Another chance for Dawes?


Nigel Dawes is up from Hartford and on the ice for practice.

What’s unclear is what the team’s plans are for him since Marcel Hossa is also back skating.

We’ll know more in a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers put Dawes at left wing with Brendan Shanahan and have Martin Straka at center.

More later…

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  1. Hopefully they don’t sign him. we really don’t need another journeyman 30+ year old veteran who will be taking the roster spot of a prospect.

  2. I suspect Dawes got the call last night to come down for practice solely in case Hossa couldn’t skate, so he’d at least be able to get a full practice in with the team before tomorrow. However, if Hossa’s groin/hip holds up for the whole practice, and he can play tomorrow, I don’t think we’ll see Dawes in the lineup.

  3. Laurie – what does PTO mean. And if the Rangers tried to bring him up would he have to go through waivers and 1/2 his NHL salary would count vs our cap if claimed? or maybe this is AHL contract only and NHL contract if signed would not necessitate him going through waivers. I just ask this since I would not want our team hit with a cap charge for a player that winds up somewhere else.

  4. Crap, this long lay-off between games has me feeling rusty. Hope the Rangers aren’t the same. Losing to teams we should put away and playing down to their level is a true sign of late 90s Ranger hockey.

  5. I feel like in seasons past the Rangers were always the team who played the most in the beginning of the season and that doesn’t feel the case this year at all. 4 days without a game is killing me.

  6. This team is going to be fine. We are 5 games in. Camp and preseason was not handled right. There was not enough time finding chemistry of lines. They BSd us by giving the kids a LOOK when they pretty much knew already who was going to be on the opening roster. I like seeing the kids get a chance, but it really wasn’t a chance. The Rangers said 3 years ago that they are going to build from within and they are, don’t get me wrong, but they also jumped on two good centers that they can build around when jagr, shanny, and straka retire. That being said they are not going to just hand positions to kids when they think there is a legit shot at the stanley pie. So I think playing so many of the kids in the preseaon was to cover up the fact that they did, in a way take a step back to the old ways in trying to win it all now because they know this is the last chance they will have at it with most of the players they had from last year who came pretty damn close to a conference final. I do believe this team will find their way and start to score and win. They have to net 3-4 goals a game to win and I think they will. If Hank can keep playing like he is and we can net 3-4 goals a game we will be fine.

  7. I am sick today and I am looking at what I just posted and I am realizing I did not write it very well. I hope you all get what I mean.

  8. I am sick today and reading over what I just posted. I am realizing that I did not write it very well. I hope you all get what I was trying to say.

  9. Well hell, dating back to last year (at least the playoffs, I don’t recall Atlanta’s last few games) the Thrashers have lost 10 straight. I’d say that constitutes grounds for dismissal.

  10. pghas

    Atlanta’s last game of the season was a shootout win. I remember listening to it because it has some implications to who the Rangers were going to play.

    So the last time they won in regulation was at least 11 games.

  11. You see a lot of PTOs and ATOs towards the end of AHL seasons when NHL teams want to look at players, but don’t want to sign them to an “official” contract. The PTOs deal more with professional players while the ATOs deal deal with Junior and collegiate prospects. For example, Bobby Sanguinetti signed an ATO with Hartford in April 2006. By signing the PTO, the Rangers buy time with Scatchard without having to commit to him.

  12. Think if the Rangers lost 6 or even 10, Renney would be fired? No, don’t think so.

    Not that I think Renney’s a bad coach or there should be any talk about that kind of thing, but it would be cool if the Dolans prioritized results so emphatically.

    Meanwhile, the Rangers getting 3 or 4 goals a game doesn’t seem such a casual achievement…so far.

  13. Hartley has a reputation for wearing out his welcome with players. The Avs got sick of him which led to his dismissal. He’s a good coach, but he is much better with a blue-collar team. I got to go to a coaching workshop with him and he’s a great hockey guy, considering he started out in coaching as a reluctant goalie coach working part time for a windshield factory. Then the head coach got fired and the players wanted him. He had a lot of success and I like the way he uses his players on the power play. The comments afterwards were that he was too restrictive with his players and didn’t let them do what he does best.

  14. Here is the explanation from the AHL’s official site:

    SPC = Standard players’ contract (also known as an “AHL contract”)
    PTO = Professional try-out contract
    ATO = Amateur try-out contract

    AHL players not signed to one of these three contracts are on NHL contracts and assigned to their respective AHL clubs by their parent team.

  15. GHL: Buttman’s latest “Gimmic Hockey League” project.

    Well, here it is, kids – if we can’t widen the nets, how about warming up the skates! That’s right, THERMABLADE is here. Thermablade maintains skate temperature at 41 degrees, fahrenheit, or 5 degrees C. NHL teams will be experimenting in practice with this latest Buttman toy department gimmick for the next few weeks. I read this at, by the way.

    Buttman went on to say (lie through his teeth) that Wayne Gretzky loves Thermablade so much that he bought stock in the company three years ago. Really? He bought stock three years before this gimmick was even unveiled to the public? Gretz had nothing better to do than just tied up a couple mil for three years at stagnant return, right Mr Butt?

    I am telling you, the NHL Board of Directors needs to throw this lunatic-subversive back on NBA shoals. This man is soooo damn tiresome!

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