Things must be getting serious (Updated, 4 p.m.)


Update, 4 p.m.: Breathe easy, Rangers fans. Andrew Hutchinson has cleared waivers, and is headed to Hartford.

You know the regular season must be right around the corner because the Rangers came out with their media guide today. That alone today wouldn’t be much of a big deal, but it came with this curious photo of Sean Avery, with the Rangers left wing looking not unlike he should be the newest member of Weezer (Apologies for the grainy cell phone picture).


Needless to say, if you expected the rest of the Rangers to leave the picture alone, you’d be wrong. A handful were seen flipping through the book to the incriminating photo, with Rangers trainer Jim Ramsay even going so far to color in the glasses on Avery’s picture on the adjacent page.

Of course, given Avery’s track record of leading ladies, maybe he’s actually on to something.

As for real news…

  • In their first practice as a final 23-man unit, the Rangers offered a glimpse of the lines we’ll likely see on Thursday. They were:



  • Still unclear is which of those defensive pairings won’t play on Thursday, or even if those are the pairings we’ll see. You would think being paired with Jason Strudwick would not be a good sign for Staal, but there’s also a sense that Strudwick might actually play on Thursday, meaning Thomas Pock and Paul Mara could sit. Stay tuned on that one…
  • Some of you have already heard the new numbers for players: Brandon Dubinsky will wear 17, Dan Girardi will wear 5 (how dare he take Barry Beck’s number!), Staal will wear 18, and Ryan Callahan will wear 24.
  • How did Staal find out he made the NHL roster? Not from a conversation with Tom Renney or Glen Sather. “I saw they sent Anisimov and Dawes down, and I counted it up and there were 23 players left,” he said. Well, we know he at least has basic arithmetic down. Let’s see how he handles a 2-on-1.

    More later…

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    1. I sure hope that Staal isn’t here to sit in the press box every night while we have to watch Pock, Mara and Malik botch things up.

    2. Interestingly enough Avery’s old fiance Elisha Cuthbert was in Weezer’s video for “Perfect Situation”.

    3. Dear god Cliff stop assuming nonsense after one practice. This blog is starting to get worse then Red Sox fans. Endless bitching and complaining before anything has even happened yet. Everyone screaming the sky is falling because a rookie gets sent down and who is playing in the season opener. Relax people. Relax.

    4. Those lines look good. I would expect Gomez to eventually be centering the 1st line by about the 3rd or 4th game. For the 1st time in a long time we have 3 solid lines that can provide offense and grit. Can’t wait for the opener.

    5. “but there’s also a sense that Strudwick might actually play on Thursday”

      where are all the morons that claimed Strudwick will not get to play much? This is ridiculous, Hyena is already sabotaging Staal.

    6. Anyone wanting a better look at that photo can simply go the Rangers website and look up Avery. Absolutely hilarious. I know those are his actual glasses, but that plus the mohawk for a hockey photo is just too priceless. Yet another reason we love the guy.

    7. Doodie Machetto on

      It’s one practice. I severely doubt that he would sit Mara for either Strudwick or Staal. Therefore, it seems to me Pock and Mara are gonna get the green light if he keeps the pairs intact.

      I still can’t stress enough though that this was ONE practice. Let’s just wait and see what happens on Thursday, shall we?

    8. Straka-Drury-Jagr

      I had those lines picked before camp started!

    9. I like what I see in those lines.

      I may be in the minority here, but playing Strudwick gives us some intangibles, like a physical presence more than any of our other D-men. Read that as, “Someone other than Orr who can fight.” And I am not saying Strudwick will take down Boogard in a fight, but he is not afraid to go after anyone who Fs with his teammates. Yes he is a bit of a defensive liability but hey, we didn’t get our stud veteran D this year, so deal with it.

      I also strongly believe that unless we are facing the Flyers or the Isles, we do not really need Holly AND Orr in the game at the same time. Sam put Hossa/Orr on the 4th line and my instinct tells me that Holly/Orr would be the better platoon. Does anyone here think that Orr had a better camp than Hollweg? The game I went to and the few I saw pieces of on TV, Orr looked better than Hollweg. That is just one guy’s opinion.

      Drop the frickin puck already!

    10. Doodie Machetto on

      NYRich: it remains to be seen if Drury-Jagr/Gomez-Shanahan sticks. But other than who is centering whom, it didn’t take much prognostication to figure that out.

    11. Sam, Can you ask Marc if he is planing on staying with 18 or if he will wear 14 once Shanny retires.

    12. Hossa is much like Dawes in my opinion. He’s useless on the 4th line. He needs to play with highly skilled forwards in order to be effective. I’d rather see Orr Betts and Hollweg on the 4th line.

    13. I went to the website and checked the photo out and, as a female, I have to say the look is pretty appealing. (Oh, and Sam, it’s “apologies for” not “on”.)

    14. Doodie Machetto on

      NYCeditor, it must be very difficult to read and correct Sam’s blog when you clearly have a vision problem, like blindness.

    15. Cuch – Thanks for the reprimand. How dare I state a simple concern about the team I love. I’ll never do it again, and I’ll even go to bed without any dinner tonight.
      Get over yourself.

    16. Doodie Machetto on

      New Newman, disagree with you like crazy about Strudwick, but agree with you about Hollweg and Orr.

    17. Doodie Machetto on

      TJ: if he gets paired with Strudwick, Pock, or Mara, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of chances to see that!

    18. Callahan might want to rethink wearing number 24 lest he becomes jettisoned to the substance abuse program and has a tryout with the SJ Sharks next season.

      And if Girardi takes 5, does that mean Dale Purinton won’t be returning this year?

    19. Doodie….In that case shouldn’t we be seeing Mara and Staal? If we like Staal to be in there. I feel strongly that Staal should be in there.

    20. Doodie Machetto on

      Newman, I feel he should be there too, but last time I checked, Renney and Slats don’t give a shit what I feel.

    21. Rob L:

      I agree, those lines definitely look solid.
      Unfortunately for me, yesterday I came down with bronchitis, and I’ve been out of work yesterday and today, and possibly even tomorrow. I just got the tickets in the mail yesterday, so I’m really hoping that I’m not all sick on Thursday…I really don’t want to miss this game, especially with where the seats are! :(

    22. I went to a game last year and I had a stomach bug. I was flowing like the Hershey river and I got my a** to that game. You will kick yourself if you miss that game.

    23. I went to the website and checked the photo out and, as a female, I have to say the look is pretty appealing.
      I wonder if you would say the same if Avery was just a fellow editor instead of a bad ass trouble makin’ hockey player with an impressive bedroom resume…? ;)

      Avery took that pic for one reason: he can.

    24. Shanny and Avery were at a fashion show during fashion week a short whiles back. He was sporting them then as well, sans the Ranger uniform as shown in the picture.

    25. Sam, any clue on special temas?

      I’m thinking,
      PP1: Shanahan-Drury-Jagr-Roszival-Gomez
      PP2: Prucha-Straka-Avery-Tyutin-Mara
      PK1: Shanahan-Drury-Tyutin-Girardi
      PK2: Avery-Betts-Roszival-Malik

    26. PP1: Shanahan-Drury-Jagr-Roszival-Gomez

      Is there any reason on the planet that this should not me the top PP in the league? It’s terrifying.

      Also, I’d love to figure out a substitute for Shanny on the PK. Maybe Callahan? Gomez with his NJ schooling? But Shanny should not be wearing himself out playing 2nd line, PP, and PK mins. We really need to conserve him for the back nine. If you play him, he’s going to wear himself out, thats just how he plays…it’s smarter to use him an a reasonably limited role.

    27. Pock and Mara have been traded to Phoenix. That explains that.

      The Score has it on the ticker.

    28. “I like the Rangers”

      Yes, and we are finally going to be *awesome*.

      I will say something though: when the Rangers were having success late last year, and the year before that (when they were picked to finish last)…. there was something so incredibly rewarding about it. They were really scrapping it together, a bunch of no names and Jagr, and it was hard not to be so very proud of them, after seeing so many teams with over the hill free agent signings blow game after game, season after season. Now it is time time to truly go for it. The pieces are in place, this could be a very special year. We need 1 more vet Dman to take Staal under his wing and show him the ropes, and we….are….rolling.

    29. Ted aka Anonymus on

      Until Sam informs us I call BS on that trade. If it is not BS someone come up with the proof.

    30. Ted aka Anonymus on

      It is BS I agree. However, if it was not I hope they got one good D man like you mentioned Salty.

    31. Eklund covers himself good, though. He’s only been wrong on two ‘done deals’.. I know one of them was Nylander to Edmonton, but even TSN had that wrong.

      Eklund is all about speculation.. he tells you possible trades/signings/rumors, not necessarily that it will happen 100%.. I like his site for the other bloggers, and overall league discussion with fans from other teams. Bill Clement just joined as a blogger, and I’ve always liked the guy.

    32. Sam:

      The age difference between you and Zip is evident in your Avery comparison. You offered Weezer and Zip offers Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello!

      I don’t know how old Zip is, but I’m guessing he’s a bit older than you.

    33. ORR..Talented Mr. Orr on

      I agree

      Its not the smartest thing to believe what Ek says. But Maloney does wnat Montoya, bad. So i wouldnt be surprised, plus mara had his best years in Phoenix, but maybe he wants Malik.

      I don mind Jovo, when healthy he can be a physical force on the ice, much like Kaspar. We dont have that kind of D man, and also he has a big shot and can work the second unit, and pair with Staal and we an excellent role model for him. But obviously you dont wanna give up alot for a guy that hasnt played more then 50 + games in the last 3 or more seasons. Never the less, i wouldnt mind having him, but i can only hope that Malik would get traded.

      I like Monty, but he will never be a starter in this organization, and he might be a good goaltender in the future. But then again is NYR willing to give up on him so quick? Eh who knows.

      I just wanna watch some friggin hockey.

      Season starts tomorrow. Yee haw

    34. enough of this trade talk already,number 1 Montoya is NOT going anywhere,if he dose its not going to be for jovo,,,,,good greif
      And 2 if we do make a trade for him(jovo) we gotta lose 1 if not 2 of our own d-men…..
      #3 IF and thats a BIG IF we trade montoya its gonna be for a MUCH YOUNGER player then jovo COM’ON ALREADY

    35. Doodie Machetto on

      Someone said on the last thread Buddy holly and Roy Orbiso. I think the Zip addition of Elvis Costello really rounds it out. Those three.

      Rivers Cuomo is just imitating anyway.

    36. Staal better play opening night, he has earned it.

      As for special teams, I rather have Straka at the point again. And Shanny/Jgar on the same unit is a no-no. We learned that last year, two different kind of players. One likes to pass until they have a good clear shot, the other likes to throw the puck at the net. Different units for the both of them is better.

      Anybody think if Callahan gets off to a hot start if he sees any PP time?

    37. O and I’m glad I never bought my Callahan jersey a few weeks ago. Now I have to see if my guy can next it with the 24 ASAP.

    38. Doodie Machetto on

      How about this as a rumor killer: Jovo has a 7 million salary. Even if we trade Malik AND Mara, we still won’t be able to afford him and Shanny’s bonuses.

    39. Ted aka Anonymus on

      Rangers trade first two lines for a minor league team….quick bring up the young guns…Mrs. Strudwick must be happy now

    40. Rangers trade first two lines for a minor league team….quick bring up the young guns…Mrs. Strudwick must be happy now

      it’s funny cause its 100% true, what a maroon

    41. Ted aka Anonymus
      October 2nd, 2007 at 3:04 pm


      October 2nd, 2007 at 3:05 pm
      Pock and Mara have been traded to Phoenix. That explains that.

      The Score has it on the ticker.

      How could Ted know at 3:04 what Erik was about to post at 3:05? I guess Ted is Erik. I guess we can all start ignoring Ted now.

    42. NY Rich – the team needs at least 6 forwards for pk duty preferably 7 if one of the 6 is in the sin bin. Teams like to give these guys 30 seconds and do quick shifts unless stuck in the defensive zone.

      Doodie – good pt re Jovo’s salary and I believe it has a few yrs left. We can not afford it this yr, next yr or any yr beyond. Actually Bonfire and Sybil should want him on the team. Besides Drury, Gomez and The King we could only afford 18 yr olds to flesh out the roster if we bring in Jovo. But Sybil won’t like it if he gets an even number in the 20’s.

    43. “How could Ted know at 3:04 what Erik was about to post at 3:05? I guess Ted is Erik. I guess we can all start ignoring Ted now.”

      I was wondering this myself… very queer indeed

    44. Doodie…its a definite if its Mara out there…quite exciting only about 50 hours away from puck drop

    45. Jonathan Probber on

      I was breathing easy until the news that Glen Sather just turned down a new 5-year deal. New GM after this year, apparently.

    46. “Eklund is reporting Montoya and two younger roster players for Jovonavski.”

      Lest we talk about this BS again? You’re going to get Yenner fired up again. Next thing you know, we’ll have Gomez and Jagr going in a three-way deal for Lundqvist and Jovo.

      Besides, I actually check the site and dung-head Eklund didn’t even bother to defend his rumor after a few Ranger fans chimed in and pointed out how ludicrous it is.

      Aside from getting Pronger for Pock and Kasparitus, or a similar superstar/budding star for nothing, I can’t think of a trade right now that would benefit this team without seeing how these guys fare the first month of the season. But who knows… Slats is a slipper squirelly fellow…

    47. ORR..Talented Mr. Orr on


      Nice work,

      They sure can use you over at Whats New Scooby Doo…If you have the time.


      Can we really blame Ted, he doesnt have a life, and needs to spice up this blog, and get some sort of convo going, especially if he has no friends, and nobody is saying a word in here. I forgive him.

      But jeez, we already got whiners like Bonfire, and losers like Yenner, and the new Mike who hates Prucha and looooves Munchkin Dawes, and now this. What hole are these people crawling out of??

    48. Did anyone know that Strudwick is the first cousin of Scott and Rob Neidermayer?

      I was at and they had a few background notes on a few players, its pretty cool.

      And they have the picture of Avery there also, if you want to see a more clear version, but still no updated pic of Gomer, and Dru. Just the ones with them in the suit on July 3rd or whenever.

    49. Seamus O Riley on

      Cliff October 2nd, 2007 at 1:25 pm
      I sure hope that Staal isn’t here to sit in the press box every night while we have to watch Pock, Mara and Malik botch things up.>>

      you and 15,000 other Ranger fans are thinking the same thing…..

      What can Staal learn from malik?

      Man, I don’t even want to touch that one!

    50. Doodie Machetto on

      It could be like Goofus and Gallant. I know I can’t be the only one who read Highlights as a kid.

    51. “How about this as a rumor killer: Jovo has a 7 million salary. Even if we trade Malik AND Mara, we still won’t be able to afford him and Shanny’s bonuses.”

      his salary is 6.35 and why not trade mediocre Gomez?

    52. Goofus likes to smoke crack after school. Gallant makes cookies for the senior citizens.

    53. I tell you what Doodie. You are probably the one person on here that I consistently see eye to eye with. And anyone who remembers goofus and gallant is ok in my book. It is really kind of weird that you brought them up. I am a teacher and one of the vocabulary words this week is gallant. And just today I asked my class if they remembered goofus and gallant and they looked at me like a had 3 heads. I was very let down and suddenly felt very old.

    54. “Did anyone know that Strudwick is the first cousin of Scott and Rob Neidermayer?”

      And as usual, the Rangers have the wrong freaking relative. Marc Staal, it’s up to you to be the first brother, cousin or inbred stepchild of a great NHL player to play for the Rangers and actually be good.

    55. Talk about Jovo is so far off-base it’s almost unbelievable that anyone could even jokingly post about it. Notwithstanding the fact that he’s not good, the guy has a huge salary and hasn’t played more than 67 games in a season in the past 4 years. Where do people get this stuff? If we’re making any trades right now, it’s going to be trading one or more of Pock, Hossa, Hollweg, Mara or Malik, in exchange for prospects or picks.

    56. Talented Mrs. Strudwick: even if Struds plays in game one, it dose note mean he will play in every game…he could still only dress for 20-25 games…jsut because they use him in game one means nothing…for all those who feel that struds will sit in the stands many more nights than play, who says they are wrong due to the lineup of game one? If he even plays.

    57. Mrs Strud ….you’ve met your match, the famous or infamous ‘wildcard’. Take that, you two can have real flame wars. ..

      …so would you like to put your prediction for this season here, so when you’re wrong as usual you can eat crow pie?

    58. I didn’t say that I necessarily found Avery qua Avery attractive; I said it was an appealing look. Very, very few men show any imagination in terms of their appearance at all; stroll through midtown and see all the blue shirts and beige pants. A big yawn. When a guy isn’t afraid to march in lockstep, he should be applauded.

    59. I think this could go a couple ways.

      And that is the Rangers come out of the gate as everyone thinks they will, on fire, winning games. Or they come out flat, having Jagr not played much this preseason, and the lines not being together with Avery injured as well as Jagr.

      Can Dubinksy fill Cullen’s shoes, I hpoe so. I’ll root for the kid. How much ice time will that line really get, with Drury, Shanny, Jagr and Gomez on the top 2 lines?

      I would rather see Orr, Hollwegg and Betts every game along with Struds and Staal… all of them bring something to the rink every night. Mara, Hossa and Pock don’t inspire me… and certainly don’t bring any “umph” to the ice.

    60. Doodie Machetto on

      Nasty: It’s a shame, it was such a good magazine. I saw one in my dentist’s office a few months ago. It was so different! Goofus and Gallant was in color!

    61. Doodie Machetto on

      Mara and Pock might not bring any umph, but Struds will bring plenty of “D’oh!”

    62. VOGS

      How do you know Staal is gonna “bring” something every night. He hasnt even played an actuall NHL game yet, Dubi already has and he has done well, even though it was only 6 games. Im holding off on the Staal parade until i actually see what he can do against a team like the Senetors this Saturday. Im not saying the Panthers suck, im just saying the Sens have fire power up the friggin yin yang, and i wanna see what he can do against a team like them.

      And if Hollweg is gonna play then he needs to actually bring something every night, he needs to hit, agitate, and stay out of the box. Because in my opinion, Orr is a little better, obviously the better fighter, not as great of a hitter as Hollywood, not as fast also, but he has a better defensive game. But thats just me.

    63. czechthemout!!!!! on

      jovo sucks!He makes 7million per and has not played a full season in four years! He is probobly overpaid by at least 5million.He should stay where he is and help gretzky stay just above the floor of the salary cap.If they do make a trade with the coyotes,i would want’t a second and 4th for mara and pock and if montoya is included,i would wan’t either blake wheeler or a number 1draft pick.In looking at the yotes future players,there is not much other than turris and mueller both of wich we are not getting.

    64. Not for nothing, but Eklund has been saying Jovo to NYR for 3 months. He has proven his statements can not be taken seriously

    65. Rob L…I agree with your assessment of Hossa. He did nothing last season until he was put on the Jagr line.

    66. Doodie, I bought some old copies of Highlights on eBay; it was a pleasure to see Goofus and Gallant again!

    67. Doodie Machetto on

      My mom keeps this old toychest of mine and my brother’s. I’m willing to bet that there are a couple of copies of Highlights in it, filled with crayon scratches from cover to cover.

    68. oh the kiddies are remembering about 10 years ago or so, cute. But what does that have to do with NYR hockey?

    69. “But what does that have to do with NYR hockey?”

      Struds = Goofus
      Staal = Gallant
      New Uniforms’s = Back cover where you have to point out “whats wrong with this picture?”

    70. NYC Highlights was out when I was a kid, but that’s more than 30 years ago. I wouldn’t remember a character from there if my life depended on it. And still having them in a toy chest. OOOOOKKKKKK

    71. Proof-Watcher on

      Just watching MSG, NY, and they opened a story about Chris Drury with “When the Rangers open the season, they will have someone in the number 23 sweater for the first time since Jeff Beukeboom in 1999.”

      I guess MSG is trying to forget Vlad Malakhov and Karel Rachunek?

    72. Bonfire showed his lack of reading comprehension skills in the last thread when he twisted LI Joe’s words to make him look like an idiot, except it only made Bonfire look like he’s hard of sight. Defend yourself, Joe! (or Far Rockaway Joey, as he says)

    73. Ted aka Anonymous on

      Just to back things up for a sec Pierre and Salty. I posted that “Serious??” after reading about that trade post. When it got posted the times switched and mine some how got ahead of Erik’s post. Call it what you want.

      I can assure that I am not Erik.

      Orr you have a great insight on hockey but please do not start making comments about not having a life. Like everyone on this blog one way or another we have life, except for Mrs. Strudwick, we can balance work, family and writing on this blog.

      Let’s go Rangers.

    74. Siderpig – that’s par for the course with Bonfire. I’m sure it goes way back to when some big kid took his pail in the sandbox. It doesn’t seem like he has ever had a situation where he has had to deal with other adults in an adult manner. We can’t expect him to now can we. It is interesting he has a thing for the 18 yr olds. But when I try to get him to say he wants lafleur in there to destroy whatever little credibility Bonfire has left he refuses to answer me. Maybe he should run for political office. He is good at not answering questions (similar to the Islander clown that frequents some of the Ranger blogs Ranger contraction).

    75. In case you weren’t excited for the start of the season yet. Tune your TV to ESPN Classic. Right now you can watch our two newest centers fight it out for the CUP in 2001.

      At 1pm you can watch Stephane Matteu score “the goal” in 1994!!!


    76. For the record:

      Ted aka Anonymous has posted maybe 3-4x lately, not much more…Orr has been on this post about 12 times and looking back, it is pretty clear that he has probably used about 4 aliases on the blog. So it’s pretty obvious who has time on their hands and not as much of a life.

      But what is it about everyone trying to prove how smart they are? Give me a break. At the end of the day, if any of you were that smart about the Rangers and hockey you would be a scout or a coach or something else. Instead a lot of people here are armchair coaches and think they are Scotty Bowman.

      And then you have idiots spouting off crap just to try and stir the pot….that is an added bonus!

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