There goes the perfect season…


…in more ways than one.

We had said it a while back that the Rangers were fairly lucky in avoiding major injuries for most of last year. Now they have what already looks like a sprained shoulder to Sean Avery in last night’s 2-0 setback in Ottawa. It could be only minor — he’ll be evaluated today– but it also might be cause for Nigel Dawes to get the nod from Hartford.

I’ll pass along news when I have it, although I’m dealing with some technical issues that will make updates tough over the next 24 hours or so. Just like with Avery, though, there’s a chance the problem is fleeting…

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  1. repost… I agree , this is now preseason season, thanks to the kid parade. Renney tried in camp to figure out lines, but was too slow in preseason. Now he needs to figure it out on their NO DAYS OFF.

  2. Either put Dawes with Gomez or put Gomez with Callahan and Prucha.

    Sam, can you find out why the Rangers refuse to have a man park himself in front of the goalie on the PP. This has been going on for years. The last person to do it was…John Tripp.

    They have the personel; Mara has a shot, so does Tyutin, and Callhan can provide the screen. Or even Malik.

  3. what really has to happen is get a set lineup for at least 5 games and stop experimenting with fantasy lines. See if the chemistry develops, if not try something different for 5 games. Renney is making a mistake changing every game, if that’s what he is going to do. Without set lines & a set PP & PK knowing & learning about each other thru practice & games, they’ll be chaos. The Senators are not experimenting, that’s the difference.

  4. DoodieMachetto on

    I don’t see why everyone is panicking. I thought they had a great 3rd period, and looked ok in the first. Bad 2nd though. But you have to remember that they were juggling line combinations the entire night because Avery went down. I have to admit, having Orr instead of Hoss last night really cost us for two reasons:

    1) We had a hard time keeping possession in the Ottawa zone. That’s Hossa’s specialty.

    2) Once Avery went down, instead of having to juggle forwards all game long, we could have simply inserted Hossa and kept some steady lines.

    There’s no need to panic. We have a vastly different team than the one we had last year, of course there are going to be some chemistry issues at the beginning. But also remember that Ottawa is basically running the same team that brought them to the Finals last year, so a 2-0 result, when we lose one of our top line players and have to juggle lines all night on top of the already existing chemistry issues isn’t that bad of a result.

    Let’s see how things play out on Saturday.

  5. I dont know about anyone else, but shanny looks like a dinosaur out there. I love to see him put on the 3rd line with Dubinsky and Avery/Hossa. that frees up Gomez to play with Callahan and Prucha. We need speed upfront and Shanny hurts us as much as his stats helps us. Hes a proven finisher, so lets let Dubinsky learn from him and get him the puck.

  6. I think Prucha and Callahan were the two best forwards last night. Jagr seemed a little lazy at times, Straka seemed lost, Shanny seemed a little out of place, Gomez seemed like he had Kovalev syndrome. Dubinsky hardly got a chance, Drury was invisible. Also, with the exception of the two goals, which were errors by both the defense and the offense who became lazy and didn’t help out the D who was in trouble, the D played a solid game. Player of the game was Lundqvist by far.

    Anyway, in terms of Avery being hurt. My opinion is that if he’s out for a while, you’ll see Dawes come up. If he’s out for a few games, you’ll see Hossa on one of the top lines.

  7. DOODIE there is only one person who should in a controlled way panic, TOM RENNEY. He has to get them all on the same page & be a team.

  8. I like ice playas idea, put Shanny on the 3rd line with Dubi, move prucha/callahan up, I’d prefer callahan, who’s been getting screwed with iceteam considering he was maybe the only forward showing any sign of life in the Ottowa suffocation game…talk about a team with chemistry vs one who’s searching for some…how many times to Gomex move the puck up inside the offensive zone only to have it batted away and setup for a counterattack…it seemed Ottawa’s passes were all on their tape, an the Rangers were in their skates…that was a mindnumblingly difficult game to watch as we had zero offensive chances to at least hope that a goal was coming

  9. That is really a valid observation, re parking a man in front of the net on the PP. About 90% of Phil Esposito’s success and brilliant career was fashioned in just that position, and opposing D’s couldn’t move him out of there.

  10. Yeah Robby, look at Detroit’s power play. Holmstrom has been parking himself in front of the net for years. Graves got like 25-30 of his goals in 94 that way and about 20 every other year in his career. Callahan is very good at that from his time in the AHL and shown in game 3 of the ATL series.

    Another thing the Rangers should have done was dump and chase. Prucha, Callahan, and Dubinsky were really the only three successful with that. Hossa would have helped.

    They were trying to be too pretty as well. They should have shot the puck and had one or two forwards simultaneously crash the goalie. I know that’s not Jagr, Straka, Gomez, or Drury’s style, but leave that up to Cally, Prucha, Dubisnky, Shanny, Betts, holweg, and Orr.

    Staal moves the puck well…why not have him park himself in front of the net on the PP?

  11. Doodie – good points before. Im not nervous we have 80 games to go. I am a bit confused about why we need hollweg AND orr out at the same time. I think hossa proved himself in those few weeks last year and another goal scorer wouldnt hurt. I also wanna know why staal who has an amazing shot isnt being used on the PP more. And why is dubie on the PP?…… renny is a good coach and his line combos arent bad he just has to give them more than a game to work together

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    I mean, I think the game serves as a reality check that they are atcually going to have to work hard this year.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    this via Spector’s trade rumors:


    Bruce Garrioch reports the following:

    – Sources say New York Rangers GM Glen Sather, unhappy over the depth of his blueline, is trying to convince Phoenix Coyotes GM Dan Maloney to part with veteran defenceman Ed Jovanovski. Garrioch notes Jovanovski has a “no-movement” clause in his current contract which pays him $6.5 million per season for the next four seasons, and the Rangers would need to dump salary to make room for his contract, but Garrioch suggests that shouldn’t be a sticking point, quote a “league executive” saying the Rangers would have no trouble putting money in the minors.

    Spector’s Note: That’s the only way the Rangers could do it comfortably without gutting their roster. Freeing up over $6.5 million is a lot of salary, even for the Rangers. That being said, Jovanovski would have to agree to a trade, and if his comments last summer when it was believed the NY Islanders were trying to acquire him are anything to go by, he has no intention of doing so as he and his family are happily settled in the Phoenix area.”

  14. F Jovo. And by “F”, I mean…forget.

    Yes, yes, yes to a man parked in front of the net. Stop treating it like any other play, where the other team coincidentally has less men.

  15. Ted aka Anonymous on

    In regards to parking someone in front of the net on the PP sounds great and it should be someone who is big, strong on his feet and dose not need to have excellent hands ala Tim Kerr. Staal/Cally.

    Orr and Hollweg cannot be on the ice at the same time or for that matter in the line up together. Serious lack of talent on that 4th line as seen last night.

    As for the trade talks, you all know Don will want something young and he knows what we have. Sather is a moron when it comes to things like this especially when eyes are set on the cup. We could lose some good young guns in this deal if it were to happen. 6.5 mil is a lot to free up. I can’t se it happening but with Slats there is always a way to do something dumb.

  16. here’s a cute sory for the kiddies about jersey #s….from the OS”. After yesterday’s morning skate, Gomez regaled reporters with the story of how he became a 23 in the first place. Attempting to crack the Devils roster as a rookie, he arrived at the rink one day to see his training camp number had been replaced by something more permanent. “No. 23?” Gomez asked upon noticing the jersey hanging up in his stall. “I’m No. 23? I don’t want 23. Who’s 23?” Little did Gomez know coach Larry Robinson was standing over his shoulder. “Is there a problem?” asked the Big Bird. “What number would you like?” Gomez told Robinson No. 11. “Okay,” said Robinson, summoning the Devils’ equipment guy. “Is there a No. 11 in Albany?” Robinson asked him, referring to the club’s AHL affiliate. The equipment guy grabbed the River Rats roster, scrolled down it, and replied no, the number was available. “You want 11?” Robinson asked Gomez. Not anymore, he didn’t. “No. 23 looks great to me.”

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Scott Gomez will be the New York Rangers Alexei Yashin. I said it in pre-season and shortly after the trade. There’s a reason this guy’s only got 1 (out of 7) seasons with 20+ goals and also why he only had 60 points last year playing on a team with a 40-50 goal scorer (Gionta) and a gifted offensive player (Patrick Elias).

    Gomez isn’t that good, wake up and smell the coffee all of you who were so happy to get him. We were better off with Nylander and saving a couple million. I just can’t believe I have to watch him until 2015. That’s awful.

  18. >

    There is NOTHING more pathetic than Devils and Icelander fans coming on to a ranger site and PRETENDING to be ranger fans.


  19. Robby Bonfire on

    Gomex is the ONLY Ranger foward without a single Hit, in the first two games. Avery, by comparison, has 11 Hits, in half the playing time. If you can’t score, you need to be physical. If you can’t be physical. you need to score. Someone tell me what this guy brings to the table besides a fat salary and a long-term contract?

  20. Here we go again with Dawes. Why the hell should dawes get to play with Shanny and Gomer or Jags and Dru. F him, he doesnt diserve the chance. give it to Cally or Pruchs, they have been the best NYR fowards the last 2 games. Dawes needs to earn his chance. im not impressed with him at all.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Kenny Alberts is doing the play by play for the Colts-Bucs game on Fox. It convinces me further that I don’t like his play by play voice.

  22. It’s way too early to start to panic!! I’d rather have the Rangers loose games earlier in the season than later. If they loose games during the start of the season, hopefully, they learn from their mistakes and start to gain momentum because they’ll know they need to win. If they start winning (like huge winning streaks) at the start of the season, they’ll get too cocky (*Cough *Cough, like the Mets) by the end of the season and won’t be playing as strong for playoffs.

    …Maybe just my opinion.

  23. To this point all Gomez has done is make clear how good and underrated Nylander was. Maybe Gomez hasn’t clicked yet but it is entirely possible he is a collossal bust. And no it’s not too early to make this observation. Count me among the posters who in June expressed concern it was a mistake to let Nylander go.

    Also not happy to be in the group of posters that may get proven right about Shanahan. Should not have signed him. Needed those dollars for an impact defenseman.

    Yes it’s early but the absence of Nylander and the presence of Shanahan on the 2nd line is a legitimate source of concern.

    I continue to believe Gomez needs to have speedy wingers and so he needs to work with Callahan and Prucha. That also allows Shanahan to have a reduced role on 3rd line which with Betts (occasionally Dubinsky) and Avery would be a checking line that can score.

  24. Robby Bonfire on

    Glad the Rangers axed Nylander, who peaked last year – he won’t do much in Washington, this year. And I wish they had cleaned out Shanahan and Straka, and really committed to youth.

    I see 18-year old Patrick Kane got the Shoot Out GW for Chicago, last night. More power to teams with balls, guts and a vision beyond “making the playoffs” with a core of burned-out multi-millionaires, some who appear to be painfully, just hanging on.

  25. The Rangers shouldn’t call up Dawes yet… They should just insert Hoassa into the lineup, and shift someone else to Avery’s spot…

    The Rangers need Hollweg and Orr for the upcoming games against the Isles, Crapitals and the rematch with Ottawa, so sitting either one of them for Dawes would be foolish!

  26. forget Jovo. even if they can fit him under the cap this yr by getting rid of 2-3 salaries, he has 3 more yrs of huge $ on his contract. that plus Gomez, Drury, The King and maybe JJ would mean Bonfire would get his wish everyone else would have to be 18 yrs old. say goodbye to even players like Prucha and Toots next yr if they make that collosal mistake.

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