Strudwick in, Mara out


According to our pal Steve Zipay of Newsday, Jason Strudwick will play in place of Paul Mara tonight against Ottawa. Strudwick will be paired with Staal.

On the forward front, Blair Betts will remain between Ryan Hollweg and Colton Orr, making Marcel Hossa a healthy scratch for the second straight game.

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  1. I like this move, I’m glad their not taking out Staal. And Hollweg/Betts/Orr looked good the other night.

    Hossa will get his chance soon though.

  2. DoodieMachetto on

    I like the Orrweg against Ottawa because we need our most physical guys against them. I REALLY like that he’s giving Dubinsky another shot at 3rd line center. I’m unhappy that Mara has been removed for Strudwick.

  3. Does anyone know a reason why mara was taken out…It didnt seem like he played a terrible game, besides the double minor…And he’s a pretty tough guy, and if they wanted some tough guys in the lineup, i would imagine them leaving Mara in, and taking Staal out.

    Im telling you, maybe im just being paranoid or letting rumors get the best of me, but it seems like theres more behind this.

  4. Hollweg needs to hit tonight…Seriously, thats the best part of his game. It was orr who threw the biggest hit between them, and it was on his first shift.

    Did anyone notice in the final 15 seconds, Dubi threw a nice hit at a Cat, and knocked him down. Im happy that Renney is leaving both kids in the lineup, he’s not giving up on them yet.

    And playing Cally on the PK and Staal, im telling you, i dont know about all of you but those moves surprised me. I wouldnt be surprised if Dubi also gets pk time now. You never know.

    But hopefully Gomer takes Dubi under his wing, he can be a great influence on him, both Alaskin centermen. Maybe he can teach him a few things.

    Either way you look at it…We have a great roster this year, its so different from last season and 05 – 06. Its gonna be a fun season.

    Cant wait till game time…Lets go NYR!!!

  5. Robby Bonfire on

    Re: Hossa second-straight scratch –

    This is the VALUE of maintaining a clutch-goal scoring points award system. It is apparent that Rangers’ brass, and few others outside the inner circle, have a clue that Hossa was the Rangers premier even-strength goal scorer – when games were on the line, during the stretch run to the playoffs, last year. In fact, a strong case may be made that no Hossa, back then = no playoffs.

    Just think, Strudwick is in, tonight, and Hossa is out. “How To Gum Up Your Own Hockey Club Without Even Trying” – anyone around here not know who could write that book? (Hint: it’s not the coach.)

  6. Robby I agree about Mara over Strudwick. But it seems Renney is finally telling Hossa pick it up or watch. Hossa needs to increase his intensity & show his offense instead of playing the magician role when he feels like.

  7. Hossa showed his skill when he was given the chance to play with an offensive unit. When he was told to play on a defensive line he followed through on that role. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves for doing what’s asked of him and he should be getting some ice time.

    Hollweg remains unworthy of his minutes. He just doesn’t deliver what we all want him to bring, and with his penchant for undisciplined penalties, I would sit his ass.

  8. ORR..Talented Mr. Colton Douglas Orr : I wonder if Struds is in today, and if Pock might see the lineup in one of the next couple of games, and Hossa as well, just to get all the “extra” players a game or two of regular season in early. It might not be a bad idea, so that they have some game time throughout the season in case there is an injury they arnt playing their first regular season game at like game 25. I hope at least it isnt because Mara got a little rough with someone and took 4 min. (especially since the refs were dumb there)

  9. Sam: You’re going to have to give your buddy Steve Zipay some tips on catching flights out of Newark. Looks like the crew will be one short tonight.

  10. “He doesn’t get the credit he deserves for doing what’s asked of him and he should be getting some ice time.”

    Doesn’t get the credit? Chris he’s been given the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to come alive for 2+ years now…any other team would have dropped him a while ago…

  11. Mark "The Messiah" Messier on

    Is renney on crack early in the season?

    Taking Mara out??? AND KEEPING STAAL IN? Is he high?



    Staal and Dubinsky arent NHL PLAYERS YET!

  12. Salty, I don’t agree. I think a lot of other teams would have given him, or been able to give him, more of a consistently offensive opportunity and I still think he’s done well in most of the roles he’s played. And I don’t mean the management hasn’t given him teh credit he deserves, I don’t think the fans have. My opinion.

  13. on the ask al and the maven segment someone just asked my previous question they said that not enough people are watching the rangers pre-game…i dont think they will have that problem this year how fast we sold out.

    Get your isles and devils crap off my rangers network

  14. dancing with the "stars" on

    yeah, that malik looks great. NOT. he started the downward spiral and the confusion with his moronic change while they were down 2 men.

  15. shoot the puck barry!

    was that a rangers power play or a penalty kill

    staal looks great with the stick but is d is still questionable

  16. what an incredible save its a testement to henrik that we are only down two here could easily be 4 zip

  17. With the exception of Callahan, no one is moving their legs and are playing lazy hockey, which in turn means losing hockey.

  18. you know whats funny about that guitar wizard its the sends third game in four nights and they look fresh as can be

  19. Sens are seriously just *dominant*. Rangers aren’t playing particularly bad hockey, Sens are just on them like white on rice.

    Callahan has been one of our top 3 forwards so far this season next to Drury and someone else, who you can pretty much take your pick of.

    This is tough as hell to watch, but its a much needed dose of reality for NYR.

    Also I agree with Joe that the hit on Avery wasn’t an elbow, Ave just had his head down and turned into it. Not clean, not dirty. Hope hes not out too long.

  20. I came in at the start of the 3rd.

    What’s with the dump-n-run? And can Gomez get his stick on the ice, please? I watched him lose 3 pucks on that last PP.

  21. Craig The Weatherman on

    Okay….. I’m surprised nobody else has said it. They look flat & lazy!!! Reminds me of the dark ages… aka pre 2005

  22. What the crap is this?

    Settle the puck and make sure it’s ON your stick before you try to pass or shoot it.

    The whole team should be doing goal-line to goal-line sprints after the game. They look like ass.

  23. Deja-

    Sorry, didn’t see your comment before I posted. It’s true, it looks like a Pee Wee league out there, except in my Green Machine Pee Wee league they taught us all to keep our sticks on the ice and we did.


    Sloppy, sloppy game.

  24. We played like garbage tonight. There is no way around it. Thats 4.5 periods of bad hockey. I guess we have to stick it out and get into midseason form. We must remember it is only the second game. Some people are talking like is January. We just need to get into form. A few points:

    1)With the powerplay struggling thus far, why not put Callahan on the first unit? Instead they run out the same guys whocant get anything going. Every time Callahan is on the ice he generates possession and scoring chances. If he played with more offensive-minded players,he would be very effective.

    2)Why play Betts with Callahan instead of Dubinsky? Betts is a checking guy. His goal is to keep pucks out of the net, not generate goal scoring. Dubinsky was all alone in his attempt to create offense. He had Orr and Hollweg on his wings. It makes no sense to put guys with different roles on the same line. A few times when Dubinsky was out there he maintained possession all by himself.

    3)I hope Avery is ok

  25. That was ridiculous. Hank plays an amazing game keeping us in it, and we can score.

    Strudwick shouldnt have played, especially with Orr and Hollweg both in the lineup, mara should have played or at least Pock. The guy looked lost standing aruond like a doofus and collides with Dru and boom, Goal. Then Malik, who im trying to give one last shot, makes a moronic play leaving Hank all alone. Does Malik understand why he gets boo’d and why nobody likes him, its because plays like that. You dont leave the a fuggin man open just to go to a player that is by the damn boards, that was pathetic.

    Renney is another one, im trying to give him alot of credit and lighten up on him, but ll i see was Dubi with Jagr and Straka, and Prucha with Orr and Betts?? And Hollweg with Shanny and gomez, and where the hell was Cally, i seen Hollweg more times in that period.

    Straka again had a terrible game, and he cant play the point, that ship has friggin sailed and he should not go back on the PP cause he’s doing nothing.

    The only Ranger that played tonight was Hank. I mean he plays a game like this adn we lose?? Cmon. Makes me sick to my stomach.

    As for Avery, that was a cheap shot in my opinion and again another cheap shot on Pruchs. Hossa will get that spot and Dawes might replace Hollweg or Orr. Hopefully Aves is alright cause its to early to lose someone like him.

    Now i remember why im so damn pissed Hollweg is on this team, cause he doesnt even fuggin hit. He barely did anything tonight, and didnt diserve to get a chance to play on the 2nd line. This pisses me off, Prucha should have gotten that spot.

    Callahan – Drury – Jagr
    Prucha – Gomez – Shanahan
    Straka – Dubinsky – Avery
    Hossa – Betts – Orrweg

    Thats what should be tested….I want to see Cally and Pruchs get more time with players that can feed them the puck cause those two looked good tonight and tried everything they could to create chances, and they didnt get the time they diserved. In my damn opinion.

  26. Go NYR:

    Also why wasn’t Callahan out there in the final minute? He was hands down our best player tonight (behind Henrik).

    Sloppy, sloppy play. Seemed like no one else cared to win the game.

  27. One ray of sunshine coming out from behind the clouds…these early struggles generate chance all the sooner, by necessity. Hossa- Dawes-Pock, please join us.

  28. That was ugly. The Rangers allowed the Sens a lot of space and managed to get none of their own. Once again, finishing skills are severly lacking and the PP looks disorganized.

    And no matter how good a game he had(at least in comparison), Callahan isn’t going to win a game one on one and that goes triple for Jagr and Gomez.

    Hate to say it, and it’s too early to move him, but Staal’s d needs some work. And he isn’t going to learn it from Struds. Girardi stepped in last year and was way more solid.

  29. does anyone else notice that gomez does a great job going end to end to enter the zone then once he gets in he tries to do a drop pass and over half the time no one is behind him

  30. Staal had some great moments tonight though…. a vast improvement from thursday, and I think next game will get even better, and so on…

    No rangers could hold onto the puck tonight.

    Gomez especially…

  31. ROBBY you’re assuming Renney is going to bench guys for not showing up. Don’t bet on it even though he should.

  32. If every team is going to drape guys on JJ and there’s no system around it and no league reaction, it’ll be bad…Not that it’s the only problem, but it doesn’t help him get going and he seems already frustrated.

  33. Im telling you, Danny Girardi looks so damn great…Everyone was nervous about him, saying he might not be as good as last year….But seriously, he is doing great in my opinion. He is the most physical d man on our team.

    Did you guys see him flatten that Sens player before, among a few other hits that he thrrew.

  34. rangersinchicago on

    Ok…so my concern here is the first line. It just looks kind of lost without Nylander. I still think it was a mistake to break up the integrity what was one of the top point producing lines in the league. It must be frustrating for Jagr, and I think it is going to take a lot of time to get the coherence/chemistry/effective (sometimes dazzling)puck movement back that the first line used to have. It looks pretty ragged out there now.

    Also, if avery is as badly injured as he looks, are they going to call up Dawes, or insert Hossa?

  35. They weren’t as bad as many of you are saying. Other than the complete collapses on the 2 goals, the Rangers are suffering from having spent way too much time during the preseason getting looks at guys like Korpikoski, Sauer, Jessiman, Byers, etc, and not nearly enough time trying to get Jagr, Drury, Gomez, Shanny and Straka all properly assimilated and used to playing with each other. Hell, this is really only the fourth game these guys have had together as a team (the last 2 preseason ones as well), and I understand that Gomez and drury are the only real new additions here, but they’re hugeky important players.

    I think Staal has looked extremely solid, Girardi and Tyutin have actually looked very solid in both games, and other than a few breakdowns Malik and Rozival have even been solid. I’ll start worrying if they continue to look this discombobulated for 2 or 3 weeks.

    And another thing – it might make sense to give Gomez at least one linemate who can fly with him.

  36. “the Rangers are suffering from having spent way too much time during the preseason getting looks at guys like Korpikoski, Sauer, Jessiman, Byers, etc, and not nearly enough time trying to get Jagr, Drury, Gomez, Shanny and Straka all properly assimilated and used to playing with each other.”

    Nail. Meets. Head.


    Gomez is 1-1 in the Takeaway-Giveaway dept., while Drury is 1-6.

    Tyutin and Girardi lead the D’s in Hits with 7 and 6 respectively, while Malik and Staal have none.

    Best Faceoff man, so far, is Dubinsky who is 6 of 9 = 67%. Drury, Gomez and Betts are hovering around 50%.

    AVERY, who played all of 1:58 vs. Ottawa, leads all Ranger forwards with 11 hits. Gomez has none, Drury has one.

    Girardi leads the club with four blocked shots.

  38. pghas, you’re dead on about the lack of cohesion and the unfortunate hangover from the preaseason youth looks. But, I’d still like them to be a bit more energetic across the board. They say a lot of the right thing — “we need to stop watching each other” and “we need to know we won’t win without working,” etc. — and now they need to live it, with or without familiarity. But, you’re right, that does explain a lot of the messiness…

  39. There was no preseason. Every game became a goonfest. The lines had no chance to get any flow or cohesiveness. A bunch of young career AHL players go into those games headhunting to make a name for themselves. There should be no NHL preseason.

  40. And Stall is not ready for the NHL. He is OVERMATCHED. Girardi looked like Larry Robinson compared to Stall 2 games into their careers. Betts is BETTER than Dubinsky. Callahan is the real deal. Prucha too. Dawes is not the answer. Shanny will be getting no bonuses this year. Gomez is too fast for his teammates. But he will get it together. If he gains the zone, and looks for open ice like Gretz, or dare I say NYLANDER, he will find Jagr.

    The Rangers are not in shape.

    Send Stall down, let Gomez skate with Nylander, do something with Mara (trade him or play him), get Hossa back in the lineup and start playing some hockey.

  41. I agree , this is now preseason season, thanks to the kid parade. Renney tried in camp but was too slow in preseason. Now he needs to figure it out on their NO DAYS OFF.

  42. cwgatti – Shanny gets most of his bonus for playing 10 games. I think he’ll meet that.

    what’s with the Nylander talk – he’s on Wash.

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