So I shouldn’t count on a second career as a pollster.

How about a poll question: Which of my poll questions has been lamest so far?

With that in mind, I’m now taking nominees for a new question. The best one by the time I wake up tomorrow — depending on my little guy, usually in the neighborhood of 6 — goes live on the blog.

Democracy in action. It almost makes me want to cry.

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  1. Heres a poll question:
    Who will get the most hat tricks this year?
    And then use the names you had for point leader on NYR.

    Oh, and the Wings/Ducks game is a good one.

  2. Poll question:
    Does the opening day line up show you;
    A.a commitment to youth.
    B.a commitment to the cup.
    D.none of the above

  3. Which of the following players will experience a “breakout” year and establish himself as legitimate star?

    a) Petr Prucha
    b) Michal Roszival
    c) Ryan Callahan
    d) Marc Staal
    e) Fedor Tyutin

  4. Poll question: how do the Rangers handle this years expectations? a. exceed them B. meet them C. fall short D. Fall apart

  5. Sam, why haven’t you covered this? Even if a rumor, worth discussing, no?
    Reported by Blueshirt Bulletin:
    In the wake of Steve Downie’s suspension, Gary Bettman has, according to reports seen in a couple of places (can’t find a link), called three GMs to warn them about “hit to hurt” checkers, Ryan Hollweg being one of the three. Glen Sather was supposedly told that the league would pay close attention to Hollweg. Chris Simon was not among the three — Jordin Tootoo and Derek Boogaard were the others — proving that the NHL really does believe Hollweg was the one who swung his stick at Simon.

  6. Which departed player will the Rangers miss the most this year?

    Michael Nylander
    Jed Ortmeyer
    Matt Cullen
    Kevin Weekes

  7. Two parter:

    Will Glen Sather retire at the end of the year:

    Only if the Rangers win the Cup

    And, if he does, who replaces him:

    Mark Messier
    Jim Schoenfeld
    Don Maloney
    Isiah Thomas

  8. Here’s a poll question:

    Teams usually have several players that fans identify as being truly “their own” either by being drafted and now playing for their club or traded for/signed as a FA and have ensconced themselves within their fanbase…which Ranger(s) hold(s) that place in the heart of their fans

    You may choose any player on the current roster and can select up to three players

    My picks: Lundquist, Avery, Callahan

    I think the results would be interesting…Do Drury, Gomez, Shanny, And especially Jagr seem to be “real Rangers” to most ranger fans…Well I love Sahnny and Jags, I have more affection for homegrown or NYC style players like Avery

  9. Lol the last thing we need is Isiah Thomas during NYR vs NYI games…He might want to “tough” the ice girls. That would take all the attention away from Hnak poking them with his stick.

    Heatley is dangerous….to bad he’s on the east and not the west.

  10. Slight rework of your original poll:

    Who will score the first goal this season?

    # Jaromir Jagr
    # Chris Drury
    # Scott Gomez
    # Brendan Shanahan
    # Martin Straka
    # Other

  11. Sam the only poll that matters

    How far will the Rangers go this year

    1 not in playoffs or lose 1st rd
    2 to the 2nd rd
    3 to the conf finals
    4 to the cup finals
    5 win the cup

  12. How about a question suggested by Jags and Avery’s conversation:

    What will the Rangers’ record be after the first 20 games:

    a) 20-0

    b) 18-2

    c) 16-4

    d) Other

  13. NYC Editor that’s the NHL playing cya trying to be the nba. They are full of it. The buttman herself talked about fighting being ok. He’s going to get himself sued more than once with his pc garbage. The NHL needs a new commissioner. He doesn’t want the NYR to win the Cup, he pushes for his small market teams.

  14. Who will be the number 1 STAR of the Game Tonight?

    1. Jagr
    2. King Henry
    3. Gomez
    4. Drury
    5. Other

  15. How long will it take Tom Renney to shuffle the lines and try Gomez as Jagrs center?

    A. 1-5 games
    B. 5-10 games
    C. 10 or more
    D. 1 period

  16. Who will be the first Ranger exiled off Ranger Island (either to the Minors or in a trade/waive)?

    But Ilike the rookie one, but value is something that is debatable, so it is either:

    Rookie(Including Callahan, Girardi and even Dawes or “Other” with : Most points (eliminates Staal, though), Most Games Played, Most TOI (average ice-time might be the best question)

  17. Which rookie will have the biggest impact on the Ragners’ season?

    A. Ryan Callahan
    B. Dan Girardi
    C. Brandon Dubinsky
    D. Marc Staal

  18. Mark O'Connor on

    Here’s a poll question; How many points will Marc Staal have this year? A 5 B 10 C 20 D 30 E 40

  19. How many players on the current Hartford roster will see action in blue this season?
    a) 0-1
    b) 2-3
    c) 5-6
    d) 7 or more

  20. “Do you know what 4 years in a psychiatric hospital can do to you?”…fits you perfectly. Watch the game tonight and make a list of everything that you don’t like or agree with. Step away from that skate blade.

  21. Robby Bonfire on

    What I will be watching most closely, and keeping tabs on this year, is the score of the game when our forwards score their even-strength goals. This is telling. Last year Shanahan was doing the bulk of his even-strength scoring primarily in blow-out game situations, while Hossa, down the stretch, was consistently lighting up the scoredboard with timely, meaningful goals.

    This is another and a different season, so everyone starts with a clean slate. Let’s see who has it in the clutch, this year, and bear in mind, clutch goals mean everything, garbage goals mean nothing. Also, I disregard, “extra-attacker” / empty net goals from my statistical mix. The NHL credits an empty-net goal as an “even-strength” goal, but I can do better, and more intelligently, than that.

    Enjoy this season, everyone. We have waited patiently for this day.


  22. Robby Bonfire on

    I should also give credit to Prucha, for being dynamite last year, in the clutch goal-scoring dept.

  23. Who will be the first Ranger this season to fall on his ass while trying to hit someone?

    A. Petr Prucha
    B. Sean Avery
    C. Ryan Callahan
    D. Other

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