Warning: Atlanta is really bad


The Thrashers are now 0-6 after they were stomped by the Flyers last night. This is either reason to think the Rangers will cruise when they play the Thrashers tomorrow; or they will leave themselves exposed to the inevitable letdown game against an inferior opponent.

Of course, “letdown” implies you’ve been at a fairly high level already, which we know not to be the case with the Rangers.

Meanwhile, you wonder if Bob Hartley will be behind the bench tomorrow, or if the hammer could drop before then. I have no knowledge either way: I’m just being a ruthless rumormongering blogger.

The one piece of good news is Marian Hossa is back from his groin injury, since Hossa is one of the pillars of our fantasy team. And speaking of which, there have already have been accusations of tampering in the league centering around my co-owner Zip. With Zip still fighting a cold, he was accused of lingering too close to key members of the Rangers — who are on rival fantasy teams — in hopes of getting them sick.

This, of course, is completely false. Although now that you mention it, it’s really not a bad idea…

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  1. repost since Sam beat me by one minute…”lenny firing Renney is not the answer unless he doesn’t get them to the playoffs. But not giving Pock a crack in the lineup is a mistake . Nobody is right all the time, but Renney is struggling along with his TEAM, to put the best guys in the right spots to try & win. Pock should be in against Atlanta, he was a big help in sweeping them in the playoffs. Renney should finally recognize that & reward him, even if he won’t own up to the fact that putting Rachunek in was a blunder. You don’t change a lineup after sweeping the first round”

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh and Sam, instead of having Zip toil around OUR players, have him go and interview the Pens, Devs, Isles, and Flyers.

  3. now that you say it. I think you should drop Marian from your team and pick up the better Hossa.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    I made a bet with someone when we traded for Hossa that he would eventually score 30 goals in a season. My friend started to sweat looking forward to this season when Hossa started to heat up last season. If he doesn’t make it happen this year, he never will. I don’t think he’s coming back next year if he doesn’t start scoring, big time, and if he doesn’t do it this year, I don’ think he ever will.

  5. I don’t think Marcel will score 30 goals for his entire career. I really don’t see what the Rangers see in him. How can a guy get scratched for long periods of time and then when he plays he gets top line minutes. Then you have a guy like Prucha who has scored over 50 goals with limited ice time.
    I think if Dawes or Prucha played on the top line they would both score about 30 goals each, Prucha would probably get 40.

  6. I have a feeling that having Prucha, Callahan, Drury and Straka, Dubi, Shanny is going to be (combined) more effective than our first line… unless of course.. Dawes comes in to replace Hossa, who is an absolute bust.

  7. Sam – Is there any chance we’ll see Pock as a forward? I don’t think we need both Hollweg and Orr in the lineup against Atlanta so replace one of them with Pock and give him some ice time.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s not just about the offense. It’s about the defense. I would argue that Hossa is our best forward defenseively in the offensive zone. What I mean by that is that he is the best forward we have at recapturing the puck in the offensive zone. That ability keeps Jagr on the attack, and allows him to not worry so much about defending, which he sometimes doesn’t worry about when he should.

    Prucha on the other hand, hard as he tries, is not a good defensive player. Yeah, he can hit the right guys and usually does, but he usually bounces off and hits the ice himself, but the opposing player goes on undeterred.

    Straka worked in that role because hes a good defensive player and is fast enough to cover back should the puck leave the offensive zone. the only problem is that he’s older now and it’s harder for him to do that.

    Jagr runs the offense on his line. The puck goes through him. And he wants it run in a certain way. I think he’s good enough to deserve that privilege because when it clicks, it’s unstoppable.

  9. I have no doubt that Hossa is better defensively than Prucha however I don’t think Hossa deserves to be on the top line. That’s really all I’m trying to say.

  10. not sure Prucha deserves top line minutes either. He’s small and gets physically battered around. He starts playing 20 + minutes a game and he’ll become roadkill or a fly splattering against a windshield. I do think though that the 3rd line needs a legit 2 way center and that at this time neither Dubinsky and certainly not Betts is suited for that role – except for Betts in 3rd period with a lead. So they’ll eventually need an outside center at trade deadline or move Straka or Avery over.

  11. I have the feeling that Scatchard is going to be in the lineup very soon. And why not? I remember him playing against us very hard when he was on the Isles and Vancouver.

    Maybe a little something like this:

    Hossa Gomez Jagr
    Callahan Drury Prucha
    Straka Scatchard Shanahan
    Orr Betts Dubinsky

  12. It’s been a really long break since the last game.
    This is killing me here. I’ve been sports deprived for almost a week here.

    Of course, it could always be worse. Take Atlanta. The Falcons and the Thrashers aren’t bringing the city much joy; although maybe only 5% of the city’s population know what the Thrashers are, or hockey for that matter.

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