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…reader Andrew, who suggested the poll about which Ranger will enjoy a breakout season in 2007-08 (Thanks, Andrew. Please accept our blog board game as a prize).

Granted, “breakout season” is subjective. And given some of these players’ ages, some could still be worrying about “breaking out ” in acne (Get it? Acne? Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week). But for the record, I think what we really mean is the player most likely to elevate his game to star level this season.

My own vote, for what it’s worth, would for be Ryan Callahan. I’m not suggesting he’s going to score 40 goals this season. But I do think he’s the type of player whose combination of speed and grit is going to open some eyes around the league.

We’ll see. More later from the skate…

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  1. I think Dubi being on a line with Cally and Prucha is gonna make a great third line, and theyre all gonna feed off of eachother. All 3 of them are great when paired with all-stars, lets see how they do together. Great question though its really a tough one to pick..

  2. Staal is the future on

    Actually the first name that came to my mind after I read that question was Ryan Callahan, so I have to agree with you there. I’m looking forward to that whole 3rd line. And I think Rozsival, if he stays healthy, will have a great season as well, especially considering he’s a free agent at the end of the season.

  3. Sam, can you tell us if the Rangers are breaking their schedule down into 5 game segments, as they have in years past?

  4. I am actually looking for Staal to have the type of impact his brothers did the first year, but I think it will be tougher for him to do that as a defenseman. Callahan and Dubie should also be a good fit. This should be fun!!!

    This will be a very long day at work. I have my ticket siiting on my desk for tonight.

  5. matt’s poll question made me laugh because it reminded me of a toss-up on _PTI_: Who will score the first goal against his team? Malik or the field? I would actually take the field because there were a couple of these last night by decent defensemen, like Clark on Colorado.

    I picked Staal for this because I think he is the best player out of these five, and he doesn’t necessarily have to score to have a good impact.

  6. Seamus O Riley on

    believe it or not, I choose Fedor Tytyin. Even though I can never spell his name, I will bet he is picked to be on the All Star team with a break out year, and some surprising offense.

    I have thought this for most of the off-season.

    Biggest disappointment of the coming year? I fear it will be Sean Avery. I just get that sense that that he just ain’t right in the head. (like the Irishman next to William Wallace in Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart”.

    I know he is popular and everyone loves him. I saw, as well, what boost he gave us in February. I also saw him disappear versus Buffalo, and wished that he had kept his mouth shut. He also could end up with a great year and give the finger to the Rangers and go for some serious money…..or, he could implode.

    I don’t know if he can survive NYC nightlife. People talk. I remember learning about Dwight Gooden and Strawberry’s cocaine escapades about 2 years before the story broke ($8 per hour guards talk) and this was BEFORE the internet.

    Brittany Spears calls the media to let them know where she is going to have her next melt down….I have the same suspicion about this guy.

    I HOPE I am wrong. He is fun to watch. I hope Lundqvst doesn’t get too far into NYC nightlife and go turbotan on us. Stay focused. Sleep well, eat well, live for hockey.

    Most will know my age from this post.

  7. Seamus O Riley on

    I think that both Staal and Callahan are both good choices. I think that Staal may end up being very quiet…just quietly clearing the puck to the sides.

    sorry about what Larry Brooks wrote about Malik. He is just awful beyond words.

    Anyone know what happened to Kasper after he imploded? Was he outside the Garden, drinking on the sidewalk? man, I hope not. That was really sad to watch.

  8. Drop the Puck! on

    I posted yesterday that there were some tix available for tonight….THERE STILL ARE. I have mine in hand. I spoke to a rep. @ ticketmaster and she said that there were some returned by the teams and they are available. Some PRIMO seats too. Just an FYI for you guys without tix.

    My pick for ‘break-out’ – Dawes – IN PHOENIX! LOL

  9. I think Avery is smarter than he is given credit for and I think a lot of what he does both and off the ice is calculated. I also don’t think Shanahan is going to allow him to do anything crazy out in the city and that he wouldn’t do something to embarress Shanny because he is the one that lobbied so hard to get Avery here.

  10. My prediction is Hossa. You are going to see him on the first line early this season, I will almost guarantee it. I have not given up on this guy yet. I would almost bet a line of Hossa Gomez Jagr is put together and they will mesh. But hey, that is just me talking.

  11. I got some nice seats in the 300’s off of craigslist. Not a bad price for two tickets either. I paid 125 for two and through ticket master with their charges it would have been near the same price.

  12. I have been watching Callahan skate since he is 12 years old. From youth hockey to high school to juniors to the OHL All the kid does is score goals and make all that watch him big believers. This kid will someday be the Captain of the Rangers but before that a Rookie of the Year and Stanley Cup winner.

  13. I think it will be Dubinsky. the kid has no fear and is wonderful with the puck – i hope he doesn’t get injured though because I think a lot of teams in the East will be headhunting us – partially because of Avery but primarily because of lesser talent (e.g., Pha and NJ)

  14. Difficult to compare a forward with a D, but obviously, if Staal breaks out, big-time, I think it would benefit the club more than any other individual performance we could consider.

  15. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for Staal..I just hope they stick with him and at the very least he can become a top 4 guy by playoffs and we can drop Malik down to 3rd string.

    That being said, I think Malik is due to have a great season. I think when all is said and done he keeps a good attitude about it all and I think he’s ready to roll with the inevitable punches and just play his game.

  16. I’d go with Tyutin, he’s got enough experience to have confidence in his game and know when to take chances offensively. I’m expecting big things form him this year.

  17. Just drop the puck already! I’ll be up there in the 400’s tonight if my connection for a ticket doesn’t fall through.

  18. If Staal and Tyutin BOTH break out, this year, all the forwards have to do is mail in their typical season production for good things to happen.

  19. My vote is for Girardi. He was really solid last season, and I think with almost a year under his belt he might assert himself even more.

    I have a really good feeling about that 3rd line.

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