Jagr wont cry if NYR traded Malik. But if they traded Straka, thats a whole other thing. He didnt bitch and moan about Nyls, he knew it was the right move, and deep down inside, maybe he doesnt wanna admit it, but he knows dumping Harry is the right move as well. I can guarentee you that most of the Rangers get annoyed with Harry’s bonehead plays. They wont speak up because there not Aaron Ward, thank god.

    Lol, imagine if we still had Aaron, yuck, Hank would have a breakdown.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh and two examples of guys that were benched and brought back more permanently:

    1) Mara (although it’s too early to tell whether he is improved or not)

    2) Nylander (who played excellently after taking a seat)

  10. LOL

    I tried trading Malik in NHL 08. There’s not one team that wants him. Unless i trade him for an enforcer. But i cant even get a 5th round draft pick, he sucks.

    When Malik has the puck, i get all lazy and dont know what to do with it. Just like in real life.

  11. Richtersgirl35 on

    You are all exagerrating a bit much here. I am not against benching Malik for a game or two but you will see how the defense is when he is not in. It is no coincidence that their record is not good at all when Malik is not playing. Is there any way to find these figures?

    I agree he hasnt had a good couple of games but I would like you to name 5 Rangers, even 3 Rangers (not counting Lundqvist), who have had a good start to the season.

    Why not bench Shanahan or Gomez or Jagr (even though Jagr has had a goal and a handful of assists he looks terrible a lot out there)
    Everyone just picks on Malik and wants him benched but what about everyone else that should be benched?? We wouldnt even have a full team!!!

  12. You think there is a blog somwhere in Vancouver (where MM played before coming to the Rangers) that had the same hate for Malik, 3 years ago, as we do now? It’d be interesting to see how they reacted to “Harry”.

  13. longtimerangersfan on

    Like some above have commented…I’ll believe it when I SEE Malikenstein on the bench. To put it quite simply…he is awful. Too slow and has to take lazy penalties WAY too much. I think that shootout goal he scored against the Caps ruined him.

  14. I think JJ did sulk a bit about Nylander, or at least drag his heels. And I’m not actually sure that’s over, especially now that he’s not putting up numbers he’d want. Hope I’m very wrong.

    As far as benching is concerned, Nylander had the capability to get his head back on straight and respond to a benching by playing better. Despite the [shocking] numbers of how the Rangers do with/without Malik, I don’t think he CAN play a better game, no matter how much time he’s given to think about it in the press box.

  15. If we bench Shanny, Jags, Gomer, Dru, then yeah we mine as well bench Hank and play Chris Holt cause we dont have a team.

    5 Rangers who have been playing damn good…

    5)Possibly Staal but he had a slow 2 games but he has gotten better.

    Drury is decent, Straks is decent, Rozi is decent, and blah blah blah.

    Malik is sucking, Hollweg is sucking.

    Get Pock in tonight!!! Maybe he’ll surprise us. I really hope he throws a shoulder into the jaw of Kovalchuk…Legal obviously.

  16. longtimerangersfan is right. what convinced malik he was a puckhandler? dude, you suck at it, ditch the rock away from the net and defend.

  17. Renney is a very classy guy. He knows the fans rag on Malik and want him benched, but he’s not going to say for sure to the media. He keeps stuff like that between the players. That’s the best thing you can do for your team.

    I trust Renney. We’ve made the playoffs twice in a row with him. To be honest, if Renney is to improve, he needs to become much more strict. I’m young to remember much about Bowman, but how was he to his players?

  18. Malik is ridiculous. You cant even injure the guy. But Tyuts, Hoss, Shanny, Aves, Jags, Rozi, Straks…they all can go down easy…

    It takes a dirty hit like Janssens in 05 – 06 to take the guy out.

    Its his own little personal joke on us…Errr!!!

  19. Richtersgirl35 on

    I wouldnt consider Pruchas start GOOD. He has been decent, not terrible like most of them and Im sure he will get way better too.
    Love Callahan and Dubinsky and actually I think Betts has been decent too. But the people we pay the big bucks…what a waste.

    oh and also Hollweg always sucks. That boy cant hit the net for anything, what a great idea to keep him over ortmeyer.

  20. Come on, Doodie – Ozolinsh was our WORST player on the ice in the sweep by the Devils, plus he had substance abuse and legal problems stemming from a D.U.I, and he was old, by hockey standards, with a badly deteriorating game, AND STILL they brought him back, and benched Pock, for six weeks of more Ozo bottom-feeder embarrassing play – and you want to give them credit for finally disposing of Ozo? You really don’t want to be as charitable as Rangers management, now, do you?

  21. In NHL 2008 I traded Malik and a 2nd round pick to Phoenix for Z. Michalek. 2nd game in Michalek put the puck in his own next. Hmm…maybe I should’ve traded for Rachunek.

  22. Good to see someone else bag on Hollweg. Still think he’s taking up a roster spot he doesn’t deserve. He simply has gotten no better.

  23. 1)Cally
    5)Possibly Staal but he had a slow 2 games but he has gotten better.

    agreed, i ‘d also add Betts to the list and say Staal absolutely considering his age and the cones he’s playing with.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate Hollweg. Always have.

    “Why not bench Shanahan or Gomez or Jagr (even though Jagr has had a goal and a handful of assists he looks terrible a lot out there)
    Everyone just picks on Malik and wants him benched but what about everyone else that should be benched?? We wouldnt even have a full team!!!”

    Because Malik’s gaffs end with the puck in our net.

    “and you want to give them credit for finally disposing of Ozo? You really don’t want to be as charitable as Rangers management, now, do you?”

    Yes, I do. And I’ll tell you why: they didn’t have to, and before the lockout, they wouldn’t have.

    As bad as Ozo was during the Devils series, there wasn’t a Ranger who had a decent game the entire series. Not one. As for the regular season, he wasn’t terrible. Not great, but certainly better than Malik has been this season. 14 pts in 19 games for a defenseman is nothing to sneeze at, not even close. I think that’s why he even merited a look the following season, and I’ll admit, I supported him getting the opportunity to prove himself. When he failed miserably, I called for him to be dismissed, and eventualy, he was.

    With a player like Ozolinsh and our defense the way it was designed las year, if he could’ve been in top form, it would’ve filled a hole that we had, and still have: a puck moving defenseman. I don’t blame them for crossing their fingers for as long as they did to try and get things going for him. When it was clear that he was a shadow of his former self, they dropped the ax.

  25. After asking Canuck fans, here is the feedback I received:
    “definitely not the fastest guy, but he was paired up with Jovanovski, if I remembered correctly, and he was more of a stay at home type guy and made the simple plays, thus the big time +/- numbers”


    “No booing here, but I think it’s safe to say that we might have a little stronger “pain threshold” than Ranger fans, or maybe it’s just that polite Canadian thing we have going on! [:lol:]

    Consistently inconsistent would be my summation … I remember at the time being shocked Sather offered him what he did.”

  26. Drop the Puck! on

    just a quick note on some of the comments about management being “charitable”. I agree that there are players that shouldn’t be on the ice every night. (I also agree Hollweg sux, btw). But that ‘charity’ is part of the reason that we root for the classiest organization in the NHL, and if it means even paying Kaspar 3mil to play in on the farm, that’s fine with me. (at least it doesn’t count against the cap.) makes me proud to be a ranger fan knowing we don’t throw guys to the dogs when tough times present themselves.

  27. Hmm, I traded Malikenstein to the Ducks for Beauchemin straight up. Beauchemin scored 2 goals in the frist 3 games, and has been rock solid for me in my dynasty.

    Onto real hockey, I’m interested to see how Pock is going to play tonight. He could really make it tough on Ranger management if he impresses.

  28. I don’t even understand why this is a question!!!

    Malik would be benched during a pond hockey game for the plays he’s made this season.

    Time to take a seat. Although, as far as him playing better after (hopefully) the benching… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  29. Kas taking up a roster spot at Hartford = I rest my case. What is with the endorsement of a P.C. “guilt trip” kind of organization that can’t move on from a player who can’t cut it, anymore? They call it sports but it’s really a business…

    Sports is business,
    Business is war,
    War is sports.

  30. According to Zipay

    “After acknowledging that he was “a little bit” surprised, Malik was asked whether he thought his play was poor enough to warrant it. “I’m not sure. Tough call. I don’t know….if I deserve it.”

    This is a huge problem with Malik.
    He thinks he is great and is never at fault.
    If he looked over the tapes, he’d see how horrible he’s been playing.

    Said Rangers coach Tom Renney: “These aren’t easy decisions. He’s a good man. He’s one of those guys who make the effort not to be disruptive. I just think it’s time. It’s an opportunity to get Pock (five consecutive healthy scratches) in there. His skating game and shot helps us.”

    Renney should call it how it is. Malik has been playing like crap. Being a “good gy” will only get you so far, especially in the NHL.

  31. Mr. Potato Head on

    Wait, so Malik AND Hossa aren’t going to play tonight?

    Some of you better root extra hard for the team tonight, because if they lose, you’ll have no one left to irrationally blame!

  32. Potato,

    We will just start blaming Renney if he sticks with these lines and we lose.

    I agree with whom ever said the 2nd line should be Dawes – Gomez – Shanny. That line did rock in the preseason.

    No Malik—NICE ONE. Go Pock.

  33. Malik hasn’t played well this season, of this there is no doubt. But at the same time, I don’t think scratching him actually increases the chances of the Rangers winning, which is all that matters. It’s not like they’re scratching him for Chris Pronger, they’re scratching him for Thomas Pock, Austria’s answer to Joel Bouchard.

    It’s good to get this over with, though, as it probably gives Renney more credibility and respect in the locker room.

  34. nyr nyr nyr nyr nyr nyr on

    check this out, you can ask stan fischler or al trautwig a question pertaining to local hockey here and then they will answer the questions on the air.

  35. Doodie – Mara was ok during the regular season of 2007, as was Ozo during the regular season of 2006. Problem is, both tanked badly when the season was on the line in the playoffs.

    A winning organization does not equate regular season performance with post-season performance when there is a marked difference in the level of play in these separate segments of the season, by a player. Some step up in the playoffs; some make inexcusable, costly mistakes (Ozo); some space out and become “invisible” (Mara). Mara is damn lucky to still be here, while bringing back Ozo, when he took us down and had nothing left to give, ranks as one of the worst personnel decisions I have ever witnessed in professional sports.

  36. Malik said, adding that he had “no idea” when that would be [back in the lineup]. “This is the situation. Of course, I’m not happy about it. I’ll just keep working hard in practice. That’s all I can do.”

    See, that’s the problem right there, practicing has only taken Malik so far, he can practice more but at his age its only going to get worse before it gets better.

    Is Malik an nhl-caliber player?
    Is Malik capable of playing with top players at top line minuetes?
    Yes, his +65 and ranking 7th and 8th in TOI over the last 2 seasons says so
    Is Malik a TOP 4 player on the rangers today?
    Yes, Roszival, Tyutin, Girardi, Malik, Staal (today), Mara, Pock, Strudwick
    Is Malik a TOP 4 players on teams like Anaheim, Buffalo, Ottawa or Minnesota?
    I know I certainly don’t think so. But the Devils did pick up Rachunek and Weekes, so what does it all mean?
    That our defensive pool is not as deep as other teams.
    What we need is to trade for a top 4 d-man. We don’t have to get rid of Malik, he is NOT the problem; It’s our depth.

  37. Sam Malik & Mara need to kick it up a few notches or be replaced by Pock & Strudwick or someone else. Nice to see Renney reacting & trying to fix the TEAM to reach their potential.

  38. its about time they sat malik

    now if something goes wrong again tonight (please god let them win) i dont want to hear from everyone saying malik should have been in the lineup

    cant wait to see dru wit pruchs and cally

    lets go rangers

  39. hahaha this is so great
    i love hockey really really i do what you dont believe me?

    5 on 3 for atlanta

  40. Figures we would be getting slaughtered by the NHL worst.

    I chalk this game up to lack of Mighty Malik

  41. That was good on the power play to see Mara shoot and Pöck make a good long pass, but they need to get on the ice sooner. Shanahan can’t buy a goal, another stop.

  42. The refereeing this year has been at times passed terrible. This is the second time I’ve seen the refs call a very soft penalty on the rangers to make it a 5-3. The other was the islander game and that cost the rangers at least a tie.

  43. Dawes looks pretty good overall with the puck, but doesn’t seem to be too strong on his feet. He’s getting tossed around out there…

  44. I’ve been watching the devils and islanders of late and compared to those two teams this ranger team does not look like a team. I know it’s only six games in to the season but something is missing.

  45. This game has been a combo of Thrasher goalies making ridiculous saves and us looking like squirts…

  46. they need to stop with the drop back passes and shoot!

    they havent been working all year

    so many give aways

    id like to give away gomez for nylander

  47. Kyle W,
    I’m not. I didn’t have a good feeling for this game. The thrashers 0-6, new coach, at home. Rangers not playing like a team. The funny thing is the past two years all hockey experts said the rangers weren’t that good and they were good. This year the hockey experts raved how good the rangers were going to be and all I’ve seen is the complete opposite. This team reminds me of those ranger teams that brought in all the high price players and didn’t play like a team. It’s early but you have to be concerned.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    we’re the worst team in the NHL.

    Tom, I’m very concerned.

    Keep shooting Shanny, you might score this season.

  49. How much does it cost to buy a goal? $7 million? Oh wait, the Rangers only have about $2 million left on the salary cap!

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I’ll give Renney that one. White took himself offside. I definitely didn’t catch it until the replay… but that’s probably because I was too busy screaming and cursing in disgust.

  51. I can’t decide if they’re the 2003 NY Rangers or the 2006-07 Philadelphia Flyers. Either way, I’ll bet this team is coming home next week 2-6 and in a hole they’re not getting out of.

  52. This is an embarassment. Offside or not, the goal should stand based on the half-assed play of every Ranger on the ice.

  53. can we look any worse? really?

    we look absolutely horrible tonight. We have to have the laziest defense in the league.

  54. Does anyone else think four fowards on the PP is totally ineffective and turning an advantage into a liability…just a thought…

  55. the only thing worse than watching this awful game is watching this awful game on the local thrashers network. these guys are embarrassing.

  56. The rangers power play is really hideous. They pass the puck around the boards in a circle and never shoot. The formula isn’t that hard. Somebody stands in front of the net and get the puck to the point and shoot it on goal which screens the goalie and develops a rebound. The rangers are not a good team. This could be a long season boys. The rangers seem to have malikitis. I’ve never seen so many bad passes in a period and a half.

  57. can’t win hockey games when you can’t score. This thrasher team does not have good defense and yet the rangers are getting shutout.

  58. The Rangers no matter how hard we try to believe will not come back from this game… They can barely come back from a one goal deficit but two? This merely isn’t a team and with these no trade clauses on BOTH Gomez and Drury (I’m pretty sure), the association is pretty much tied down to not winning the Stanley Cup for a few years. I just don’t see Gomez and Drury meshing and I don’t even know how Cherepanov will fit in when he comes. It’s not that we just have to ADJUST and LEARN to play like a team, hasn’t just about every other NHL team with a major roster turnover adjusted and at least showed that they can adequately win a game based on skill alone without just shoving lazy, random, skill-less shots at the net. I’m not becoming an ex Rangers fan and I’m not turning off hockey, I just may be taking a little break from this because I don’t think I could or should watch this. And maybe it’d be nice for the players to be tuned into that for once.

  59. I’ve turned off the TV and I’m now listening to Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney on the radio.

  60. Doodie Machetto on


    The team is protesting the benching of Malik!

    Seriously though guys. Our offense isn’t clicking. That’s understood. But we aren’t ever being BEATEN. we are having bad mental lapses, blips or stretches of a few minutes that are too much for us to overcome. That’s Renney’s fault, entirely. It’s his job to keep the team sharp at all times.

  61. kyle, did you catch that sharp production before the gomez interview? the 10-second shot of the empty chair? professionalism.

  62. Jim Wayne:

    It got so bad I’m now listening to it on the radio.

    #1: Atlanta’s TV production is horrible.

    #2: Can’t stand to watch this horrible game. I can take it a little bit better listening to it.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr should fight someone and get the team fired up. Something. They need a spark. Fight Holik. Hollweg should hit him with a dirty hit. Somehting against Holik would be HUGE.

  64. My question is how is the offense going to “mesh” or “click” when every time they step on the ice, they have different linemates? Renney has always been too quick to mix up the planned lines, and has yet to give anyone much time together before throwing someone new in the mix. That’s not a good way for players to develop “chemistry” in my mind.

  65. This is pathetic hockey! With the exception of like 2 or 3 players, they should all be benched. This team sucks tonight.

  66. Sarah: Good analysis. Like so many fans – we care too much at times.

    Bigger question: Does this play stem from the Avery injury or the loss of Nylander?

  67. Tough to watch…the line combinations just don’t seem to mesh at all. HEY COACH TRY THESE LINES FOR THE THIRD PERIOD….They couldn’t possibly be any worse than what you’re throwing at there:

    Prucha Straka Jagr

    Dawes Gomez Shanahan

    Betts Drury Callahan

    Hollweg Dubinsky Orr

  68. Embarrassing. Renney should have called a T.O. after the first goal, though he shouldn’t have to tell his team that they needed to take the Thrashers out of the game early.

    They look like the Keystone cops running all over and not getting anywhere, much as they did before the lockout.

    The only good news – Malik not in lineup. May he be a scratch more often.

    And maybe Jagr and Shanny need to step up and yell a bit.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Kyle: It’s not losing Nylander in the sense of Nylander is great, its losing the chemistry from his spot in the roster. We have a lot of new players this year.

    It doesn’t matter what they try, we don’t stand a chance unless Hedberg gets injured too… maybe that’s what they should try doing.

  70. Sarah you’re right. Seems like just about every other team has changed half their roster and has gelled. The Rangers really only added 2 big players not really changing the whole roster but can’t seem to gel? Odd!

  71. Doodie-

    Hedberg going down would at least provide comedy watching whoever volunteers on the Thrashers to strap on the pads…

    …then watching him look like Patrick Roy against the Rangers.

  72. Doodie Machetto on


    Hedberg going down would at least provide comedy watching whoever volunteers on the Thrashers to strap on the pads…

    …then watching him look like Patrick Roy against the Rangers.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Definitely.

    Tom, I agree, I think if the Rangers can’t get themselves over .500 by the time they are 20 games into the season, it would be time for him to go. Let Schoenfeld take over.

  73. wow this is just proof that someone is is paying these refs for the rangers to lose

    exelby CLEARLY charged at prucha and hit him high in the head no call

    the rangers go back for revenge and theres penalties everywerhe

    this is redic

  74. I’d actually like to see Orr take a shot at the Ref.

    Sam Rose is an F’n retard for complaining about Orr going after Exelby.

  75. The only difference between that hit and Downy’s on McAmmond in the preseason was that Prucha wasn’t injured on it. If there is no action taken by the NHL, the team better be up Colin Campbell’s colon.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    SHANAHAN SCORES. Now, if he could raise his shooting percentage from 2, then we’d be in business.

  77. I’m surprised they even broadcast games in Atlanta. I thought the only fans were the ones at the game, and they don’t sound too excited most of the time either.

    Sarah – I was thinking that exact same thing when I was watching the Flyers beat the Devils 4-0 earlier this week. They got Lupul, Timonen, Hartnell, Smith, Briere new, along with Coburn, Upshall, and Biron they got late last year, but they seem to have put it together to lead the division so far, and pretty strongly I might add, save for the dirty play by a couple of players who aren’t with the team anymore. Maybe we added one center too many and should have only signed one because then it would be easier to make the lines, but I still think they will get it figured out. There have been many good shots, but Gerber and the Atlanta goalies have been pretty outstanding against us.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    Rozsi-Pock is the worst pair tonight, by far. they should’ve reunited Pock with Mara, and put Staal with Rozsi

  79. There wasn’t any action taken against Neil, was there? Prucha just refuses to get injured.

    I guarantee that Valiquette starts Saturday, as I predicted last week. You had to believe that Lundqvist’s GAA would eventually go up.

  80. GuitarWizard
    October 18th, 2007 at 9:23 pm
    The only difference between that hit and Downy’s on McAmmond in the preseason was that Prucha wasn’t injured on it. If there is no action taken by the NHL, the team better be up Colin Campbell’s colon.

    GREAT point. I doubt anything is gonna happen though. But you are right that the hits are pretty similar.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    PS, a game like tonight is going to be Renney’s justification for dressing Strudwick.

  82. Doodie – you’re right on that one. It’s like he put Pöck in a position to fail, at least at even strength. If Rozsival and Staal were out there with the top unit most often, Staal could get a chance to play some offense as probably most of that line’s time would be spent in Atlanta’s zone, at least I should hope so.

  83. Do other teams’ enforcers just not like Prucha or something? They must be frustrated that he never gets injured, I guess, save for that one time in his first season around the Olympics.

  84. “There wasn’t any action taken against Neil, was there? Prucha just refuses to get injured.”

    Neil got his elbow up after the hit, but it was basically clean. Much different than charging and leaving your feet on someone who doesn’t have the puck.

  85. Watch Straka get fined for his hit because the guy had to be helped on the ice even though the hit was not as bad as those from Atlanta, and the Atlanta guys won’t be fined.

  86. GuitarWizard – I think you are referring to the hit on Avery, but I am referring to the hit on Prucha. Anyway, if Campbell’s conditions for fine/suspension is injury, Neil should be hit in the pocket anyway.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    So, Malik will never sit again since we gave up 5 goals in his absense. Pock will never play again since he was bad, but he was bad because he never gets to play.

    Orr needs to get into fights for no reason other than to establish himself as areason NOT to even _try_ (Kudos spiderpig) to run at our players. He can’t just wait for our guys to be attacked and respond. He needs to fight more often so it’s already in the heads of the other teams that if I do this, he’ll get me. Same for Hollweg. He needs to run at the other teams’ best players. Hit them dirty occassionally. Let them know that if we go after their best players, he’ll come after ours. That hit on Zhitnik was perfect.

  88. That was a disgrace. Poor play, poor decisions, poor coaching, poor everything. It’s impossible to know which is worse: team defense or offensive finishing?

    There can be no talk about Atlanta coming in fired up because of Hartley or any more talk about the difficulty of clicking or jelling. The Rangers look terrible, simple as that. Even JJ seems to be dominated by anyone.

    Even the comeback attempt seemed pathetic. I pray that it simply changes, but it’s hard to believe it will very soon.

  89. Oh and the Rangers have gotten 63% of available points in games in which Malik has played and only 25% in games when Malik hasn’t played.

  90. The thing about Malik is that he does all of the important things we don’t look for, most noticeably in positioning and setting up the transition. Sometimes he f’s up in big spots, but when he’s skating well he’s a good player and an asset to the team.

  91. the bottom line is presently they are playing very poorly. bad teamwork and bad decision making.

    it is a long season they will be fine..

    I hate the wasted 4th line.. Dubinsky is being wasted on that line.

  92. I think the biggest problem for the rangers was puck possession tonight, especially after the Atlanta goalie change. When a goalie gets thrown in like that, you have to get shots on goal immediately. It took the rangers ages to get anything going, and he was already settled down by then.

  93. I was at tonights game and I literally almost cried about how bad the team played. Girardi and Toots, two of the best players out on the ice. Why did it take till the 3rd period for the team to wake up? The first two periods made the Thrashers look like the freaking Ottawa Senators. Pock was horrible. He had terrible positioning. Bad defense caused odd man rushes which allowed the the Thrashers to score. Lundqvist looked like an old man out there. I really don’t think that I’ve ever seen him play this poorly. We should have never given up a SHG. I thought we had the Wolf Pack on the ice for part of the game. To make matters worse, my friend and I am walking down the street from Phillips Arena to Georgia State University (about 1/3 a mile) and these stupid Thrashers fans are screaming at us (because we are in our Rangers gear) “F**K Drury, F**K Shanny, F**K Jagr. My reaction was you all are still 1 and 6 we will still kick your a** in the over all standings. Just rude…

  94. Malik this, Malik that, with numbers going back two years completely misses the point that THIS YEAR he has regressed, dramatically. Hey, I liked Malik LAST YEAR, too.

  95. Blame this one on Malik …. give me a break … Malik is best defensive D on Rangers… Chemistry is the key … No one has chemistry with Jagr … no one has chemistry with Prucha and Callahan … without Malik, Rosival becomes average at best.

    Pock SUCKED tonight … he was responsible for at least 2 goals … You know who else has SUCKED this year – Gomez … he coughs up the puck … misses good scoring opportunities … but we knew that … he scored 13 goals last year … keep Gomez… give me Nylander and Cullen !!!

  96. SAM you need to ‘go to the video’…”
    Things also got ugly in the final period, especially after Atlanta defenseman Garnet Exelby delivered a vicious though legal hit to Petr Prucha right in front of the benches.”…the punk left his feet, led with his elbows and delivered a hit to th head….it’s called INTENT TO INJURE, he should be suspended. How you can believe that was legal is beyond me. It was a charge, elbowing, a hit to the head, all meant to do serious damage? Just because Prucha is made of rubber & didn’t get seriously injured , doesn’t mean it’s LEGAL. Nor was the kneeing he took from Mc Carthy. There are two Flyers suspended for 25 games for a similar hit as that chicken Exelby….And the two not so bright, Bettman & Campbell, want fathom sticks to the mid-section called as penalties while letting that garbage hit get by as HOCKEY!…they better review that tape and deliver justice, and stop players of that ilk in their tracks. There is a big difference between clean & dirty, legal & illegal.

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