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Maybe we won’t be seeing Nigel Dawes after all. While there still hasn’t been any official word on Sean Avery’s sprained shoulder, word is the more likely short-term solution is Marcel Hossa.

I can’t say I disagree with it, seeing how I’m of the belief Hossa actually has something to add. Say what you want about the guy, but the run he was on before he got hurt was not just a mirage.

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  1. Dawes will click with Gomez and Shanahan; he moves the puck quickly and he moves his feet well; if hossa did one of these too things well, i’d agree with using him first; i think he has limited upside because of his limited vision of the ice, which size will not influence

  2. First chance to post since the game vs. the Senators:

    Two issues with defensemen led to the goals. For some reason Malik felt like he needed to leave the front of the net to take on some guy in the corner where Rozsival was. Then, after the initial mistake at the bench, Strudwick followed Staal to his man for the second goal.

    I couldn’t see why we needed Avery, Orr, Hollweg, and Strudwick last game. On the other hand, I thought the D’OH line (Dubinskorrweg) did a good job of applying pressure, just not scoring because it was always Dubi feeding the guys who can’t score. Hossa really could have helped when Avery went down.

    After the Avery injury, there were some lines that worked and some that didn’t. The biggest surprise to me was that Ottawa’s first line consistently beat our first line. There was too much juggling to expect great things, but there were flashes of brilliance, but Gerber just played brilliantly himself.

    I can’t see Callahan playing second line because he has been a right wing. I wonder if Hossa will go immediately to first line, but I doubt it; he will probably take Prucha’s spot with Prucha moving to second. I think Staal should stay in the lineup, and Mara come back, as long as he uses his strong shot. I like how Dubinsky was used on the PP even though he was on the fourth line, and I would also like to see Callahan there.

  3. SAM they can only bring up Dawes if Avery goes on IR. Renney will probaly try Hossa first.

  4. Or they could send down Staal if they so choose, but I doubt that. Only if another forward gets injured and not IRed perhaps. OR we could always play Strudwick at forward if Renney is insane on Wednesday.

  5. As per Steve Zipay’s blog…four weeks for Avery. Not great, but it could be a lot worse. That counts as IR….Nigel Dawes…c’mon down.

  6. To this point all Gomez has done is make clear how good and underrated Nylander was. Maybe Gomez hasn’t clicked yet but it is entirely possible he is a collossal bust. And no it’s not too early to make this observation. Count me among the posters who in June expressed concern it was a mistake to let Nylander go.

    Also not happy to be among the posters that may get proven right about Shanahan. Should not have signed him. Needed those dollars for an impact defenseman.

    Yes it’s early but the absence of Nylander, and the presence of Shanahan on the 2nd line, are legitimate sources of concern.

    I continue to believe Gomez needs to have speedy wingers and so he needs to work with Callahan and Prucha. That also allows Shanahan to have a reduced role on 3rd line which with Betts (occasionally Dubinsky) and Hossa would be a checking line that can score.

  7. Robby Bonfire on

    What is this “sending down Staal” garbage, not that this club won’t consider it? Patrick Kane is 18, smaller than Dawes, and already making an impact. If he were Ranger property he would be teammates with Sanguinetti at Brampton.

    It boggles my mind how so many here want all our rookies to be, what, 23 and up? Take a look around this league, and tell me why we should be afraid of giving a learning curve job UP HERE to our best system prospects who have accomplished all they need to accomplish before coming here. Few rookies start as all-stars – so what? Demoting Staal gives more time here to the Mara’s and Crudwick’s of the world. How about Dumping Mara and Crudwick and bringing up Sauer and either Liffiton or Sanguinetti, who will be 20 in January, and who is tearing up the OHL at an MVP level.

    Just because Rangers brass is chicken-livered and “quick fix” happy, doesn’t mean we have to buy into that stupidity.

  8. BB says…

    October 07, 2007
    Avery Out Four Weeks
    This just in from the Rangers: “Glen Sather announced today that forward Sean Avery suffered a grade two shoulder separation of his left shoulder and is expected to be sidelined for four weeks.”

  9. ROBBY you’ll have to wait for new management if you don’t like what they are doing or have done. thankfully your not the gm along with that other poster that sounds similar to you.

  10. My first post since the Ottawa game…

    A few things:

    1) Jags looks a little soft. Maybe it was one bad game, I don’t know. But he has not looked his dominant self. I thought the people in the know said he looked so much stronger because he wasn’t coming off the shoulder surgery, etc. But I just don’t see it. I am not hitting the panic button. I am just saying it was something I noticed.

    2) We lost to the Sens. Probably the best team in the East. They have almost all the same guys as last year. They are meshed already. They block shots like it is game 3 of the East finals. We let up for 12 seconds or something and it was 2-0. (Strudwick’s blame on one. Malik’s on the other.) We played them well for probably 45 mins last night. 5 on 5 I thought we played them very well. I am not happy with the result, but it wasn’t a total disaster other than an offense that could not finish.

    3) The D is still shaky. Toots, Girardi, Rosy, and Staal (yes Staal, he played damn well) are the 4 I would build it around. Malik for his 3 pts in game 2, is too streaky and unstable. Strudwick took it to Neil, but he cannot play D. (I said the other day he would get the nod cuz of his fighting ability.) I think Pock and Mara should get some play time with those other 4. Malik and Strudwick should be packaged and sent somewhere for a super stud D. If it is Jovo, fine. But I am guessing Maloney isn’t going for Malik-Struds for Jovo. Pock and Malik for Jovo, I’d do too. Anyway, you get my point. I do think those 4 at the start of this paragraph are solid, but we need 1 superstar and another fill in.

    4) Orrweg is useless. Hossa gets the nod now, just wonder where he will go? (Does everyone see what I was saying about a big body on Jagr when he is out on the ice? The Sens smothered Jags. Hossa would do well on the ice with Jags. Space would open up.) I still think we don’t need Orr and Holly in the same lineup. They didn’t do that much in the game in terms of hitting anybody or fights or anything.

    Hope Avery has only a stinger on his shoulder. We need him back. But I think this actually gives some guys a shot on the 2nd line who have true 2nd line offensive skills.


  11. I still dont understand what you guys are saying about Malik being to blame for that goal against Ottawa.

    If you watch the replay, rozsival was actually pushed out of the way like a rag doll, he apparantly couldnt hold his own against this guy so Malik went over to cover for Rozsival. You guys just cant be happy. If Malik did not go over to get the guy with the puck after rozsival failed at it you would have been yelling about Malik. Since he did go over to get him you yell about him also. Gimmie a break, that goal was NOT Maliks fault. If you want to blame anyone it would be rozsival first. But the whole team was to blame. No one was covering anyone and it was just awful but stop blaming Malik for every freaken goal he is on the ice for. Give it up already.

  12. Rozsival forced the first Senator to the outside. Malik should have remained in the middle to shut down the pass to the streaking player, but there’s no guarantee he could have done that properly either.

    Bonfire – this is why it’s so hard to have a conversation with you because you have little reading comprehension skills. I said they could send Staal down as an option, but didn’t think it would happen, nor do I want it to. JEEZ!

  13. I’m sorry but if that was “forcing the senator to the outside” that Roszival did, thats pretty poor.
    They Senator threw him down and went to get the puck with no one on him at all, and where did Rosy go from there? I have no idea! He wasnt with the guy he “forced to the outside” and he wasnt covering the guy in the middle…hmmmm where could he have gone? I think what he did was screw that up!

  14. But as soon as I saw Malik go over to the corner, I was thinking, “Uh oh. Who is left to cover the middle?” So if I can see that without playing hockey since 4th grade, how come Malik did it?

  15. Avery has been placed on IR, meaning Dawes probably will get called up. It makes the most sense..he meshed well with Shanny and Gomez in the preseason. Hossa has earned the right to take a spot on the fourth line, although with them heading to the Island Weds no way Orr and Holly both arent dressed.

    To say Gomez is a bust after two games, and especially considering that during the preseason Renney was so indecisive that he needed four of the 6 exhibition games to evaluate the Hartford Wolfpack, leaving n ot time for our top lines to play together. not to mention, Avery’s the one looking like a bust.. It is entirely possible that he played the 2 best months of his career at the end of last season. So far, he hasn’t shown even a glimmer of offensive ability. then again, he too has only played in one game.

  16. what id like to see for the next game if in fact hossa would be slotted in instead of dawes

    (call me c-c-crazy)

    hossa drury jagr
    straka gomez shanny
    prucha betts cally
    holwegg dubi orr

    rosie – malik
    toots – girardi
    mara/pock – staal

    Jagr and hossa clicked together last year
    id like to see someone on the line with gomez who can keep up with his speed.

  17. Personally, I’d like to see Dawes up. He has the speed and puck movement and will easily fit right in with Gomez and gang.

    I feel bad for Dawes. He’s been shoved around so much that maybe it’s time he gets put on a team where someone can easily use his speed and skills.

  18. Richtersgirl….I don’t think you know much about hockey based on your comment.

    When the first defensemen gets carried out of the play, into the corner, out to the wing to chase, whatever, the 2nd D stays at home, in front of the net, and clears anyone out who comes into the slot. That is basic blocking and tackling in hockey defense. You cannot score a goal from the corner or behind the net, so as the lone D left in position, you leave the puck and the guy there and protect the slot.

    Malik is soft. He wandered over to the corner where the puck was and the middle was left wide open.

    Look at what happened on the goal before. Strudwick went to the corner to chase the puck and it took a bad bounce. If he had been camped in front of the net, the bad bounce would have not caught him out of position. Same thing.

    I don’t care what you say, Malik is too puck oriented and not position and man oriented in our defensive zone. Period. Saturday was just another example in his illustrious defensive career. He is just not smart defensively. I am trying to like him, but he makes it hard when he continues to make stupid defensive plays. Offensively yes fine, occasionally he makes an OK play. But defensively he lacks. Period.

    Hossa needs to play with Jagr and Straka. That is my thought.

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