The Dawes dilemma


“Congratulations on your fantastic weekend, Nigel. Now go get ’em in Hartford!”

It might not be as blunt as that, but you wonder how Tom Renney tackles his roster now that Dawes has made such a strong case over the past few days. Granted, it was only the preseason. But that was all anyone had to go on, and Dawes’ three assists on Friday and clutch goal on Saturday would be an odd jumping off-point for a demotion.

I say that and yet I still have a hard time seeing where he fits in. If you agree that an offensive-minded forward like Dawes serves no purpose on a checking fourth line, that means he has to be among the Rangers top six wings.

But who does he replace? Brendan Shanahan? Not going to happen. Ryan Callahan? Impossible. Some have thrown out the name Petr Prucha, and while the third-year forward might be the most expendable of the bunch, he’s still a wing who has scored 52 goals in his first two seasons, and who has made noticable strides at the other end of the rink as well.

In other words, I don’t envy Renney or Glen Sather right about now. It might well be that they just send Dawes down to start the year, but then jump at the chance to bring him up if someone else falters or gets hurt.

The only other option is to carry seven defensemen (meaning Thomas Pock goes to Hartford) and keep Dawes as a 14th forward. But if that solves the roster dilemma, it still doesn’t help figure out how you get the guy in the lineup.

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  1. OK. So Dawes is a dilemna and i can’t see how he is an improvement on any of the wingers on the top 3 lines (Straka,Jagr, Shanny, Avery, Prucha, Cally), stashing him on the 4th line is not an option, unless that line is going to get 12+ minutes a night.
    What about Staal and Dubinsky? Does the fact that they are not mentioned by yourself or Uncle Larry mean that they are not off to Hartford to start the season?

  2. Drop the Puck! on

    IMO I think he’s gotta be sent down. Though he did play well, and the move(feet)to get Shanny the puck on Friday was a beauty. But we were extermemly lucky for the majority of last season on the injury front…right up until the end. He’s sure to get time to that respect. OR, it also MAY be time to make a deal(just an option). Dawes is well known amongst NHL gm’s and his value is about as high as it has been. Possibly Pock too. Believe me, I want to see the youngsters get a shot just like everyone else. I’d move them for some picks. Those picks aren’t for us to draft … they’re for that 1 or 2 deadline moves to bring in that last link for the ‘run’. Just a thought.

  3. Let’see, Dawes [i]earns[/i] a spot (for the second time, I might add), Hossa doesn’t and Dawes is shipped to Hartford?

    There’s another thing being overlooked here — how a kid is going to be turned off by treatment that’s patently unfair.

    For the heck of it, imagine two summer interms working for a suburban paper. They’ve got to do a lot of the garbage work ranging from getting coffee for the regulars to submitting a couple of paragraphs about the Larchmont Geranium Growers Association annual picnic that’s being featured in the “Community News” column.

    One of the interns just doesn’t have it — can’t write his way out of a paper bag and by the time he returns with coffee (after a stop at the local video game arcade), it’s cold.. The other’s “Mr 5 W’s – H”, does everything the job calls for and more.

    How will the latter feel and more importantly, what inducement would he/she have for another “audition” again, much less have any more interest in joining that paper?

  4. If Dawes has earned his spot than he deserves to have the spot. I understand that Hossa brings size to Jagr’s line, but he has not been spectacular and only had a brief scoring sprint on Jagr’s line before getting hurt. If Hossa doesn’t clear waivers than good luck to him as he will be mediocre no matter where he ends up. As far as defense goes, Pock and Staal should make the team even at the expense of Strudwick or dare I say it Malik.

  5. pretty simple. send dawes and his one dimensional game back to hartford. tell him to work on the other side of the puck for the next month or so and let him know he’s the first call up in case of injury to a top 9 player. he’s not better than straka, avery, shanny, jagr, cally, or prucha and honestly i’d trust hossa more over dawes… so simple decision send him to hartford, put him on a line with bourret and anisimov and watch them tear up the ahl until someone is needed. the real question imo should be who gets the regular 2 lineup spots out of hossa/hollweg/orr? i think you need orr in no matter what. so that leaves one spot. personally i think hollweg stinks but he has been VERY physical all of camp and we could use it. he starts playing soft and he comes out though. hossa on the other hand can score here and there, play defense, pk, and is money in the shootout. i’d probably play him over hollweg on any given night if it was my decision.

  6. Get rid of Hossa, please. He’s a bust and he’s useless. Yea, he had a few good games with Jagr, but I don’t think we need someone that will only score 20 goals if he’s lucky.

    Prucha had 30 his rookie year and Dawes is even better than him. Give it to Dawes, please.

    Trade Malik + Hossa + Montoya for a top d-man and we go ourselves a cup contender.

  7. But Hossa isn’t the one preventing Dawes from playing top-six forward minutes. Dawes showed undeniable chemistry with Gomez and Shanny. Why not leave that line together?


    I don’t know, I don’t like Callahan on the fourth line – maybe put Prucha on the fourth with Betts and Hossa and hope they can generate offense, and then play Prucha on the PP as well? Orr can then sub in for Hossa when a physical game is anticipated. Truth is with Drury, Shanny, Avery, Callahan, Dubinsky this team is much grittier than it was last year at this time anyway.

  8. How does Marcel Hossa have a roster spot? he has shown nothing since he’s been here. Get rid of Hossa and make room for Dawes.

  9. It would be a joke if Prucha goes on the fourth line, that kid should be on the top two lines but at the very least on the third line. dawes could be a good player and i would like to see him on the team but we have a glut of wings so not much to do. hossa is not that great but is fine for the fourth line

  10. kovy”pretty simple. send dawes and his one dimensional game back to hartford.” you mean playing on the PK doesn’t count?

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s how you solve the problem: Take Avery off of the top two lines.

    Dawes-Gomez-Shanny (to keep that line together)

    Or, if you don’t like Avery playing center…


    You try both for a few games. If it doesn’t work out, you send him to Hartford and bring up Dubinsky to play thir dline center with all of the wings in their predictable positions.

  12. Everyone seems to discard Hossa’s hot streak before his injury just because he was playing with Jagr. Hossa created most of his scoring chances during that stretch!
    I’m just gonna throw this one out there just to have you guys rip me for it…
    Why don’t we sit Orr and Hollweg. We could have Dawes on the second line and have a fourth line of Hossa Betts and Callahan. Or you can switch up Dawes and Callahan.
    Despite all the fighting in the preseason, this trend is bound to slow down once the games start to count. Our team is already pretty physical as it is and I think other teams would be hard pressed to be able to match up with a fourth line of Hossa Betts and Callahan.
    Either that or send Dawes down to Hartford ;)

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Pierre, I don’t think too many people are arguing that Dawes isn’t a better offensive threat than Hossa. I don’t think anyone is suggesting (after this preseason) that Hossa take a top 6 wing spot. If he dresses, it should be on the 4th line, and occasionally on the first if Renney wants to switch things up a bit in the middle of a game.

    But to sugget that Callahan play on the fourth line is ludicrous.

  14. Why on earth would you replace a two-time 20+ NHL goal scorer with a guy who, though he’s done well at the AHL level, has failed to make an impression in his previous attempts to crack the NHL line-up? By all means, give Dawes a shot, but to suggest he get a spot in the line-up over Prucha is absurd.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Mark, to continue your analogy, let’s imagine that one of those interns is a writer, and the other intern is not as good at writing, but is acceptable in other areas. The paper already is carrying a full staff of writers, but there is an opening in printing. It would be a waste for the writer to go there.

  16. Doodie, totally agree, I don’t want Callahan on the fourth line either, I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I’d probably prefer Dawes on the fourth line over Orr or Hollweg however. Or even Hossa and Dawes along with Betts on the fourth on nights when you’re playing less physical teams like Montreal or Buffalo, and Hollweg or Orr when you’re playing teams like Philly and the Isles.


    Straka – Drury – Jagr
    Avery – Gomez – Shanahan
    Prucha – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Dawes – Betts – Hossa

    I guess for that scenario to happen, we have to waive Orr or Hollweg. I’ve never really thought that we needed both those guys so I wouldn’t be against the idea.

  17. Here’s a thought, put Straka at center on the top line.

    Dawes Straka Jagr
    Avery Gomez Shanahan
    Prucha Drury Callahan
    Hossa Betts Orr/Hollweg

  18. Sam:

    Why do say that Prucha is more expendable than Cally, don’t get me wrong I think he’s great, but he’s had 14 NHL games!

  19. I really don’t believe that Prucha’s spot is in jeopardy. IMO he may have a better season than his rookie year.

    The situation with Dawes is a tough one. But I think there’s going to have to be some good surprises in order for the Rangers to go the distance. He could be one of those surprises. I say start him up on the big club (he’s earned it).

    If he faulters… he’s gone (obviously). But I don’t think he will. Giving him that shot is important. I think Peter (above) may have the lines right (except Jagr on the right side). With that setup we could have 4 dangerous lines.

    But it’s a tough call.

  20. As much as I hate Hossa, I’d take him over Hollweg.

    Straka – Drury – Jagr
    Dawes – Gomez – Shanny
    Prucha – Avery – Callahan
    Hossa – Betts – Orr

    In games where we don’t need Orr, use Avery on the 4th line and have Dubinsky center 3rd.

  21. This situation is truly amazing.

    When’s the last time we had so many quality offensive options where potential 1st-2nd line players were being considered for a 4th line role?

    Anyway we start this season, the pieces of the puzzle will eventually come together and every player should mesh in to a good line.

    For now, I think Dubinsky should be up here with Dawes starting the season in Hartford. We don’t exactly need him yet. He is one dimensional and still unproven. In case of injury, he would be our first call up.
    I have a feeling that’s how the season will start-

  22. Dan,

    I brought it up in Sam’s last blog entry. My question about Prucha possiblly losing his roster spot was bsed on the following:

    Prucha’s various roles on the team are 1) 2nd line offensive player; or 2) 3rd line grinder with an offensive touch; or 3) a right handed shooter on the 1st power play unit. During the preseason, we have seen Ryan Callahan score some nice goals on the left side during the power play. As such, Callahan could duplicate Prucha’s role on the power play. Additionally, Callahan showed during his late season callup that he can fit into the third line.

    Additionally, Nigel Dawes has been touted as a 2nd line offensive winger. Although I had my doubts about such a prediction, his recent weekend performance suggests that he has the capabilities to fill that role.

    Since Callahan and Dawes have demonstrated that they can potentially fill Prucha’s roles, the coach and GM would have to choose between Prucha and Hossa. Given management’s affection for Hossa and that Prucha also makes $1.5 million, I can see Slats trading Prucha away because “we have three players who can perform his job at half the price.”

  23. oc1001 – i hope you’re wrong about Prucha, he’s a top 6 forward (and PP specialist) in my eyes and he’s only having to play 3rd line because higher priced vets are occupying the roster spots above him on the depth chart.

    Prucha will be more valuable next season when Straka and Shanny likely retire, and he has 3 seasons experience under his belt. Trading him now would be short-sighted on Sather’s part.

    The fact that Dubi,Staal or Dawes can be sent to Hartford without being exposed to waivers is working against them.
    Exposing Mara, Pock, Malik, Hossa to waivers would be effectively giving them away.

    If they are cutting 3 today i think it will be Ansimov, Dawes and Montoya, unless Vally is injured.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob L. I suggested that Straka Centering the first line thing a month or so ago (although after seeing how Dawes worked with Gomez and Shanny, I’d probably slot him there instead of on the top line, and give Prucha the 1st line promotion, with Avery on 3rd). It’s an interesting thought that I’m disappointed wasn’t tried during the preseason. In fact, I don’t think Straka centered any lines during the preseason, although feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this. I think that fact alone says that unless they are planning on having Avery center the third line, Dawes is headed to Hartford. I really think my line comboes could work, putting everyone in a really great position to succeed. And the best part is that if they don’t work out for some reason, we could just ship Dawes back to Hartford and give Dubinsky the shot.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, the other issue with that is that we would be eating a 7 million a year contract for a 3rd line center… and we thought the 3 million for Cullen was bad!

  26. Doodie-

    I know what you’re saying, but remember what Schoenfeld said – that Dawes was (paraphrase) “the most ready” of the Hartford crew.

    BTW, granted I didn’t see as much of him as I saw of the Rangers (Hartford is not exactly next door and those B2 webcasts, in terms of quality rank somewhere near ‘awful’) I have seen Dawes a few times at the HCC — taking a turn on the PK so I don’t think he’s “one-dimensional”.

    If anyone’s job should be in jeopardy because of Hossa (and not that I’m advocating it), I’d think it would be Hollweg.

    Losts great qualities, but yikes, the guy can’t even score gimmies. (neither can Betts, for that matter, or Orr who rarely gets the opportunities because of limited icetime).

    What I’m afraid of is that they’re going to break the ki8d’s spirit — this is the second time he’s earned his way onto the club and the second time he’s apparently going to get screwed when he should be prepping here, not in Hartford for a regular job that is sure to become available next season.

    What more can he possibly gain in terms of development up there, anyway? Certain lessons can only be learned here — and he’s got to get acclimated to the NHL game with unances and speed he simply won’t experience in the AHL.

    Maybe they should move him before he’s completely runined.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if asked them to trade him.

  27. Doodie, I wouldn’t see it as paying 7m for a 3rd line center.. I’d see it as paying 7m for a center that can play on line 1A, 1B or 1C ;)

  28. Hossa doesn’t get the credit he deserves. And, more importantly, Jagr has already said once this pre-season that he wants someone on his line who makes him feel like he has a bit of defensive backup. Between his muscle in the corners and his defensive responsibility, that’s Hossa not Dawes. Hossa isn’t going anywhere. Let’s hope he can get that scoring touch going again (at least a bit).

    Come on, Thursday.

  29. And Hollweg is still a liability, no matter how much he throws his body around (and sometimes because of it). He shouldn’t take anyone’s spot.

  30. Guys….Dawes has lit it up….in PRESEASON! Last year he was not effective in the regular season games he played.

    Everyone here is saying that Dawes should replace Hossa and Prucha. Give me a break!

    Look, I was at the game Friday night and Dawes looked good. I didn’t catch the Philly game but it sounded like he played very well.

    But to suggest this guy is going to walk in and replace Prucha’s proven NHL goal scoring ability is just wrong. And to say that his 1 dimensional game can replace Hossa’s goal scoring ability, penalty killing, and huge physical presence is wrong also. Again, I think Dawes has potential and has a future. But unfortunately the Rangers are very deep up front right now and Dawes will likely be a victim of the #s.

    I would not want to be Renney right now. Dawes, Staal, and Dubi all scored Saturday night and those are the 3 on the cusp.

    Tough call.

    But everyone here ready to sell Hossa and Prucha in favor of Dawes are just not seeing it all. Yes Dawes has done well. But I just think he is a victim of #s.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Mark, I hear what you’re saying. I agree to some extent. I agree entirely with what you said re: Hossa/Hollweg. Hollweg should definitely have been let go. As for Betts, occassionally, Betts scores these ridiculous higlight reel goals. But 95% of the time, he looks clueless on offense. He is good at taking draws though, and is an EXCELLENT penalty killer and one of, if not the absolute best shot blocking forwards in the NHL.

    But Dawes is a goal scorer. It won’t help him to put him on the fourth line. Just look at Prucha last season when he got slotted there a few times during the Adam Hall and Jason Ward failures. It really hurts the confidence a lot more to get 7 or 8 minutes a night and contributing absolutely nothing, espeically for a guy whose primary function is scoring goals.

  32. UK Ranger – why are you so sure that Straka will be gone. He’s one of our best 2 way players, JJ loves him, he’s good for the pp and pk and he signs reasonable contracts. And he has said he’s going 1 yr at a time and never said this was his last yr. If the team wants him and makes that known they’ll do the right thing and keep him next yr.

  33. I really don’t get all the Hossa bashing.

    He comes way cheap, has a good attitude and has
    proven he can play well with Jagr.

    Last season early on, most people were ready to write Hossa off. After he got hot, the tone changed.

    It’s amazing how much people forget in such a short time-

  34. Prucha/hossa Drury Jagr
    Dawes Gomez Shanny
    Avery Straka Callahan
    Hossa/prucha Betts Orr/hollweg

    We are going to see combinations of this to start the season. I’d love to see Dubinsky stay, but I think he is going back to Hartford and will be the first callup should someone go down. But it is nice to know we have some depth in the organization now.

  35. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gomez and Jagr together again in the beginning of the season either. I feel like the coaching staff WANT that to be their top line.

  36. Here is a question– How serious is Avery’s injury? Is he going to be ready for Thursday? If not, put him on the IR (if possible), which would solve the Dawes problem- it would give him a chance to prove himself. If it doesn’t work we send him to Hartford and say what he has to improve on. If it does work, we trade someone (Orr, Hollweg, Hossa) to make room for him. From what I’ve seen, I think Dawes has made a better case than Dubinsky has, especially since he has shown chemistry with Shanny and Gomez. We still need to see if there is chemistry between Jagr and Drury. I line of Prucha-Avery-Callahan, wouldn’t be a bad one have.

    Rob L- If we are going to put Gomez and Drury on the 2nd and third lines, then paying them a combined $17 million(with no movement clauses) was pointless. Remember, this is one of the reasons why we traded Cullen- we had to clear cap room and didn’t want to pay $3 mill for a 3rd line center.

  37. Or possibly we make a trade involving any of these players, Pock, Dawes, Prucha, Mara for a dman. I don’t want to see Dawes or Prucha go, but this is a business.

  38. Ted aka Anonymous on

    Nice when all the kids are in class to get a true legitimate conversation on this blog. Once the (moron) kid gets out of class this blog will turn back to trade Gomez, Jagr sucks and what have you.

    Good thoughts above and Dawes needs to work on his 2 way game before he makes it in the NHL. One month as mentioned above.

  39. I get the feeling the Rangers aren’t going to trade Hossa. They would not have settled with him over the summer if they planned on that. Jagr likes to play with him, and he really didn’t have too much of a chance to play with Jagr in the pre season. I’d still like to see him on that first line with Jagr and Gomez/Drury and see what happens. I know there are a lot of Hossa haters on here and people that have had enough and seen enough, but I just think that he could click.

  40. Elena’s making a good point — if required, IR Avery and replace him with Dawes.

    But unless Avery’s out for an extended amount of time (beyond the minimum a player on the IR must spend on it — 15 days???), the problem isn’t solved, it’s delayed.

    If Dawes feels he’s been screwed again (and he was last year with the extremely limited amount of time he got — which was the excuse for sending him back to Hartford according to Renney) it’s got to have an effect on him.

    Maybe trading him is the right idea.

    The kid’s potential (not to mention what he’s showed to the extent he’s been allowed to do so in the NHL) plus his rookie salary make him an attractive commodity and there will numerous offers from other clubs (Pittsburgh and Buffalo certainly aren’t allergic to young players with Dases’ credentials).)

    Probably best to move him before he’s ruined (read: broken mentally — he’s got to be very frustrated by this point).

    Stick him in Hartford, don’t give him a meaningful tryout which he’s earned and he’ll be worth much, much less.

    Funny thing – Rangers’ credo in drafts is to make picks based on player skills, not position.

    Now it’s the reverse even though Dawes is a much better writer than Hossa is a printer . (Sorry – couldn’t resist.)

  41. By merit, Hossa hasn’t earned a spot on this team. Not as a 1st liner…Not as a 4th liner..Totally beaten out by Dawes and also totally beaten out by Hollweg and that tripod Orr for the 4th line…

    Unfortunately, Dawes can be sent down while we would lose a player for nothing if we tried it with Hossa..And that is bad asset management we can’t afford to do yet…So, unless there are injuries, Nigel has to bite the bullet and go down to Hartford and wait his turn. Hossa, until he proves otherwise in practice, should be nothing more then the 13th forward…

    If he works hard, work him in for Orr in one of the 50 or so games we won’t need Colton fighting with the other team’s goon’s and maybe providing some extra beef..Because other then that, he adds absolutley nothing..We will need, speed, forechecking and hitting against many opponents–Orr provides none of the above..Him and Hossa (and occasionally holly) could provide a decent rotation…

  42. it’s really not Hossa keeping a spot away from Dawes. Even if Hossa is moved to 4th line there is no room for both Dubinsky and Dawes in the top 9 short of shafting a guy like Prucha or Avery or an injury to a top 9 forward.

    As Elena alluded to with Avery that is one possibility. And guaranteed players will miss time with injury. Oh wait I forgot if a guy only plays because of injury that doesn’t count according to the youth chorus. The depth should give the team pause before playing injured vets before healthy youth though (at various points in the season). There is no reason to run some players into the ground – whether it be a groin, knee, concussion or whatever.

  43. I agree that we need speed and youth, and I would love to see it, but Hossa did play great at the end of the year on that top line and against Atlanta in the playoffs he outplayed his brother by a country mile.

  44. While the scenario gives people no choice but to compare Dawes vs Hossa, you cannot make this decision based on that comparison as they fill two completely different roles. One is suited as a top six, flashy winger, the other has size, strong defensive and PK abilites. The question is not which is better, the question is which is better to fill the team’s needs. With all the firepower up top, the answer is simple. Dawes goes to HFD for now. A lot of spots will be freeing up next year. Give him spot duty for injuries and such and see where that leads. Last year it looked like there would be no room for Girardi, Callahan or Dubinsky either but here they are about to be a lock for the lineup. The decision does not have to be made now for the whole year. Send him down for now and and I am sure he will find his way back for good. It’s a long season.

  45. Jagr hasn’t done much this pre-season. If that is all that counts, why isn’t he on the bench?

    Obviously, I’m not serious, but this idea that Dawes leaps ahead of Hossa because he sored three assists when Shanahan scored against the Islanders minor-league goalies just isn’t entirely logical.

    I don’t watch the team every day, so maybe Dawes has displayed more than Hossa. But Hossa may be playing to fill a particular role, he is skilled at the shootout and as a penalty killer. There is more at stake than just who will score more points in a given role.

  46. Ted aka Anonymous on

    Look the moron is back making moronic comments. Straka is the best 2 way player we have. He sucks….please. Replace him…please.

    Go back to class.

  47. ROB L – What and UNINFORMED, wild stab assessment of Hossa’s contribution here. He was the Rangers BEST – MOST PRODUCTIVE even-strenght goal scorer down the stretch last season, something you obviously don’t look at or care about. No Hossa last year = no playoff run, simple as that. Your “not liking” a player does not diminish his accomplishments.

  48. I just don’t think it is fair to Dawes as a player to keep playing these games with him. I have to agree with Mark, that mentally it has to hurt the kid. With the way that he is playing, he could have easily made the roster on almost any other club this year.

    When is his contract up? What would make him want to re-sign with us when he has been treated this way? If we trade him, we are not going to get a top 6 defenseman for him, nor do we have the cap room for that. Plus, Shanny will likely retire at the end of the year, who knows what is going on with Avery. We need to keep Dawes and keep him happy at all costs to fill in the gaps for next year.

  49. Drop the Puck! on

    Elena – good point before re: avery. If he could start the year on the IR(not sure on length needed)for even the 1st 2 games(FLA/WASH) it wouldn’t hurt to give dawes a look for another 120min. But to disagree with your other point Orr/Hollweg/Hossa have extremely little trade value, we’d be better off dealing Dawes. And while I’m at it I’d propose it be Montoya & Dawes for a 1st rnd & (say a) 4th rnd pick.
    Fellow Fans – We will see this a few more times in the next few years. We have already seen players go back to play in Europe & not re-sign b/c they know they won’t get the chance in NY. And what a great problem for us to have.

  50. I don’t understand why Dawes, even if he did have a great camp, should expect to play in the NHL right away when, despite his offensive skills, he has an unfinished overall game and was weak last year when called up. Also, why does everyone assume that young players, inclduing Dawes, have no perspective or maturity? It’s as if they are truly children, whose heart breaks when you take away their lollipop. Does no one think that maybe Dawes is tough enough and man enough to take a couple years polishing his game in the minors? Actually, no one is asking him to get coffee — they’re asking him to play hockey for money, which is a blessing and — oh my god — maybe he’s smart enough and grounded enough to realize that.

    Heck, maybe he’s not a selfish, spoiled, me-first guy. I mean, this isn’t the NBA.

  51. Seamus O Riley on

    If you take out 1 month of Hossa’s last two seasons, he has consistently been awful.

    Why is he even on the roster??

  52. Ted aka Anonymous on

    In Sam’s recent post. “Renney does not dismiss the thought of carrying 22 players.”


    Pock would have to clear, Dawes, Artem go with Al or Val= 22

  53. I can’t keep up with you guys. You have way more access to this than I. I only know that Rangers traditionally have been loathe to let a rookie stay in favor of ANY veteran, unless he performed some really spectacular feats.


  54. After Hossa wins a couple of OT/ shootout games we’ll see just how unappreciated he is.

    I guess I have to keep repeating myself:

    1) Straka, Avery, Hossa and Shanny will all be gone next season people. There is plenty of room for Nigel Dawes. Once someone gets injured this season, Dawes will be called up.

    Hossa could be traded along with Mara in favor of draft picks, and there will then be enough space under the cap to have Montoya up as well as Dawes.

  55. But just for the record, I want Dawes up with the team. And I am sure so does Renney and the rest of the coaching staff.

    Dawes is a tough North American kid who would make our team tougher.

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