A full day in Uniondale (Updated)


Update, 12:40 p.m.: No changes in the lineup are expected for the Rangers, although it’s worth noting that Thomas Pock stayed on the ice for extra skating (a telltale sign that a guy isn’t playing) while Paul Mara left the ice with regulars. Also, Tom Renney was reluctant to say who would play the point on the second power play unit in Mara’s absence. All that, and yet Jason Strudwick skated with Staal, meaning Mara is still likely out.

Who can pass up the opportunity?

The Rangers are on the ice for the morning skate, and the lines look the same, with Thomas Pock and Paul Mara still scratches.

On the Islanders side, Bryan Berard, who was signed just yesterday, is penciled in for tonight. In all likelihood, Ted Nolan will skate seven defensemen.

As for Q and A, the questions look great. My plan is to get to them this afternoon.

More later…

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  1. I feel like everybody hates on the Rangers defense because it stands out so much by not being as good as the rangers offense. There is a big difference in talent, but the def is not terrible but decent. If they add a number one defender they have a real shot to control the tempo of a game at any time.

  2. Any truth to the rumor that Sather is looking to convince his old Pal Maloney to send us Ed Jovanofski and his monster contract?

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Reposting two of my posts from the last thread regarding Pock:

    Hey guys, a VERY interesting story, via Spector’s trade rumors:

    “SPORT1.AT: reports NY Rangers defenceman Thomas Pock is apparently unhappy that he hasn’t seen any action yet this season with the club. His agent has reportedly spoken to Rangers management to rectify the situation, with a trade being one of the possible options.

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to Alexander Wirdzek. Pock’s not the only one not seeing any playing time, as veteran Paul Mara was a healthy scratch during a recent Rangers game. �

    Here’s a portion of the google translation of the article:

    “Renney gezollt the 25-year old praise for its achievements in the preparation, this however with ice age did not recompence. “He cannot explain to me, what does not fit,� said Pöck, which does not want to speculate whether therefore a transfer could line up.�

    I’m going to guess that first sentence means “Renney gave the 25-year old praise for his work in preparation, but this was not rewarded with ice time� or something like that.

    Doodie Machetto’s note: I said it the day that Pock signed his extension that it was a career mistake. He should’ve seen the writing on the wall that Roszival, Malik, Tyutin, Girardi, and, at the time, Mara were ahead of him on the depth chart. With Staal likely to come up to the big club, that makes 6 guys ahead of him. Stredwick signing made it officially impossible to get any real chance at playing. Unfortunate, probably a mistake on the Rangers’ behalf, but true. Hopefully we can get a decent return.

  4. Craig defense is a team game. the offense is just as responsible as the 6 guys on the blueline.

    Elliot – see Dellapina’s blog re Jovo. not happening.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    on the last thread, Zach posted this:

    “Purely speculation, but has anyone put out the idea that Mara’s not worth his $3 mil contract, so Renney and Slats are preparing Staal to work with someone who has a better chance of remaining a Ranger for the rest of the season? I am not trying to feed any “rumorsâ€? out there right now, but honestly, it makes sense that Mara is a cap dump in a trade for a defenseman that may give the Rangers a stronger D line. One of the best ways to keep a player growing to his potential would be to keep up some level of consistency. It’s a basic practice for a lot of young guys.”

    I’m with you on the consistency and potential Mara trade. But the thing is, why Strudwick and not Pock? Strudwick is TERRIBLE.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    This is also from Spector’s:


    SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak recently reported on his blog that today was the first day the Sharks are able to sign tryout defenceman Sandis Ozolinsh to a contract, but GM Doug Wilson is waiting for a signal from the league. Wilson thus far remains noncommittal over Ozolinsh’s future with the club and it’s possible he could start the season with their minor league affiliate once signed.

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to regular contributor GJ Berg. It would be quite the comeback story if Ozolinsh, who’s battled personal problems and injuries over the past two years, can bounce back and earn a regular spot.”

    Watch, they sign him, he has a 20g, 40a +30 season, and scores the GWG in 3OT in game 7 of the Finals against us. I honestly think I would slit my wrists. Of course, I know it would never happen, but man, wouldn’t that be the WORST thing ever?

  7. Doodie – I’d be ok with trading Mara or Pock. Pock will be 26 in December. He’s not exactly young anymore. Mara makes too much money. One way or the other this is his last yr here – if he lasts all season.

  8. Ozolinsh exorcising his personal demons does not then also transport him back 8 years in time and make him into a speedy, valuable offensive defenseman. It turns him from a washed-up alcoholic offensive defenseman into a clean and sober washed-up defenseman. Nothing more…

  9. How do the Rangers always (okay, recently) seem to end up with some D-man sitting in the press box eating up cap space? Ozo, Kaspar, Mara…it’s a bad habit that needs to be kicked immediately. Although perhaps it’s progress that Mara doesn’t have “personal problems” and could play. Or maybe it’s actually worse…

  10. I feel bad for Pock…I like the guy, i dont know my most NYR fans dont. He was pretty good last season and scored 3 pretty big goals. Also he brought out the more physical side of Rozsival when they were together. Even though some of you say he sucks, i say he’s a solid d man, who is far from a Malik, and does diserve to be in this lineup. Its pathetic that Renney is saying Staal needs a vet to help him out, that didnt help him out the last fuggin game when they both went to the same damn guy, and Girardi doesnt need a vet to help him out. He’s with Tyuts and is doing phenominal in my opinion. Renney needs to try him with Pock and see how they are together.

    But this is ridiculous, having Strudsy in the lineup. Its nothing personal against the guy, but he was – 2 the laast game, and didnt do anything good except for stopping that guy on a breakaway. He’s a good guy, and scary looking, and can throw a punch, but i dont want him in the lineup over Paul friggin Mara, cmon.

    Like Nasty said yesterday, it would be cool if NYR got Boynton, Ballard or the other guy from the Yotes.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    No one is going to trade for Mara unless we take a forward off of their hands. It makes no sense to swap an overpaid D for another overpaid D this early in the season.

    It’s also hard for the Rangers to salary dump Mara because Markov is a FA still and could probably be had for a little more than Mara’s current contract, not to mention he is MUCH better.

  12. On BB.com Dubi was saying that Pock stoped short of saying he would want a trade. Reason being, probably cause his girlfriend just got a teaching job in the bronx. So it would probably split them up…Pock would do anything for love…but he wont do that..he wont do that.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Want an example of a potential Mara trade? Mara for Zherdev. Overpaid D for overpaid F. God, I hope they would never trade for that guy.

  14. Strudwick could not have possibly been -2 last game because Malik & Rozsival were on the ice for the first goal, and they wouldn’t put Strudwick on the power play. He was -1.

  15. If we do trade Mara to the Yotes, then hopefully Maloney would also want Hollweg. Like ive said, even though its two games, in my opinion he’s not hitting as much as he should. There’s no need to have Orr, Hollweg, and Strudwick all in the same lineup.

  16. Eklund supposedly is on a strong rumor involving “a team from each conference and a goaltender”


  17. Spiderpig

    The only -2 players that night were of course Jagr and believe it or not, Sean Avery who had a total of 1:58 of ice time (due to the injury by Neil)

  18. Why do people still read Eklund? He’s like an anonymous weatherman who creates a site posting rumors of when it may or may not rain. Isn’t it more fun to come up with your own trade ideas?

  19. Spiderpig

    I was agreeing with you on Struds and simply mentioning which players were on ice for both goals against-

    The fact that Avery was on for both while playing just a few shifts was surprising.

    Nothing more

  20. Pock’s girlfriend better be one heck of a woman if she’s factoring in to his movement. Is there someone we want on a local team?

  21. Drop the Puck! on

    I’m torn with the whole Struds/Mara debate. I like both players. I was glad to see the team sign struds for pennies last year, and the guy is all heart. I wanted Mara before he signed with PHX as a F/A (summer ’06). Above all I like that Renney will make a decision not based on how much a guy makes. Mara’s case: Offensive, PP point-man, good on feet, tough when he needs to be, stays out of the box. Struds case: Defensive dman, strong as ox, good fighter, feet aren’t fast enough for his hockey sense, great influence for Staal. Those are just what comes to mind right away, I’m aware I’m missing a lot of intangibles they both bring. Fact is, TONIGHT we are better with Struds on the ice, IMO. But the better part of 65-70 games we are a better team with Mara. The decision to play Struds to mentor Staal during games is certainly a tough one. Fact is, we won’t really know how it works for weeks, months, years to come. Don’t know if it’s the right time during a (ahem) Cup Run, but our current coach is better than his last 6 predecessors, give it a chance. Mara making 3mil isn’t Renney’s fault.

  22. Ted aka Anonymous on

    Reading over some previous posts I agree with Spiderpig 100% in regards to Staal and Struds playing with the 4th line. If that happens we are in trouble. The last time these two guys played together on the 4th line I made a comment to my bro that they get no help from the offense, both were running around and the puck never got out of the zone. Renney did notice the same and changed up the rotation. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

    Salty as per your previous post, it is great that a particular someone is not longer around. Hopefully it will last.

  23. Ted aka Anonymous on

    Avery should not be on the PP when healthy. A PP is for goal scorers and people who can hit the net from inside the hash marks of the circle. I believe Avery missed the net from 15 feet with no pressure. Shanny did as well but he will score his fair share of goals. The PP needs to have Cally instead of Avery.

  24. Adam Z – Not that what he writes is normally total BS, but HockeyBuzz has picked up a few suprise bloggers with some credientials recently, namely Darren Pang and Bill Clement.

    And actually, we should continue to trash talk his stuff; there were a few responses to the NYDailyNews blog about the JoVo rumor and a few people blamed Eklund for getting the ball rolling on it…and Eklund actually showed up to defend himself! Life must be slow in mom’s basement if he’s checking up on local paper’s blogs…

  25. Eklund saying he is hearing about a trade involving a goaltender and teams from each conference is like saying it might snow in the US tonight.

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