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For all that the Rangers have tinkered with this season, the one constant has been Thomas Pock. And if you’re Thomas Pock, that is not a good thing. After signing a two-year deal worth $1 million last April, the defenseman is the only Ranger who hasn’t dressed for a game this season.

How does he feel about it? Well, let’s just say Pock isn’t thrilled. Make that pretty ticked, actually.

“I signed with the reasoning that I’m going to get an opportunity, a real chance to play for the New York Rangers,” Pock said after practice. “That’s the team I want to play for, but they don’t want me to play. I really don’t know what my role is, to be honest with you.

“I’m looking forward to playing, I didn’t practice my whole life to make it to the NHL so I could sit in the press box. Every player wants to be out there. At some point something’s going to happen, I guess. I don’t think he’s going to keep me here all year and have me sit on the back burner. Who knows? Maybe they will.”

Now, it’s worth noting that Tom Renney has talked about the need to get Pock in soon because he doesn’t want him to sit too long. It was something he reiterated today, although Renney still had Pock skating in practice with Jason Strudwick, which doesn’t bode well for Thursday in Atlanta. I also asked Renney if a conditioning assignment for Pock was a possibility. The coach said that it was, although it hasn’t really been discussed.

The problem is, it doesn’t sound like it’s something Pock is interested in.

“Would I?” he said. “I don’t really have an answer for you. I understand last year there were a couple of old guys in front of me and they deserved the benefit of the doubt. But I’ve already done that.”

What mystifies Pock most is that he hasn’t been given a definitive answer about why he isn’t playing, saying that the feedback he’s received has all been positive.

Of course, feel free to draw your own conclusions. With the emergence of Dan Girardi and Marc Staal in the past year, those two have clearly bypassed Pock on the depth chart. Paul Mara is more experienced, and Strudwick has the nebulous “sandpaper” to his game that Renney likes.

Then there’s Marek Malik, whose missteps of late would seem to provide a perfect opening for Pock. That might still happen, with the theory being that Renney wouldn’t make clear that he was going to sit Malik until the last possible moment. But as we’ve also seen with Renney, the coach might also want to go back to Malik in hopes of boosting his confidence.

Which is admirable, except in the meantime, another player’s confidence is sagging. In our conversation, Pock stopped short of saying he wanted to be traded — he also said an Austrian newspaper story that said he wanted just that was “mostly made up” — but he does want to play. And at some point, something is going to have to give.


As for other news from practice:

  • Brandon Dubinsky was back at practice but skating on the fourth unit with Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg, while Blair Betts was between Brendan Shanahan and Martin Straka. The other lines from yesterday were the same, meaning depending on how you look at it, Chris Drury is technically on the Rangers third line. “Dru, as far as I’m concerned you’re still playing on the first line,” Shanahan cracked to Drury. “It’s just the third-best first line.”
  • Marcel Hossa remains out with a groin/flexor issue. If he doesn’t skate tomorrow, he likely won’t skate against Atlanta.
  • Sean Avery is expected to skate for the first time on Monday, although he said mobility in his shoulder is still limited.

    More later…

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    1. I have always been a huge Renney supporter but this isn’t making sense. Pock deserves a shot and I think he proved that last year. Sam, do you think this has something to do with not wanting to screw up the defensive pairings? I think Renney obviously likes (who doesn’t?) what he has with Tyutin and Giradi. So he probably doesn’t want to separate them. Pock isn’t a top pair defenseman if he replaces Malik. So what do you do then? Pair Pock with Staal and move Mara up to the top line? I’m not sure. I feel like this might have something to do with things though. Regardless, Pock deserves his chance. I root and root for Malik every night out there because he’s wearing a Rangers sweater. But you can’t justify how costly some of the mistakes he makes are.

    2. The one variable tossed about by at least some of us in the media, Rob, is to move Staal to the top pairing with Rozsival, and then have Mara play with Pock. It probably won’t happen, but it’d be worth trying in my eyes.

    3. I like the Stall to Rozy’s side on the first pair idea. I believe if Renney wants Staal to play in a comfortable situation, Rozy would be the best mentor. A righty shot, the best and most dependable/ experienced d-man we have, Rozy compliments Staal better than the other washed up guys he was playing with. Then, put Pock with the 3rd line d-man (Mara, Struds)

    4. Wait…is Shanny really in denial of the fact that he has sunk to 3rd line while Prucha and Callahan have earned the opportunity to play with a top center?

      I get Shanny’s point, and the tease, but I seriously wonder. Cally/Prucha have each been much more noticeable than Straka/Shanny…does Brendan even see this? His reasoning is not exactly congruent, as I sure as hell would not consider Shanny – Betts – Straka the 2nd line at this point…. would you?

    5. moving Staal to play with Rosizval would be a great move in my opinion. With that being said I really don’t see Malik being moved or benched, he doesn’t seem to be accountable for his actions on the ice which is puzzling to me. He’s the only guy in the league that can make glaring mistakes every game and not lose playing time.

      I think the fact that Jagr has to play with Rosizval and Malik also has to stop. It’s pretty clear that Tyutin and Girardi have something good going on.

      I think Renney has got too much Joe Torre in him. He relies too heavily on the veterans while the more talented young players sit and are wasted on the bench or in the press box.

    6. The most important thing for Pock would be trust, so he knows he has some time to establish and the confidence to play solid. If he gets thrown in now he knows that he only has that single game to show and its unlikely that he excels knowing everyone just waiting for the smallest mistake. And it´s nothing but that rangers fans do on most of the players.

      Another fact is that his strength are offensive aspects, but renney always kept pressing him into more devensive roles by pairing him with e.g. Mara, who also isn´t exactly the defensive reliability…

    7. Sam,

      New poll question….

      In the first 5 games who has been the biggest disappointment?

      Jaromir Jagr
      Brendan Shanahan
      Marek Malik
      Marty Straka
      Peter Prucha

    8. Richard, that post is a joke right? So far Malik has looked as bad as he ever has in a Ranger uniform.

    9. I think you really meant the question to read:

      In the first 5 games who has been the biggest disappointment?

      Marek Malik
      Marek Malik
      Marek Malik
      Marek Malik
      or Marek Malik

    10. Yeah, I don’t think Straka deserves to be part of that question. I think he’s been energetic and solid as always. Personally, I’d put Gomez on there before Straka. Maybe Drury, too.

      The Pock situation is unfortunate. They should play him a few games and trade him, if they really aren’t going to play him consistently. I don’t think he’s the kind of guy — skill-wise or personality-wise — that can succeed as a Black Ace press box denizen. Maybe we could get some picks or something. It’s too bad. I think he could be pretty good if used correctly and given PT.

    11. Tim,

      No it is not a joke. Yeah Mali sucks and has assisted on some of our goals against, for that he should sit one game to wake the &@$# up. He has 3 points and a plus/minus of 0. So overall he has somewhat been productive. The other guys have just one point and Jagr has 6 when he should have 12-15.

      Maybe the question should be least productive instead of disappointment.

    12. Sam & all you great Ranger fans:
      On behave of myself & my grandson Cameron I would like to thank you for all your kind words & get well wishes.
      Cameron was so surprised when I read him your comments this morning & he was especially surprised to get a message from the man himself – Sam .
      You guys have no idea how happy you made a very sick young man feel.
      His operation went well, it’s only the first step. They removed his pace maker because an infection had attached itself to it. Now they are probably going to have to replace his replacement valves & all the clamps it takes to secure them. His kidneys are not functioning right. It seems it never ends.
      I had a good talk with him & we decided that the NY Rangers are not the most important thing in life. But after further discussion we decided that they are definitely #2 !!
      I wish you could have seen the smile on his face when I read him your comments.
      Things like “he’s got balls” ,”he’s true blue”, “the Rangers need him ” & “LET’S GO CAMERON”
      From the bottom of my Ranger Blue heart I thank you.
      You know we all have heroes – this 15 year old young man is my hero.
      Again guys – THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU !!!
      Tony & Cameron Caminiti

    13. Bonfire – on one of your posts in the last few days you advocate Liffiton and Sanguinetti – the latter for next yr. 1st re Liffiton – 29 other teams passed on him when he went through waivers. So you think you know more than 30 other teams. You should send your resume with your qualifications and ideas to all 30. Now Sanguinetti and you stated his +/- stat (in juniors no less) as evidence of him being the latest Bonfire youthful savior. I guess that’s selective use of stats since you’ll trash Malik’s +/-. My opinion they’ll both not be here next yr. Malik will be run out of town either during the season or the offseason by the fans. Sanguinetti – is defensively very weak and not mature physically. So the yr after next at the earliest for him. And with Malik gone – and he will be gone – I’m just wondering who will be the new fan whipping boy. Since it’s usually a dman I’m guessing Rozy if he resigns in the offseason. If Malik leaves during the season Rozy will be the whipping boy by the “knowledgeable” fans. “knowledgeable” is meant to be sarcastic.

    14. Sam,

      Great blog! I would not be that upset if I saw Pock with Rozy and sit Malik. Can we sit Malik for the remainer of the season?

    15. Richard – I hope you’re kidding that you expect 12-15 pts out of a player after 5 games. This is not the NFL or the NBA.

      Sam – any chance that Tony C and Cam can have the link to the missing blogs with the good wishes – to print out etc.

      Tony C – pls continue to give us updates on your grandsons progress. The team needs all the support it can get.

    16. There is an answer to the club’s depth on D, and the dilemma of some D’s playing well, some playing poorly, and one not playing at all. What would be wrong with rotating four two-man tandems, playing three per game, so that every D on the team gets a game off, every fourth game, everyone stays sharp, and the club reaches a peak going into the post-season?

      This way no one is over-taxed or rusted-out during the regular season, and the younger players get LOTS of experience and develop the confidence they will need to exhibit when the real hockey season begins.

      I would also drop Malik and Strudwick from the active roster, immediately, and add Liffiton and Sanguinetti (given Sauer’s poor start at Hartford), and
      go with four units pairing Rozsval-Pock; Liffiton-Sanguinetti; Tyutin-Girardi; and Staal-Mara, or whatever pairings best fit left D – right D considerations.

    17. no offense, but if pock needs to buy himself a clue and join the world of reality if he didn’t know this was the deal when he resigned 3 months ago. he couldn’t crack the lineup when we were awful and now with malik, rozy, tyutin, girardi and mara signed and knowning that staal was on the way, how can he claim he didn’t see this coming?? everyone else in the world knew that pock was signing on to be a spare defensemen. its not like he signed 2 years ago and he lost his job.

      no one made him sign a 2 year deal for $650k to stay with a team with no spots for him, he could have become a UFA and gone to a team badly in need of defensemen…

      the rangers right now are a team looking to find chemistry and establish line combos amongst the players that actually play. imo at the current moment on the list of top 100 priorities for the coaching staff ‘finding a way to get pock into a random game’ should be #2371 because we need to worry about the guys that are ACTUALLY in the lineup.

    18. LI Joe,

      Yes you are correct. 7 games you could have that total like now the leader has 13. Either way, Jagr right now is a tad off his game.

      Frankenstein must sit…Pock must play.

    19. Tony C – Please pass along my best wishes to Cameron and get well soon. The Rangers need him to get better so that they can get better :-) Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    20. JOE – With all respect, Liffiton is off to the best start to the season of all the D’s in Hartford, and deserves a look in lieu of Malik- Strudwick, right now. It appears he has matured and is ready. Something must be done, immediately, to address the Malik quicksand syndrome.

      Sanguinetti will be 20 in mid-season, and yes, we EMPHATICALLY disagree as regards the contribution he could be making in New York, right now. He has shored up his defensive game, and leads his club (Brampton, OHL) with a +9, and with four E.S goals and three PP goals on the young season.

      Christ, Joe, the kid is putting up all-star forward numbers from his D position! Ever heard of Bobby Orr? Now many D’s in 10 lifetimes make an impact to this extent. Get with the new values of the new season, please! I am not going to coddle you or meet you “halfway” Joe. One of us is dead wrong, here. The jury is still out, so don’t chalk it up like you have a crystal ball at your disposal.

    21. Someone said above that Pock couldn’t crack the lineup when we were awful. That is wholly Renney’s fault. The best the Rangers played all season last season was the 4-0 whitewashing of Atlanta in the Playoffs. Guess who took a regular shift EVERY ONE of those 4 games? Thomas Pock. Didn’t seem to hurt, did it?

    22. Here is an interesting nugget…

      NYR tied for 1st in goals against and second to last in goals scored, both with 10. Further backs up the argument Malik must sit.

      We would at least get a point or two more which is always important.

      In 120 seconds out of 120 minutes vs Ottawa, Malik (4) and the NYR (1) for a total of 5 goals to Ottawa.

    23. back to the poll question…
      can malik really be seen as a disappointment? Did anyone really expect him to have this breakout season? We all knew of his faults and pension for big give-aways and penalties.

      I’d say the biggest disappointment so far has been the offense in general.

    24. Bonfire – Sanguinetti can not come up to the NHL or the AHL until his jr season is over anyway. AND I am saying no go on him next yr either. It’s AHL time for Bobby S next yr. Note the title of his position is defenseman. He is sickingly weak on the d end. Think Ozo and Poti weak. Can he get better I hope so – but Rome wasn’t built in a day. He is a lot closer to Colton Orr than Bobby Orr. FYI being young does not equate to being great (at least not often). Are you now going to tell me than one of our young forwards is comparable to Gretzky.

    25. Richard – an amazing season for a player is 1.5 pts per game. so 15 pts after 7 games is still too much to expect. Obviously in a small sample of 2,3 5 games anything can happen. But 100 pts or 120 pts top over 82 games is really good.

    26. Doodie Machetto on

      Sam, I said it on the replacement blog but I’ll say it here in case you missed it: Great piece on Pock. I’ve been saying it since he signed the contract that it was a career mistake for him. Further, I’ve also been saying that Staal should have been paired with Rosci from early on in the offseason, although I knew it wouldn’t happen.

      Those who say Malik is the biggest disappointment thus far are wrong. I expected him to be terrible, and he didn’t disappoint.

    27. So if Hossa can’t play, I’d rather see Pöck play as 4th line forward/7th defenseman then having Scatchard signed, or, of course, Strudwick being in that position.

      On Shanahan – this is why they should have given him bonuses in terms of goals or points rather than games played. If he needed a raise, at least make him earn it and prove he deserved it. I don’t think he should have been given anything over his past season salary, due to his injury, but his agent must have said that if the Rangers wanted to use bonuses, they would have to be worth more. I just don’t see why the Rangers could not have come back with saying he needs to score 20 or 30 goals, as well as keeping the playoff bonus, provided he made it there healthy.

    28. Doodie Machetto on

      The Sens signed Randy Robitaille and he has to pass through waivers. Randy Robitaille=this year’s Krog?

    29. LI JOE

      I think minute for minute, yah Cally And Prucha have really shown that they deserve more ice. Straka is old, man. Right now I think it’s fine to have Strak/Betts/Shanny together getting 3rd line mins for the time being, and to see what chemistry develops between Pruch/Dru/Cally… why run your old guys into the ground so early when theyre not even producing? maybe if those guys get hot make another change…but Pruch and Callahan I think have been very very very good so far, and have certainly earned the opportunity to skate around a guy like Drury or Gomez and see what happens.

    30. I think if Malik sits, Girardi and Tyutin can be seen as the top pairing, then put Staal with Rozsival because that could be a pairing that goes into next season, and put Mara with Pöck because I believe they played together often last season. I can’t see why Pöck has sat for 11 games in a row going back to last season (I don’t think he played vs. Buffalo) when he and the team played so well against Atlanta. He knew his starting job was in jeopardy then, so I expect more of the same, but it would probably take a few games. The real answer is to find a taker for Mara, which hasn’t been done effectively yet, which is why I feel Pöck is still sitting out. I would give up to a 3rd round pick with Mara to get someone back who might be worse, or an AHL project like Bourret.

      Bonfire – You are clearly insane if you would want to sit Girardi and Tyutin once every four games.

      Li Joe/Tony – you can get to the replacement blog throught the link to which we were redirected:

    31. SOS straka’s stats so far – note also +/- and GWG.

      He’s one of our best 2 way players. I agree we don’t want to misuse him by too many minutes. Same with Prucha though – his small body and the way he gets hit he would be road kill if played 20 + minutes/game. The top 2 lines will be ok whether we put younger or older players there. But neither Betts or Dubinsky is the answer for a solid 2 way 3rd center. So some forwards will get the short straw until the team either gets a better 3rd center or moves Straka or Avery there at some point. And if a player goes down maybe Dawes at forward is a better option than Dubinsky at center.

    32. And I love Dubi on the third line with Shanny and Straka, rather than with Prucha and Callahan. That new third line will be solid on both ends. The only snag is Hossa’s groin, so we shall see who fills that spot: Prucha, Straka, or Dawes? I choose Prucha with Dawes filling in the second line, or possibly third with Straka on second.

    33. I’m not one to jump on the punching bag, but Malik DOES need to sit. He’s slow, he doesn’t add much to the play and the opposition skates around him like a pilon. Maybe there are some intangibles I don’t see, but I’d rather have POCK’s offense than Malik’s defense. Here’ how D should look, IMO

      Strudwick-Rangers blog

      As for Dru to “third line,” I think it’s a dandy idea, provided they roll three. ANYTHING is better than Betts. That guy simply has the Ortmeyer touch for offense.

      And here’s to hoping Hossa’s groin is better by Thursday. Erstwise, I predict Scatchard will sign a Ranger contract before the game…

    34. Tony C,

      My thoughts and prayers are with Cameron and your whole family. I am sure there are a bunch of us on this board (myself included) who will gladly give him a pair of tickets for a game when he recovers.

    35. Richard
      October 16th, 2007 at 4:06 pm
      Here is an interesting nugget…

      NYR tied for 1st in goals against and second to last in goals scored, both with 10. Further backs up the argument Malik must sit.

      actually that tells me that contrary to all the whining and crying going on, the defense and malik aren’t the problem. the OFFENSE is.

      everyone decided that the defense was the weaklink during the offseason and continue to attack the blueline based on those assumptions regardless of what is happening in the games. when you have one of the best goals against, one of the best penalty kills and one of the worst offenses/power plays, guess what? defense and keeping the puck out of your own net isn’t the issue.

      with our lineup, if we hold the other team to 2 goals/game we should NEVER lose

    36. Joe – You are not telling me a 20-year old cannot be promoted from the OHL to the NHL, I hope. Sanguinetti will be 20 in Feb. I want to see that in print, not saying you are wrong, but need confirmation. If that is true it ranks down there with signing bonuses counting against the salary cap. NHL needs to get beyond the morass of concessions to the players union.

    37. robby–once a player is returned to juniors they can not be recalled until their junior season is over in april/may

    38. SPIDER –

      If you can cool your jets for a minute, let’s take a look at this..

      YES – you are right, there is give-back in benching/resting your top D tandem every fourth game. No one would dispute this important point. However, I make the recommendation of rotating D tandems (and I would deploy a similar forward strategy), with the objective of going into round one of the playoffs with the FRESHEST team, with the strongest legs of all 16 teams getting that far.

      So that I am saying I think this team can not only make the playoffs, while husbanding its player resources, but can and will make an impact deeply into the playoffs, via the combining of talent with sharp mental and physical conditioning, beyond what the opposition brings to the dance, thereby giving the Rangers an edge when it counts the most.

    39. jake
      October 16th, 2007 at 4:01 pm
      Someone said above that Pock couldn’t crack the lineup when we were awful. That is wholly Renney’s fault.

      last i checked, tom renney is still the coach and still the ones making the final decision on who plays. so it doesn’t matter what you or i or anyone else things about pock being in the lineup, if renney doesn’t think he’s good enough to be a regular (and clearly he doesn’t) then he won’t play.

      but the issue isn’t whether or not we think pock should be playing, the issue is whether or not pock has a right to complain when THIS is what he signed on for, and if he didn’t know he was signing on for this he needs to get a clue…

    40. How about the five-game professional try-out for juniors, is it still on the books?

      Rod Seiling, at 19 and in the OHL at the time, and ranked the number one amateur player in North America, was acquired via trade by the Rangers and brought to NY for a five-game trial, then, returned to juniors, as was the rule at that time. Can this still be done? I haven’t heard anything about it for a long time. Of course Sather would never consider doing this, if it is still allowed, that we know.

    41. you gotta be kidding me with this sitting dmen every 4 games. guys are gonna get hurt, but you dress the best lineup every night. you wouldn’t sit jagr for no reason so saying you’d sit a dman for no reason so a lesser player can get in the lineup is ridiculous

    42. Bonfire – by your strategy, we would be giving away at least one out of every four games, maybe two, along with regular losses in other games. That’s not a winning and making-the-playoffs strategy. People who have actually been watching Sanguinetti say that he still needs to work on his defense, so I value their opinions, not yours.

    43. Malik must go. A guy with his size who poke checks and never hits an opponent – I thought we got rid of Tom Poti 2 years ago.

    44. There is no sound reason not to give Pock a shot with a team starved for offense especially from their D. Strudwick is Orr’s backup, and would probably do a better job on that line while giving Renney 7D.

    45. czechthemout!!!!! on

      clueless tom is at it again.Pock gets 6pts in 11 games down the stretch,3pts in 4playoff games and is benched in favor of krapunek who had according to renney”money In the bank”.Pock looked good last year ,both wiht rozy and with mara.The play here is easy,bench the human pylon,and pair staal with rozy and pock with mara!And by the way,dubi practiced with Orr and hollweg,betts practiced with straka and shanny.Way to help shanny break out of his scoring slump
      with mr 7assts in 175 games betts.

    46. Bonfire – leetch3 said the same thing re juniors (unless they’re overage jrs which Bobby S would be next yr). A team can play a guy 10 games at the beginning of the season (or maybe it’s 9 and the 10th he stays). After 10 games (or maybe after he’s plyed his 11th) he can not be sent down to jrs or to the AHL. A team can sit him and not have it count vs the 10 games. The Kings just sent down a goalie to jrs before his 10th game – obviously. Once he’s sent down whether it be before the season or after the 10 games that’s it he stays in jrs until his jr team’s season is over. Then he can come up to the AHL or NHL. It’s to protect the jr teams I believe especially to not have guys go to the AHL. It also protects the players development. The Bobby Orr’s and Sid the Kids of the world will come right to the NHL. Lesser players need the development. And if players were treated like yo yo’s how would the jr teams function. As far as overseas players like Anisimov he can go to the AHL since he never played in jrs. If he played in jrs he would be either on the Rangers or in jrs. Not sure how it works with US colleges but I’m guessing it’s pretty much the same as jrs except the US colleges end a little earlier and I guess the guy would have to renounce his college eligibility.

      FYI since you’re really into the kids on blueshirt bulletin there is a link to prospect park blog that the guy follows our prospects very very closely. And talks almost every one of them up.

      You’re welcome

    47. Not one person here is aware of “burn-out syndrome?” Just wear down the goalie and the glut of aged forwards and then expect them to play like 25-year olds through mid-June., is that it?

      I acknowledged that exploiting your depth during the regular season is a trade-off strategy, with the idea being a team gives itself a leg-up going into the post-season. The cost of doing this cannot be scientifically measured, so those opposed can freely suggest, to the point of gross exageration, that it is asinine, suicidal, and all the other disparaging adjectives.

      Fact is, utilizing depth keeps under-used players in sharp condition, and prevents over-used players from burning out. In other words, Callahan and Prucha and Dubinsky would get REAL, not token, power play minutes. And Straka, Shanahan, Jagr, Drury and Gomez would catch a break in this regard.

      Callahan has 2:46, Dubinsky has 3:57, and Prucha has 11:48 on the power play, ALL SEASON; while Shanahan (30:04), Gomez (29:12), Jagr (29:42), Drury (28:51), and Straka (23:36) are being burned-out every game.

      So tell me, resident experts, how would it kill the club to upgrade playing time for the younger players? How much would it cost? By rotating forwards, guess what, injuries to older players are diminshed, and all the parts of the overall machine function much better when they are well oiled.

      Feel free to take a couple hours after each game to maintain stats on these things, as I do. Your free-swinging, shooting-from-the-hip approach certainly has its draw-backs.

    48. Bonfire – you have a point up to a point. They can rotate some time either within games or between games. Especially if a guy is banged up. So I certainly don’t want Henrik playing 82 games. Much tougher to sit JJ but easier to sit Shanny a couple. I myself think very highly of Straka and yet wanted him to sit some last yr when he was really banged up and more than 1 body part. keep in mind that pp time is not that stressfull on a player unless he stands in front of the goalie and gets beaten up like a Graves. A lot of standing around passing the puck (and for all teams not just ours). Within a game depends on situation too. If we’re up or down a few goals lessen the playing time for certain players and really use the 4th and 3rd lines that much more. PK is actually a lot more stressfull than pp time so you see the players change a lot more often. I still remember Renney having JJ out there at the end of game 1 vs the Devils. Foolish move compounded by foolish move by JJ. If you look at the schedule there really is a lot of time between games most times during the season. So all in all I agree with what you’re saying for certain players and in certain situations as well as to get injured players better.

    49. whats wrong w/ pairing pock & staal together? i know its a young pairing, but they two are the most qualified for the spot

    50. Re “A lot of time between games during the season” – used to be they played 70 games between mid-October and the first week in April. Now they play 82 games from early October through mid April. So they have added 12 regular season games and extended the regular season by about 15 days. And all this BEFORE the real season begins. I don’t know – what was wrong with the 70-game season and the Stanley Cup being raised in late April or early May? This is precisely why all teams should play their entire depth chart – the season is as much about survival of the fittest as about collective hockey-playing ability, thus my rotation proposal.

      Also, with about the 10th best team in the league, ability-wise, the Rangers need to formulate a different and a creative approach than if they were skilled enough to run the table in the playoffs on sheer ability, alone.

    51. Doodie Machetto on

      I’ve got a strong feeling that the Rangers are trying to pick up Robitaille off of waivers. It will be cheaper than Scatchard, and it’s like the ultimate Krog BS move.

      I imagine they aren’t going to call up Dawes, if they even intend to, until the day of the game, to give Hossa as much of a shot of recovering.

    52. Doodie Machetto on

      Shesends: I think the issue why we are so concerned with the D instead of the O is because when you look at the firepower on our top 3 lines, you know it’s just a matter of time until they click and we start averaging 3 or 4 a game.

      But Malik ISN’T going to get better. He’s paired with Roszi, like he has been for the past two years, and he has been nothing but awful. We need to remove him for our defense to improve. end of story.

    53. Why isn’t Pock practicing instead of Malik. In one breath, Renney says he has to get Pock in there and yet he refuses to bench Malik to give Pock a chance. One of the many reasons I want Renney fired. He has the players, just use them properly!

    54. lenny firing Renney is not the answer unless he doesn’t get them to the playoffs. But not giving Pock a crack in the lineup is a mistake . Nobody is right all the time, but Renney is struggling along with his TEAM, to put the best guys in the right sots to try & win. Pock should be in against Atlanta, he was a big help in sweeping them in the playoffs. Renney should finally recognize that & reward him, even if he won’t own up to the fact that putting Rachunek in was a blunder. You don’t change a lineup after sweeping the first round.

    55. I believe there is a way Sanguinetti could be called prior to the conclusion of his Junior season. Teams used to be able to call players up from Juniors on an “emergency basis” – that is to say if injuries depleted the team and they decided not to recall players from the minors. I believe this was the case way back when Beezer got his first against the Colorado Rockies. I am not sure if they changed that rule with subsequent CBAs. If that is still the case, I am not sure what happens next if a team wants to keep the player in the NHL.

    56. “Liffiton is off to the best start to the season of all the D’s in Hartford. It appears he has matured and is ready.”

      “Korpikoski looks like the much better LW call-up than Dawes.”

      Where do you get this information?

    57. this team stinks right now. renney is completely cluless. centering betts with straka and shanahan?? what a moron

    58. Sam, your child has eleven days to arrive to be a Sag. Sagittarians are the most psycho and loyal sports fans…or perhaps it would give a balance to the house if s/he were a practical Capricorn? Being a nonbreeder myself, I very much enjoy news of other people’s children!

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