Avery out four weeks


At the risk of being labeled a bearer of bad news, *Sean Avery* is out for four weeks with a shoulder separation, suffered, as you know, against Ottawa.

Here’s the release sent out by the Rangers:

“New York, October 7, 2007 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Sean Avery suffered a grade two shoulder separation of his left shoulder and is expected to be sidelined for four weeks.  He suffered the injury in the first period of last night’s game in Ottawa.  New York returns to action when they visit the New York Islanders Wednesday, October 10 at Nassau Coliseum (7:00 PM)”

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  1. The Rangers should teach Neil the old Klingon/French proverb
    “La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid” or “revenge is a dish best served cold.”

    Aahh yes Mr. Neil, this Saturday in NY, it will be veeerryy cold……

  2. could be salary cap situation. I think Avery will still count and if they bring up another forward our cap could be really tight. A dman might have to go down to help vs cap. The youth brigade may not like it but maybe Staal if Dawes comes up.

    how to exact revenge. go after the Sens best players.

  3. Whats wrong with you people? Have any of you every played hockey?

    I am a die hard Ranger fan like most here, but Neil’s hit on Avery was clean. It was just a strong, good, hard hit.

    Yes he got his elbow up afterwards, but he served a penalty for that.

    Avery was not ready for the hit and was caught off guard. Its a shame to lose him for four weeks but that is the reality we face here.

    Hockey is a tough sport and these things happen. Its part of the game, the season isin’t over and no need to be ridiculous. Avery is a tough son of a bitch, he will be fine.

    Time to move on and focus on WINNING, not “REVENGE”

  4. ^^^his hit on Prucha was anything but clean.

    Neil is going to kill someone this season. And he is still going to have that “who, me?” look on his face. And they’ll probably trap their way to another cup final.

  5. ^ Agreed, the hit on Prucha was not clean, but Prucha also isin’t the one out for four weeks with a seperated shoulder.

    It was an unfortunate hit, but we will move on and be successful without Avery for a month. Not a big deal.

  6. nevesis – I was away and did not see the Avery play. But remember Neil got Prucha good from what I understand and is the player who gave Drury his 2nd concussion. The old expression the best defense is a good offense would seem to apply. go after their top players before it’s open season on ours. should make Ottawa think about just going after any and all Rangers.

  7. So Orr squares off with Neil and Hollweg makes some crushing hits to their best players. Do you think that will stop Neil from taking runs at people, I doubt it. We need to figure out how to get our offense going not our fists flying there is plenty o time left for that. So lets try scoring on the powerplay and then we talk “revenge”.

  8. nevesis

    Fact of the matter is….He was penalized for the hit, and Avery proved he’s injured for the next 4 weeks. I dont see how Neil does not get suspended. Its like that fuggin idiot Colin Cambpell is saying, if the player is not hurt then theres no reason for suspension. Well Aves is hurt so this big piece of crap better get at least 3 to 5 games tops. But im guessing Colin will do crap, and give him a little bitty warning, cause he never does the right thing by NYR.


    Yeah…NYR should do the same…But if this friggin puss, Hollweg isnt gonna hit then why are we playing him. Orr will drop the gloves with anyone, but like Stan Fishler said
    “Neil wont drop the gloves with Orr, he only goes for less tougher guys, like Strudsy. He shouldnt be able to get away with a hit like that, so Hollweg needs to put his trusty ol’ thinking cap on, and realize his game is to hurt players, not to score goals and waste Shanny and Gomers time on the 2nd line.

    I wanna see Hollweg hit, or else im gonna snap. Why else are we keeping this guy around?? We could still have Ortmeyer who knows his game is supposed to be hitting and PK and thats it.

    Tyutin and Girardi have the right idea, they been phenominal so far, and i was worried about Tyuts in pre season but seeing him back with Danny, i can just see the chemistry between them.

  9. ^ Like I mentioned in my previous post…does anyone here actually play hockey and know the rules and the risks?

    Its a competative high impact game. Hitting IS part of the game. Neil’s hit on Avery was not dirty, therefore just because Avery got hurt does not automatically mean Colin Campbell has to issue a suspension.

    Thats just not how it works, sorry.

  10. I can care less what you think. The point is Neil is a dirt player, he injured Avery on a hit that he was penalized for, now he should get a suspension. He didnt even get suspended when he hit Drury. The league said there trying to get rid of hits to the head, and the kind of hits that players throw to take advantage of a player. Well thats the kind of hits Neil thrrows, he is a DIRTY PLAYER. He threw a high elbow at Pruchs in the game, and also threw a high elbow at Pruchs in the game last year, where he left his feet. Its getting ridiculous, Campbell needs to show some balls and hand out bigger suspensions, i still dont understand why Bertuzzi is playing. A couple of tears from him and boom he’s back, a couple of puss comments about having a concussion making him go Jekyll and Hyde helps Simon out, and he gets to miss only 25 games, and the gets to play pre season so he can board Hollweg. Nice little thing Colin got going. The guy should get fired, but thats my opinion.

  11. Drop the Puck! on

    Nevesis –
    Played for years(been a while though). That was a ‘clean’ hit, I agree. Avery was looking down at his feet for the puck and though I say ‘clean’, it’s ‘clean’ in that old scott stevens sort of way, where it unsportsman-like to lay into someone in that situation mainly because of the risk of injury. That hit was one of those that WE were warned about by the league in watching hollweg. Bottom line is – the hit was within the rules, the elbow (i thought) was a follow-through, it’s on the side of bad taste to hit a guy not looking, Avery is out 4 weeks, and now we get to show our depth.

  12. Neil’s hit was clean and let’s face it, you have to keep your head up when he is on the ice. Rangers need to maintain composure. They do stick together well and are not going to get run out of the building by anyone. In the short term, I would slot Dawes in with Gomez and Straka as these guys can skate with each other. I would put Hossa with Drury and JJ and move Shanny down w/ Callahan, who he seemed to play well with at the end of last year.

  13. Not only was it a clean hit, but how do you people think that going after Spezza or Heatley is the solution?
    If you were to open season on their top guys, Dollars to Donuts we lose a more vital piece than Avery in the retaliatory aftermath.
    Headhunting resolves nothing – especially when it’s in response to a clean hit.
    You don’t suspend someone because of an injury on a clean play, no matter that player’s suspension.
    Geez. You guys are Rangers fans?
    How embarrassing.

  14. The hit on Avery was a clean hit. Just because his elbow flew out doesn’t mean he hit him with an elbow. Think about it if it were you. You would hold your elbow tight to you in preperation for bracing for contact. Once you finish the hit, there is no more opposing force, so your arm flies forward.

    Yes, it sucks her got hurt, but we have to live with it.

    Prucha’s hit on the other hand, though not as destructive, was definitely questionable.

    On a side note, is the HTML formatting for this page completely screwed up for anyone else? My page looks all funky…

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, if it was a shorter injury, I would agree with you. I think they won’t call Dawes immediately, bu if Hossa doesn’t make things happen, I’ll expect dawes to get a call up.

    A lot about the Rangers in Spector’s Trade Rumors today:


    NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers defenceman Paul Mara appears to be in the doghouse of head coach Tom Renney after being made a healthy scratch this past Saturday. Brooks suggests that because of cap constraints this season the Rangers aren’t prepared to keep Mara and his $3 million salary on the roster as a sixth-seventh-eighth defenceman.

    Spector’s Note: They might have to face demoting him to the minors as his salary could prove tough to move at this time of year, although maybe they might want to talk with the Florida Panthers (see below).


    SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL: Steve Gorten recently reported Florida Panthers defenceman Mike Van Ryn appears to have fallen out of favour with head coach Jacques Martin, as he was a healthy scratch for the first time since 1999 in the Panthers game on Saturday against the New Jersey Devils. Gorten wonders if this could become a regular occurance and suggests trading Van Ryn and his $3.2 million salary if he’s not going to get the chance to play regularly.

    Spector’s Note: Easier said than done at this time of year, even with several teams carrying extra cap space to start this season, unless perhaps they want to talk swap with the NY Rangers for Paul Mara (see above).


    HOKEJ.CZ/SPORT1.CH: reports former NY Rangers defenceman Jason Doig signed a short-term contract with EHC Basel of the Swiss NLA league.”

  16. The hit was clean, mostly. But Neil is not a clean player. He takes runs at people. He cheap shots people. This kind of behavior can be handled two ways: The league does something or the players do something. I am not waiting around for Colon Campbell to do something. I was glad to see Strudwick take the decision against Neil. Now I want to see Orr mete out a Fedoruk on Neil’s ass. If you are not using Orr to handle these kinds of situations, why the hell is he on the team? It is not for his offensive skills.

    Renney likes to have Orr on the team, why? So he can say he has him there for protection? Or to actually use him? I don’t get it.

    Hossa should be with Straka and Jags. Drury with Gomer and Shanny. Pru, Cally, Betts. Dubi-Holly-Orr just doesn’t sound right.

    And what the F is up with the powerplay? Give me a break.

    Is it me or does the team seem overcoached? Like they are sitting around waiting for instructions from the bench. They have problems with line changes? WTF. That is a squirt hockey problem.

  17. Noob question here… but does Avery still get paid for these missed games? I’m sure if so, insurance would cover it for the team. And if Avery has any bonus clauses in his contract, would they be adjusted? Or is he SOL and now has 10 or so less games to do whatever.

  18. I’m wondering how this looks to Dawes being that he should have made the team, he was sent down being told that if anything happens… you’re the first to be called up, and now Hossa is in and Dawes is no closer to playing on Broadway than he was a week ago. I know it’s a salary cap issue and there’s nothing that can be done about it… just thought it was interesting.

    The question now is… since the line-up with Avery in it wasn’t looking too sharp… what are the line combos with him out and Hossa back in? I don’t have an answer but I hope something clicks soon.

  19. I agree that the hit was clean, but it was a clean hit with intent to injure. The players need to be protected, wouldn’t have mattered in Avery’s head was up or not, he was still in a prone position and he was going to get tatooed. All he could have done there was put his stick or elbow up to protect himself and then he’d get called.

    Neil isn’t the worst offender when it comes to dirty hits, but he always intends to hurt you, and therein lies the problem.

    As for revenge, I don’t think it’s worth it to go out and try to fight him or cheapshot him. If you lose the fight, his team gets all the more pumped. If you cheapshot him, he becomes the victim. I do, however, think that if he’s going to pound one of our top 6, that the same should be done to their top 6. Hollweg should have been out on the next shift with Spezza and drilled him. That’s the unwritten rule. If you want a guy like Neil on your team dishing it out, then you need to be prepared to take it back.

    By the way, did anyone see the unpenalized slash on the back of Tyutin’s knee by Alfredsson?

  20. ^ I saw that slash to Tyutin’s leg. I was actually very surprised it didn’t get called. Alfie had just lost the puck to Tyutin (and got pissed) so I figured the refs’ attention still would have been on them.

  21. The hit was clean in the old NHL (aka Scott Stevens era), but in the ‘new’ NHL, an elbow to the head is dirty.

  22. As regards possibly slotting Dawes ahead of Hossa, the Hartford Anisimov – Dawes – Bourret line (all three were -2) was on the ice for two of Bridgeport’s three even-strength goals, in their opener, Saturday night, as the Wolf Pack lost at home, 4-3. Each team allowed three E.S. goals, with Bridgeport’s PP goal vs. Al Montoya representing the difference in the outcome.

    Hartford goals were scored by LW Jake Owens, and D Corey Potter.

    Got to go with Hossa over Dawes, for now. LW’s Lauri Korpikoski (who was +1), Owens, and Dane Byers all looked better than Dawes playing in game one.

  23. Correction: each team (Hartford & Bridgeport) allowed two, not three E.S.goals. with Dawes’ RW check, and Anisimov’s C check doing the E.S. scoring for Bridgeport. So the score was 3-2, Bridgeport.

  24. so are these rumors of elisha and sean being over true?? i would be devastated, couldn’t think of a better man for one of the top 25 most beautiful women

  25. On the rangers beat says,

    Marcel Hossa back to No. 1 line

    At least at practice, anyway:

    Without Sean Avery, the lines:


  26. re that rumor link huge mistake re Jovo. obviously they would make it work salary cap wise this yr by dumping 2 defensemen (Mara and Malik). but they would also have to give up good young assets players and top end draft picks. and worst of all he has 3 yrs of big money left on his contract after this yr. so it would be a lot more than Mara and MAlik affected since they will be gone anyway. it will affect a lot of players on the team in the $ 1.5 to $ 3 mm price range. with the cap (and Shanny’s bonus hitting next yrs number as well) the only players making big money would be the 2 centers, the King, Jovo and maybe JJ. say goodbye to Straka, Avery, Prucha and Tyutin for starters. and down the road say goodbye to Callahan. managing the cap is a lot more than managing the current yr. we would have absolutely zero chance of winning the cup other than the current yr if they bring Jovo on board. AND he’s not that good – never was to begin with and a lot less so now.

  27. SO, will Chris Neil now be looked at closely by the NHL?? It’s amazing how Hollweg never gave anyone a shoulder separation, but now Avery has one from Neil , and what, no consequences?? The Rangers should be calling Bettman and asking that exact question.

  28. Hossa Gomez Jagr
    Cally/prucha Drury Shanny
    Straka Dubinksy Prucha/cally
    Hollweg Betts Orr

  29. If I am Renney and the Rangers I am looking at the situation as a rallying cry.

    The league, the team themselves, the media, the players and the coaching staff have placed a tremendous amount of pressure on the shoulders of their players.

    Avery was their guy who rallied them last season and now he has been shelved for a month by a cheap shot, by a player who plays on a team the Rangers could possibly be facing in the playoffs.

    We got the Isles and then Washington, two games we need to win and pick up 4 points. the Isles game will certainly be physical. Ottawa is going to make the playoffs, the Isles and Washington are on the bubble. We need to take 4 points from these two opponents, not be distracted about Saturday’s matchup.

    get your four points and then it’s payback time on Saturday night. If they lose focus here, they could easily find themselves picking up only 1 point going into Saturday’s game.

    I’ve watched the Isles and Washington, along with many other teams. The league is uptempo, high energy and a lot of teams are looking good out of the gate.

  30. Pavel – I’d consider you before Jovo. Markov too since we simply can’t afford Jovo for the next 4 yrs due to the cap and how our team is already in trouble on that front.

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